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hey everyone my name is bixby but my old account was @kosette and im making this thread as a place to store all my old codes and also add my new ones! (:


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Rein Harlow
↳ 5ft 3in

↳ 103 lbs

↳ brown

↳ brown; curly

↳ tops // bottoms // shoes // coats // accessories

face claim
↳ yara shahidi

↳ tba

↳ tba

↳ jealous, clingy, naïve, obsessive perfectionist, unrealistic, exhibitionist

↳ good leader, adventurous, humble, optimistic, generous, honest

↳ tba

↳ tba

how long
↳ tba

why give up
↳ tba

↳ tba

rein harlow // 23 // reiny // female // heterosexual // heteroromantic //
april 3
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face claim
reece king

hair color
dark brown

eye color



distinguishing features
very curly hair, sharp jawline, square jaw

clothing style
jake tends to wear whatever is in stype on the streets. his style gives off very "urban street model" vibes, always looking fashionable and wearing the hottest clothes on the market at the time. this includes lots of designer clothes from names such as champions, adidas, tommy hilfiger, supreme, etc.

jake was always seen by others as a player with the ladies. since he was little, he's been seen by friends as noncommittal when it comes to relationships, but that's what many people find interesting about him - though it has resulted in him never acquiring a long-term girlfriend. rather, he's known for "sleeping around" quite a bit. similarly, he is quite unreliable, forgetful, and seems lost at times. he's not the best listener, being easily distracted by things around him, and not good at making plans and sticking to them. he is often late to events or appointments because of this, causing others to feel as though he is fickle - which is somewhat true. all his life, jake has been indecisive about many, many things. he was never quite sure what he wanted to be or do with his life after he graduated high school, and chose to "just live in the moment" rather than plan ahead. despite being rather intelligent, jake never performed very well in school, having a very different outlook than most other kids. he often arrived to school not having done any homework, yet passed all tests and exams with flying colors. he believed that the school was always stripping him of his freedom and rights, something that he feels very strongly about. at times, jake can appear quite rebellious, often complaining about how school, the government, and society in general takes away basic rights. but, deep down, jake typically gets nervous when put in dangerous situations where he could possibly get in trouble. however, due to his constant concerns about the opinions of others, he continues to perform these dangerous, sometimes illegal, stunts to impress his peers.

despite being quite unreliable, jake is surprisingly very trustworthy. he's also very trusting in other people as well, though he doesn't have much to hide. many people have trusted him with secrets and information throughout his life, none of which he had the urge to tell anyone else. he's the type of friend who will have your back if you absolutely need him for support at the last second. he's not quick to give up on his friends and doesn't easily make enemies unless they hurt someone who he cares about, though he typically tends to believe the best in others and sometimes has trouble seeing the bad sides of an individual. jake never picks fights or gets physical with people, even when intoxicated - he is the opposite of the aggressive type. he tries his best to steer clear of drama or trouble, preferring to spend his time being laid back and relaxed without the worries of others in his way. this is one of the many things that make him a fun person to be around, accompanied by his cheerfulness and witty, goofy sense of humor. he's always quick to make silly or sarcastic jokes, though rarely at the expensive of others and usually on his own name. he's extremely caring about those close to him, being the type of friend who you could call and vent to even if you just got into a huge fight. he doesn't hold grudges unless the case is extreme, and he loves to spend time with lots of people, finding it easy to act like lifelong friends even with a person who he just met.

basketball, hockey, lacrosse, drinking, parties, fashion, modeling, cruises, beaches, pretty girls, dogs, superhero movies, cheese fries, airplanes, photography

tea, cats, fights, cold weather, snow, waking up early, romance movies, broccoli, peppermint, classical music, waiting in lines, snakes

snakes, being arrested, the dark, losing all of his friends, his grandmother dying, losing his job

become a professional model and photographer, take the best care of his grandmother that he can, be married by the time he's 30, party as much as possible, move to los angeles

jake was born on march 29 in westmont, california, a neighborhood in south L.A. known best for being riddled with crime. he was born to angele reeves and jordan kreis, a white mother and a black father, making him mixed. his parents were never married in his life - in fact, they separated before he was six months old. after their separation, angele fled from jake, jordan, and their home and was nowhere to be found for many years. not being able to afford jake on his own, jordan moved their duo into an apartment to live with his mother, alexis reeves. jake grew up having a close bond with his father, who would do anything to support them, working many jobs and doing whatever it took to provide jake with what he needed. however, he had an even closer bond with his grandmother, who he called "gram". gram was home with him every single day before and after school and on weekends while jordan was out working. she taught him how to be kind, respectful, and loving, and how to cook, clean, care for himself, and she even taught him how to play basketball. gram was able to keep jake out of trouble for all of his adolescence, tending to his needs whenever she could and strictly disciplining him where she saw fit. he never felt resentment for her because of her disciplinary measures, and rather only gained more respect for the woman the older he grew.

jordan was around whenever he could be, which wasn't often. jake never questioned the whereabouts of his mother until he turned 12, which is when he finally asked his grandmother what had happened to her. gram told him she was a wonderful woman who had made a big mistake, but he should forgive her and pray for her, wherever she may be. jake took this advice religiously, but was still curious about the woman. after doing some research on social media and eventually the local jail websites, jake discovered, much to his grim, that after his mom had left their family, she had become a prostitute in a nearby neighborhood. she was arrested several times for doing so until eventually she was killed by a client. being so young, jake was not able to process the full extent of this situation, and he withheld his findings from his father and grandmother and continued on.

weeks before his fifteenth birthday, jake and gram realized that jordan hadn't returned to their apartment in several days. frantically, they called, him followed by several nearby hospitals and jails. after several hours of panic they received a call from their local police department, receiving the news that jordan had been killed in a hit-and-run car accident while taxi driving, one of his many jobs. it took months for jake to begin healing from this loss, months during which he became very devoted to the church that his gram attended. it was through the therapeutic services that he finally found peace and closure while dealing with the deaths of both of his parents. he promised himself that for the rest of his life he would be devoted to those he loved the most, especially the woman who he loved more than anyone, his gram.

kai (friends) - "kai? he's cool. we've partied together and gotten into a bit of trouble in the past."



jacob quentin reeves
jake, j, jay
cis male
18 years old

code by @kosette



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quote or something idk

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dalton james

17 (deceased)



if i could i would feel nothing
that's the truth and i don't care


face claim.....froy gutierrez

hair.............. dirty blonde

eyes.............. blue

height........... 6'1"


style...............always wearing his varsity letterman jacket. casual t-shirts or collared button-ups. jeans. converse or vans.


likes.......... sports, especially baseball; parties; dogs; being outdoors; classic rock; beaches; diners, ones with classic burgers, milkshakes, and fries; camping; succeeding/winning; making people laugh; taking walks at night;

dislikes.............. failing, or disappointing anyone; winter weather; laziness; romance movies; alcohol; being away from home for a long time;

hobbies.............. baseball; working out; gambling; listening to music; driving aimlessly; reading;

personality........... dalton is, on the outside, the guy who everybody wants to be. he's one of the most ambitious people you'll ever meet, whether it being with sports, school, tests, or any task handed to him, he becomes obsessed with succeeding. winning or receiving praise gives him extreme highs and makes him feel invincible. but failing or receiving criticism gives him extreme lows - lows that are difficult, seemingly impossible, to get over. however, he is a master at disguising disappointment, and channels his emotions into other things such as sports. to everyone around him, he is one of the kindest people at his school. despite his extremely popular status, dalton is outgoing and is easily friends with anyone he meets, no matter their social status. he is rarely ever angry or frustrated with people, even if they betray or hurt him, making him very forgiving. rather, he blames himself for any conflict with other people, and again falls into one of his "lows".

being quite the social butterfly, dalton sometimes finds himself in the "party scene", but not in the way that one may think. dalton is invited without question to every social event thrown by his peers, and, more often than not, he attends. but dalton does't party to drink - in fact, he dislikes alcohol and drugs that significantly impair his ability to control himself. the reason dalton parties is to socialize and be around others - to feel included. even without alcohol, he is often the life of the party, or the guy who everyone wants to talk to and be around, especially girls. dalton occasionally finds himself flirting with some of the girls who give him attention, but in the grand scheme of things he doesn't prioritize relationships as a major part of his life. most of his time is spent carrying out his ambitions, doing things like studying and working out.


backstory.... // at birth // on july fifth, twins dalton and ivy james were brought into the world in church point, california. their births were quite a shock to the town, as they were conceived through an affair between carter james, the most successful and wealthy business contractor on the city, and anna grimalde, his beautiful secretary. both adults came from extremely wealthy families, anna being an oxford graduate who grew up in the wealthiest region of france, and carter being a los angeles native and harvard graduate. carter was by far one of the most well-known men in the town, as most business owners answered to him when it came to buying and managing land. upon the discovery of anna's pregnancy, the two quickly eloped to uphold both individuals' catholic morals, and anna was quickly promoted to vice president of the company. // childhood // growing up, dalton saw very little of his parents. they traveled often on business, buying and selling land all over the state, so dalton and ivy were frequently left to their own devices. a life like that to most would be lonely, but not for the twins, as they grew up with an indescribable bond and mutual love. their classmates teased them and made jokes that they were "in love" as they could often be seen holding hands, cuddling, or spending all their time together with no one else around. the truth is, they were never romantically interested in each other at all, but their emotional and mental connection was one that no one else seemed to understand. they claimed that they could sense each others emotions if they were in extreme despair, excitement, etc. even from miles away. however, his relationship with his sister didn't completely fill the holes that carter's absence had caused in his life. as dalton got older, he began seeking more and more validation from his father. he pushed himself more and more to succeed at anything he could to get his father's attention, but, more often than not, his attempts fell on deaf ears. on the rare occasion that his father did notice, he was only greeted with disappointment - "dalton, i went to harvard and i'm now the most successful business man you'll ever meet in this city. you can be doing more." // teenage years // during his teen years was when dalton was met with pressure from his mother as well. she was constantly pushing on ivy and dalton that they were wealthy, fortunate, and popular, and they needed to make the most of it and stop spending their time only together - break out of their shells. she hosted many of the parties and events for the school at their house, and even encouraged the twins to throw ragers, supplying them with the alcohol and anything else they might need. the extra push helped dalton break out of his shell, and soon enough he and his sister were the most popular kids in school. before he knew it, dalton was one of the top students, as well as the captain of the baseball team - not to mention having befriended every soul in the school. he hoped that this success would finally grab his dad's attention, but sadly, it didn't. during his junior year, the pressure and responsibilities began to catch up with dalton. he found himself in states of deep depression with all the stress going on in his life. he did his best to hide it from his friends and everyone at school, and ivy was the only one who truly knew about dalton's struggles. as a last resort, dalton turned to pain killers and anti-depressant and anxiety pills, as well as other recreational pills such as adderal. he kept his drug habits a secret, and was able to keep up his status as everybody's friend, who was always happy.

secrets.............. drug abuse, severe depression, family secrets (that can't be revealed yet)


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