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Fandom Beyond Infinite Crisis: OOC



He Has The World In His Head
All of them as one with Ajna.... Feels dangerous, I like it. Though, there IS the question of the soon-to-be DLC cast, and the guests for the game....

Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate
Also, do I keep out of spoiler stuff? Both in RP AND CS?
That's largely on a case-by-case basis. Use this exact format below to obscure spoilers on your CS:

(spoiler]Content goes here[/spoiler)

I left out the opening [ and ending bracket ] so that the code wouldn't activate. Here's what it looks like in action:
Bruce Wayne is Batman

As for the rp itself, it's often inevitable that some things are spoiled. Tell the reader as much as you think might be needed to know to make your character feel fleshed out.


He Has The World In His Head
Ok. Fair warning, I will periodically add to the CS, but for the Incarnations, I'll either do a basic descrip of who they are and what they do, or do a page on them specifically. Sound good?


*Throws scissors*
It's been months since I've even discovered this thread and signed up XD

I completley forgot my charcater... so maybe I'll try to put in some Miraculous Ladybug material in the rp. depends on how much time I have.

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