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at ur dads
location: Windrift Estate
outfit: OOTD
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Jasmine Mahalia ✦​

Jasmine walked down the hallways of the Windrift estate after her brief affair with Augustus. She walked around looking for someone, anyone, who wasn’t Augustus because that would be so fucking awkward after what had just gone down between the two of them. She took herself to the nearest bathroom, scowling at a couple making out on one of the counters.

Get an actual room you uncivilized urchins.” She said before shooing them out and locking the door. She rested her palms against the skin counter before looking at her reflection. She dug around her bag before pulling out her essentials. Some touch up powder, a bit of mascara and some lip gloss – Fenty, of course because who else? Mrs. Rihanna had her makeup game snatched, it was only right that Jasmine followed suit. Jasmine should actually shoot her a text soon, catch up on old times. She pressed her lips together to get the gloss on evenly before placing her essentials back into her back. She quickly patted her clothes down and pulled out a mini-fragrance bottle from her bag before spraying herself. One thing she hated was the smell of alcohol.

She made her way to the centre of the house. Augustus was there, wearing the shirt she recommended. She couldn’t help the faint smile that admonished her features as she looked on. Yes, he looked like a raging alcohol. He looked like one of the three stooges trying to find the other two. But at least he looked good whilst doing it. Was there anything more important than that. She then proceeded to look next to him. All the people surrounding him. All the people he was friends with or knew in some way and suddenly she felt a warm sense of loneliness come over her. She knew all these people, of course she did. But how was she supposed to talk to them when all they knew each other was through small talk. Her faint smile began to sour slightly as she backed away from the scene playing out in front of her.

This wasn’t her scene. What was she doing here?

She proceeded to leave to go towards the kitchen, towards the fridge. She needed something cool. Something to take the edge off the heat caused by her racing heart and warm sadness. She bit the inside of her cheek as she slowly made her way to the kitchen. She listened to the grand tour of this place but was she even really listening? It was like she had no idea where she was going? Was she really focused on him this all time? At times like these she appreciated opened windows, the fresh air of night slowly caressing every inch of her being as she made her way to the kitchen. She made her way to the doorway before seeing the fridge.

She then proceeded to get irritated at the sight of seeing someone in front of it, two people at that. Looks like she was going to have to mess another gremlin up tonight. She took long strides towards where the fridge was before promptly stopping in front of it.

What are you doing? Talking to the fridge? There’re homes they have to treat confused people like you. Now, move.” She said, pushing him to the side before pulling out something cold. A cold water bottle, just what she needed. She sighed as she placed the cold bottle against her red flushed cheeks before sighing and turning to the male who was looking at the fridge. “The alcohol is more towards the centre if that’s what you’re looking for.” She said before taking a seat on one of the stools in the kitchen, melting into the seat like putty. She then looked towards the other male standing there, someone she at least somewhat knew. Lamar.

What the hell was she still doing here? She hardly knew any of these ragamuffins.

You been here long, Mr. Tall, Dark and Confusing?” She asked, her face smooshing more and more into the cold water bottle as she looked on. Why was she making conversation with him?

Both of you.” She said with a cheeky smile.

She didn’t actually recall seeing him at all during her last year at Black Mill. He was handsome, that was for sure. But she couldn’t remember him being in with the ‘in crowd’ if she’s honest’ Maybe because that was the only crowd she focused on.

Truth be told, she was looking for an out. Someway to leave this party and just go home. Maybe the men in front of her would be fodder enough for her to leave. She sharpened the gaze of her eyes and she tilted her head questioningly. “I didn’t see you around last year, you’re a transfer, right?” She asked, as if what she was actually was saying was gospel, with so much conviction in her insistence. She then turned to Lamar for assurance on this.
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Jaxon Williams

Jax was relieved to see Joey. His presence at the party would make it a lot better. Joey was one of the few people who really got Jax. He grinned at Joey's comments to Lamar but he noticed how Joey's attitude changed really quickly. He made a mental note to tell Joey that he could give him a ride home later if he wanted,

Jax observed Joey for a minute. Jax could read Joey well enough by now he had caught how Joey seemed to look at Noya longer almost in shock. He looked between Noya and Joey it wasn't his place to question it....at least not at a party in this public setting. He swears the atmosphere got a lot more tense.

He was surprised when he saw Jasmine push Lamar and Joey out of the way. Jax didn't ever spend time around Jasmine. He spent a lot of time observing those aroung him. He didn't have the guts in him to say anything to her face about ignoring him and Noya... not that he really cared. The kitchen was getting more crowded than Jax really liked. He often avoided small spaces especially ones that got overheated quickly. He swears he could feel the walls closing in on him. Jax took deep breaths to get a hold of himself.

He nodded when Noya said Lamar was keeping her company. He understood that company is what made these parties bearable in his opinion. When Lamar mentioned asking Noya to dance. He knew what Lamar was doing. On more than one occasian Lamar was pushing Jax to get out of his comfort zone not even that but to own up to the skills Jax had. Jax was always second guessing himself. To let loose for a night when Jax barely wanted to be here was a big ask. Jax straightned up a bit fixing his collar of his jacket maybe Lamar was right. Jax did have skills why shouldn't he act like it.

Jax hesitated when he glanced at Noya. His five seconds of confidence quickly deflated. Unlike most of his teammates, Jax had terrible game when it came to talking to girls, flirting with them or not. He could tell you how to find the bugs in his code but he had never even asked a girl for her numbers. He had maybe said ten words total to Noya at his time in Blackmill even with their limited interactions he felt that she understood him. That she understood why he would show up to class in the morning with intense bags under his eyes after countless sleepless nights or the questioning look he gave people when they first talk to him. Jax always wonders what their intentions are. He would be lying if he said he wasn't interested in wondering why Noya and him seemed to have this understanding. If she could possibly understand what goes on in Jax's mind but Jax hesitated to trust her since he didn't even know that much about her.

Noya was beautiful and confident probably the opposite of everything Jax was. He couldn't meet Noya's eyes for a second. He might as well take Lamar's advice. "D-did you want to dance? You don't have to if you don't want to. I mean obviously you know that. I'll give you a fair warning. I'm not as coordinated off the field as I am on the field and you're probably a way better dancer than I am. " He was rambling which is what happened when he got nervous most of the time he wasn't. He usually had a better control of his emotions but he usually avoided situations that involved feelings because he didn't even know how to handle himself. "The kitchen is getting kinda crowded." Jax looked over out to the crowded dance floor. He supposed it wouldn't hurt if they did end up going out therel

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Grade A Bitch
coollogo_com-46331133.pngCapture+_2019-10-18-08-11-11.png Location: Windrift Manor : "Dancefloor"
Interaction: Wildflower101 Wildflower101 (Jax)
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Noya knew not every boy at Black Mill oozed confidence. She hadn't expected Jax to be one of them based on her brief interactions with him, but as he rambled a soft smile came to her lips. The girl watched his face, noticing he didn't seem to be able keep eye contact, so she had to wonder if he really was that intimidated by the situation. But that smile remained as he spoke. "You're חָמוּד, it's okay. I'd love to dance with you," She spoke softly, taking a sip of her drink as her eyes moved to Lamar, Joey, and now Jasmine. Noya was going to say something, a warning against talking to Joey like that. But once again the words got caught in her throat. So her attention turned back to Jax. "Yes...it is." Her voice was a little quieter that time, a conflicted light in her eyes.

Noya took another sip of her wine as she slipped her free arm around Jax's. Linking them together, she gave him a brief smile before leading him out of the kitchen. That was probably the best choice for both of them. She knew neither of them did well in crowds like this, it was part of that unspoken understanding. Noya would lead him away from the main group of dancers and drinkers, a somewhat secluded corner of the room so that it wasn't as bad as being in the center of the room. Noya took a final sip of her wine before setting it on a nearby table. She knew it would either be stolen and drank by someone else, or maybe she would get lucky and it would still be there in a little while. "How about I teach you something simple?"

What she had in mind was a slight tango-esqe move mixed with that awkward sway middle schoolers did. It was a warm-up that got boys used to moving their hips. So she turned to face him, her hands slowly moving down his forearms with a delicate touch until she reached his hands. She stepped a little closer, guiding his hands to her hips before her arms moved up and lazily rested on his shoulders. "When I move my foot forward, you move yours back. Then when I move mine back, yours follows. It's very easy, even if you aren't coordinated," she chuckled, looking up at his face. Even in heels, he was still taller than her.
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Kid Finesser

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At the fridge, in all honesty, Joey had lost focus on what his objective had been in the first place. With emotions flooding into his psyche from depths he hadn't touched in almost a year he'd be lying if he said it was anything short of overwhelming. The eerie silence that washed over the kitchen in that brief moment didn't help but make him feel guilty for his actions, "Fuck," over and over again was all that cycled through his brain. He wasn't one to dwell too much on the past-- or anything in general yet here he was, shocked still by a girl he hadn't seen or heard from in months.

Part of him believed it was wrong to be upset. Noya had faced the damned assassination attempt, international politics and all that corrupt jazz. But with how close they were-- how close he believed they were, he expected a phone call, an email, something. Something to show that she was alive and well, maybe even a jab at his dreadlocks in the mix. But Noya had disappeared from school, and from Joey's contacts those two weeks before the end of freshman year. In spite of masking himself with his usual passive persona, Joey couldn't help but wonder what he'd done wrong. What he could've done to help. God, was he sounding like a bitch.

At the weight over his back though, Joey snapped back to reality. The cursed, muscled arm of Black Mill's star wide receiver weighed down onto his back. He couldn't help but smirk up at Lamar by his side though, as much as he wanted to keep his frown, seeing Lamar was always a temptation to laugh. Something about that uneven hairline, and baby smooth skin that didn't fit a football player. His eyes remained on the fridge, scanning for more of the strong stuff-- anything that'd make him forget the awkward start to the party, and help him get wasted. Maybe even streak alongside James if he was desperate enough.

"Bullocks, you know I'm a medium now. I see dead people." Joey said sarcastically in response to Lamar. He'd been fighting the urge to look back, to see if Noya was still there, and as weak as he was in his battle with drug use, he couldn't restrain himself any longer. His eyes burned following the quick glance back at the lady, an even quicker smile in Jax's direction, before turning back to the fridge.

"Lamar I thought she was dea-... Easy, easy!" Joey was quite literally forced out of his comfort zone at someone pushing his side away from the fridge. His expression squeezed into dismay at the feat, though it was obvious whoever had forced him aside wasn't in the mood to play, and with a sigh stepped over to the side for the girl to have her go at the fridge. He watched her grab one of the chilled plastic bottles and bring it towards her face, eyes staring down at her in analyzation. Sometimes he was able to figure people out just by the look of them, people like James, Lamar, or River had been the easiest, where Jax and now this new girl were mysteries to him... In significantly different ways though.

"Could've said s'cuse me, miss." Joey finally coughed up. In the corner of his eye he could see Noya and Jax fading off into the distance. He didn't like the way his newfound resentment towards Noya clashed with how he felt towards Jax. Joey was aware he wasn't one of the more... social boys at Black Mill, and couldn't be mad that he'd be dancing with her. Instead he chose to push those thoughts further back into his mind, and focus on the two others still in the kitchen with him.

Joey threw two thumbs up at Jasmine's advice concerning the alcohol, and immediately bent back down to the fridge. He and Lamar would have to find another fridge to have their brotherly conversation in at a later time. "Oh, and I adore the boots. They offer some real height I think." He said while continuing his search for a drink. His eyes seemed to light up as they fell on the bottle of Pernod in the back centre where Jasmine had instructed him, and along with it he pulled out a jug of clear club soda. Having befriended his own fair share of bartenders, and famed mixers (countless nights at the Violet Room), he knew a thing or two about mixing. While scarce on a couple ingredients, the soda and Pernod would do well for his go-to knockout drink.

Joey turned to use his back to shut the fridge, and piqued a brow over at Lamar at the sight. The stranger that'd knocked them both away from the fridge was now seated comfortably on one of the stools by the kitchen island. He didn't try all too hard to hide his surprise, though the expression soon faded as he placed his drinks on the table before Jasmine.

It seemed she and Lamar were already familiar, which made it easy for Joey to turn away to the cabinets in search of a glass. He was well aware there'd be a couple glasses out in the main party, but it seemed like only a hassle to leave the cozy kitchen abode. He didn't mind Lamar, and the new girl catching up with his back turned, though he soon returned with three glasses, two clasped in one hand, and another in his free one. He placed them all onto the island, before looking back up at the duo, a faint smile on his face.

Joey cringed internally at Jasmine's words, but in the misinformation quickly saw opportunity. As he poured a healthy amount of Pernod in each glass, and a pinch of club soda, he decided he'd go along with Jasmine's current perception of himself. It didn't necessarily hurt to be considered a transfer. Smoking away most of his nights and being a star mathlete didn't necessary warrant school prep. Joey was more under the radar, and had grown accustomed to it, but in having friends more on the 'bigger stage' and popular side of things, he'd learned to stay optimistic and use the adversity to his advantage.

"Yeah, miss, I'm actually from down in Miami." Which technically wasn't a lie. "But I'm fairly new to the area." Now that one was gray-ish. Besides his room, the home of his friends, the Violet Room and some run-ins at the cafe, Joey didn't get up to much but sleep nowadays. He'd just been doing so for the now three years he'd been living in Black Mill.

"Seems like you've got your shit together though. Maybe you could show me around..?" He paused for a moment, to give Jasmine a moment to answer his question whilst sliding a glass over to her and Lamar, and then taking a sip of his own.

"My name's Joey, it's nice meeting you by the way." He'd gotten that last one from his father. He figured Lamar would make an appropriately confident introduction of his own, and went against introducing the guy. If not, it wasn't like he seemed to be new to the girl.

In his mind, Joey definitely wouldn't water down the stranger's appearance though. She was stunning, and he could already tell she was bold, something he adored, and while he felt the sting of his hard drink kicking into the back of his throat something told him she could pack more of a punch than what could be captured in a drink. She was the cheetah-type, someone fierce to Joey's koala. Perhaps a pain in the ass sometimes, yeah, but he could see himself growing to fancy having the lady around.

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president thot

location: windrift manor (inside) mention: ailurophile ailurophile (Jocelyn) Rusty of Shackleford Rusty of Shackleford

Dayton was less than excited for the evening's events. Sure, it was nice to see everyone back again (and Dayton wasn't a stranger to wishing his classmates well), but part of him loathed the atmosphere. He had a level of respect for Gus Windrift, especially on the field. Kid could run. But outside of it, Dayton couldn't help but get the same icky feeling in his mouth that he got whenever he was dragged to one of his dad's functions. There was some redemption to the children of the elite in Black Mill, but if they followed in the same patterns, there was no saving them.

Dayton himself, despite being the son of one of the wealthiest new-money in Black Mill, didn't like to wear the labels that came with it. At his heart, and whenever he crawled into bed at night, he was still Dayton. Dayton Tyler, maybe, but Dayton. He prided himself on maintaining his roots, and keeping a certain standard with the people he hung out with. He couldn't help but bring out their best parts-- that's just who he was. He didn't gloat about it, he didn't shove his genuine self down their throats. At the end of the day, they liked him for being himself.

Though Dayton's answer wouldn't be as eloquent as that. He'd attribute it to 'bein' grassroots in a sea of cold stone'. Simple, parsimonious.

Just like his brain functions.

So, although he was apprehensive to witnessing the usual swell of drama at a Black Mill party, he was looking forward to drinking and mingling. His Dad was fully aware of the night's events, probably the whole town, and merely patted his son on the head before slipping him a big with a bottle of hooch. A family delicacy, as it happened.

"You tell that Windrift kid this bottle's for his family, you hear? A gift from us, to them. Celebratory," Ellis Tyler punctuated each word with a small spittle latching itself to the air in front of him. Dayton stared out the window, noticing passing cars.

"Yeah, Dad, I geddit," Dayton murmured, slinging the bag over his shoulder.

"You don't let anyone touch that, not even yourself. There's probably plenty of cheap alcohol. You kids wouldn't know a fine liquor if it hit you in the face," the older man continued, punching in numbers or words on his cellphone. Dayton continued to play with the strap of his sweater. He wondered if Imani had already left. Probably was too late to offer a ride, or ask for one.

"Are you listening to me Dayton?" Ellis snapped, narrowing his eyes at the lackadaisical boy in front of him. Dayton sighed, nodded, and turned to leave. "If you see your sisters, or you brother, you make sure they get home safe. Your job, Dayton!"

"I geddit, pa. Thanks bunch." He headed out quickly, slipping up his hood and opting to make the walk over. Plenty of time to think, maybe brood about his atrocious family, and possibly hope he'd wake up on someone's roof or on the floor. Nothing beat a post-drunk sleep on the hard ground. He slung the bottle out, stopping at the edge of a block and hiding behind a big tree. He cracked the lid, giving the hooch a quick sniff. Who knew how long it had been in their cellar for? The Tyler family had plenty of experience with alcohol, given the original rise to infamy, but their deposits never seemed to end. It was decades ago, but there was always a bottle of something to take somewhere. The family logo, peeled and aged, slapped on the front.

Dayton took a swig, letting the aged rum sit at the back of his throat. His eyes burned for the moment, but he swallowed it down. What he couldn't give for a bud right then and there.


The walk took less time than Dayton thought, and he quickly made his way to the front door of the mansion. He whistled, taking in the sight, and slipped his hood off. Entering, as the door was open, he took a quick check around the room. Folks already drinking, of course. Folks mingling, of course. He saw a few familiar faces, and offered some waves, but none so much as the bundle of pure light and goodness in front of him.

Jocelyn was talking to some meek kid, looked out of place in the rabble, and Dayton strolled right up to the two of them. "Hey Jocelyn, hon, you need help with those boxes? You're only so big darling, you may end up toppled by them," Dayton purred in his light-drawl, and smiled brightly at her. His large arms reached forward and went to scoop some them. He wouldn't take any ifs or butts from the girl. She deserved all the help she could get. She had a big heart, and Dayton admired it.

Looking at the kid, Dayton flashed a smile at Jacob as well. "Need a drinking buddy pal?"


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Jaxon Williams


Jax couldn't quite catch the word that Noya had said in maybe...hebrew? He wasn't sure. When she said she'd love to dance, Jax's muscles relaxed. He had wondered if he should say something to Joey. Jax appreciated Joey's friendship a lot in the same way Joey had pushed Jax out of his comfort zone. Joey even managed to get Jax to relax quite a bit. He tried to catch Joey's eyes sending some kind of message like I'll find you later, but Lamar and Joey seemed engrossed in the conversation with Jasmine.

Jax felt conflicted following Nora out of the kitchen once entering the crowd of people maybe it would have been better to stay in the kitchen with two people he considered friends vs coming out to the crowded dance floor. There were a lot of people out here. Jax started to remember why he tried to avoid parties.

Noya's arm felt warm against his. He never knew what to feel when he felt people's skin on his, girls especially. He usually brushed them off and they found it fun and thought he was playing hard to get. He didn't like it most of the time but Noya felt warm, comforting almost. When Noya said he was going to teach her something simple. He grimaced she was just about to find out how bad he was at dancing. He watched other people move around him just to realize Noya was explaining to him how they were going to dance. He felt goosebumps on his skin when Noya ran her hands down his arms.

Jax realized he towered over her. He followed Noya's movements the first time stepping on the outside part of her heel. "Sorry! I told you I was bad. And I've never done anything like this before. Y'know..dancing with a girl." Ugh he sounded so stupid maybe he should have had something to drink before coming out here. He finally managed to meet Noya's eyes as she led him to try again. He was really trying concentrating on Noya's feet. His eyebrows furrowed as he followed her.

He finally relaxed and looked to meet her eyes. He said in a quieter voice, "I don't usually like attending parties. It's more people than I'm comfortable with. How are you?" Jax had no idea on why he had asked her how she was doing. It wasn't a how are you doing because something bad happened. It was a how are you right now because Jax knew better than anyone that how you felt changed from moment to moment sometimes he lived in the present other days he couldn't shake the past."

Jax listened to Noya's answer. "I'm breathing. Honestly, I wish I got some more sleep last night." Which was true, Jax wished everyday that he was able to sleep. That he was able to get over his own past. He gave Noya a twirl.

He thought back to the kitchen, he was pretty sure talking to a girl while they were dancing about drama was a no but he owed it to Joey to make this effort for him."Listen, I know it's not my place to meddle. I don't know what's happed between you and Joey. But he's like my brother and he does care about people. I'm not asking you to talk to him tonight. But maybe consider talking to him w-when you're ready."Well he had already probably ruined the moment already so might as well keep going. Jax thought for a moment before really looking at Noya. "I've spent my life pushing people away protecting them from me and my fucked up baggage. I know what it's like to be lonely. Do you ever wonder if there will ever be a day when it's not me against the world? I always do."

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Mirabella Lomabardo

Mira was grateful for the champagne. Mira was terrified by the electicity between her and Will. Mira's slept with her fair share of guys but she had never felt the connection she felt right now with Will and it was making Mira want to be reckless and lose contol.

When Will told her he was feeling smothered in his life back on the West Coast she knew what he meant. Every second in Italy had felt like she had no control and she felt powerless. Mira hated feeling powerless. She loved the fact she had control in how she swam or over her own parts in Hens. She even had control of her grades. When Will toasted to chance encounters she almost wanted to laugh. Luck and chance were not in Mira's vocabulary. Mira always believed you controlled your own fate. Mira did everything to control her own future. She would not lie though it was definetly by chance that she bumped into Will and she would toast to that.

Mira bit her lip, "I know what you mean about feeling smothered. Life in Italy is like that for me. Massachusetts is a way to get away from it. Although I miss the art in Italy. That's one of a kind. I was able to take painting classes over the summer. It's interesting how art is subjective. Some of the beautiful things in life only few people can appreciate." She would love the chance to paint Will. Even sketch him. She wondered how many shades of blue she'd have to mix to get his eye color right.

Mira wondered what kind of wild and crazy ride Will was talking about. She leaned head so their foreheads were touching and noses meeting. "I'll be waiting for that day Will. I take promises very seriously." That was no lie. Mira was a girl of her word and she held people to the same standards. She leaned forward her lips touching Will's and everyone else seemes to fade away and there was a buzz. She pulled away quickly she felt light-headed from the kiss.

Mira wasn't scared of Will...no she was scared of what Will was making her feel and that was a terrifying notion. He made it hard for her to think straight. She jumped off the table and grabbed Will's hand, "C'mon I'll introduce you to everyone. It would be selfish of me to keep the celebirty all to myself." Every inch of Mira's body was telling her to sit back on the table and kiss Will some more. He probably did want to meet some other people though.

She led him through the crowd towards Gus, Ellie, Zia, River, and James. The crowd that she probably spent the most time with. She gave one of those weird tight smiles that didn't reach her eyes, "Hope you guys aren't having too much fun without me. I found a celebrity wandering in front of the house." She was just teasing Will now.

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James Rook

James didn't expect Norah to be so bold, even if her little taunt was done subtly. With that little shirt tug though he remembered it quite vividly on several occasions the pair had hooked up. The little minx had taunted him. The ladies don't taunt 'The Rook' and get away with it. Ohh… Yes, little Miss Norah was going to get hers and then some.

James's sight didn't linger on her but a half a second. It was in that split second that Jax had approached him. Mentioning something about slowing down, a useless notion because he had been ready for the party. He was gonna go full throttle as long as he could.

What Cassiel had said though about add him into the loop was one of the very few times James had been at a loss for words for more than a second. "You talking crazy Cass. You need to watch for Elvira's fangs though." He played on the rumor that was really a passing joke about Norah having fangs between her thighs. He was hoping that she wasn't too inebriated to the point that she didn't get the hint but be subtle about it.

"About damn time our host shows up. It's been a while." Giving Gus a firm pat on the back when he came down. Looking as if he had started drinking a long time ago. If that was the case he should've had James over so they could've both reached obliteration early. "I got something for you man."

Earlier when James had poured shots he also had poured one for his illustrious host Gus. James had grabbed the mason jar itself as he returned to the small gathering handing over his shot over to Gus. James had bumped his jar with the cup and took a large gulp from the mason jar.

When the added moonshine hit his system it was like notorious oxide was pumping in his veins. Would he do something stupid and reckless? Yea and he was getting to the point that James just flat out didn't give a damn.

"Mira babydoll I'm always having fun." Making another flirtatious remark towards Mira. The flirting between the two was more so a game any more to him.

Exhaling a loud and prolonged belch it was as if he breathed fire at that moment. "Now when I get back I will show you all how a good keg stand is done. But first…" letting out a smaller belch. "I gotta use the can."

"River if you don't get shitfaced, I'm gonna make you." The threat of belligerence was hollow with Zia there. After that James made his way towards the guest bathroom...so to speak.

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SeanJosie seemed a bit monotone the first part of the conversation, at least in Sean's eyes. Almost as if she was about to blow him off and find something or someone more interesting. It wouldn't be the first time that it would happen to and most certainly not the last.

When he saw her smile at his mention of a boyfriend put him in the spotlight so to speak. This was a road he had never been down before. Coupled with her consenting to go find something in the kitchen set his nerves aflame. He wouldn't admit to it or show it knowingly.

'Ah screw it.' He thought, the guy needed courage, so what if it came in liquid form. He grabbed the only thing that didn't look or sound like utter piss. A porter was his drink of choice, just seeing the type of beer it was, and that had been enough for him to grab it.

Cracking open the can and took a multitude of gulps to help ease his nerves. "Ladies first." He motioned for her to lead the way.

"So why are you if I may be so bold to ask?" Bypassing a pair that had been dancing or so it looked like. Access to the fridge was also blocked. 'Well, shit' was his immediate thoughts. A panic set in him that he wasn't ready for but he still oozed an aura of confidence

Reaching his hand towards a bowl of chips trying to debate his next move. "I'm gonna assume all the parties are as 'wild' as this one?"

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Camilla waved as Imani approached her car. She noticed how her friend looked at the bottles of vodka but brushed it off. They were going to a party after all. "Missed you too girl! You look so good!" she greeted warmly. It had been a while. "This party is going to be so much fun!" she declared, driving off. Camilla could tell that Imani was a little nervous about going to this party, it took a lot to convince her to come, so she didn't talk too much through the ride there. She didn't want to say anything that would scare her friend off.
As they pulled up to the party, Camilla smiled. She was more than ready to let loose. She exited the car, taking the vodka bottles with her. Taking note of how Imani clutched on to her, she stepped closer to her friend. "Of course I won't. Just make sure I don't run off once the alcohol hits me," she laughed. Camilla knew she could be a bit much after drinking, she was a very flirty drunk, but she would try her best to stay with Imani.
The pair entered the party and Camilla beelined to the drinks. She poured two drinks and started on one while offering the other to her friend. "Want some?"
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Josie Longstaff
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After listening to Sean’s confession regarding his drunken tendencies, Josie was a little worried to see him reach for the can of porter, gulping it down just as easily as he had with the cola only moments before. Either he had gotten over his hang-ups regarding over-drinking pretty quickly, or streaking was suddenly no longer something that was too taboo for him to consider. Josie prayed to God that it was the former, following the Irishman’s lead by taking in a few more sips of her own drink, though she appeared to be exercising a great deal more moderation than her current companion.

He sure had altered his tune on drinking remarkably fast.

She wondered what had changed.

Since he seemed eager for Josie to take the lead into the kitchen, the blonde did so without much complaint, keeping her drink in hand as she shot one last glance over to the large crowd gathered at the entrance way, a split second of jealousy at their almost obnoxious camaraderie. At least they seemed to be having fun, which was arguably more than she could say for herself, though that only made it sting a little more.

Once inside the kitchen, however, much of the conversations of the outer crowd was muffled, and the atmosphere seemed to be a little more subdued. One the way in, she had spotted Noya, who she knew from Model UN, dancing with the Union treasurer, and she had shot both of them a polite smile, but she hadn’t stuck around long enough to chat.

In here too, were some more familiar faces: Joey from the Union, who was talking with a girl, and one of the other football players, who she was pretty sure was called Lamar, though was certainly not confident enough in that assertion to address him as such. One of those vaguely familiar acquaintances that she sometimes passed in the hallways, though had never really had any real cause to talk to. She gave Joey a gentle wave at least.

‘I’m here to have a good time before term starts, last days of summer and all that: final moments of freedom.’ A little staggered by Sean’s question, Josie was able to come up with an adequately convincing lie easily enough. It would definitely sound a little pathetic if she admitted that she was just here for a few points of imaginary social credit, and she felt that it was a little forward to start explaining the whole chain of exclusions that might have resulted from her absence. It wasn’t even really even a lie, just not the whole truth. Josie wasn’t opposed to having a good time, even if it wasn’t necessarily her primary motivation.

‘What about you? Are you friends with Gus or Zia? It doesn’t seem like you know many of the people here, no offence.’ Josie reached her hand out to grab a few skittles from one of the little bowls that had been lain out on the table, gently popping them into her mouth one by one.

‘Windrift parties are mostly like this.’ Josie snorted a little at the question, an exhale through the nose that didn’t amount to a proper laugh, but was more of a reaction than nothing. ‘Only, they usually involve more costumes and theatrics. This one seems pretty muted in comparison, though. If you look at some of the other themed parties they’ve done, just wearing black is pretty tame.’ She gestured for a second at her own dress for emphasis.

The Windrifts were a flamboyant lot, from what she had gathered over all of her years in Black Mill, and during their freshman year, Josie had been convinced that Gus at least was definitely gay.

She still wasn’t entirely confident that he wasn’t, not that there was anything wrong with that.

‘With other hosts you get a mixed bag. Some good, some bad, though you rarely get as nice a house as this. Windrifts are old money.’ The mixture of sweets and alcohol in her mouth gave Josie a somewhat strange taste, and she let out a little scowl as she rested her bottle down upon the table. ‘I’m surprised you haven’t been to more of these. You don’t seem like the kind of guy to skip out on them. No offence, again.’

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Peace is a lie, There is only Passion

William Eugene Porter

Inside Windrift Manor

The party began to ramp up as Mira told him about her own background with art. The music and noise rising to a level where a conversation like the one he and Mira were having couldn't continue naturally. It was true. Art WAS subjective and only those with a mind attuned to such things could understand them. Will paused for a moment as a memory suddenly came back to him. All of this talk of Italy and art bore a unique resemblance to a conversation he had been made audience to a couple of years back between his father and one of his business associates from Italy. A rather large man who spoke of Italy as Mira did: Smothered.

Will discarded the random thought. Obviously there was no connection. Mira leaned forward and rested her forehead upon his, causing Will's breath to momentarily leave him. He had never met a girl so forward. It was exhilarating. As her lips brushed against his, Will's senses began to betray him. Everything around him faded away and his more primitive and base desires began to rise. A very real moment passed in which Will envisioned himself pinning Mira against the wall and letting things devolve where they may..

But then a thought stopped him. A thought he had just had: He had never met a girl so forward.

Was she playing him? Who was she? Why was Will so easily trusting of her?

As if reading his thoughts, or having a similar thought of her own, Mira abruptly pulled away and hopped off the table. Will took his first breath in what felt like forever and blinked to reset himself. He took the half-empty glass of champagne and downed it in one motion. Mira grasped his hand and ushered him to her group of friends, two of which Will was already familiar with.

Gus had appeared from wherever he had been with his sister beside him whom Will had seen earlier. The other two guys were of a larger build, the outwardly intimidating 'jock' type. Will now wished he had taken another couple hits of LSD as he felt a tinge of social anxiety creeping up. Before he was "DJ" anything Will was a highly introverted social outcast, focused only on his studies and his father's demands. Even after he had achieved fame he wasn't really popular and important so much as he was a valuable resource for popular and important people. Though this was easy to overlook as it was his face and name being publicized. It was behind his mixing station where he became a different person. Where he felt like a god. Without it, he felt out of place.

To his horror, Mira introduced him as "the celebrity". Will winced and audibly cleared his throat. Smiling at the group he tried to do some immediate damage control. "We're all celebrities under this roof I believe. We wouldn't be here otherwise." Will reached over and grabbed another shot of that moonshine, quickly consuming it. He was going to have to get drunk to survive the evening. He looked at Gus and extended his hand, offering a friendly grin. "Gus it's a pleasure. I've heard a lot about you and your family. It's good to know the Californians aren't the only ones who can throw good parties." Will motioned to their surroundings. "Well done." he complimented.

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The thing about teaching someone how to dance, Is that your foot was definitely going to be stepped on. So Noya didn't reach much when he stepped on her foot. In fact, she just chuckled. "It's okay Jax. That always happens." Boys actually really enjoyed teaching people how to dance, even if her repertoire was mostly ballroom dancing, ballet, and Israeli folk dancing. The latter of which she didn't teach others often, but still. Anyway, her shoes would survive getting stepped on. As they continued, Noya let her eyes wander the party a bit, having a great view of the other party-goers thanks to where they were in the room. With her arms resting on his shoulders the way they were, Noya would be able to tell he was slowly relaxing as they danced. That was good. Her eyes shifted back to his though when he spoke.

"I believe we are in the same bus...I don't like parties like this either," She answered, her eyes briefly shifting back to everyone else before once again falling on Jax's face. "Though it is not as bad as it could be...the party could have been in a smaller house." She had to chuckle a bit with that statement, listening to Jax's reply with a nod. "More sleep is always good. Make sure to get some once you're home safe," She said. They had school tomorrow, so that was perhaps the main reason. But Jax was sweet, Noya thought sweet people should take good care of themselves. However, she knew there was something more behind that statement. When he twirled her, Noya let out a soft surprised chuckle, her body a little closer when she was facing him again, arms slipping back up onto his shoulders.

"That was good! You are not as clumsy as you think," She chuckled, her fingers gently playing with the hair near the base of his neck before it dropped down again. If he had been paying attention fo the way her hips had been moving, a slight extra sway to them with each movement of her foot, Jax would be able to tell she was a lot better at dancing than this. Hopefully, that statement was taken as a compliment. But then he mentioned Joey. Her smile fell, and she looked away but her dancing didn't stop. "Joey was my best friend freshman year. But...things happened. Complicated things, and I left for Paris. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone from America, and that...that included him." She explained, her voice a quiet mumble. "He is mad. I don't blame him..." She knew he was mad. If Noya was in his shoes, she would be too. But Jax added something that made her look back up to his face.

"I do wonder that. But sometimes pushing people away is for the best."


who am i? what am i?

Imani Prince
Imani followed Camilla into the large manor, her eyes switching between different bodies as they maneuvered their way through the sea of people. When Camilla offered the drink to Imani an internal war started in her mind, and she was close to denying the drink until she remembered that she needed to try new things. New things that were outside of her comfort zone, so with a small smile Imani cleared her throat and reached for the cup. "Oh yeah, thanks" she spoke, her voice growing smaller as she focused her eyes on the drink. It's not like she hadn't drank alcohol before, but she was most definitely a light weight and she probably drank some cheap drink because it tasted like crap. Before she could talk herself out of the act, Imani downed a sip of whatever Camilla had given her and winced her eyes at the initial burn.

Despite the fact that she was rather reluctant to drink in the first place, the drink had a nice taste to it. A few more sips in and Imani wasn't tense anymore, but instead enjoying the music playing in the background and lightly swaying from side to side. By the time she had finished her first cup her vision was already slightly blurred, and her speaking was slurred as well. Imani was about to put on her puppy eyes and ask Camilla to make her another drink, when she felt the sudden urge to use the restroom. "I gotta use the washroom. Don't wait on me, I'm probably gonna get lost in here" she said, straining her voice so Camilla could hear her over the music.

That was exactly what happened. Imani departed from Camilla without waiting for a response, her head turning in every direction in attempt to find any indication of where the washrooms were. She probably should have been attentive and more aware of her surroundings because she felt her small frame collide with a bigger and stronger one. Opening her eyes, Imani was met with a hand extended to her and she slowly recognized the boy who she had walked right into. Accepting Cassiel's hand, Imani took a quick glance at who he was standing with and inwardly shook her head at her actions."You've been here for less than an hour, and already managed to embarrass yourself" she thought to herself, but sent a sheepish smile towards Cassiel. "My bad, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" she squeaked out, pulling her hand out of his.

Imani sent a smile packaged with a hi to the rest of the group, before continuing her search for the washroom and cursing herself out in her head. After finally finding the washroom and doing her business, Imani came out realizing that she didn't know anyone near her. "Just fucking great" she murmured under her breath, before searching through the sea of people for anyone she could recognize. Her eyes landed on Dayton and she made a beeline towards him, where she found him standing with Jocelyn and Jacob. Pushing through sweaty bodies around her, Imani made her way to Dayton with her nose scrunched in disgust of how many sweaty limbs she'd just touched. "How'd I get here before you when we literally live right beside each other" she said, a smile making its way on her face as she approached him with her arms open for a hug. "Scratch that" she said, a small pout on her face as she recognized the boxes in his hands.

Realizing that she hadn't greeted Jocelyn or Jacob yet, Imani turned to Jacob with a smile still on her face. "Nice to see you" she said to the boy, her smile lightly faltering at his facial expression. She had a feeling he didn't like her, but this party wasn't the time nor place to dwell on who did or didn't like her. Clearing her throat, imani turned to Jocelyn and her smile made it's way back on her face. "Joss, I haven't seen you in awhile. You look good" she said, looking over the girl's outfit. It was when her eyes landed on the boxes that she was holding, that a look of confusion found it's way on her face. "Did I miss a memo? What's with the boxes" she inquired, her eyes looking between the boxes Dayton held and the boxes Jocelyn held.

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“Absolutely anything.”

Dash sat.
Cushioned into a cream coloured outdoor-futon. The air stank of spilt beer, summer and smoke. August’s end. The trees would soon be changing orange. That was a thought that sickened him a little bit. He was one of those kids who loved it - summer. The heat and the days out at the beach...
He’d miss it all.
A lot.
Flume played off of someone’s phone, though it was drowned out by the more boisterous music coming from inside The Windrift’s Buckingham. Dash leant over, extending his hand, and tapped his lit cigarette gently against a glass-crafted ashtray.
He tapped.
He watched the ash crumble off the ciggy’s butt, collecting in a small pile of cindering poison. He then brought the thing back to his lips, taking a moment’s drag. “Just… give me a topic.” He said, after exhaling. A sooty-grey cloud hovered around him and his peers. They were sitting out back under some sort of gazebo type thing, by the pool.
The fucking pool.
“Like what though?” Hannah asked.
Her face was as punchable as ever, even behind ten pounds of drug store makeup. She was one of the poorest girls at Black Mill, but she was still a peer. A somewhat functioning peer. He eyed her as he took another drag of his cig. It flit out from his nostrils, adding to the lingering storm of smoke.
“Oh my fucking God, Hannah.”
He started.
His lungs felt a healthy shade of black. “Just any fucking topic. I’m the leader of the debate team. I can argue anything. So… give me anything.”
His jaw was half slacked.
She was one of the poorest, and one of the dumbest. “Something!” He added. He must’ve looked like an absolute devil right now. Fuming over something so trivial. But… to someone like Dash, triviality was everything. As the girl fumbled over his question more and more, he stood up -
“I’ll be back in five. Think.”
He bent over and jammed the cigarette into the ashtray, putting it out. He then used two fingers to tap against his temple, doing his friend a favour and showing her where to find her mind. He turned around and got lost in a small crowd that had gathered right outside the back sliding doors.

The house was...
Jam packed with people. Dash had been one of the first to arrive, but he quickly set up shop in the backyard - so he missed all these guys getting here. He slapped the back of Andrew, the two exchanging swift hellos. He nodded at Brit, and stopped to talk to Chelsea for a minute.

Trivial stuff.

He found himself in the kitchen.
Without much thought process, he grabbed a red cup. Checked to see if it hadn’t already been drunk from. And then filled it up with fireball and ginger ale. He then brought the drink to his lips, sipping it. The whiskey burned his throat a bit - but that was a feeling her was all so fond of...
He took another sip.
The ginger ale eased it, definitely.
His eyes darted around the kitchen. He recognised most of the people. He smiled at them, but he did not want to talk with any of them. Not right now. He was so… done with people. He even considered not showing up tonight, but a party was a party and he did not want to miss the scandal.
He sipped.
Dash hoped there’d be some scandal.
Something that could occupy the school’s airwaves come Monday.

‘Please, God’.

He clutched his red plastic cup and left the room.

Returning to his seat under the gazebo. The sky had shifted colour, becoming darker. Grimmer. The atmosphere out here was still the same however, thankfully. Except for, well...
“When did you get here, huh?”
Dash asked, sitting back down - but not in his original seat. That seat was taken by another member of the debate team. A total fucking narc. Damien. He took out his phone as he found comfort in the cushions, checking it for any notifications. But, he quickly slipped the thing back into the pocket of his pants. He put his drink on the coffee table ( the one with the ashtray ) and looked at Damien…
Who sat adjacent.
“Can’t remember the last time I saw you outside of school. Kudos to your parents, finally letting you have a bit of freedom or whatever.” Dash smirked. His words were… polite. In one way. Though they were laced with venom. He didn’t really like the guy. He was too good at debating. And debating was Dashiell Winston’s thing.


Dash fixed his black bowtie a bit, and then snaked his hand into his pocket to retrieve a pack of menthol cigarettes. Once he had them in his grasp, he offered them to Hannah and the others. They refused. He then looked at Damien and gave him the same gesture.
“Are you allowed to smoke still… or?”
His smile was tight lipped.
But wide.


Rusty of Shackleford

Eight Thousand Club
Jacob Hughes

After a few minutes of nervous tension, Jacob's internal panicking was violently interrupted by manic excitement. A dark haired girl, around his age, approached him as if he was the second coming of Christ. Jacob immediately tensed up as she assaulted him with words, eventually stopping her as he said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there. How about you talk at a reasonable speed, yeah?" He honestly had no idea why she was even talking to him. Pity? Obligation? Appearances? All of the above? Though it was...odd that she knew his name. He was incredibly new here, after all. He folded his arms on a defensive manner, his stature a bit slouched from how nervous he still was. This was...new to him. Being around so many people so different from himself...plus this girl was really pretty and sociable and he just didn't really know how to talk with her. He just then realized he probably seemed rude, saying, "Oh...right, I'm...well, you already know my name...nice to meet you..." He somehow felt bad not knowing her name, even if this was their first meeting. Like he was supposed to know her going in. He knew he had every right not knowing this girl he'd just met, but his Southern politeness screamed at him for such a transgression.

Just when he was starting to process one stranger, someone else approached the two, this time a dude. He looked like the kind of guy who frequented parties like this. Tall, handsome, probably named Chad. Jacob was praying he just talked to the girl first, only for his attention to turn to the new kid. Jacob laughed nervously, shaking his head as he stuttered, "N-no, I-I'm cool, dude. Thanks anyway, though!" It was through this dudebro he caught the girl's name: Jocelyn. Huh...Jacob guessed she looked like a Jocelyn. He turned to the stranger, saying, "I'm...Jacob. I just got here a few days ago."

Right after that, another person came in, as if all the cool kids were having a meeting. Cool kids...yeah. The new person surprised him, however. Jacob could have sworn Black Mill was one of those schools that technically didn't discriminate based on race, but practically did. But this new girl shattered that expectation, and Jacob was pleasantly surprised. He nodded awkwardly at her greeting, just kind of standing there he suddenly felt way out of place in this conversation. He had no idea who these people were, and they were steadily gathering around him like moths to a flame, and he was honestly getting a bit overwhelmed. He wanted to just walk off and be alone for a bit, but he didn't want to be rude, so he just... so stood there, twiddling his thumbs and fidgeting awkwardly.
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A spark. The lighting of a cigarette, accompanied by the clicking of an empty lighter.

Then finally, a flame.

Great smoke, extending from the pursed lips of a figure. Watching, waiting. From their location, about sixty feet or so from the manor, they could clearly hear the music. The rest of the street had grown dark as the night passed on. People didn't seem to care about the actions of these kids, at their party.

No one wanted to put the responsibility on their shoulders. Day in, day out, abusing their privileges. It started with abuse, and would climb uphill until it reached a climax. Then the great fall.

Oh, how the mighty fall.

If you were from Black Mill, you were guilty. Guilty as a sinner in a church. Guilty as a killer in the witness box. Could there be redemption for these lost souls?

They were paid well to watch the house. To stoke the fires, perhaps literally, and assert the new normal for these students. The Academy had closed the previous year due to asbestos.

But was it really?

The figure continued to puff on their cigarette, gnawing on the end in thought.

How to send a message. Starting a fire was big, bold. It could get out of control quickly, and then it wouldn't be a message. It would be a threat.

It wasn't time to send a threat.

Only a warning.

The figure contemplated for only a moment more before flicking the butt on the ground and stomping it out in the grass. Beginning to walk toward the party, the figure felt in their pocket. If they needed any tools, they were well-equipped.

They had been paid so well.

As the flashing lights within the manor grew more prominent, the figure realized how they would send their message.

Accidents sent the best warnings.

The more tragic, the better.


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His smile was bright, hoping at least that the kid would take up his invitation. He seemed awkward, poor lanky kid, and out of place. How'd he end up at the end of the world anyway?

"N-no, I-I'm cool, dude. Thanks anyway, though!" The kid said, and Dayton shrugged. He figured the kid would change his mind later, probably after having some alcohol (if he wasn't a buzzkill and sipped tonic water instead). He caught the kid, named Jacob, introducing himself to Jocelyn. Dayton kept himself inserted, hoping that he could get Jacob to stick to him. Dayton knew he wasn't as venomous as the other Black Mill kids, and figured Jacob would have a chance.

Hoping that the more rude of characters weren't around, Dayton did another look around the room. Rather, another voice joined the fray. Dayton's head turned, brightening when he saw Imani heading toward the three.

"How'd I get here before you when we literally live right beside each other," Imani asked and Dayton laughed. He rolled his eyes shrugging.

"I walked, an' Dad kept me to lecture about bein' responsible and takin' care-a the sibs. As if they need, or want, my help. Ya know?" He snorted, giving a quick scan to the room at the mere mention of his half-siblings. As to what he expected, they were nowhere in sight. Looking back at Imani, he saw her devastation to the lack of a hug (attributed to the boxes).

"Scratch that," she said but he shook his head and shoved the boxes into his other arm.

"Nuh uh, you ain' gettin' outta hug that fast!" Dayton scooped her with his free arm, leisurely holding the boxes with only one hand. He was strong, and fit, there was no denying it. It wasn't a trick, either, to show off. Dayton enjoyed hugging his friends.

Imani made introductions with Jocelyn and the kid before asking about the boxes. Dayton raised his eyebrows, the quirk of a smile finding his lips. He noticed Jacob twiddling his thumbs, but only bit his cheek before regarding Imani again.

"You didn't hear? Hon, I've been adopted by the Windrifts! Movin' in tonight," he teased with his million watt smile. Shaking his head with a small laugh, he stuck a thumb toward Jocelyn. "Naw, jus' that Blue Eyes looked like she was fixin' to lose her balance. What's in here anyway?"


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From the throng of the crowd came Mira, that was her name right? Sweet girl, something something something... Norah couldn't entirely recall, but she recognized that Mira was very pretty. A stab of jealousy found the blonde, but she swallowed it down with another sip of her drink (newly refreshed, the third cup now). Along with Mira came some kid in a full on bowtie and glasses. What a show, she thought to herself, lips pressed and analyzing the two. She smiled politely, not reaching her eyes, as Mira introduced the friend to her brother and co.

A celebrity, allegedly, though Norah was inclined to think she'd never quite heard of the guy. Maybe if she knew exactly what he did, she'd have a memory.

But, slow was the alcohol induced brain, and suddenly she did recall. Big music scene guy, what was his name. Don Draper? Jon Drapper?

She narrowed her eyes, not to be rude, but trying to recall the name. She tapped her fingers on Cass, who was still latched onto her, in contemplation. He complimented Gus on the place, really stoking the boy's ego, which made Norah roll her eyes.

"Careful there, you may put him into an ego coma. He knows his place is nice, it's a fucking McMansion," Norah said with a small smile. Her words were beginning to slur, properly, but she mostly pretended it wasn't happening. She told herself she wasn't that drunk, god dammit, she'd definitely built a stupid tolerance over the summer.

But she'd lost some weight, and she hadn't really eaten that day...

Grabbing onto Cass, a sudden jolt slipped her out of his grasp. Someone had, no joke, collided with Cas. Clearly not seeing Norah's small frame wrapped in his, she took immediate offense to the collision. The girl, in some neon rave-looking workout gear, apologized to Cass. But not to Norah.

"Watch it, would you? Place is big enough, go trip somewhere else," she sneered in passing, rolling her eyes. The room was stifling, all of a sudden, and Norah pulled at her shirt-neck. Looking at the people all around, she wondered who was missing.

James. Yes, James. He'd gone... out? To the bathroom?

Mere moments ago, seconds even. She tried to be subtle, whirling her head around to find the bulking figure.

And indeed, her gaussian blur of the world managed to track on him. Excusing herself to no one, she slipped through the mingling jocks and the sweaty preps. Disgusted at the amount of elbows that touched her, she figured she was following him closely enough. She stumbled on her heel, however, and cursed as her ankle snapped in pain. Not broken, but the pain was jolting enough to make her gasp audibly.

James had gone to the bathroom, and usually she would have cared not to get in, but now she was hurting. And, well, he was in there. She could stand to be squeezed to death for a quick moment, where no one would miss her (or care to think to where she'd gone to).

Norah banged on the door with her purse hand, managing to shout over the music. It was muffled from the hallway, but still quite loud. "James? James are you... in there? Let me in, I rolled my ankle dammit....It hurts," Norah whined. She contemplated the actions to come in her slow-moving brain, and became rather agitated at the prospect that no one would really miss her.

River had Zia, and although Norah approved, she couldn't stand being out of his attention. Riona was... fuck all, and cared about fuck all as well. Maybe Cass would care, but then again, he owed her nothing. He was just... some person. She was a whining princess, the worst person when drunk, and a sudden wave of anxiety clutched Norah's chest.

She continued to bang, albeit a bit more limply, as she felt warmth bite the back of her eyes. The haze of sadness rolled through her like a heavy breeze, and shook her like a leaf.

Oh, god, she was alone-- wasn't she?


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Lamar Reynolds
Location: Windrift Manor, Kitchen
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Lamar let out a snort of laughter at Joey's comment. Clearly it was an attempt to swat away too much attention, the Noya situation had by no means died down and was still burning him. But Lamar was more than happy to play along.

"Medium? Damn you're getting those extra curricular credits sorted. Not going to lie though I ain't seeing many spirits in here," He pushed a bottle of ketchup along one of the shelves. "Few beers in the back though,"

Clearly the attempted humour worked. As Joey began to open up slowly but surely. Joey was a good friend of his, and Lamar didn't want him spending the whole night moping in the fridge, hell it wasn't what he wanted for his night either. Let Joey get a bit off his chest, then sweep him back to the party, couple of drinks and plenty of distractions would quickly see him through, for the time being anyway. The distraction part however game a hell of a lot quicker than he was expecting.

Lamar and Joey were hardly small, the intense world of high school sports had seen to that, Joey spent all day fighting elbows and flying knees, and Lamar helmeted thugs (looking at you Rook). But with the element of surprise Jasmine broke her way between them to the front and centre of the fridge. The moment of shock on Lamar's face faded as he recognised her. Who else would it have been, becoming front and centre of attention, aside maybe from himself, even if this was turning into a distraction filled off day for him so far. He leant next to the fridge, allowing enough room for Jasmine to finish clambering through, his arms folded and his eyebrow cocked.

"Well looks like you haven't lost your entrance flair Jas. Still using. the bull in a China shop technique,"

He grinned at Joey and gave him a slap on the back.

"Yeah my man here has decided to leave sunny Miami to join us in the grim North," a frown momentarily punctured his features as he turned towards Joey. "You definitely got the rough end of the deal there,"

He stared as Jasmine as Joey introduced himself. It was good to see the year off had done nothing to dent her whirlwind like personality. Lamar felt like he was one of the lucky ones, Jasmine had subj her claws and ripped apart a fair few people, if he had survived this long then she probably liked him, as much as Jasmine ever truly liked anyone. Every school needed that self professed 'bitch' and credit it to her Jasmine revelled in it, made it her own.

"And I have the pleasure of introducing Jasmine Mahalia, self proclaimed Queen of the school. Wouldn't get too close those fangs are sharp, aren't they Jas,"
He flashed her a wink, "I still reckon this is the year you join the Hens and cheer me on, you're just denying part of yourself girl, come join the LR17 movement, could even boost your numbers," Lamar's eyes nearly twinkled with mischief in the low lights of the kitchen. Jasmine was a good laugh, but between the two of them their combined egos probably reached an incredibly unstable size. Part of the reason why their meetings were always fun.
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Gus Windrift
Augustus Windrift.jpg

‘You’re always so feisty, Walshette. This is why I'll never get over you.’ Gus blew the Walsh a mocking kiss, exaggerating his movements greatly. ‘And don’t call me Augustus.’

He hated when people called him Augustus.

Norah knew that very well.

Although he might have wanted to stand his ground, and participate in at least one of the many conversations that were taking place in his own front room, the typhoon-esque current of the raging stream that was the Windrift back-to-school bash was far too strong for him to withstand, and Gus soon found himself unable to stand in one place for too long, orbiting almost a dozen conversations without really having much time to meaningfully contribute to any of them. It was like a whirlwind, and whilst one moment he saw himself face to face with River and Zia, offering greetings, and attempting to catch-up after their prolonged summer absence, the next he found himself turned around without having even been able to hear a world in reply, a combination of the overly loud music (his own fault) and his overly busy party (also on him).

It was a positive, for the most part, the hustle and bustle of the party reminding him of how many people would come over if he called upon them (even if they were only here to scrounge off his father’s supply of expensive liquor), and that gave Gus at least a modicum of confidence, a vital injection of self-worth that was greatly needed after the whole Jasmine fiasco upstairs.

After he’d even surprised himself with his own stupidity.

Even now, Gus couldn’t help but scan the room to see if she was still here, gaze lingering on the kitchen doorway for just a moment, through which he could barely make out the shapeless forms of a few familiar faces having a chat. Fucking Lamar.

Not that he had much time to think about anything too heavy at the moment, his already intoxicated brain crying out to be smothered with just a little bit more booze, a request which Gus was all too willing to heed.

There were no problems that couldn’t be solved with a little bit of binge drinking.

Somewhere along the line, a shot of moonshine had been thrust into his grip, and Gus felt the strong pounding of the Rook’s not-so-gentle fingers upon his back. ‘Cheers to you, my man,’ he muttered, clinking glasses, though after a short blink, he could have sworn that James completely disappeared, fading off into the party like some spectral force.

He was really starting to feel the effects of the Vodka now.

The moonshine didn’t help either.

Hitting him like a bag of bricks just in time for a new figure to emerge.

Gus was only half listening as Mira (or he assumed it was Mira, it was hard to tell with all of the spinning shapes in his peripheral vision) introduced the newest arrival to the party, though even with only half of his senses intact, he still would have been able to make out that oh-so distinctive face.

‘DJ Dapper at my party, as I live and breath.’ His words were slurred, and it was obvious if for no other reason, then due to the dumb smile upon his face that he was quite heavily out of it. ‘Or… I guess you prefer Will. Bring it in dude. Welcome to the party.’

Ignoring (or perhaps completely oblivious to) the hand that had been extended, Gus instead brought the other man into an embrace, pulling him close and offering a gentle pat on the back before pulling away.

‘I’m glad you came to my humble little shindig. I promise, if you stick with us.’ A general gesture to no one in particular. ‘There’s plenty more like this to come. I’d love to sit around and chat sometime…’

But the bells of war were ringing, and once again the tides pulled the Windrift out to sea, turned around this time by a loud chorus of jeers that brought him to exactly the same place he’d been when he started this forced tour: facing off with Norah and Cass.

‘No need to be so harsh, Walshette, I’m sure they didn’t…’ But then the lag in his brain managed to catch up to her little McMansion comment, and he made a faux-scowl. ‘Eh, you know what? Go fuck yourself.’ A gentle laugh.

She walked off after that, arguably the second woman who had offered insult, then turned their back on his tonight, though this one seemed to hurt a lot less, Gus letting the middle Walsh disappear off into the crowd of the party, and turning back to the main group, where Cass was now alone, and hopefully he’d be able to get a few words in edgeways before he got pulled off once more.

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James Rook

The party was going too slow and when James came back he was going to turn it up another notch. Whether it was going to be continuous shots or something else entirely he didn't know but this was gonna be after he obnoxiously showed off his new rippled physique. Going shirtless had been his thing so to speak and tonight wasn't going to be too different.

The thing that did catch his eye before he left was the entrance of Imani and Camillia… He didn't even think about her coming and it had been a sour spot in his gut. His glare towards Cami obvious and his disdain apparent, despite his soft spot for her. Flaring his nostrils once before finally leaving to use the job.

Was James agitated? No, but he was a bit disgruntled. There was nothing a few large gulps of any liquor wouldn't cure. When he got back to the party he was switching gears from drunken debauchery to utter obliteration.

It took him a good minute to find the bathroom. It had been too damn long since he had been here at Gus and Zia's place that James has nearly forgotten where to go.

As he went, the large bulky man had let out a sigh of relief. Pissing away booze to ingest a gargantuan amount more, just for the sake of a good time. As he was about done he heard a very audible yelp of pain and then a voice. Norah… "Ah shit." He muttered. Forcing himself to finish, nearly zipping himself in the process as he quickly went out to see her.

"Told you to watch that shit." His tone of voice was more along the lines of 'I told you so.' His large arms scooped up Norah as if she had been a rag doll. An arm around her back and the other cradled just under her knees. Setting her small frame on the bathroom vanity. His eyes looking down to see her ankle hadn't looked so hot. He didn't know how bad that was just that she needed to be off that leg for now.

"When are you gonna start listening to me." James stared straight at Norah, his eyes looking into hers. His large burly arms holding his torso up.

"Summer doesn't have to end." James's head reaching towards her left, his lips leaving two small marks on her neck. They were his love bites on the Walsh princess adding to the flavor he nipped her ear lobe to just for fun.

"You'll have to settle for pg-13 tonight." He said jokingly but with a hint of a mocking tone. If Norah hadn't hurt her ankle, James would've already had a first full of hair and doing unspeakable things to the girl.

It didn't take long for James's urges to bubble but taking advantage of Norah in her current predicament was far from his style but a drunken James wouldn't see the pain in a few kisses with the french touch. He stopped staring though and lurched forward. Locking his lips on her soft velveteen lips and let the steam build.
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Jaxon Williams

Jax took in Noya's words. So Joey and Noya were best friends and something happened in Noya's life. He didn't know what he had expected her to say. His breath hitched when Noya played with the hair on his neck. God, he couldn't recall the last time anyone was this close to him.

"You're right." Jax had no problem admitting when he was wrong. He was in no place to judge why Noya pushed Joey away. Jax has been guilty of doing the same with other people he knew in his own life. He knew Noya was a better dancer than what she was actually showing off. He had lied to her when he said he was bad at dancing. Well in some sense he was pretty uncoordinated it has been over seven years but his mom used to make him take dancing classes. She loved music and dance. When Jax complained about it she used to laugh and say he would thank her in the future. God did Jax miss her.

He stopped moving for a second, "Sometimes it is for the best but life's a long road and it's longer when you walk it alone." He started moving again following Noya's lead. Jax studied Noya she reminded him of the football players on the field he sometime faced. Her eyes said she was experienced with battle whatever that battle may be. The music was getting louder and the people rowdier than Jax normally liked.

He started to move faster with Noya not reaizing it. They were pretty close now and Jax actually didn't mind it.

Jax stared at Noya, "We don't have to keep dancing if you don't want to." Jax would let Noya decide if she wanted to keep dancing.
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Jax's breath hitched when she touched his hair. Noya was too close for that to go unnoticed, a slight smirk curling at her lips. It was...cute, actually, Noya dared to let her hand move again, once more gently playing with his hair as they danced. She was actually starting fo have fun, relaxing with Jax. The music was not the type you should be dancing to. At least not like this. That didn't stop Noya from enjoying it, relaxing a little more. Jax was sweet if a bit nosy, but Noya actually found that talking about what happened between her and Joey was nice. Her father hadn't listened when she said he wasn't a threat. That he was her friend, she trusted him. All of that was probably ruined by now but...she would talk to him later.

When he stopped to drop his wisdom, she smiled, chuckling softly. "I know. I just don't want him getting hurt again," She explained, easily falling back into the rhythm they had going before he stopped. And he sped them up, a little surprise but a nice one. She would have kept going...but like all alcohol, wine has its affects. So she was the one to stop them this time. "I would love to. But...I have to excuse myself for a few minutes. I'll be right back, I promise." She smiled as she stepped away and turned to weave her way through the crowd and up stairs.

That would prove fruitless though, both bathrooms she found were occupied by other party people. As annoying as it was, this manor was too large not to have another bathroom somewhere. So Noya began looking around, finding a few bedrooms, a parlor, and then a study of some sort. Noya soon found herself on a empty hall, and finally, after a few minutes of searching, she found a bathroom. Nobody needs a description of that, so once she was done and had washed her hands she stepped back out into the hall.

Noya planned on immediately going back to find Jax, but felt her bag buzzing. Coming to a stop by a window, looking out with a sigh as she pulled her phone out, Noya was surprised to see a message from her mother. A soft smile was on her lips, Ambassador Sariya was just checking in, seeing how her might was going. Her thumbs tapped on the screen, Noya trying to find the best words to tell her mother she was at a party. Jax would be fine waiting for a few more minutes right?

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