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Futuristic Beyond the walls (open)

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Beautiful Disaster

In the year 2130, the world has fallen into a calamity and what was once a lush planet decayed into a wasteland. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, cornered by monsters called "Incubus". These creatures have slaughtered many and have evolved through the years. The military has destroyed as many as possible coming back stronger and ferocious. An endless battle that seems to have no end and no hope until an A.I. named "Dex" was created for the purpose of creating a barrier within a fallen city. It was a chance to rebuild civilization into what it is now, a haven. As time went on, soldiers began to show symptoms of the flu creating a panic within the militia, they were quarantined and made sure not to infect the city. What scientists found was a remarkable discovery that would shine a glimmer of hope to humanity. The ill ones acquired superpowers. How it happened, no one truly knows yet, but their gift was put to work, granting the city to expand its dominion with the idea of one day vanquishing the Incubus and thus began the era of "Arcanes".

Welcome to the RP!
Arcane, better known as the superheroes of the century, is a popular military branch that serves and protects the people, risks their lives outside of the walls to reclaim what was once humanity's. Just like any other military, they go by ranks and the highest rank are called, "Knights". They're the only rank that holds power and willfully bestow their powers onto their successor. Currently, the top are trio team named Archangels

You'll start off as rookie before obtaining your powers. Don't worry you'll obtain them pretty quickly. You will be split in three and decide your team name. You get to chose your own armor to suit your needs for your power but don't try to stuff it with a bunch of weapons, it would be OP. You'll start with basic armor and work your way up like the anime MHA. No one-liners, be respectful. If you have any questions let me know. I have a lot more details and lore than I added in the summary. You are allowed to make 2 characters only and the trio team will have a squad leader and a medic which you can also be a medic as skill or rank. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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No lights please
Sounds interesting...do we get to choose our own powers or do you pick them for us?


Beautiful Disaster
Count me in then. I’ve been itching to Make a home for my Hero Blue and mostly I’ve been finding metahuman academy rps...this seems far more fitting for him.
Hahaha yeah I have been trying to find a superhero rp but they either started or not my cup of tea. I'll be happy to have them part of the crew


No lights please
Questions!!! I have them.

so I know you say we cannot jam our suits full of weaponry but is one or two weapons okay?

what kinda stuff does basic armor entail?

are we allowed preestablished relationships? Like friends and or family.

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