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spooky ghost sharing snacks
Mmmm sorta digging Teenage Dirtbag, I think I have a character in mind already too !!
That or maybe permission to dance???? But TD really has a tasty vibe to it-


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Hi! So im knew to this but I would love to chat about doing “whats my again?” And see if im a good fit (im also brand new and just did my intro post so im not sure if I can PM yet)


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Hi! So im knew to this but I would love to chat about doing “whats my again?” And see if im a good fit (im also brand new and just did my intro post so im not sure if I can PM yet)
That’s one of my favorites! I’m open to chat, so go ahead and try to shoot me a PM!


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well, since I dropped out of two group rps due to difficulties, I am in searching for 1x1 partners!

-Loves OOC chatter
-Despises fandom rps (most of the time)
-Very little that bothers me
-Will write with any age person
-Mostly MxF
-Not ghost-friendly (please tell me if you need to take a hiatus)

-OOC chatter
-Willing to plot and worldbuild and do their part
-Will communicate
-Can handle dark themes (shh shh, we’re not breaking the rules ever, don’t ask)

Deal breakers:
-unwilling to plot
-twists the narrative to make their character the “main one” 🙄
-controls my characters (either side or main) without permission
-makes frequent grammar errors/doesn’t correct spelling mistakes

Now, onto the plots!

Really wanting to do:
“Sorta Dead”
“Baker Boy”
“Show Yourself”
“Teenage Dirtbag”
“What’s My Age Again?”

Everyone knows Oliver Whimsy. He’s the campus weirdo, always picking up rocks and flowers and random junk he finds. He’s never late to class, always five minutes early, on the dot. He wears a leather jacket over a black sweater and sweatpants, no matter what the weather is like. But these are all superficial things. No one really knows Oliver Whimsy. No one takes the time. That is...until you. (Looking for any, platonic or slow burn)
-:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:-
Welcome to the weird world of being “Sorta Dead”. Maybe you died in your sleep, maybe you got hit by a car, mauled by a bear, etc. Anyway, you’ve miraculously recovered and have been sent back into society. But you’re not completely healthy anymore. You can talk to spirits, the undead, etc., and such. So you’ve gotta cope with this new life. And a mysterious guide who seems a lot more dead than you. (Looking for Female character)

“Hi, I’m River Finley, and I am completely blind. And yes, you’d probably feel worse if I told you I was living in a crappy, one bedroom apartment. And yes, you’d probably feel even worse if I told you I’ve adopted three street children. But don’t feel too bad. I’m housing a flesh consuming monster inside me. Her name is Francis. So yeah, don’t feel too bad. I get by.”
(Platonic. Looking for any)

Vampires are real and accepted in society. Wow, shocker. They’re pretty civilized too. No random bloodless bodies on the streets, no new vampires with no idea how to handle their newfound powers. Just bored receptionists and bellhops sipping on fake blood alternatives that taste terrible. Humans live in harmony with these “domesticated straw-suckers”, until a real vampire comes to town looking for blood. Human blood. (Looking for Female character)

No one wants to be lonely. No one. Except for MC. MC would prefer to live out her days all alone with her cats. She’s a recluse, a nobody, a failed writer. So it is odd that YC, the next door neighbor, ever took an interest in her. MC is shocked and grumpy at first, but, who knows? Maybe they could warm up to each other. (Looking for Male character)

MC is, in simple terms, a baker. But in his mind, he is an entrepreneur. A bringer of joy through food. He works part-time in three different bakeries across the city to pay the bills for his mother. The moment YC walk seems into the shop, he’s head over heels in love with her. But shy city boys don’t really talk to out-of-town girls. (Looking for Female character)

The world as we know it has been torn apart. With the nuclear holocaust of the Third World War, life above ground is impossible. The only survivors have hidden in bunkers all over the world. No one dares to go to the surface for years. But with food and water supplies running out, and people getting sick every day, two brave souls must venture above and find a way to survive. (Looking for Any, platonic)

MC is the future king of a prosperous kingdom. With a missing father and ailing mother, all responsibility for the kingdom is placed on him. The fact that he has to find a bride before he can take the throne is also rather jarring. MC feels weighed down, exhausted. So his advisors make the worst decision possible: they throw together a grand ball. YC receives an invitation, and attends on a whim. (Looking for Female)

MC is blind. Completely, in both eyes, since he was sixteen. He’s scared to face the world, afraid of everything around him. YC is wheelchair-bound/has mobility issues, but unlike MC, is completely unafraid of the world around them. One day they meet, and you know the rest. (Platonic or romantic, looking for any)

MC is the worst. That’s what everyone says. YC is new in town, and that’s what everyone tells her. MC is a terrible person with no friends and no good traits at all. That’s what they all say. But things aren’t as they seem, and dirtbags aren’t always what they seem.

(Your Lie in April based)
MC is a piano player, losing their love for music. They’re struggling to even practice these days, and it’s weighing on them. Until YC waltzes into their life. YC is the complete opposite, a bright light in the dark world MC has been living in. But YC has a secret, and MC has a long way to go. Will they make it? (Looking for any, MxF or platonic)

MC is in a bad car crash, put in a coma for three weeks. When he wakes up, he can’t remembering anything about himself or who he is. So of course as soon as he starts to get better, someone from his past shows up: YC. YC wants to make amends for what they’ve done in the past, but MC doesn’t even know what they’re trying to apologize for. (Looking for any)

MC and YC have been friends since they could remember. They grew up together, formed their ideals and personalities side by side. But since high school has started, something’s changed. MC is withdrawn and more introverted than before. He’s pushing everyone away. YC is oblivious, not noticing the changes in her best friend. She’s distracted, spending time with her significant other rather than doing anything else.

(Draws heavily from “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story”)
MC, suffering from suicidal thoughts and anorexia, checks himself into a psych ward. Here, where he least expected it, he finds people who understand: YC and the other patients. Here, he finds friends. People who are suffering but manage to help him more than his school “friends” ever could. But this can’t last forever. Sooner or later, his stay has to end. (Looking for any, platonic or slow burn)

MC is a celebrity. Everyone knows him. Everyone loves him. What they don’t know is that he has anxiety. Sure, every performer gets stage fright sometimes. Comically-breathe-into-a-paper-bag type things, right? Wrong. Heart-squeezing, crippling anxiety sounds more like it. And with YC entering the business, there’s even more pressure on him. When the two meet at a social gathering, something’s bound to happen. (Looking for any. Platonic or slow burn)

MC and YC have been friends forever. They’re very friendly and affectionate towards each other, and they spend tons of time together. They’re inseparable. But they’re not a couple, no matter what anyone says. They’re best friends, nothing more. And they’re there for each other when their worlds come crashing down. (Looking for any, platonic)

Fandoms I am willing to do (more “*” mean more interested):
-Power Rangers**
-Umbrella Academy***
-Six of Crows*
-Percy Jackson*

Pairings with no plot:
-Childhood friends**
-Vampire x human***
-Vampire x werewolf**
-Shy x outgoing*
-Anti-hero x hero****
-Apocalypse survivors***
-Warrior x mage*
-Guardian angel x human***
-More TBD!

AUs I’m willing to do:
-Genderbent AU*
-Coffee Shop AU*
-Soulmark AU***
-Soulmate Timer AU**
-Zombie Apocalypse AU***
-Everyone Lives, No One Dies AU (for fandoms only)*****
-More TBD!

Characters for the original plots:
View attachment 903347
Name: Oliver “Ollie” Terrence
Age: 17
Gender: Masc (he/him/his but sometimes uses feminine nicknames)
Ollie is an interesting kid to say the least. He’s withdrawn, quiet, and rather shy to most people. But to the few people who have dared to get close to him, he’s different. He tends to ramble about things he’s passionate about, but is very apologetic afterwards. Ollie likes his few friends, but is hesitant to make new ones. He’s slow to trust new people, but hard to shake loose when he knows you’re good. But take care not to hurt him, he doesn’t forgive too easily either.
(RP with me and find out!)
-Drinks 3 cups of coffee every day
-Loves chocolate, but does his best to hide that
-Sleep deprived, always has bags under his eyes
-The nickname was given to him by his mother
-He’s an only child, and he only has his dad
View attachment 915894
Name: Cordelia Rose
Age: 22
Gender: ????? uses she/her Sexuality: Panromantic, asexual
-A bit of a comedian
Physical Ailments:
Mental Ailments:
-Social anxiety
-Has an emotional support cat named Buttercup
-Likes alternative-indie-punk music (ex. Mother Mother, blink-182, My Chemical Romance)
View attachment 916765
Full Name: Benedict Edgar Williams-Taylor
Nickname(s): Ned, Neddy, Ben, Benny, Ed, Edgar
Age: 25
Pronouns: He/him
A Few Things About Ned:

-Unexpected touches are a definite no, he’ll probably freak out and avoid you for awhile if you touch him out of nowhere. (Special exception: it’s okay if he sees you and knows it’s you before you touch him)
-Don’t bring up Selena. Just don’t.
-Selena was an avid partier and a bit of an alcoholic, so he tends to avoid those kinds of people
-Shy unless he’s talking about baking
- Self-conscious about eating, tries not to eat around other people
-Showers frighten him because of how his mom died, tries to avoid them as well
-Frequent and vivid nightmares, requires comfort after them
-Comfort items are a large purple blanket that smells like cinnamon and a stuffed wolf given to him by a friend
Skittish, generally wary of anyone who seems “too nice”. Reluctant to initiate any conversations unless they’re about something culinary-related. Sort of affectionate if you’re close to him, but shoes away from touch most of the time.
(TW: Abusive relationships, child abuse, suicide)

Benedict Williams-Taylor was born to two high school students who had no idea how to raise a kid. So, obviously, his father hit the road, leaving him and his mother alone. His mother quickly became unstable without his father around. She yelled at Ned for everything he did, criticized his grades. But he kept smiling. “Love you too, Mom.”
One day, the last day of second grade, his mother had a particularly bad day. Ned set down his backpack, turned to face his mother, and reeled back from a slap to the face. That was the first time his mother had ever hit him. And that day she didn’t stop. Ned slept on the porch, fearing for his life. But the next morning his mother just said hello, made him breakfast, and let him play outside. The abuse got worse from there. She’d beat him while he cried, mostly just bruises and small scrapes. He never told. He thought it was just something parents did.

Then he turned 14, and his mother killed herself in the shower at 2 am. Ned never recovered. Never stepped into a shower stall again. He searched frantically for something to cling to, and found it:

A girlfriend.

Selena was sweet, kind to him. She understood and never judged him for it. And she was too good for him, he knew. He had to do everything to keep her happy. He tried to cover up the lipstick smudges on his neck, the jackets that went missing, the blood under his collar. She was violent when she decided to be. But the next day she would just smile, wave hi, and skip off to class. He always felt so ashamed. People said he should be happy, but the cavern in his heart only grew.
But at the beginning of junior year, she moved away. He blocked her phone number, cut himself off from all her friends, and turned to baking. He made pies out of sorrow, cakes out of anger, and cookies out of love. Baking became his way of expression, almost never speaking.

Ned went off to college to pursue his love of cooking and baking. He knew he would stay for a long time, forever, and never go back to his hometown. He couldn’t risk going somewhere and seeing her again. So he stayed. He’s 25 now. And it seems like things aren’t changing.
View attachment 916778
Name: Killian Norris Edwards
Nickname(s): Killer (please don’t use this unless you want him to suffer), Pretty Boy (mostly called this by girls at school and bullies)
Age: 21
Pronouns: He/him, but open to suggestions
Killian’s Favorites-
Favorite Food:
Chicken and waffles
Favorite Drink:
Chai latte
Favorite Color:
Baby Blue
(More TBD!)

More plots will come along as my brain wheels begins working!

Feel free to comment your interest!
Has anybody taken the spot of whimsical wonderland yet! It sounds amazing!


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Sorry sorry!
I finished writing up “Bloody Valentine” and added “Moral of The Story”
Have fun!

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