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  • Starco.png

    Marco turned his attention to Cynthia, who seemed to have misunderstood Hekapoo's instructions.

    "Cynthia!" Marco called for the future princess' attention. "She means blow out the fire that's over their heads! That's how you stop them!"

    Ben Reilly shot Marco with a confused look before muttering to himself, "It can't be that easy..."

    Star, however, was blasting the clone swarm with her wand's magic. "Narwhal Blast!" the young princess screamed as her wand fired magical narwhal constructs to knock the Heka-Carnages away from the remaining villagers. Star sighed as she wiped the sweat from her brow only to be mortified at what she saw.

    "Marco!" Star cried out as the Heka-Carnage swarm around Marco.

    "Don't worry, Star!" Marco entered his karate stance. "I got this..."

    The Heka-Carnage swarm lashed out at Marco, who quickly jumped out of the way and snuffed out the fire from one of them which caused the horrific thing to disintegrate.

    "Oh wow... You really do got this, Marco!" Star cheered on her dear friend as he used his skills he gained from the neverzone to dodge the symbiote clones' attacks.

    "So, it is that easy..." Ben Reilly chuckled to himself before looking at his web-shooters. "Now I really wish Pete was here..."

    "Patient ASM-01-0361 has broken out of his cell," the security announcement blared out. "Maximum Shutdown initiated."

    Squads of Security Personnel stormed into the courtyard where Carnage had butchered his fellow inmates and Ravencroft staff with little regard.

    Carnage looked over his shoulder and cackled at the sight of Ravencroft's security force, "It's about time you guys showed up! I was getting bored!"

    The security guards replied by firing their sonic guns at Carnage.

    "You got to be kidding me," the security guard was horrified to discover that the sonic blasts had little effect on the psychopathic symbiote.

    Carnage's tendrils quickly pierced through the guards' armor and tore them apart. However one guard managed to slip away and ran through the bloodied corridors of Ravencroft in search of sanctuary, with Carnage's maddening laughter echoing throughout the asylum. Soon the guard came to the end of the hallway, to see that the doors were bolted shut.

    With the thought of escape nothing more but a faded memory, the guard mustered up the courage to turn around and face Carnage by himself... The last thing he saw was a red blade going straight into his eye.

    "Cletus... I am very pleased to see that you are whole once more," a voice said that brought a momentary pause to Carnage's slaughter.

    "What the hell are you doing here, shorty!?" Carnage glared at the source of the voice, the Darkhold Dwarf.

    "I thought we already had this talk before this Battleworld nonsense, Cletus," the Darkhold Dwarf shook his head in disappointment. "I am here to simply remind you, Cletus..."

    "What!?" Carnage roared at the Dwarf, whom chuckled in response.

    "While the very fabric of creation has been meddled with, your destiny remains all the same, Cletus..." the wretched agent of Cathon grinned before disappearing in the shadows he came from.

    "I get it now, man..." Carnage stood there as a malicious grin formed on his horrid face. "I gotta paint the whole $#@%& town red!"

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  • Today, and the last one hour in particular, were perhaps the most confusing hours of Shirou Emiya's life. He'd went from Metropolis to Gotham City in a magical mansion, then from Gotham City to... wherever this was. His first thought was that they'd entered a Reality Marble, but this felt... distinctly different to that. It was undoubtedly a space severed from the outside world in some way. Shirou could feel the ancient power spreading within the air, and almost tasting his soul as he smelled it extending in turn.

    Shirou found himself staring, his eyes drawn towards a book titled in some alien language, in wedge-like writing mixed with hieroglyphics. Egyptian or Mesopotamian. This place was antediluvian. Tohsaka would have probably killed to have an artifact like that.

    Shirou peered at Doctor Fate with an uneasy look. "I don't get it. You're clearly stronger than the three of us," the boy said, "Or at least, I could understand trying to get Saber's help... But me and Tohsaka are just magi. I don't understand why it's necessary, but even so, I'd like to help you in this."

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  • City of Despair.png


    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    Speed Demon ran at the two huntsmen at full speed only to collide with Overdrive's segway, which caused the pair to miss their targets and crash into a wall.

    Shocker recovered from the blow delivered by Spider-Man only to be witness to the embarrassing defeat of his fellow Superior Six™.

    "You guys are useless," Shocker shook his head at the sorry sight of his teammates.

    "Sure they are, Herman, but what could you do?" Spider-Man zipped to the wall above the fallen villains and webbed them up as he spoke to Shocker.

    "This!" Shocker roared as he fired a powerful shockwave at the Webslinger.
    Spider-Man vs Shocker.jpg

    Spider-Man quickly swung out of harm's way as the shockwave blasted apart the building behind the masked hero. Shocker fired another shockwave at Spidey only for the wallcrawler to fire his webbing directly at the villain's face to obscure his vision. Shocker paused from his assault and attempted to rip the webbing off of his face.

    Spider-Man landed between the two huntsmen and pulled them closer to him in a huddle, "Alright, gang... Here's the game plan... I'll keep Herman busy while you two go in and hit him over the head... with a preferably blunt object..." Spider-Man turned his head to the blonde huntsman, "Which means you go all Captain America on Herman's butt, okay?"

    Spidey led the charge just as Shocker tore the webbing off of his face.

    "You're gonna pay for that you --" Shocker was suddenly silenced by another shot of webbing to his face.

    "Sorry, what was that, Herman? I couldn't quite catch that," Spider-Man swung around Shocker to buy the two huntsmen more time.
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  • --The Unlikely Crossover--
    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts
    "Wait, what?!" Jaune gasped in shock as the woman he thought to be the hostage of the villains was revealed to be another villain! What a twist! The Huntsmen didn't really see that coming with the whole civilian aesthetic with the pink schoolgirl uniform she has. It's like these villains aren't even trying to hide their own identities! Well, except for the masked ones, they had common sense.

    "That's..." Ren gulped, gripping his pistols as metallic tendrils emerged from the girl's backpack, gloved like hands. It seems..."Awfully familiar."

    "Oh boy." Jaune gulped, raising his shield in order to brace himself for the incoming assault. The girl got them real good, one might say. Which means they have to deal with whatever's tossed at them, and unfortunately that meant the speedsters; Speed Demon and Sunlight Yellow Overdrive. The former didn't even give him time to breath as he struck Ren, taunting him which would usually allow him to retaliate, but wouldn't you know it, Speedsters are a pain in the ass. Ren turned around, focusing on the sound of the speedster to know where he's going to strike next.

    Jaune prepared to block the segway riding Villain, raising his shield in order to push him back. This would prompt the two Huntsmen to be right on each others' back--a defensive manuever and the literal definition of 'Ay yo man, I gotchu back!'. Just as they were ready to counter the speedy fucks, a miraculous accident happened, prompting Overdrive to crash in Speed Demon, which led them both to crash onto a nearby wall.

    Welp. That was easy.

    Their guard was lowered in sheer shock. They were soon approached by Spider-Man, who came up with a plan to stop Shocker. Spidey will provide distraction while Jaune goes around him and bash him with his shield like Captain America, as the spider-themed Super Hero put it.

    "Alright!" Jaune nodded, as Spider-Man turning to Ren. "Let's pincer them, Ren!"

    "Roger that." Ren nodded at Jaune, as the two Huntsmen began to circle around Shocker, who was being distracted by Spider-Man. It didn't take them long until the two entered Shocker's blind spots, and then...Then, the magic happened. Jaune sighed, taking a deep breath before charging at Shocker with his shield up, bashing him straight up. This would most likely cause Shocker to stagger and/or be flung towards the side, which Ren comes in and performs a striking palm, charged with Aura which would increase its force twofold.

    --Kamen Rider Build--
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    "Pursuing them is risky. Don't bother. But if you've managed to stop one from running away, we could turn them in for the Avengers later." Sento instructed as he advanced towards the Alchemist, he took note of his small banter--complimenting his belt and how he's going to turn it into wood. So it's not just limited to just gold then? Perhaps it would be better to set up quick decoys while attempting to find out what exactly his 'alchemy gun' could do. In response to this thought, Sento took out two bottles and prepared to switch forms. However, as he was about to take out the current bottles in his driver, it appears that he was countered by the Wizard who had activated a disc which caused him to float in the air, disorienting him Sento as he let go of the two bottles, which also floated in the air along with him as he was flung upwards.

    Wait, 'float'?

    Well, that's already a big hint, now ainnit?

    "Anti-Gravity, huh..." Sento hummed, grabbing a hold of his bottles and swapped one of them with another one; a perfect form for a situation just like this! Swiftly, he removed the Rabbit and Tank Fullbottle and replaced with another pair.


    It's not a best match, but it's certainly the most logical ways he could go about the situation right now. Sento cranked the level of his driver one time, resulting in two splotches of energy to take the shape of armor halves colored in the respective full bottle colors; one purple and the other light blue. It collided into Build, resulting in a change of forms, now bearing a purple and blue color scheme with a rocket on his left arm, which he pointed towards the Wizard. The thrusters on Sento's shoulder coupled with the rocket pointed at the purple suit wearing techno Wizard. He swiftly circled around Wizard before kicking him on the back, flinging him towards the incoming royalty's attack--speaking of which, he's glad the kid went away from the battle. Things will be kinda hectic considering the Avengers are involved.

    After quickly glancing at Wizard's back and the royalty, Sento took in the sight of what appeared to be a big brained gargoyle with scales instead of stone. It sort of reminded him of a Dragon...Now what does that tell him? Well, for now, he has to take care of one of the villains before worrying about the other. With that in mind, he shot off towards the Alchemist, a clear pipe emerging from the belt and manifesting into a comic-like sword which he held behind his back. It's clear that he's making himself to be a big target for the Alchemist. But why though?

    --Nuts and Dolts--
    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

    "Roger tha--!" Penny nodded, affirming to Sento's orders when all of a sudden, a motorcycle without anyone riding it came out of nowhere and rammed her, flinging her away from Ruby who was still pinning the previous one she caught.

    "Penny!" Ruby turned to where her friend was flung away before spotting a familiar purple predator in front of her--It was one of the villains that attacked Beacon during the Fall. "You...!" She gulped, fully unfolding Crescent Rose as she prepared to fight back. This man's dangerous. Ruby knew that, especially with how Yang described him to be. As the predator glomped angrily at Ruby with his claws, she swung her scythe, attempting to subdue him with the blunt side of her scythe by knocking him out.
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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
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    Famous Pierre stood there in confusion over the Squids' theory, "Why would Tucker need to dress as a Mall Santa? Surly, the disguise would only work in a mall." Pierre's eye widen as he got an epiphany, "Perhaps revenge has consumed Tucker and he has truly lost his mind!"

    <"Then we must go after him before he tears the whole city apart in his revenge-fueled haze!"> McKenzie screamed with panic in his voice as he herded the group into the Limo.

    "Quick! We must stop Tucker!" Pierre ordered McKenzie. "To MCPD!"

    <"Indeed!"> McKenzie nodded and floored the limo's gas pedal as they made their way to MCPD in hopes of snapping the Aussie out of his revenge haze.
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    The table explodes into wooden shrapnel as the edge collides with Grundy's temple like a pendulum, connecting with explosive force. He falters back a few steps, somewhat rattled. It was a blow that could've torn the head off of an ordinary crook, but Grundy was nothing if not abnormal.
    " Christened on Tuesday, married on Wednesday... "

    The undead juggernaut snarled out another verse of the rhyme, lurching forward with a startling burst of speed. He lifted Robo high over his head with both hands, almost effortlessly, before hurling him like a metallic boulder at the two newcomers, Lu & Ciel. He shambled forward, stench of death following with him.

    Superman was still locked in combat with Shade. Sharpened stakes of solidified darkness burst from both the floor and ceiling of the Iceberg Lounge like jagged teeth, while Superman flew skillfully between them.
    "It's useless to resist, Superman. One good hit and you're as good as dead!
    Not even The Flash can fully evade my sorcery! You're outclassed
    I've fought faster foes than you, boy!"

    Gaining some distance from the sorcerer, Clark raked across the lounge with two twin beams of heat vision, the brilliant crimson light melting away the constructs of darkness like shots from a flare-gun. Shade's offense and defense momentarily disabled, Superman closed the gap in a super-sonic instant, and delivered a punch to his jaw that sent him sprawling through the drywall.
    "And believe you me, I've fought smarter."
    Batman, meanwhile, had swiftly managed to thin the herd of goons surrounding him almost entirely. Out of what could have been as many as four dozen criminals initially surrounding Batman, less than a handful remained standing. Those that hadn't fled all lay in a pool of teeth and spittle surrounding him, either unconscious, or nursing a litany of fractures and bruises as they curled up on the cold floor of the Iceberg Lounge. With a Jiu Jitsu arm drag transitioned into a Judo throw, Batman launched one of the few remaining combatants over his shoulder into the other three, taking out the remainder of Penguin's thugs in a single maneuver, while also dislocating the thrown henchman's arm in three different places.

    Batman stopped to catch his breath, breathing ragged. This was what he did.
    He pushed his limits.
    Bruce surveyed the scene around him just in time to watch Clark send Shade through a wall, and to watch Grundy throw Robo at Lu & Ciel. Bruce was confident Clark could handle Shade. He couldn't say the same of these newcomers. While it was clear they weren't civilians, it wasn't clear that they weren't amateurs. Grundy may have been slow and stupid, but he was still deadly. A tired Batman sprang into action, charging once more into the breach.
    A line of batarangs embedded themselves into Grundy's back, before individually exploding with the force of a grenade. As the smoke cleared, it was immediately apparent that the volley of explosives had done little more than provoke the titanic zombie. But now, Batman had the creature's attention. The behemoth turned slowly, sizing his adversary up.

    "Grah.... Grundy not afraid of Bat!"

    Bruce readied himself for the monster to charge.
    " Grundy not that
    bright. "

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  • Combat had always been a part of Gerome's life. For as long as he could remember, he had always been living by the edge of a knife, unsure whether or not he would live to see a good night's sleep, or find himself run through by an enemy. It was no different here.

    Except it wasn't. It was completely different. One look at Cynthia and how she felt to see him was all Gerome needed to realize that the feeling was the exact same for him. And yet, like she said, and as the situation demanded, there wasn't time for that now. Hopefully, some day, there would be.

    For now, Gerome solemnly nodded, and allowed a smile to escape his lips, only for Cynthia to see, as he reasserted his stance atop Minerva. "Of course."

    He sharply tugged at the reins, bringing Minerva around towards the Hekapoo... symbiotes. The mere thought of such a thing chilled Gerome to the bone, though not enough to stay his hand for what needed to be done. While the "prime" had escaped to God knows where, what remained of his presence here needed to be stamped out. The wyvern rider surged into the sky for a moment before swerving around in a hard turn, heading straight for the swarm of Hekapoos. He swung his axe in a wide arc, though his reach was restrained. The weapon came short of the monsters, though close enough that the momentum of the swing would be strong enough to blow out each of their candles, considering that they were still occupied with Marco.

    Or so he hoped.

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Venom by night

Magic Eight Ball


It's starting too get very cloudy, and chilly...great. Hmmm looks like there's some sort of tavern over there, I better hurry inside I can hear a strom coming. I rush over to the stone building and manage to get inside before it starts to rain. The place is nice and warm but there doesn't seem to be alot of people here just three people in the corner, two near the entrance, and a raptor woman who appears to be the bar tender.


"A man by day and a werewolf by night."

"HO HO A FUNNY ONE! so what I what can I get for yah wolfguy? "

"Anything that can quench the thirst realy."

"And some clothes by looks of it...hmm how bout I get yah some apple cider, and some rags some old patrons left behind, soud good?"

" Yeah thanks."

The bartender pours me a drink, and walks to a bin nearby and brings me an old dusty shirt, and an old dusty coat to go with it. I then chug down the cider and put on the rags. Not realy knowing what to do I decide to make some small talk.

"Uuh excuse me ma'am but have you ever heard of the Darkhold or Red slayer prophecy? "


" Alright thank you, how much for the uh-"


I thank the bartender and walk towards the three figures in the corner, and I recognize them instanly. A goat headed man eating grass off a bowl, a cloaked figure staring at his coffee, and a flaming woman with snake hands struggling to to hold her iced tea. Goat Child, Cowled One, And Burning Snake...

"Greetings Jack Russel."
"Hello Jack Russel.
"Hi Jack Russel."

...The Three Who Were All, here in physical form, sitting...in a tavern.

"What brings you guys here? And like this!?"

"The Darkhold"
"Strong Magic"
"The Red Slayer "

"We've come to help you Jack."
"We know you can feel the book, but your still aimless."
"So we've decided to nudge you in the right direction!"

"This land known as Mewni now has two very powerful objects in it."
"That Evil book."
"And an AMAZING wand! "

"These objects are like beacons of power."

"We can take you to one of them. "
"Well not exacty TO one of em, but close enough. "

"Hmmmmm alright then, i'd like to find the Darkhold, but I got this feeling that he might already have it so the wand is my best bet right now. So how is this gonna work?"

"like so."
"like this."
"Check this out."

All three of em raise thier arms and blast open a blue swirly lookin portal right behind me.

"All I have to do is jump in or what? "

"Yes, are you prepared Jack Russel? "
"Are you Ready Jack Russel? "
"You got the balls for it Jack Ru- GAH MY TEA! "

"I'm not sure but here goes nothing !"

I thank the bartender, and the trio and then I jump in hoping for the best someone like me can hope for.

"Don't poke your head out the edge of the vortex or you'll go insane! "


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  • Birdsie Birdsie Verite Verite Bixir Bixir

    Illya would feel herself feel alot less brave than she was normally. The image on the page was horrifying... No, that's too light. It felt more like she had her heart ripped out and eyes gouged out, while there was nothing she could do to stop it.

    Illya felt a sense of Deja Vu when she felt the former feeling. She would then shaking her head to bring herself back to reality, before looking at Dr Fate.

    "Just how dangerous is this magic he possesses?"

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  • The_Simpsons_Logo.png
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    "That's the spirit, kiddo!" Yang chuckled as she ruffled up Kanna's hair.

    Suddenly a convention organizer walked out of the booth with an announcement to make, "Sorry for the wait, fellas."

    The organizer's sudden appearance made the crowd of heroes and villains cheer.

    "There was a mix up with the scheduling," the organizer informed the crowd which deflated the upbeat atmosphere. "Mark Hamill is over at the auditorium." The organizer directed the crowd's attentions to a much larger room.

    "Oh, it seems it's going to be a live Q&A and then the Meet and Greet," Lisa noted as she and the rest of the crowd moved on to the much roomier auditorium.

  • Add blinked silently as Callie answered what she must have thought was his questions while leaving his actual question unanswered. He found himself wondering if these two were children or just looked like it. The smaller one (Pearl) clearly looked and acted like a child from what little he had seen of her thus far, although Callie could easily be in her early to mid teens based off of her appearance. Then again Add looked far younger than he actually was so judging them off of appearance alone would be folly. He might scan them later to get more detailed information, but for now a response and more direct approach was necessary. "Yes, and I'm Add, but what are you? Humans don't have fanged teeth or tentacles for hair, nor are their physical builds so thing with giant heads that seem to defy physics."

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    "How many more times are we going to move me around, aimlessly?!? Have I just become Mr. Brief Cameo Man all of a sudden obnoxiously barging in on crap? Ah, I've done worse... Well, time to annoy another arc!"

    Deadpool, now found himself on an anonymous contract to help put a stop to whatever A.I.M planned to do in Towa City, which in turn, due to some info gained, lead him to the Stark-Towa Research Facility. Which appeared to be where A.I.M was planning their dastardly next move.

    And due to some impatience on his part, Deadpool was about to barge his way into the facility. Not realizing what was going on inside the facility, Deadpool crashed his way in through a window, making it a point to be as loud as possible, yelling out.

    "HO-HO-HO! Here comes Deady Claus right down Deady Claus lane!"

    Pistols unholstered prepared to go gung-ho on what he was expecting to be a group of A.I.M goons, but all he was met with was a deafening silence, that and corpses lying around him.

    "Uhhhh, did someone start the party without me...? Or was I so strong and fast I already killed everyone? Jesus, menstrual rage is the wooorst..." The insane merc with a mouth quipped.

    Upon further inspection he realized the bodies were that of security guards and not of his targets, that and on top of that it seemed as though the place hadn't been broken into, that is until Deadpool showed up.

    "Looks like I'm not alone though, but #%&$ I wasted the good one liner there... Well, it's not like anyone heard me, I could always just say it again, and it'll sound original..." Not noticing Raiden's presence in the room or... if there was, whoever or whatever else was in this facility with them that caused the dead bodies.

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  • Star and Marco.png

    Minerva's mighty wings blew a gust a wind that snuffed out the ethereal flames of the Heka-Carnage clones and caused the wretched abominations to vanish without a trace.

    Marco opened his eyes and surveyed his surroundings before giving the masked Wyvern Rider a thumbs up.

    "I think that's all of them!" Star cheered with the crisis seemingly averted.

    "Yeah but there's still one big problem, Star..." Hekapoo crossed her arms as she walked up to the young princess. "The Red Slayer's still out there."

    The news brought Star's peppy enthusiasm crashing back down to earth and perked up the ears of the Carnage Symbiote's former host, Ben Reilly.

    "Oh God... This is bad..." Ben froze from the shock of the news before rushing towards Star and Hekapoo. "We need to go to Ravencroft!"

    "Okay, but first just tell me, who are you?" Star glared at Ben. "You're not some shape-shifting alien, right?"

    "What? No! I'm Spider-Man," the Spider-Themed Hero answered bluntly.

    "Yeah, so's him!" Star gestured to the Spider-Man of 2099 while keeping her eyes locked on the former Carnage host. "Just tell me exactly who are you and why we should trust you after all what happened!"

    "You mean besides the fact that I was possessed by an evil alien symbiote? Okay... I know the drill," Ben took a deep breath, "Brace yourselves, guys... Let's start at the beginning... one last time..."

    My name is Ben Reilly... I was cloned from the radioactive blood of Peter Parker by the Jackal and for a time I was New York's... Other Spider-Man then I became their one and only Scarlet Spider and then I died... trying to save the life of my genetic template from the Green Goblin.

    Then somehow, the Jackal made friends with Armin Zola and managed to resurrect me, his perfect creation. Then just as I was brought back... I died again. Brought back from the dead and then killed... Again and again and again. They tried to break my spirit and make me go insane but I was stronger... I managed escape their lab and found my way back home and back to Pete. I told him what's the Jackal's new scheme this time and we managed to stop him and Zola before their "Secret Empire" had any legs to go.

    Then after that, Battleworld happened and well... I decided it was a good time to have a fresh start in life. I moved over to this new city on the west coast of Animerica, Mistral, I think it was... And I was their one and only Spider-Man and well you guys could figure out the rest.

    "Do you believe me now?" Ben Reilly threw up his arms.

    "Yeah," Star nodded as she took in the Spider-Man's rather odd story. "It sounds way too weird to be something a shapeshifting alien would come up with... And probably can't get any weirder than that."

    "It can get weirder!" a new voice entered the scene which caused Hekapoo to groan out of annoyance.

    "Not him..." Hekapoo grumbled as she rubbed her forehead.

    "Uh who's him?" Star scratched her head before noticing a cartoon pig dressed in a similar spider-themed costume. Star gasped at the sight of the cartoon animal before running towards him and muttering to herself, "So cute!"

    The cartoon pig offered his oddly wet hand to Star.

    "Uh, why's your hand wet?" Star asked Spider-Ham.
    "I just washed my hands when we got here... That's why they're so wet... No other reason," the cartoon pig explained.

    Star excitedly shook hands with the pig much to the disgust of Hekapoo.

    "Wait, did you just say we?" Ben Reilly quickly took notice of the pig's words.

    "What, you think I'd come alone with Carnage running around?" the pig chuckled at the thought. "We totems gotta stick together!"

    And as if on cue a hooded spider-woman leaped into the scene.

    Gwen Stacy spider-woman.jpg

    "Hey, everyone..."

    "She's so cool..." Star muttered as she stared at the Spider-Woman in awe.

    Ben turned his gaze over to Miguel and Peni, "Looks like it's a big Spider-Army reunion... huh?"

    "So, uh where's Carnage?" the funny animal looked around his surroundings for the vile villain.

    "Gone after his suit took me over and used my portals to get to the actual Red Slayer..." Hekapoo glared at Spider-Ham. "It wouldn't have happened if you actually showed up on time!"

    "Well, we ran into some problems on the trip over here from Askrland..." Spider-Ham sheepishly answered.

    "And who's she?" Hekapoo pointed at the hooded Spider-Woman.

    Spider-Ham's lips curled into a grin as he nudged the mysterious woman, "Come on, kid... Introduce yourself!"

    "I'm not doing it again..." the mysterious woman crossed her arms and shook her head.

    "Aw, come on, kid... I love this bit," Spider-Ham clasped his hands and went down on his knees to beg.

    "Why don't you do it first?" the hooded woman argued back.

    "Well, H-Poo and I are well antiquated..." Spider-Ham smirked to himself, knowing what he just said.

    "Don't call me H-Poo!" Hekapoo shouted at the cartoon pig.

    "See!" Spider-Ham exclaimed.

    "Fine..." the Spider-Woman sighed in defeat.

    Star jumped up and down excitedly and pulled Marco to her side, "She's gonna tell us her story!"

    "Let's start at the beginning one last time..."

    Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider 1.jpg

    My name is Gwen Stacy. I was bitten by a radioactive spider and for the last two years I was my dimension's one and only Spider-Woman. Spider-Ham can fill in some of the gaps if you guys are curious.

    Long story short: I started to lose my powers. I couldn't protect the city anymore... That was until my dimension's Reed Richards found a strange alien entity that managed to sneak itself on board a space shuttle. The alien got loose and got on my clothes... And boom! My powers came back but someone else was being Spider-Woman when I was out of action. So, I'm Spider-Woman no more. Now... I'm your one and only Ghost-Spider.

    "Happy?" Ghost-Spider glared at Spider-Ham.

    Unphased by Ghost-Spider's anger the cartoon pig happily answered, "Yes!"

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    As the huntress swung her weapon at the Prowler, the Maggia enforcer leaped over the weapon and kicked the young huntress in her face and knocked her almost off of the roof.

    "You got guts, kid!" Prowler popped out his claws as he prepared for the finishing blow. "Too bad you're not good enough..."

    But before he could strike the huntress, the Prowler's claws were encased in webbing.
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    "That's enough!" Miles shouted as he swung in between the young huntress and Prowler. "Your fight's with me!"

    "The Spider-Brat..." Prowler scowled at the young hero before breaking free of the webbing. "You don't know who you're messing with!"

    "Oh believe me... I wish I didn't," Miles ducked out of the way as the Prowler lunged at him.

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    "Proceed with cau--" Maria Hill's message abruptly ended as if someone or something shut downed SHIELD's comm network.

    The air around Raiden grew colder as he made surveyed his surroundings.

    Soon, the spy began hearing voices, "You look pale, Jack... Scared... It's almost like--"

    From the corner of Raiden's eye a figure emerged from the wall.

    "--You've seen a Ghost!"

    Meanwhile with the Merc with a Mouth... A.I.M. Troopers descended upon him and open fired.


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  • "Human...? Oh, n-" Callie started, but was cut off.

    "Yooo! A real human? That's wicked! We're inklings, never seen living humans out and about before," Pearl interjected, practically pushing Callie out of the way. She looked Add up and down, taking in every detail present, from his dark purple jacket to his pale skin to his one... odd-looking eye. That detail was of particular interest, which Pearl noted well.

    "Humans have such small heads, though. How do you fit all that brain in there without exploding?" Callie inquired, inspecting Add with evidently less-prying eyes.

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    The CPUs and their allies fought the automated assault of the servo-guards but Doctor Doom's mechanized soldiers' numbers only grew as even more charged into the room.

    "Jeez, these guys don't know when to quit, huh?" Neptune panted while she sliced a servo-guard in half with her sword. "I'm almost breaking a sweat here..."

    "Yes, these robots are getting rather tiresome, Neptune," Vert nodded before impaling a three of the servo-guards with her lance at once.

    "I know so here's an idea... Transform!" Neptune wiped the sweat from her brow after finishing her statement.

    The other CPUs followed Neptune's lead and Transformed into their HDD forms and together destroyed a sizable amount of Doom's forces.

    Purple Heart/Neptune turned her gaze over to a security camera that was pointed at them, "And that's the true might of a CPU!"

    In spite of the tides turning against their foes, the Members of Gold Third were rather uneasy.

    "This is too easy..." C-Sha muttered to herself.

    "We should keep our guards up, who knows what else that planned for us," S-Sha nodded at C-Sha before quickly focusing her sights on the doorway that led to the Lab.

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Meiya Mitsurugi
Ballade of the Lost CPU

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"Just how many of these things are there?!" Meiya would ask, starting to get annoyed at the constantly reinforced army of robots they were fighting.

She would step back with her sword held by both hands, as she would stare down the opposition she faced.

This can't be the end of me, can it?

She would quickly get a shock of surprise when the group of enemies in front of her were taken out by a female she was unfamiliar with.


Meiya was stunned. Whoever that female was, she had definitely saved her from a terrible end. Strangely enough, she felt her heart skip, and her cheeks turned red from the sight.


.... Beautiful.....
Meiya thought, before snapping back to reality. There's still some foes running around, and she needed to defend herself.



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    When the Bentenmaru crew finally held sight of the so-called Knowhere, the first one to went awestruck was Kane. The rest of them immediately follow suit, mostly gazing in disbelief upon the skull-like structure.

    "It looked kinda frightening," commented Marika, though her face looked much more curious than actually scared.

    "Yeah, a carcass of a dead celestial creature made into a space base," Hyakume was next in line to voice his opinion, "that's extreme even for my taste, man."

    Marika then quickly shook her head as she turned her focus back to the matter at hand.

    "In any case," The pirate captain stared back to the gigantic skull-like structure, "we better do what we gotta do right now, and that is docking this ship on that Knowhere place!"

    "Yeah, let's hope they have something to fix the engine there," commented Sandaime as he glared toward the monitor on his desk, "the last battle did quite a number on it, and I don't think it's last any longer without a proper repair."

    "Also, refueling," Luca added quickly.

    "Yeah, that too. Won't get this baby girl anywhere without fuel after all."

    With those notes from her two crews, Marika nodded in understanding.

    "Alright then. Next stop: Knowhere!"

    When the ship finally docked on Knowhere, the first one to step off of Bentenmaru was Marika herself. Though she didn't seem as fazed as she was when she saw the structure for the first time, the same can't be said for the rest of the bridge crews behind them.

    "Thank you for bringing us here, Mr. Quill," said Marika before she turned toward Cosmo, "uwahh, a talking dog!"

    The redhead lowered herself as she gazed the dog in adoration.

    "I'm Marika, Marika Kato. I'm the current captain of pirate space ship Bentenmaru!" Marika then averted her gaze away in slight awkwardness, "Well, I said 'pirate', but I guess a privateer is a much more suitable word."

    She brushed her awkwardness away immediately and turned back to the talking dog.

    "Anyway, nice to meet you!"

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    Marco turned his attention to Cynthia, who seemed to have misunderstood Hekapoo's instructions.

    "Cynthia!" Marco called for the future princess' attention. "She means blow out the fire that's over their heads! That's how you stop them!"

    Cynthia didn't waste any more time with words. She knew what had to be done.

    While the "prime" had escaped to God knows where, what remained of his presence here needed to be stamped out. The wyvern rider surged into the sky for a moment before swerving around in a hard turn, heading straight for the swarm of Hekapoos.

    Shaken but not staggered, Cynthia launched to the heights of the rooftops with Gerome. She split opposite from his turn, barreling right into another stream of Heka-Carnage thralls. With the help of the Mewnians and the squadron of Spider-warriors, this was going to feel more like clean-up duty than a full-on fight!

    The seasoned knights carved twin paths of righteous destruction. Lance and axe, feather and scale, light and darkness—two contrasting styles performing in nigh-perfect unity. The flurry of monochrome wind had all but extinguished the light fueling the remaining Heka-Carnages.

    The damage was done, but Carnage was no longer a threat to anyone in this once-peaceful town.

    . . .

    The pain still lingered in Cynthia's leg like a ghost tethered to the mortal realm.

    Was her baby sister alright...? What about Maribelle, or Robin, or the rest of the Shepherds?

    Where was everyone?

    . . .

    If it was uncharacteristic of Gerome to relax while fresh off the heals of a heated battle, then it was unlike Cynthia to catch her breath when new allies were introducing themselves.

    Cynthia landed her pegasus, dismounted, and leaned on it for support as she watched the fresh faces make their stunningly acrobatic entrances. If these new Spider-people were even half as skilled as Miguel or Penny were, then she'd be feeling much safer in future battles!

    She had to admit that Gwen had the best outfit out of everyone here, though. Maybe if she had some free-time after all this...!

    Her eyes then fell to Ben Reilly. She'd only known him as an enemy until now, but wasn't the same true of Miguel? Did people in this world quickly change sides a lot, or was that just common with Spider-people?

    Would I look good in red...? Nah. Severa could pull off that look way better than me.

    After Gwen finished reluctantly recapping her backstory, Cynthia stepped back into the fray. She knew Gerome needed a little more of his alone time, after all.

    "Well, the battle is won. Shouldn't we focus on rebuilding the town?" Cynthia asked, facing Star and Hekapoo.

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  • "Hey, Nepgear. What kind of party member am I?" Chiaki asked the girl who knew the city by hand. It would help to know what everyone wanted from her before reaching the outskirts.
    Gwenpool slung her arm around Chiaki and with a pat to the Gamer's head Gwen proudly stated, "She's going to be support! She is my apprentice, after all!"

    Gwen's gaze wandered over to Chiaki, "As my apprentice I shall offer you with this!" Gwen gave the Ultimate a wooden sword, "Now you're just about as ready for this quest!"


    "Ah! My very own weapon...I'll take good care of it, Gwen!"

    Chiaki held her sword at eye level as they walked, looking it over from any angle she could think of.

    . . . . .

    "CPUs... What good are they for?"

    Nepgear froze upon hearing the woman's spiteful words which caught the attention of Gwen.

    "Nepgear, aren't you coming along?" Gwen asked the young CPU Candidate.

    "Uh, you all go on ahead, I need to do something first," Nepgear waved at her party to urge them to go on ahead without her. "The Asgardians need you."

    "Okay," Gwen frowned a bit before complying with Nepgear's request.


    "Do you think Nepgear will have enough time to catch up?" Chiaki muttered to her new "master", Gwen.

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  • Raiden continued his approach, remaining vigilant to any yet unseen threats. It really wasn't any different from the simulations that he had done before. He was familiar with how A.I.M. operated, and, when he inevitably encountered patrols (or, worst case, some of their own specialized agents), he would know exactly what to do to deal with them. He still wasn't sure what these isotopes were that they were after, but Raiden supposed it didn't matter. After all, it wasn't up to a soldier to question the objective; only that it be completed.

    Wade Wilson, of all people, was not in the plan. Or any plan, really. Raiden knew him well enough. He had never met him personally, but he knew his file better than he probably should. A grotesque, smart-mouthed assassin, who played both sides, as far as Raiden could tell. He thought to tap the Commander on his presence here, but he thought against it. Better not to worry command, especially given the situation. Wilson was babbling like a madman. It wasn't much different from his usual behavior, but he did seem distracted. It was the perfect time to remove him from the equation. Raiden wasn't sure if his healing factor would kick in against being knocked unconscious... but he was willing to hedge his bets.

    Raiden resisted a shiver. Why was it getting so cold all of a sudden? Had Wade done something to the ventilation? He was probably going to have to fix that problem before it became something worse. It could also have been Blizzard. Wasn't he here too? The island was certainly crawling with people who had a bone to pick with Iron Man. Raiden threw all of these thoughts to the back of his mind while he finished sneaking up on Wade. The notion of sticking him up crossed Raiden's mind, but he knew that Deadpool was too unstable (and too fast) to risk forcing him to comply. Instead, Raiden surged forward, recalling his CQC training to put him into an iron vice. Deadpool was certainly stronger thasn your average soldier... but Raiden was no soldier.

    It was during that time that Raiden realized just what was causing the room to become so cold. And... were those voices?! They weren't coming from the Codec!


    It was at that point that the room went to hell. A.I.M. soldiers suddenly appeared, forcing Raiden to dump Deadpool to avoid getting blasted himself. The merc could more than take care of himself against those guys. Meanwhile, Raiden dove for cover behind a handful of crates, no less aware of the more pressing concern. He raised his arms, sidearm in his right hand, his combat knife poised tactically in the other, directly beneath the pistol. His head went on a swivel, focused on the eerie figure floating through the room. His aim was steady... but his focus sure wasn't.

    "Are you with A.I.M.?"

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    The apparition shrugged and simply answered Raiden's question with, "As long as they keep paying me... That's how business works after all." The figure then hovered closer to the spy and pointed at his gun, "You and I both know that wouldn't help you against me..." The figure shot his head up and stared into Raiden's soul with his helmet's vacant red eyes,"So tell me, how much is S.H.I.E.L.D. offering you to keep their skeletons in the closet?"

    Meanwhile with Deadpool...

    An A.I.M. Commander aimed his firearm at Deadpool and fired near the Merc's feet, "Our ammunition was designed to deal with your annoying healing factor, Wilson! Stay out of our way or else!"


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  • Miguel O'Hara - Mewnisse

    "Well! Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth!" Miguel exclaimed alongside Ben as he witnessed Marco surprisingly able to do away with one of the horrific monsters with an unlikely strategy. At least they had the advantage in many ways, given the monsters' appearances taking after Hekapoo's. The kid had guts, if nothing else. Miguel could almost admire that, if it didn't fail to change that he was still out of his league, even next to his little girlfriend.

    It was just as well; even if Miguel fancied himself as "punchier" as Parker ever did in his heyday, this made things easier. With that said, adopting a new strategy, the hero of the future spun two strings of webbing that clung to the chest of one of the symbiotes, granting him a tight hold on the target. "Alright, you bit-heads! You want some of this?!" He called confidently, gaining the attention of more enemies that began to circle around him.

    From there, he yanked on the webs and began swinging the poor Heka-Carnage around in a wide circular motion like a ragdoll, his enhanced strength allowing him to easily keep his hold on it like a child with a yo-yo, and it was thanks to that strength that his gambit even worked out at all, the turbulent winds from the spinning symbiote gathering around and snuffing out the fires atop the enemies' heads, one after the other!

    This was a process that he repeated many times over; once the fire of the symbiote he was swinging around had distinguished as well, Miguel yanked his webs downward, slamming the monster right into its peers right before it disintegrated, before taking a hold of another symbiote with his webbing. Rinse and repeat. In no time, he had managed to do away with the small army with the help of his newfound allies, and none too soon at that, the enemy dispersing in no time!

    Unfortunately, there was little time to celebrate afterward. Carnage himself was still out there, and for as long as he was, he'd be able to continue terrorizing innocents. Imagining ten more armies of symbiote monsters was enough to send shivers up the man's spine.

    When apprehension was cast upon Ben after everything was said and done, Miguel nodded after the clone recalled his backstory. Only the real deal could recall his own life in such detail. But that wasn't all. Miguel was definitely no stranger to the fact that there were more spider-heroes out there than just himself, Peter, Ben, and Peni after all, but he had to admit, he was taken aback when Porker and Gwen Stacy showed up, making their introductions like new guests.

    "You got that right..." Miguel responded to Ben when the latter mused on the reunion of the Spider-Army. If only it were under better circumstances, but then again, only a threat like this could bring them all together. Not that Miguel disliked his other-worldly counterparts, but he couldn't quite imagine sitting down and having a drink with them.

    The ones that could even drink at all, at least.

    Still, at least there was strength in numbers, and just like Ben, they seemed like the real deal. Speaking of which, once Gwen had finished her own introduction, Miguel looked briefly toward Ben and Peni, resting his hands on his hips. "We don't have to do that too, do we? I'm not," he quipped.

    Shortly after, as Gerome asked if they were going to pursue the monster wreaking havoc wherever he was, Miguel nodded without a moment's hesitation. "Of course," he said seriously, almost matter of factly like it shouldn't have been any surprise. "It's our responsibility, after all. Not just because he's from our rough neck of the woods, but because it's the right thing to do. I might not know it as well as Parker, but when it comes to the great power we have, we know exactly what we have to do," he said with a clenched fist.

    That was the answer he gave, that was what he believed in.

    "I won't ask you or the girl to come with if you don't want to, and certainly not the kids," Miguel continued, gesturing toward Star and Marco. "This fight belongs to us, after all..."

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  • Shirou stared unflinchingly at the image of the devil boy. The eschaton eyes, drunk with death, consumed by evil. It reminded him of the evil they'd faced together at the end of the Holy Grail War.

    He stayed silent, even throughout the questioning dealt by Illya and Saber, but he couldn't help but focus on those words that Doctor Fate said. The certain promise that they would face Klarion and Morgan tonight. There was no time to prepare, no space to breathe. Maybe a timespan they could spend on planning out the combat, but once again, like during the Grail War, they'd be thrust right into the midst of struggle.

    And it was going to happen just after they'd barely succeeded in winning the last one. If Kotomine were here, he'd burst out into laughter.

    In a way, it was soothing. Tonight - in several hours - they'd face maybe their deadliest enemy yet, potentially more dangerous than Berserker or Caster. The certainty of the development carried some quality that was comforting to Shirou's mind. But then again, he'd gotten rather used to being thrown right into battle without any time to prepare at all, so this was a breezy summer break in a way.

    A mixture of bold confidence that he'd have to go through with this, one way or another, filled Shirou's body and made him stand a little straighter. He looked up at Doctor Fate. "We should figure out a strategy, before we're caught off-guard. Are there any weaknesses that our opponents have? I might be able to trace a specific weapon to suit an attack on any gaps in their defenses."

    Seeing even a glimpse of Archer's Reality Marble had afforded Shirou a larger amount of weapons than he'd have ever dreamt of.

    More than nine in ten were simple enchanted objects; Mystic Codes, not enough to even qualify as E-rank Noble Phantasms, even if they could find an occasional use or were cheap to project. A sword that would glow a dazzling light and scream a stunning cacophony of noise to disorient an opponent without affecting the wielder, a barbed javelin that would quickly crystallize the blood touching it to form deadly clots in the opponent's body, and a shaving razor with an ideal, cursed edge that would never fail to cut whoever was shaving.

    But he had items of actual use as well: Noble Phantasms. Kanshou and Bakuya, the swords of yin and yang, his favored blades for ordinary combat. Durandal, the peerless sword, impossible to break. What must have been the arrow that must have been the one Paris fired to kill Achilles, because it had a divine blessing that would unerringly allow it to sever the tendons at the heel.

    ... That one was pretty specific.

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