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Fantasy [Birth of The Worlds] CS thread



A Lazy Bed Potato
One thing I need to stressed-out here is one of you character has to be a newcomer. Meaning, it would be their first time getting summoned to the central government. They would be the ones going through the novice quasi-world. While this novice quasi-world is ongoing, senior players in Central Government can watch the newcomer that's live broadcasted on the panels. They can note down promising newcomers from this live broadcast and invite them into their team after they passed their trails. This opens up options for you to make a Senior Player as one of your characters. This is only a recommendation. You don't have to make them if you don't one to. But making the newcomer character is mandatory.

Another character you can make is a Designer. Again, this is only a recommendation and you probably won't use this character a lot. Having a Designer just means you can be a GM and plan our next quasi-world. You can decide what kind of world it is, what missions we will get, and what end would the world has. A Designer can watch a live broadcast of players completing missions on their quasi-world. At certain times, they could even lend a helping hand or disturb the course of the game. They're literally the GM of the quasi-world.

And there you have it, my recommendations of how to use up all of your 3 character slots. A newcomer, a senior player, and a designer. Then again, I think it's better to exclude the Designer from the character slots. That would mean you still have one more slot for a new character. Again, this is just a recommendation. You're free to only make one newcomer and a designer or just a newcomer. Up to you.

Keep in mind that, currently, only 3 characters are allowed for each player! You can choose to copy-paste the code below or use your own code. But please include all things listed. You can add more things if you want but don't remove what I have written down. Lastly, please use drawing/anime as a face claim. I think it would make more sense this way since we not only have humans but other races too.

[CENTER][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)][SIZE=7][FONT=book antiqua]Full Name[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[img]Image Link[/img][/CENTER]

[B][U][B A S I C][/U]
[B]Age[/B]: (Remember that time is static in the central government. Your OC can be 276 years old, for example, but appeared to be only 20 since they arrived at the Central government at that age. different races could also have a longer lifespan, thus, making them older than they look.)

[B][U][A P P E A R A N C E][/U]
[B]Skin Color[/B]:
[B]Body Type[/B]:
[B]Clothing Style[/B]:
[B]Extra[/B]: tattoos, scars, etc

[B][U][H I S T O R Y][/U][/B]
(optional, you can choose to hide it)

[B][U][P E R S O N A L I T Y][/U][/B]
(You can choose to write lengthy paragraphs or short descriptions here)
[B]Favorite Thing(s)[/B]:

[B][U][A B I L I T Y][/U]
[B]Talent(s)[/B]: (can be trivial things like having a beautiful voice or a good cook. Or you can put real talents like acting, stealing, picking locks, proficient in daggers or swords, etc.)
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