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Birthright (homebrew adnd to 3e conversion)

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D&D 3.5


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Dark storm clouds gather over the war-torn lands of Cerilia, The kingdoms of man, elves and dwarfs fight with them selfs and each other why'll the descendants of the dark god gather under the banner of numerous Abominations.

you are one of the lucky descendants of the legendary heroes who fought alongside the gods at the battle of mount Deismaar. a being of great power the task has fallen on you to lead your kingdom thought the coming storm and be the last one standing a true testament to your god and your race

The age of heroes is coming to an end and the age of blood will begin and in the end, only one race will remain standing.

Birthright is a dnd campaign setting in which you take on the role of the divinely-empowered rulers, with emphasis on the politics and large scale warfare. The setting revolves around the concept of bloodlines: divine power gained by heroes and passed to their descendants. Characters with a bloodline create an aura of command known as Regency. Using regency, characters acquire a domain composed of provinces and holdings.
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