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Fantasy Blackwood Academy (not your parent’s boarding school!)

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ, Magical, Platonic, Realistic, School, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural


All according to my Scenario
You all, no doubt, are wondering why I summoned you here. Why draw you to a isolated Californian boarding school? I’ll tell you why.

You are gods. Not the cold images on temple walls, not distant dispensers of lightning, but human to the bone. The only difference is that every century or so, we’re reborn as babies, without our memories, but bearing the potential for immense power.

You don’t believe me. Understandable. I’ll prove it to you all.

I know you all were adopted. No record of your birth parents. Likely, you had discipline issues or similar troubles. And you all had some incident that made you question what you were. Maybe you burned down a house in your sleep. Maybe you punched a rabid dog to death.

Maybe you raised a corpse.

Understand this: I won’t judge. I’m here to reveal your true nature, and to give you each a set of instructions. You must follow them to the letter. And never, ever reveal them to each other.

We’re going to avert Ragnarok.


All according to my Scenario
All right, I'll get started on a character sheet. This is still open, if anyone else wants to join.
Character Sheet New


All according to my Scenario
Okay, so there’ll be two parts to this sheet. The mortal side is public, and the godly side is only to go to me through a PM.

Character Sheet




Personality: A paragraph or two.
Appearance: Faceclaim, detailed description, I don’t care.

Nation of Origin: Obvious

Flaws: Three or more flaws.

Strength: Three or more strengths. These are not supernatural skills.

Godly name: A real mythological god, preferably one that’s more obscure than Zeus or Thor. Be creative!

Powers: Your godly abilities. These should be weak/unstable at first, but they will grow in power.

Inciting Incident: What made you realize that you weren’t quite human? Should be something dramatic.
Character Page New


All according to my Scenario
Sounds kinda cool, might join
Here's the character page:


All according to my Scenario
Followup question, what counts as modern? Anything that's still practiced today, and if so does that include neo-paganism?

Basically, major modern religions. Neopaganism doesn't count, since (iirc) they are revivals of older religions. So even if somebody worships Odin or Zeus nowadays, they're still acceptable as characters.

Yazata seem more like angels than 'gods', so probably not? I'm not well versed in Zoroastrian stuff.

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