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Walls of iridescent gold lined the halls she knelt in; Vast archways of stained glass framing her prayers in multicolored plethoras of light. This was her inner world. A place of tranquility where she and her Zanpakuto could meditate, though for Kodzuchi, it was always to reach and recite his lessons on the tenets.
Her eye twitching in silence as he nitpicked at her grievances with the third.

"The Third Tenet: Cleanse all, even thyself. You're attitude since
graduation has greatly diminished and are on the path of wrathful behavior"

Junko stood up in irritation, growling as she stared up at his tall armored figure, willful and challenging as always. It seemed the only person she calmed down for was that master of hers.

"I don't have to get along with anyone here except Saina-San. I'm not that wrathful, I didn't punch that newbie yesterday didn't I? I know you're a stickler about the tenets, but being angry at dorks and feasting on the souls of the innocent are not alike. You think sins don't evolve and change huh? just as rigid as you, old man?" She teased and challenged him, though as always, he only looked at her with a stoic expression. She knew from the very moment he was realized to her that she'd have her work cut out for her, mirroring the same thought her master had before they both smirked

"Curb your tongue, and I do believe you might actually make some friends. Don't take such things lightly, loved ones are the very reason my tenets exist, and in time you will come to understand what I mean" He never explained himself further when he spoke in such ways, but before she could try and get more answers from him, the sound of a church bell rung all around them. A contact sign. Her inner world vanishing as she blinked her eyes and she was once again back, in the soul society.

Junko was roused from her meditation by a familiar face, one of the newer members of the 7th Divsion. Junko had snatched her out of Rukon much like Saina-San had done to her, though it didn't stop Junko from being irritated. Her slit eyes of auburn thinning momentarily as she stood up. A sheathed Kodzuchi in her left hand.

"Do you know how long it takes me to concentrate and do that? If you did, you would know this better have been important!"

"It is of upmost urgency, and The Captain wants us there aswell. It must be something important so you should be thanking me you know"

Junko scoffed behind her mask as she flicked her eyes elsewhere and had a suspicion of what this was over; missing soul reapers. It is the only occurrence she could think of that correlated with such an urgent matter. She hung her sword around her back as Kodzuchi had been retrofitted with a shoulder sling due to her affinity with The Nodachi. She wasted no time as she sprinted out of the many open rooms in 7th division's headquarters. She had hoped they could get more recruits before such a meeting happened, but she would take on every enemy she had to if it meant keeping her Lieutenant safe. She couldn't use Bankai yet, but she had honed her Shinkai quite well over her tenure. She couldn't help but itch at any chance to use it and grow stronger, her training difficult as only evil could allow Kodzuchi to fully realize his power of judgement. The fresh air of the seiritei flourishing through her stark white hair as she reached where all these annoying meetings took place.


Her eyes lit up the moment she saw her shining lieutenant, marching up to him with eyes he could recognize were irritated, but excited all at the same time; most were unable to make any expressions underneath her mask, but Tameshi always could somehow. She couldn't help but smile as she gave him a bow, his being the only sincere gesture he's seen her do. "It is good to see you lieutenant! I hope this is a good excuse to clobber some hollow cause I won't be getting any stronger just sitting around swinging at nothing" She said with a stomp of her foot, ornery as ever. She had a one track mind, and was determined to catch up to her mentor.
"I fear it won't be hollows we may have to fight" Kodzuchi thought to her.

"If this is about patrol schedules again-

The Rest of the divisions would receive these emergency summons, members from each squad being selected with unknown criteria and were received their request to attend. There were a few captains who for there own reasons, have refused to attended, being busy or otherwise while other captains have decided to take more of their squad with them as an assurance in this uncertain times. The missing soul reapers had caused unease and paranoia to trickle into the still healing cracks of the soul society infrastructure. It was what made the newly appointed Info Corps so integral to the current stability of the military as now all information on division activity was shared among everyone under the mediation of the Corps members. One such fellow being a rather young member with an exceptional memory. He had become a common face among the military, and continued to broker peace among the captains so that in-fighting could be subdued before it got out of control.

He was a friendly, but quiet face who simply did his job; He also used his work to inquire about the new prospects that are cropping up in the division, working quite closely with the Lieutenant in the 7th Division to weed out any traitors among them. He was pretty confident among the new prospects that they hid their intentions well, or were here for far different reasons than such trickery and deceit. His eyes always searching and analyzing looking over the new crop of shinigami, propping up his glasses.
"This will be perfect, you will get to see the pecking order firsthand! That always send passions soaring when you realize the spirit pressure your betters around here carry. I am heading that way regardless, have a few more summons to deliver so you are free to follow me. I am quite eager to see what this is all about!"

[Deiter Owlglasse, Senior Info Corp Member]


Four Thousand Club
Kazuma Kotori

It had been a long warm day for Kotori, School had broken for the prolonged weekend but unlike others, that was not a reason to relax. After all, she had several jobs to keep her busy and with the added time it really would suit her to make the most of the available hours, maybe get ahead of the bills so she could put some away for savings. It was this that had brought her to move through the afternoon-lit streets of the town still wearing her school uniform, after all, there was not much point in returning home yet and it wasn't like there was anyone waiting there. So instead she took an extra shift on deliveries, pulling a large cart full of barrels and crates of various ordered goods, from soda cans to restock a few of the machines to a few sealed ones for the weird shop owner she had come to know.

All in all, it was going well, plenty of work, only the one weird black creature show up today, fewer dead people harassing her, and no perverts with swords shouting about gibberish that she could see at least. So she continued on until she eventually came to her final stop, setting the carts arms down she grabbed the last three crates in a free arm and headed forward into the shop "Delivery for Hanafuda, You here Old man?" she slid the door for Hanafudas store to the side and peered around the crates casually before checking the time. "Ive got your special magazines, booze, scam pills or whatever the heck else it is you had come in from the warehouse."

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Hanafuda's General Goods Store had been a long standing business here in town and Kotori had found quite alot of work being thrust on her by the estranged owner. Lei Hanafuda was an inscrutable man who seemed to only really take input from his dog. Kotori found that only she and Lei could actually hear Shibuya talk back, and he had quite a temper on him.

It was something Kotori just dealt with working for Lei.

"Old man? That stings Kotori" He opened a shoji door from the back, picking his ear as he entered. A well built, but then man adorned in a flowery kimono. She sensed the hint of spirit pressure those robed figures gave off from Lei, but it was different somehow. It wasn't the fact that he was summarily blind either

"None of that is fake you know, I don't pay for second rate." He said with a grin before walking confidently and immediately going ass over tea kettle, crashing through an adjacent door.
"oughhh...Shibuya was that...your damned chew toy??"


Four Thousand Club
Putting the stuff down with a faint shake and puff of dog hair being blown back she pulls off a clipboard to mark it down before walking calmly after the eccentric man "If that stuff works I'm sure it is just power of suggestion or something, besides half these ingredients, don't exist I'm sure. Either way with the amount you are paying id question the whole legality of things if that wouldn't just cause more problems." Idly glancing down at the floor she goes to casually lift the man up by his robe back to a standing position with a soft sigh.

The man really was troublesome, she wondered how the heck he even sold stuff if he couldn't see the notes, let alone shop lifters but that was something she decided not to really push. She had her suspicions the entire place wasn't entirely legit with how weird the guy was with a talking dog, but as long as she got paid it was best not to question a gift horse so to speak. Glacing around once more for the dog she goes to pick up whatever the man had tripped over with her free hand.

"Shame you couldn't get a talking cat or something, there less likely to try and kill you....by accident at least. Either way seems I've got some free time coming up so bit more open for work with school winding down for a bit"


Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?


Ah, what a bright and sunny day... He loved days like these, the peace... the Serenity of the lovely little park... People out, passing him by without so much of a blink or second glance. Life, or rather, his unlife is good. he didn't have to hide and in truth he was more than able to collect as many cute dog photos as he wanted. At least, he would have, he would have time to do his favorite thing if he wasn't called in for this damn ceremony or meeting thing.

He was 500 years old damn it, or, maybe, kinda? Who knows it doesn't matter age is useless here. hes seen some smaller women around here youthful as a spring daisy but they out aged HIM.

And it's like they knew that he knew it.

People talked to him like he was an old man too... Or like he was gonna snap at any second.. Come on.. Sure he was 4th Seat on the Seventh squad but.. Come on he wanted to chat too... Seriously were people seeing he came from squad two and thinking he was a mad man? It didn't help he still had trouble speaking to half the populace here... He stumbled over himself... He once got called cute because of it and he didn't leave his room for a damn WEEK!!


Where did his five century life did he go wrong? Is the mental image of Soifon going to scar him for the rest of his life?

He was waiting at the meeting place.. very tired.. very bored.. Looking more and more grumpy by the second going by his brow.. He started to look like one of those angry standoffish brooding types... When all he wanted to do is go back to his freetime and play video games or Dog watch...

Maybe this wouldn't be too bad...?


Konishi, Yoshiko

"Such a hassle. I do truly hope whatever it is actually requires the services of someone like me. Last time I was denigrated a task that an unseated upstart could of easily handled. A waste of my more valuable time and their chance to gain accolades."

The voice came from the lips of Yoshiko as she approached being quite up front about her feelings. Her long silver hair flowed behind her like water not a single lock falling out of place as she stepped into place. Her flourish not just stopped with her words and motions but her appearance as well. Her green eyes accented with thick lashes. The pink flower hair ornament situated comfortably on her right side. Her Shinigami robe itself was cut to be a more more revealing with her arms left fully exposed along her sides down past her waist. Her belt wrapped about around her midsection using more vivid colors and yet another flower ornament positioned on the center of the sash. Her zanpakuto sheathed on her left side with a pink grip and ribbon tied upon the otherwise normal black sheath.

Yoshiko Konishi, third seat of the third division. A woman who seemed to pride herself on standing out. It wasn't usual for her bold demeanor for those unaware to think she might be from a noble family. She had a tendency to give off such an impression with the amount of confidence she seemed to have for herself that bled over to arrogance. Despite how full of herself she might come off it wasn't without merit. She had managed quite a lot for herself. Having come from the Rukon (albeit from a rather well off district) and making a fortune not just off her beauty but also with her own cunning nature. She had garnished a reputation when it came to her silver tongue and her talents with keeping things organized.

While she was the third seat, a lot of what went on in the third division was in part organized by her own efforts. A well liked seated member as well, despite how egotistical she might appear to be, she was well liked by her fellow division mates. Her pretentiousness never went to the extent she ever felt others being unworthy of her presence. In many ways she enjoyed being around others of various walks of life, even those who might be more unkempt (so long as they didn't disrupt her style). Perhaps it was out of a feeling they might be able to admire and fuel her narcissistic needs, or perhaps it was something else? Either way she enjoyed the company of others many more 'stuck up' individuals she might be associated being like would completely dismiss.

"I do hope this involves the current matters... it has seemed to of been getting brushed aside for some time now and it is about time for some sort of action to be taken."

Yoshiko spoke as she looked towards Deiter. Her words were rather vague on purpose. Leaving enough to infer what she was talking about without bringing it up directly in conversation. She wasn't sure just how well known the missing Shinigami's were known or how wide spread. She had personally heard plenty both working in the third division in her position as well as from idle chat at the bar from others. She had her own talents in information gathering of her own. Having ran her own business such talents were quite useful for learning what people want and figuring out the best way to convince them to do what you wanted after all.

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"Don't underestimate the power of suggestion Miss Kuzama! It is more than just greasing palms and sultry words. It's the aftermath of your results too tight? I just so happen to have results in spades" He said confidentially, all the while being lifted with ease by Kotori, laughing with a carefree attitude as she steadied himself on his sandals, brushing off his kimono and grinning, looking up at her as she towered him even in her younger age. He was not the tallest man, but continued to smile with ease. The familiar, yet still bizarre companion to Mr. Hanafuda entered through a different shoji door. A four foot tall dog in ramshackled armor, entering with a tray of tea in his muzzle.


Shibuya set it down gently on a small table in the center, before scoffing "Didn't even offer your guest any refreshments? Did you lose some brain cells with your eyes?" He asked; Lei laughing with a couple claps before pointing a several inches off the mark of where he heard Shibuya's remark, the dog only laughing in return. "If you want to know the answers to these questions you ask, then perhaps we can put that free time of yours to use" Lei said, wagging a finger in what he believed was Kotori's face, but in actuality, was Shibuya's. He in return, bit said finger.


"A talking cat? don't be ridiculous. Dogs will always be the better choice. Now tell me Kotori; You work so hard, but what for? Is it just for money? You have been diligent these past two summers, yet pay no attention to the broadening world around you. what is it you are working so hard for if not to widen the keyhold your mind is locked behind?" Kotori, realizing, out of the two.

Shibuya was far more serious than his 'owner'.


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She goes to roll her eyes somewhat at Hanafudas display "Yes, entirely legitimate results I'm sure. Like i said i know better than to ask. Besides i know its a crazy world when the talking dog is the more straightforward one" resulting in a flat tone as she moves over to the table in question before taking a seat and smoothing out her skirt somewhat.

Kotori did wonder which of the two really was the more bizarre sometimes, the showman shopkeep or the riddling dog, in either case she had become somewhat used to the whole display by now so had learned to simply accept it. "Cats are known to be curious though, and with all the questions maybe there isn't that much of a difference in the end." She shifts somewhat to face the dog in particular before looking over to the door as he begins to rattle of his questions "Summer is when the tourists come so it's when the work is there the most, and frugality will only get you so far...unlike the rest of my school i don't have the luxury on getting a roof and food provided for free." her gaze moves over to the dog finally idly rubbing her head "My Carer wanted me to do well in school so I'm going to finish it, between that, paying the bills, dealing with those annoying no-face things and the constant harassment of the cosplayers, really hard to widen anything. Cities too expensive and not like there is much in the way of interesting around these parts anyway."

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"Oh Shibuya has always bee that way; I don't see the sense in worry so I let him handle it"
Lei always had a strange carefree attitude, and had an unshakable calm behind that easy smile. It was almost...

Shibuya chuckled at her mention of cats and lifted a small pipe into his mouth as he thought about her answer. Lei bumbling about for a moment before sitting across from her and sighed lackadaisicaly

"So then you are working for a proper living; A place to call home and a future set for yourself." Shibuya mused "This world asks alot from us and will more often than not give nothing in return. You are mature and responsible, even among adults. I will not treat you so childish then-." He said, and suddenly it was like almost glass broke

She had felt latent spiritual pressure before, but this control was something she'd never seen. Her body being racked with Shibuya' spirit pressure; finding herself unable to move in the slightest. Lei seemingly unaffected as he drank from his tea. The dog looking at her struggling form expectantly

"Do you see? Anyone else, no matter their size, would crumble under such pressure. It is by only having a spirit pressure of your own can you overcome my Reiatsu"

Lei finally speaking up:

"There will also come a time where you will not be able to protect yourself with mere strength alone; Hollows are only getting stronger, and without control. There will be ones strong enough to find you regardless. 950 Yen for an hour today, how's that sound? If by the end you aren't satisfied, keep the money and we can just keep working together, but if im right and you want more...well i can keep paying you if you keep trying. A pretty good deal if i do say so myself"


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She gently takes the tea to pour the three cups, before taking her own in her hands to look into her reflection. "You don't see a lot of things...though it is not worry as much as being realistic" taking a small sip for herself before returning her attention to the dog. She did sometimes wonder how he even filled that pipe without thumbs, one of a mountain of questions that would be troublesome to get into really. She shakes her head slightly however at the dog's initial words

"No, not just myself, for when my father comes back as well....." though her later words were cut off by a raising of her eye slightly at the sensation, looking over the hand holding the cup then back to the dog. "Huh... different, clearer and warmer than those no-face things, doesn't give the entire chill feel in the air. It's a little heavier though" she slowly moves her arm somewhat to put the cup down, before turning her hand a little and looking closer at the dog. "You did give the feeling of one of those Komainu from time to time, though bit lost on the whole the kiatsu thing, Though are Hollows the No-face things? or the Cosplayers in Pyjamas? Both are kind of annoying but finding me doesn't seem much of an issue for them already"

She goes quiet for a few moments seemingly in thought, raising her arm to rub her neck as she looks down at the table for a while before answering the dog's proposal. She would be lying if she said she understood half of what he said, then her life had always been weird so she chalked it up as another in the pile. "Controls kinda been a thing for a bit to reduce on damage in general, but sure ill take whatever Job your offering, though throw in priority on discount goods and amnesty for any damages, kinda get the feeling you know more than you're saying anyway, you wouldn't be starting with this for no reason, so let's do it, though can you throw some closed captions on the weirder words? Maybe take it from the top?. " She slowly goes to start unbuttoning her shirt to reveal the plain black undersuit she had taken to wearing, neatly folding the clothing as she did so. She had the feeling that whatever this was might get somewhat intensive given his words, and she didn't want to have to stitch more clothing back together than she had to. She gave a stretch to work off that pressure thing from before.

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Shuya walked the streets of Kayori while looking down at a brochure that contained a map of the town. He had been following a map of Kayori while not being able to read any of the label as they were all in Japanese and he didn't think to start to atleast try learning the language before he decided to hide out here which was foolish on his part but Japan was the only place that was untouched by the Triads or the Tongs, meaning he wouldn't be targeted and he could get some rest. But even still, Shuya knew he had to adapt to this place if he was going to be here for the foreseeable future. Any will do as long as it's away from prying eyes. He can't risk being noticed if by chance there were assassins already here. Shuya knew he might be paranoid, but it was better that than to get caught off-guard.

Shuya sat down on the side of the street began formulating his plan and first thing he knew was that he needed to convert what little money he brought with him into Japanese currency. Next, he'd need to find a suitable place to sleep and then he'd need a job of sorts to keep income funneling in. Shuya also knew he'd have to learn the Japanese language, which was going to be a challenge given that he couldn't read at all and never had the initiative to do so until now. Shuya rubbed his temples in frustration. How pathetic could he possibly get?

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"I won't pry into your family matters, but that speaks volumes of your character already. It drives us in what we do even more. I won't see ignorance be the death of anyone if I can help" It seemed as though he was talking about something specific, but he only smoked from his pipe further as his eyes were entirely on her. She likely didn't realize he seemed so surprised, but by the very fact that she could move at all under these conditions was astonishing. Shibuya looking over at Lei who only nodded, how did he see Shibuya look in his direction? Was Lei lying about his condition? She had met her fair share of liars in the various jobs she has picked up, and Lei as eccentric as he was, did not strike her in the same vein.

"The fact that you can feel the difference at all would classify you a prodigy, you know that? Hell I was one so I got a eye for these things" A cheesy grin spreading across his face as he simply drank in the irony of his choice of words, he had simply pleasures these days. If he could make light of it, anyone could, it's how he wanted it to be. "A little heavier? Most Shinigami fourth seat and down would take this harder than you are, that won't make sense now, but you'll figure it out" He said, taking a drink of his tea.

"Control is not a mere catch all term, you must also be able to control everything after Reiatsu. That can be arranged with ease. I will go from the top as you say. I think it's time Lei, after you" Shibuya said, looking toward Lei who almost looked asleep before finishing his tea and standing up "Now this may get a little strange, and you won't understand everything going on, but trust that I will take upmost care. I mean your dad must be gigantic!, cant having that kind of property damage" He joked, raising his hands as he walked confidentially through his shoji door and kept walking without even stopping. Shibuya following after Kotori and three of them moving down a sizable hall, though still rather thin for Kotori. A small storage area dedicated to old merchandise being lit up with a hanging bulb before clicking it again, and once he did a third time. The man vanished.

"Just do the same, don't worry. This is so we don't attract hollows. That is what those oily creatures in stark white masks are typically called. Shall we? Lei always loses his way if I am too far from him" Shibuya moving into the storage room, pulling the chord with his mouth as he jumped two times, vanishing on the third; once she eventually pulled the chord a third time. She too, vanished.


"Welcome to my inner world, Library of Babel" Lei said with a chuckle, Kotori having to adjust to the light that seemed to come from everwhere. She was in a massive library, but one unlike she's ever seen. There were no walls or ceilings. It was open, so open that she could see bookshelves floating listlessly in a beautiful blue sky. "It's impressive every time, though it does match your lackadaisical nature what with stacks of books littering the floor" Shibuya scoffed; Lei only waving a dismissive hand in return as he stopped, turning toward Kotori

"I do recall you knowing some martial arts. Let's call this lesson zero. I want you to try focus on your hands and feet, condense your spirit energy and try to hit me, don't worry about me. There are tons of books on healing sitting around so we will be fine" He said, removing his kimono and revealing a cut set of abs underneath as he stretched his limbs. Shibuya sitting on an adjacent rock and watching intently.


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Tamashi Sensaina
7th Division Barracks

The past few weeks had been...full of chaos, from a leadership position anyway. Central 46 had finally launched an investigation into the missing shinigami, but their newly constructed Info Corps seemed to ruffle more feathers than find clues. His captain was one of those birds who was annoyed by the Info Corps' digging and distracting and they even went as far as to refuse to participate in the investigations in any way. Sensaina could hardly blame them. The 7th Division was after all responsible for overseeing the city of Kaiyo. Between arranging patrols, training, and protecting its own people from this unknown danger, they had their hands full.

The Lieutenant leaned forward on his desk, elbows stabbing the wooden surface as he let out a heavy sigh. From his office window he could see the courtyard where the other members of the Division were either training or relaxing. As per their Captain's orders, they were all to report in on their locations every hour. It was the least intrusive way to keep tabs on people, other than implementing a buddy system. Most of them seemed to resort to simply hanging around the barracks in their free time now and who could blame them, these were scary times.

It was heart breaking to think that such fear had managed to seep into their barracks here. He'd been the Lieutenant for the 7th Division for a considerable amount of time now and he saw these people as his family. And although the secretive nature that the Kido Corps instilled in him would never let him share that type of information, he showed it everyday in his dedication to the shinigami that served under him and their captain.

"It's almost time for the meeting with the Info Corps isn't it?" The voice came from Sensaina's zanpakuto; a very well-mannered and quite soft tone. To which the Lieutenant simply gave a nod of his head. He already knew several of their members were headed there now and that was a good thing, barring any of them were behind the disappearances.

He left his office and spared a brief glance at the doors of their Captain's office for but a second before he turned and headed out. He had already alerted them that he would be heading to the meeting. The two of them had secretly agreed that one of them should always be present in the barracks, just in case.

Info Corps Meeting

Thanks to Central 46 the Info Corps was able to procure a building to use to conduct the bulk of their investigation, which consisted of Interrogating members of the various divisions. Sensaina thought that this was a useless method, but it was not his place to tell them how to do their jobs. His white hakama swallowed his skinny legs and billowed in the wind with every step that carried him forward. He would get the interrogation done with and return to his barracks to continue to protect his people. In a sea of black shihakusho, the Lieutenant's white garb stood out like a ray of sunshine breaking through a stormy sky.

He approached the building with tightened fists and heard Usagimaru warn of his tense appearance as others seemed to clear a path for him. He had to relax and remember why he was here. He was greeted almost right away by Dieter who kept things formal, which Sensaina preferred. "Let us be quick about this." The Lieutenant insisted, almost demanded. As requested they got right to it. The duo found a cubical, surrounded by many others, where they conducted his interrogation.

"Do you know Rin Koharu, 2nd Seat of Division 10? When was the last time that you saw her?"

"Do you know Tsumugi Emiko, 18th Seat of Division 1? When was the last time that you saw him?"

"Where were you on the days that they supposedly went missing?"

"Do you know Kanna Kurugi of the 5th Division? Did you ever hear any rumors about her?

"Where were you the night she was reported missing?"

"Your old friend, Asahi is among the missing, do you have anything to share about that? Do you have an alibi?"

"Do you know Benjiro Honda, 2nd Seat of the 3rd Division? He was reported missing yesterday by his captain after not being seen for several days. Wen was the last time you saw him?"

The questions and the names seemed to drag on and on. Some of them felt more like insinuations than questions and it took all of Sensaina's restraint not to swear at the man and walk out. Now he had a better idea as to why his Captain had refused to participate. He made it through however and rose from his seat with only one hair out of place. Upon exiting the building, it was clear he was angry and still fuming from the line of questioning and the treatment he had received. Usagimaru repeatedly tried to calm his master, but it wasn't until he saw the familiar face of Junko that Sensaina would reign his spiritual pressure back in. Then came Daisuke, another face he was happy to see.

"It is an interrogation. They are searching for clues that might yet reveal where our missing comrades are." As he said this, he spotted Dieter circling like a shark. Whatever good terms the two were on before were now history. "So be careful with your words and do no let your emotions get the best of you when you sit down in that chair." As his attention shifted back to his underlings, he spotted the silver hair of the 3rd Division's 3rd Seat. He wondered if she knew that her Lieutenant was missing. The thought made Sensaina want to hold Daisuke and Junko close and never let them out of his sight.

"3rd Seat Konishi." He called out to her. "I didn't know that Lieutenant Kurugi was missing. How're you holding up?" Sensaina had calmed down now and his angry expression was long gone, now replaced with one of genuine concern.

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Kaiyo City Streets

As he made himself comfortable on the side of the street, Shuya would here the not too unfamiliar sound of a ragtag crew. Although he couldn't understand their words, the mixed laughter of a reckless, careless, drunk would be reminiscent of other gang membership would have spent time around. The hooligans were stumbling down the street with big, goofy smiles held in place by their numbed faces. At the head of the group a blond boy sauntered with a cocky swagger and a sword hanging on his hip. Normally Kaiyo police would have swept them off the streets by now, to keep the tourists feeling safe, but they were busy elsewhere.

As the group made their way down the street they came across SHuya, looking lost and confused. Right away the blond at the front started to smile as he approached the stranger. "You okay friend? You look lost?" He questioned as he threw himself down beside the man. Following his lead, the other four members of the group surrounded Shuya and sat down next to the man. "First time in Kaiyo?" the blond asked with a raised brow/

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Shuya swore. He wasn't trying to draw attention to himself. How could he? He was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. Perhaps it was face. Most who knew him and those he wouldn't say that he had the eyes of a killer. And they weren't wrong by any means, he certainly was one, but he didn't know it was that obvious. As the blonde with the blade spoke to him, Shuya began to feel unease given that he didn't know what he was saying, nor knew why he decided to spare his time around him.

Back in Huanhan, that was a tell-tale sign that there was malicious intent involved. It didn't help that the blonde had a weapon on him, in broad daylight no less. Another sign that if he's that confident he can walk around with it with not rebuttal, then it's clear that the law around town is not up to par to say otherwise. Shuya knew he had to give some sort of answer, whatever the question was. He can't afford to speak either in case word comes out about his current status and bounty. They'll know for sure he isn't just some tourist, and they'll tie two-and-two together. Shuya nods in response to the blonde's question in hopes he isn't shooting himself in the foot so soon.
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She pauses mid-stretch to stare at Shibuya's family comment, eyes resting where his would be for some time in silence before shaking her head. She knew he knew more than he let on, that much was obvious, though lacking context she did not doubt it would just be confusing, so she might as well just wait and let him expand on that later. As for Hanafuda, it seemed that pressure was something unusual even for the unusual, but was being able to feel the difference really that big a deal?. If it really was a sense then wasn't it natural to be able to differentiate it? It wasn't like sight was only bright or not bright after all. Thinking it through and following along that line of thinking she did actually come to add to a previous suspicion regarding the man, though she would need to wait to confirm that one til later.

"Huh so Shinigami things have seats? Going to take a guess and that's like a ranking or something, though no idea if a higher number is better or worse, though with how you said it guessing there is a few at each seat?..." she mused on the idea a little more before a further thought emerges "Wait this Shinigami isn't a crime family kind of deal is it? Like various seats around the Clan Chairman? or family Patriarch or something?".

Going to pick the cup from the table she decides to drain it at least before following along as the dog explained further about Reiatsu "So controlling the weird pressure you can put out, and there's more stuff that just that. I get that, though not sure on the specifics still on just what it is" .

She gave Hanafuda a flat look as he mentioned things getting strange, though keeps silent and looks away at the mention of her foster father and the damage. That was when the man suddenly vanished in the middle of the room much to her confusion, Kotori crouched down to bang softly on the ground where he had moved from, followed by tracing along the surface with her finger. Was there some sort of trap door or something?.

"Hollows? Huh guess that's because of the holes. Honestly that just seemed like a easy place to grab them by. I just called them no faces since they never seemed to have anything under those weird masks when you pulled them off, well at least not that i could see before they did the whole vanish into sparkles thing."

She did continue to search a little before she finally relented and pulled the cord, only to land with a thud on her knee in a new location and squinting as it slowly had to come into focus through the glare. Were there spotlights in all directions or something? No, it almost felt as if she was outside but at the same time it didn't, the air didn't feel right and the clouds were a little off, also given the time of day the sun was wrong too. This place had to be below the shop right? which raised even more questions like how he could make something like this, in the middle of a city without notice?, Just how big the place was? and definitely, the price tag was certainly out of the reach of a small store owner's salary.

The number of books alone had her bewildered, idly going to pick one up and turn it over from the pile before taking note of his final comments. Ok she he wanted her to try and hit him, simple enough though just what the energy thing was did elude her a bit. There was also the issue about all the books around, so she started to walk a circle around the man as she thought, pushing the books to the side but not toppling the piles in order to create a more open space were she wouldn't walk all over them by mistake.

"I have no idea how old or rare these things are, this doesn't seem the best of places to do this space-wise unless I move some of this stuff. The energy stuff....well might as well get on with it and see what works....As long as you're sure about all this"

Walking up to the can slowly so she was face to face, she extends her arm out to his face, fingers extended straight in a chop motion almost touching his face but not quite, before closing her fingers to form a fist a few inches away. If he didn't react, her next step was actually going to hitting him, which if he was actually a blind man for real she might feel a little guilty about if he hadn't asked her to do so.

When all was said and done she finally pulled her arm back proper as if to punch him, only for her leg to shoot upwards instead, the arc directed at his head.

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"Don't worry about the books miss, this space won't suffer any wounds long. It is a lesson a little later down the line, but you can call it my Inner World. This is where I train and grow my abilities. The hard working man I was is long behind me, but there are things you don't let rust away" Lei said. It was the closest he had come to sounding serious. If his skills died then so did his means to protect future generations of warriors and guardians alike. It was the least he could do. He did not wish to inspire arrogance and so his smile diminished a stoic expression, unflinching from her slice through the air and wind up to a legitimate punch. Her faux strike was clean, effortless, as she brought an axe kick down on Lei.

Shibuya's eyes watching the exchange intently.

"Skies roar and winds howl, bridge the gap between us and make manifest your wish upon this world! Bakudo #81: Danku" Lei's words may not have made sense to her, but she could feel the sudden surge of Reiatsu surrounding Lei. His index and middle finger pointing upwards and with it, a rectangular barrier materialized before Lei. Her kick striking it and rebounding as it's force was great. Her instincts spiking as she felt a surge of movement, Lei rushing through the barrier in a fluid counter attack, bringing his hands up and grabbing her suspended leg before his own legs spun around him and in a move very similar to breakdancing, swept both legs against her one stable one and flipped her ass over tea kettle.

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"The Info Corps are always looking into present and future affairs Miss Konishi. The most current matters are incredibly dire, but what they could mean for the future is...unfortunate" It was just another reason much of the brass had grievances with The Info Corp. 'They can interrogate and invade our privacy, but can't even answer a yes or no question straightforward. That's utter bullshit' was a comment Yoshiko had heard from a lower ranked member of her own division. They were needed more than ever in these times of distrust among the Gotei 13, but everything had a breaking point and they were reaching some of the captain's in earnest. Dieter was a man of pure truth, and made enemies as a career; An embodiment of the corps he served.

"Feelings have no place in this arena of information warfare" A rather pointed expression towards her written across his face though that smile never left, and like a chameleon, brightly greeted new faces they passed. She was no fool, and had come across his path enough to know that his smile was fake. T She was more perceptive than her peers and knew; He had a very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes, and it was just simply accepted as 'how he was'. He did his job well and kept the soul society safe, but he made no effort to make anyone ever 'feel' better at all.

They finally reached the meeting and found more than a few different members chatting amongst themselves, though some seemed haggard and exhausted for some reason. Dieter giving the 3rd seat no formal goodbye, and vanishing into the building with only a diminutive side glance.

Daisuke was one of the first to hear the news of the meeting today, and had arrived punctual. The quiet of the sareitei almost deafening this early in the morning. It wasn't until he heard the familiar, and incredibly loud Junko come around the corner. Her chain-mail hard to miss as it echoed for feet beyond her. Her shihakusho made of a weighted material, and that combined with the chain mail underneath made her foot falls heavy. She was grumbling about being interrupted in her Jinzen. She was only half beast realmer, but the ferocity her spiritual pressure gave off felt no different than that of full blood. Her slit eyes catching sight of Daisuke, and she started to make her way toward him.


"Did you do this? if this is some safety briefing I am going to clobber you Daisuke, expect the unexpected!" She said, grabbing him by the head and lifting him up a few inches "Don't you worry Dai Dai, I will make you worth that seat of yours. Temper steel, Temper body. I'm starting to like you so you are lucky I am being a generous master" It wasn't hard to feel a cocky grin radiating behind that mask of hers, but it was hard to tell when her slit gaze emitted fractals of yellow light. Her fluff laden ears perking up as Dieter and Sensaina showed up. Daisuke being let go from the headlock he was being put into. She loathed Dieter and everything he was about, but cut through his bullshit like a knife when it came to the people she actually cared about. If he was here then this was about one thing; Rin. They had sparred together much of her tenure at the academy, and she felt as though a bond had been created there.
Miss Tenzen don't get too wrathful-
"You" She seethed, glaring daggers at Dieter as he passed her without even looking her direction.

Her lieutenant coming out in an unexpectedly bad mood. She could figure out that things must have not gone so well, and to her surprise she had been asked by Dieter to come in afterwards. Her interrogation went even worse as she asked directly about her connection toward Miss Koharu; He did not care about feelings and expected a lash out, what he did not expect was for her to break through his Bakudo and crack him across his head.


She stormed out the building several minutes later, punching a wall and continuing to walk away for a bit. She really hated that guy, Rin was talented and not one lieutenant could take her quietly. He should be focusing his efforts on the person that saw her last. She wanted the strength to challenge on what he knew, she didn't a give a damn about the info corps. She didn't even notice Daisuke several feet from her, steeped in her frustration.

It was obvious where her frustration came from as Dieter, now the owner of a shiner, brought in the next reaper. Junko sighing snd hitting her head against the wall a few times.

"They are just wasting time...we should just be looking for them dammit. What the hell is the point if we cant protect our own? Makes me feel helpless...Oh Rin..." it was a moment of vulnerability for her as she quietly seethed at herself more than anything. Tears streaming quietly down her face, hidden behind the mask as she continued to grumble angrily.


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She was somewhat confused by the appearance of the sudden barrier, as well as when her foot smashed against it, though any opportunity to test it was somewhat lost by the man finally counter-attacking. She felt the rush of that same energy as before coming together in the barrier though, having held her attack somewhat as the random spew of words came out and waiting for him to finish speaking. "Ok, so you're a magician? that explains the vanishing trick, the weird energy is like magic. Guess numbering spells helps for the organization though, seem a bit long still"

The moment her leg was grabbed however she went to bend it, just as her other was taken from the floor, attempting to use the momentum to instead go for another kick as she was flipped, before landing a short distance away. All the while her eyes were watching closely trying to figure out the whole magic thing in how she felt it move around him. Taking a few steps further around the circle she goes to change tactics somewhat, lowering her stance somewhat and stomping down hard to shake the area somewhat. several book piles falling over as she did before spinning her other leg at high speed to throw several loose ones into the air before they hit the ground.

Then she waited until the thrown books began to fall and quickly stepped up in rhythm with the falling objects, planting her hands on the ground just before getting into his range and spiking a single kick towards his midsection, using the increased range to hit him where he could not hit back without moving closer.


Konishi, Yoshiko

A bit of annoyance filled the woman as it become clear quite quickly what the situation actually was. The neglect of a proper answer had only been followed up upon arrival by a clear show that demonstrated just how much they knew. Absolutely nothing. Now brought in what seemed to be an interrogation center it was clear it was all but a fruitless effort to simply question people. A show of complete obliviousness by the info corps of the current situation. Despite the time that had passed it seemed as if they hadn't even the slightest clue where to begin. Pointless interrogations should of been a much earlier pursuit rather then being undertaken now, and it seemed as if such questioning was as about as scatter shot as it could be.

It had drawn her ire, but she had remained quiet. Despite her earlier willingness to voice herself, she knew better then to speak while she was frustrated. It was better for her to settle down and be more collected to simply lash out verbally at the situation. It felt unbecoming of her to do so. It felt as if whoever was handling the investigation had to be incompetent. If she had been in charged she was confident far more would have been done to get the the bottom of the strange disappearances. At least these pointless endeavors of blind questioning wouldn't be there to waist time for shinigami that had much better things they could do, both in their duty or potentially for the investigation itself.

Her head turned hearing a familiar voice. Her eyes shifting over glancing over to the lieutenant. A fine sight for sore eyes. Her eyes fixated at him turning as a soft smile was on her lips. Her natural charm oozing from her as she showed not an ounce of her frustration giving a light nod in acknowledgement. She wasn't one for drawing others outside her division into it's affairs, though the situation clearly was an issue cross the divisions. Still she felt it proper to put on a warm face when it came to greetings others and one such as Sensaina she was quite happy to do so with.

"Lieutenant Sensaina, as captivating as always." She spoke bowing her head lightly in a sign of respect and acknowledgement. Her emerald eyes locking onto his standing quite comfortably before him.

"Truthfully, if I wasn't so astute I wouldn't even recognize he was missing. I would of assumed he yet again left me to handle all his paperwork while he went galivanting around finding yet another vixen of whom he might of met at the infirmary and like a lost dog having himself chasing such too far from home and unable to find his way back. It was peculiar even for a slouch such as him not to show his face the next day. He is one who likes to show his face to flounder before me or to showboat before the men a little before neglecting his duties to keep up appearances. I am simple left to do his job full time these last several days rather then simply most of it."

She spoke with a shrug quite openly airing her own little grievances with him feeling quite comfortable to do so given his position. Despite listing such things it wasn't hard to tell it was something that did indeed bother her. It wasn't as if she didn't hold some simply enjoyment out of the act of helping to manage her division even if some of it could feel at times a bit tedious. Likewise she didn't have any hatred of her lieutenant. It was amicable at the very least and he had in part helped to influence her rise in the ranks in the division to becoming the third seat... not that someone as great as her would have trouble doing so herself though it helped to have a good word from a superior to help expedite the process faster.

"Of yours, I assume none have gone missing? It seems this entire affair is simply here to waste our precious time rather then actually addressing the issue. Though I suppose all talk about business isn't much fun. We should go out for drinks together at some time, it would be nice to lament in a more relaxed environment sometime." She asked as she shifted a little resting her hand upon her right hip. Her head turned only after hearing some commotion as she glanced over to see Junko stomping out looking over only briefly at the masked woman knowing she hailed from the lieutenants own division as the 3rd seat. She tended to keep tabs, at the very least of the top seats in each division, at least as much as she could. It wasn't always the easiest to keep track of with how some divisions tended to be more secretive then others.

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Alarmed and Strangerous
Yuuki Rukawa

With a few notable exceptions, the interrogations being carried out were volunatry and sedate affairs, so it was a little jarring when the door to the room the corp had commandeered was flung open violently and a writhing trio of shinigami edged their way through it. Two of the trio were Info Corps members and they held between them a young woman with blond hair, who was struggling dramatically in their grip, orating for the benefit of any witnesses as she failed to escape.

"WHAT IS THE CHARGE!? EATING A MEAL!? A SUCCULENT SEIREITEI MEAL!?" yelled the girl, her voice rich with exaggerated gravitas.

"You...were...supposed to report in for questioning an hour ago!" Hissed one of the Info Corps members, red faced and out of breath as he struggled with the prisoner, who herself seemed remarkably unruffled despite her predicament.

"GENTLEMEN! THIS IS CENTRAL 46 MADE MANIFEST!" Yelled the girl as her elbow seemed to accidentally find its way into one of her captors' stomach, elicting a wheeze of pain.

"This whole thing would take like five minutes if you would just cooperate!" said the other guard, looking only slightly less worse than wear than his compatriot. "Instead you made us drag you all the way here! Just sit down already!"

"Miss Rukawa please do sit down," said a third voice, that of a female, higer ranked Info Corp member who, judging from the desk he sat behind, was supposed to be interviewing the detainee. "We all know you could overpower those two easily if you wanted to, so perhaps we could skip the amateur theatre?"

"Wait what?" muttered one of the guards, as Yuuki Rukawa pouted and suddenly relaxed.

"Oh fine," said Yuuki, suddenly sliiped out from between her guards in the blink of an eye, sliding into the emptyu chair reserved for her as they stared openmouthed at her back. "I take exception to my theatre being described as amateur though, I could totally go pro if I wanted,"

The info corp member on the other side of the desk sighed loudly. "Look we just have a few simple questions for you to answer, this really won't take long at all,"

"Sure anything for my besties in the Info Corp, why didn't you just say so in the first place?" said Yuuki cheerily, leaning forwards to examine the questions written down in front of her.

"WE DID SAY THAT!" SHouted one of Yuuki's escorts, unable to contain himself any longer and earning a withering stand from his superior behind the desk.

"You two can go I think," she said coldly, as Yuuki hummed thoughtfully over the questions. "I'll take things from here,"

"Lemme see..." began Yuuki as her two former escorts slunk away in defeat, sliding her finger down the piece of paper to mark off the questions one by one.

"Don't know em'
Don't know em'
Don't know em'
Don't know em'


"Cool tats. I don't em though. Oh and I was either lost in Hueco Mundo or recovering in the infirmary FROM being lost in Hueco Mundo the whole time this was happening, honestly not sure why you guys thought it was necessary to interview me with that in mind, seems a little desperate maybe. Are you guys doing okay?"

"We are doing just fine Miss Rukawa," said the interviewer through gritted teeth. "You can leave now. Please do so,"

"Alright well good luck with it," said Yuuki cheerfully, waving goodbye to the interviewer and merrilly walking away carrying the chair she had been sitting in behind her. Yuuki took the piece of furniture over to where a small group of the interrogated shinobi were talking.

"So what are you guys in for?" Yuuki asked, by way of introduction as she puit the chair down facing the wroing way and draped herself over it, resting her arms and chin on the top of the backrest, seemingly ignorant or unbothered by the fact that everyone involved in the discussion outranked her to a significant degree.

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Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?

"...Can you please stop Junko..." Daisuke whined like a puppy being bothered. Luckily, others showed up to alleviate some of his pain by drawing away Junko's attention. it didn't matter how soft and fluffy Junko looked.. She was always hard and unrelenting towards him. what did he do to deserve this hell? He was good, being good and generally stays on the good side of most people. Surely it meant he deserved good to him? But no, no matter where he went he was accosted by such overbearing women... Why did his troubles begin and end with women? he wouldn't know, he couldn't ask, god knows that much.

Next was another one... She.. Was Yoshiko. That posture.. that presence.. No way one could misstake her for another, best he avoid her fully and ignore the fact she existed so he can pass by without issue. She was pretty, but in a way that a blade might be, or a poisonous frog. she felt like a peacock in temperament, always unfurling her feathers and grandstanding...

But.. It was time for the interview...

Best he get it done, he knew the lieutenant and knew what this was about. he'd get in and come to a better understanding of the situation...

Question #1
"The last i saw her was 3 days before her disappearance, she was no less than normal. Capable and strong, asking for sparing as per usual. She was in good health but had, upon my note and less her own admitance a small issue with her ankle. it was notable with her steps."
Question #2
"I saw him with Rin the same day, it is likely he managed to get a good shot on her ankle earlier since he seemed proud. Despite that, he seemed abit unhappy that she was asking me to fight so soon after. perhaps jealousy? Or perhaps he wanted to fight me as well. It mattered little, i was busy at the time. and was forced to handle Junko for a time.."
Question #3
"As said, I was the unfortunate one to be bothered by Junko, acting as if it were her job to aid me in my development. As you can imagine, it is a unpleasant experience..." the man noted the eye, before continueing. "Both missing seemed in good health at the time. Despite mild bruising, they were capable in their own right."
Question #4
"I know what others know of Lady Kurugi and that is she is a insurmountable pain to deal with, but one that is not manageable if you give her as she asks... i do not, at leats nowadays, make a habit of keeping tabs on all notable members of the Seireitei. However, her being taken speaks of the perpetrators not taking these people by immence force, or by manner unable to be reasonable defended against in the realms of bakudo. As unpleasant as she is, she is capable in that regards. And to be taken so quickly just outside of the squad three barracks without a peep means it was done without a sound..."
Question #5
"I was aiding old friends from squad 8 in a matter that required my skills. if you need to know, please contact the Shinigami Women's association. I am, unfortunately, under a nondisclosure agreement."
Question #6
"I do on occasion join my Lieutenant and Asahi at a bar. I did not for some time due to issues ongoing with paper work pushed upon me because of Junko deciding not to do it. I am loathe to leave things undone in such a regard and was left largely along in the barracks during that night, but did did several times see and speak with the squad 4 cleaners there to wash up the place abit. even if they did spend most their time eyeing me from afar when they thought I wasn't looking... An odd girl.. in truth... She needs to work on her allergies, such deep breathing whilst hiding behind pillars, staring at somebody, is quite unnerving.."
Question #7
"I unfortunately see very little of our last dissappearance, and have no true easily used allibi. he and I never truely got along, most the time avoiding one another. But not enough to cause trouble, mind. I took the day to rest, that is really all I could say. After being beaten by Junko for... Doing her work for her...." the old, in spirit, shinigami sighed heavily, before being allowed to leave.

He came back to the scene to see... Oh, it's Yuuki. "hello Ms.Rukawa, a pleasure to see you. it seems the interview has no harmed your spirits none." he greeting the lady with curtly polietness as he always did. She was one woman he could speak normally with, or at leats one who didn't carry a large negative connotation. Or impending moment where he was going to get grappled or wrapped up into something.. or stalked...

"A bright smile today, nothing gets you down huh?"


Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God
Tamashi Sensaina


Using his first name when addressing him was quite informal on the 3rd Seat's part, but rather than scold her for it at such a stressful time, Sensaina would mark that down as a poor trait of hers. Compounded by her invitation to drinks. While normally he wasn't so strict about mingling with lower seated officers, in this time of uncertainty he trusted no one who wasn't from his own Division. "So far I've lost no one I know directly, but they were all familiar faces. Fortunately, the 7th Division is still all accounted for." The idea that one of his people could have been one of the names called was unsettling, but still a very real possibility. He did however lose track of his friend, but that was not information to be shared. "I do not think that anyone should be engaging in drinking, alone or otherwise while the threat of being taken still looms over all of our heads." Sensaina said in earnest. For all the praise heaped upon her, the 3rd seat was not exactly living up to Sensaina's expectations at the moment. By all accounts she was the acting Lieutenant for her Division, the next seat after Benjiro and their Captain. "Have you been questioned yet, Konishi?"

Junko's return granted him a bit of reprieve from the silver-haired woman, but she didn't bring with her any positive energy. Instead she came out in tears and Sensaina could only assume she was forced to face that fact that some3one she was close to had gone missing. Not only that, but there were so far, no clues as to their location or their abductor(s). The Lieutenant welcomed her back with open arm, attempting to comfort her and ease her heart ache. "I am certain that the Info Corps is pursuing other avenues as well." He assured his friend. "The interrogations are necessary however. The Seireitei is a big place and the missing people may have had many friends and many enemies. This is likely an attempt to create a timeline that spans the entire Seireitei in order to find any commonalities or discrepancies."

While he disliked the Info Corps and the way they were put in place, Sensaina couldn't argue that the current plan they had was the best option at the moment. And he didn't envy the ire they would garner from doing this work. For example. Rukawa Yuuki, who was not someone to make an enemy out of. As the woman joined their group, Sensaina looked her over, reciting the rumors and information that he'd been given about the woman. She was very unfamiliar to him and to be honest, he did not know if she could be trusted. She had recently returned from Heuco Mundo after all, if the news was to be believed. Who could not honestly say she was not a suspect in his mind.

But Daisuke's return brought Sensaina a fair bit of relief. He always feared the boy wasn't too smart and that he would be his own downfall. So with these interrogations he was afraid that Daisuke might say something to get himself in trouble. But as he wasn't detained or arrested, that meant he had been at least a little smart about his answers. "I must say I'm shocked by you Daisuke. From what I've observed you are the only that did not have trouble with the interrogation in some way." Sensaina would dare say it out loud, but he was proud of his squad mate. Even he had been upset by the questioning and Dieter's accusing tone and he had expected Daisuke to return either very angry or distraught.

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Tu'er Shen the Rabbit God

"Oh? Well we've got to show you the ropes friend and the rules." Shuya being new and lost meant that he probably had no friends or family in the city and that would mean he's all alone here. The blond slowly rose from his seat beside Shuya and placed his hand on the sword that he carried. By the time he was standing he had unsheathed the blade halfway and smirked cockily at the man. "Fork over your wallet and anything else you've got." His stance was sloppy, showing the he had no experience whatsoever with a sword, but that wouldn't stop him from wielding it.

The other members of the small gang were unarmed, but but hey still looked at Shuya as if he were a defenseless old man. They all stepped back from him, but formed a circle around the foreigner to keep him from escaping. "Don't make this difficult for yourself, new guy." The blond suggested in a demeaning tone. He finally drew his blade, gleaming in the sunlight as he pointed it at Shuya. "Empty your pockets."

Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters-


Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?

"...eh?" Daisuke looked at Sensaina with abit of confusion. he considered for a moment these new folks didn't know his past exactly, did they really just look at him and think he was cosplaying as a ninja or something? Hes seen it in the human world, and sure he'd tried once or twice to get a outfit that sorta takes on some... variety of the cool outfits in an anime or two.. But by the his spirit's legs he couldn't for a second think of actually wearing any of it.. He wished he could have joined in on those conventions.. but the worst he could manage is get a dummy body to buy some things and get out...

He looked over the others for a second and then to his Lieutenant. "I.. Suppous I'm abit hardier than one might imagine Sir." he said with a small bow. "I've experience with such endeavors. I think it best to not think of the Squad 2 interviews as troubling affairs. Probing questions are in place so that you will speak, it's not a matter of insult when they perform them, they want you to speak frankly and without thinking even as the sacrifice of the occasional punch.

It is a interview tactic as to keep you on your toes and hinder your practiced responses by upsetting your state of being. Effectively, a information shake down as it were.

Deiter is good at such inquiry, thus he is used against us in this particular moment..." he pauses to consider his words for a moment. "Effectively, its his face that causes people to underestimate and imagine he is causing some form of insult. Insolence, in a matter. Most tend to have high opinions of themselves so being spoken to in certain ways by such a precieved person can be upsetting.

Hes always had that face unfortunately, and tone about him. But this was a very light conversation..." He shifted his mask lightly. "...And yes, this was an interview, not an interrogation.

In an interview you have the option to answer and not.

In an interrogation, your not called upon enmass and given the luxury of leaving. Or movement, and typically left for some time in a sensory deprevation chamber to loosen the tongue.." he concluded with a light nod.

"...Such is the known ways of the Info corps anyways..." the young man sighed, going back to his sullen look now, fidgetting with a arm wrap around his latest injuries.


Konishi, Yoshiko

Yoshiko looked to the 7th division Lieutenant giving a simple nod in response to his seeming good news in regards to his divisions wellbeing. A rather fortunate thing to say the least. Having one of your own missing tended to have a much larger impact on their colleagues. The more distance between someone who went missing made it less likely to bring unease and lower morale. Still, as the numbers increased and rumors spread it wasn't going to be that comforting of an idea. It didn't change the fact that Shinigami knew each other as well outside of being in their divisions. She personally knew of at least a few of those who were missing even if in a more tangential way.

"Perhaps a fair point... though I would say in a way it is perhaps more important to engage in such activities or at the very least if one wanted to actually get down to the culprit it would be a more fruitful endeavor to use such a tactic to draw the perpetrator out and perhaps find an answer over wasting time pointlessly questioning others." She spoke tapping her chin looking looking up as if feigning the idea she might be in thought even though it was quite clear it was her way of taking a jab at the info corps. She gave a simple shrug looking at Sensaina giving a light nod.

"Either way, it is still something I think we both could find enjoyable even if to air grievances or just to enjoy my casual banter. I haven't undergone questioning though it is rounding my turn soon. The invitation is left open, and don't feel fretted if you prefer to invite others as well if you do come around to the idea." She spoke with a nod as she allowed him to seeming address his companion. Giving him a glance over quietly in brief thought before turning her attention forward.

The silver haired woman ventured over to go in for her own questioning. Her eyes so briefly darting to the gloomy man who had ventured out not long ago. Briefly skimming over at him as if knowing of his earlier gaze before venturing past without a word. A light smirk on her face despite going into what she saw to be a lion's den full of helpless cubs. A place of which at most some rather superficial scratches or bite marks were about all that might be inflicted without an ounce of value gained from the exchange. Naturally entering into the interview without the slightest bit of restrain holding an air of confidence about her though one that also showed a bit of disdain in her eyes.

"Do you know Rin Koharu, 2nd Seat of Division 10? When was the last time that you saw her?"

"I know of her only informally. I would almost confuse her for being an 11th division member with how fervent she was to fight if it wasn't for the fact she wasn't brutish about it. It would of had to been weeks ago since I could last recall seeing her though we did not speak. She tends to have different... interests then I do."

"Do you know Tsumugi Emiko, 18th Seat of Division 1? When was the last time that you saw him?"

"I have to admit I don't tend to keep track of lower seated members of other divisions I don't know personally, not out of disdain but simply being too many of which for me to keep track of. I can't say for sure if i had ever met them, never mind if I even perhaps seen them as they would of simply been another face."

"Where were you on the days that they supposedly went missing?"

"If it was during my ours working then I would of been at the 3rd division barracks working as I always do. Likely filling out paperwork or interacting with my fellow shinigami. If it was after work ours then chances were I was likely out drinking. In that case I would have plenty of alibi both with a few fellow squad mates as well as other patrons."

"Do you know Kanna Kurugi of the 5th Division? Did you ever hear any rumors about her?

"A rather feisty woman to say the least as others might claim. I personally don't mind her at all and I feel we were on relative good terms. I can't say I know all that much as far as rumors go, I don't tend to pry too much into affairs that don't involve me. If I did I would of likely been part of an information gathering group of which I wouldn't need to ask others about such affairs. None the less last I recall was seeing her the night of her disappearance. I was heading out at that point with a few of my coworkers and passed her. She seemed rather... unhappy... so I left her be rather then questioned her. Can't say what business brought her there nor was interested enough to ask when I was off my shift."

"Where were you the night she was reported missing?"

"Out drinking, and when I returned to the Barracks she was no where to be seen though it was quite a bit later then when I had passed her. I don't recall any paperwork pushed on me in regards to her the next day so I'm uncertain if she might of came to visit and interact with my Captain or Lieutenant. The latter I am almost certain I would of had something left behind for me to handle if she had came in given his 'talent' at leaving me his work to deal with."

"Asahi of the 6th Division is missing, any information you have about him or when he was last seen?"

"Ah, the man who use to be the 2nd seat correct? I have shared a drink or two in his company before though he wasn't always the most social of drinkers from what little I have. It has been I believe nearly a week since I last seen him. He is a face I do see at times while drinking off duty though I don't recall his presence recently. I have to admit though he could of been in the back somewhere and I just hadn't noticed him."

"Benjiro Honda, 2nd Seat of your Division was reported missing yesterday by his captain. When was the last time you saw him?"

"Several days ago when he went missing. He had did his usual show of coming into the barracks full of bluster giving a few of our unseated members some words of encouragement and advice. As he tends to do he came to me shortly after giving me all the paperwork he said he wasn't able to do since he had important business to take care of. When asked where he was going he had told me he wanted to stop at the infirmary to help lift the spirits of one of our members who got themselves injured the day before. When they returned though they had mentioned seeing Benjiro there though he had just said hi in passing when he ended up passing him in the hall and was instead following a pretty young new nurse he had apparently flirted with the other day.

He never returned that day and wasn't seen the next. I had raised it up as being a bit suspicious though I hadn't reported it thinking he had simply gotten himself distracted though it was a bit peculiar though not completely unexpected of him. When he wasn't there the day after is when I had raised notice to my captain. It would seem given what you have to say my captain elected to report him missing a day after I had voiced up about it. Not that it should of needed to be, I would assume the info corps would be aware far before any of us would. Otherwise it wouldn't look very good if such frivolous and scattershot questioning would be used that would of been better invested elsewhere."

Yoshiko had finished speaking as it was clear the bit of venom she had in her words when her blustered finally boiled over. With her little interrogation over Yoshiko had walked out with her nose turned upright almost dismissive of the entire event. As pointless as she expected if not worst. They really seemed to want to spur on anger from the people they were questioning. It really felt as if it was ran by a bunch of lemmings going about bashing themselves into walls in hopes it might finally give way breaking out from it and off the cliff the wall was there to stop them from running off of. It only helped to reinforce in her mind they weren't in the slightest bit closer to figuring out what had happened to her lieutenant or the other missing soul reapers. The proud woman venturing back out where plenty of other irritated interviewees were.

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