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The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Orkumundyl both grinned and scowled as the small human dressed in yellowish and blue started to take on his band of Stormboys.

    It was such a rare sight, for a mere human to take on a band of Orks, that Orkumundyl was briefly stunned by the event.

    The Stormboys were tough and sturdy, each one of them a good match for a peak-human warrior of the Guardian's caliber, each one equipped with a weapon kindly comparable to a ghetto pistol and a rusty shortsword, but their reactions and raw adrenaline didn't quite compare to the Guardian's skill and experience. With careful positioning to avoid bullets and slashes, using the Orks themselves as cover, he managed to take down one after another; the Stormboys were swift and made swifter by their ability to activate the rockets on their backs to leap away or towards him in an offensive dash, but even so, one of them went down after a brief flurry of blows, thrown to the ground with a moan of dull pain.

    The Mekboys, on the other hand, were too shocked, much like their boss, and the gretchins didn't even count as lifeforms in the Orks' eyes.

    "Fire, ya gits!" Orkumundyl gave the order in a literal bark, as a Stormboy went soaring past him, the lesser Ork's eyes upturned in a dazed, gormless expression.

    The Mekboys raised their allotment of weapons, each one of them wielding something else. A shoota, a boomstikk, a big shoota, and a twin-linked kustom shoota.

    Here are some facts about Ork tactics. One-oh-one level stuff, the sort of thing that an Imperial commissar-to-be or officer-in-training would learn early on in the Schola Progenium, early in the warfare programs and common threat assessment.

    Number one: Orks do not respect accuracy as a warfare concept whatsoever. Their snipers aren't really snipers, and their crosshairs are basically stale decorations.

    Number two: Orks respect dakka.

    What is dakka? Easy. Dakka is the Ork word for 'superior firepower.' The Ork doctrine of ranged warfare can be summarized with this maxim: "Why bother aiming at a target one kilometer away with one bullet, when an idiotically disproportionate spray of two hundred bullets per minute is going to do the trick?"

    This maxim, of course, affected Ork culture, and by affecting Ork culture, it affected Ork engineering. Ork weapons were fundamentally different from human weapons: roughshod, ugly, basic, primitive, and scrap-assembled.

    But one other - arguably positive - trait that could be appended to them was the ranged weapons' utter optimization for dakka. Even a basic shoota could be assumed to have a fire-rate of a little less two-thousand rounds per minute, nearly twice of the usual assault rifle. Something else, like a big shoota - the John Browning of Ork armament - would be utterly incomprehensible. The only failing of Ork shootas was, naturally, their high spread, high recoil, below-average ability to penetrate armor, and slightly low muzzle velocity.

    The four Mekboys opened fire, and in moments, the street was filled with a hail of deadly projectiles. The bullets sang in a disharmonious, deafening staccato, whipping across the air and leaving behind red-black smoke trails in the air, which lingered for seconds after, as if the vile propellant of the bullets was made of petroleum and black powder. The smoke was only dispelled by the passing of even more bullets, which created even more smoke, which refused to subside, and quickly filled the battlefield with the nasty smell of burnt rubber, flesh, and diesel.

    The three remaining Stormboys screamed, as one of their rockets was pierced, causing a leakage that sent the poor Ork corkscrewing through the air uncontrollably until his rocket burned out its fuel and caused him to drop into someone's apartment, through the window, head-first. The other two had sufficient reaction times to pull back and jump back behind their comrades, but some of them were grazed or singed by the shots of their comrades.

    Anyone not taking cover was sure to be hit, and dodging wasn't an option when almost every square meter of the street had pure dakka in it. One of the Mekboys ran out of ammunition in short order and began to reload, running for the cover their crashed ship provided, while two others realized they were in the street, and took cover behind Orkumundyl, whose armor was thick and Orky enough to act as natural cover.

    In the meantime, Orkumundyl reached into his utility belt and primed a Stikkbomb. The device beeped once in his hand, emitting a red flash, before beeping once again with another red flash. The beeps and flashes began to increase, as he raised the bomb into the air and let out the Orks' signature war-cry: "WAAAAAAAAAGH!"

    Every other Ork mirrored his cry, filled with renewed zeal and focus, before Orkumundyl tossed the unstable, yellow paint-coated explosive across the street, roughly in the direction of the Guardian and the other humans.
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  • --Ryuga Banjou || Emu Hojo--
    Interaction: Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts StaidFoal StaidFoal Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo

    "Woaoaoaoah!!" The Ex-Aids yelped as they were suddenly grabbed, tossed towards Cross-Z Magma, who had been momentarily staggered, got hit by the thrown Ex-Aids, knocking them all towards a random building. This caused a flash of light from the three, reverting them back into their civilian forms. The two Ex-Aids reverted to one. They struggle to get up as the dark elf approached them, the remains of the molten iron now burning Ryuga's hand, prompting him to grip his wrist using his free hand, his knees buckled, forcing him to fall.

    "Banjou-san!" Emu says, trying to diagnose Ryuga's burns. Just before they would be killed, the Dark Elf was knocked away by a green blur, followed by a certain pink clad merc greeting them. "Gwenpool! Nanami-chan!" Emu called for their names as they appeared, letting out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness you two are safe!" He says, smiling.

    "What the hell was that?" Ryuga groggily stood up, still gripping his burnt hand, "Is that thing on our side?!" He asked, gritting his teeth through the pain as he glances at the battle between the hulking green man and the dark elf.

    "I'm sure he is." Emu says, turning to Ryuga, "He did save us, after all."

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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    <"He would be if I didn't kill him,"> Ilsa puffed a huff of smoke into the young detective's face while informing her. <"But if anyone's commanding these lizards it is most likely the lizard man that crawled out of Mengele when he died from his wounds.">

    Jackson slowly turned his head to Isla with a look of confusion, "What?"

    Meanwhile in the SWAT van, Mr. Pedro, the true ring leader of the Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich, adjusted his rear view mirror to see Danger 5's limo! Enraged, Mr. Pedro flailed his arms wildly and bashed the dashboard of the police vehicle. Once the revolting reptile pushed a button on the dashboard that caused the van to undergo an amazing transformation!
    Danger 5 Battlesaurus.gif
    The team stared in shock and awe of the mighty battle vehicle.

    "Face the might of Battlesaurus!" Mr. Pedro roared at the mammalian fighters for freedom.

    The lethal lizard soldiers roared malevolently before their commander, Mr. Pedro, gave them the order to open fire at the limo.

    "Get down!" Jackson cried out before ducking under the limo's window.

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  • Thepotatogod Thepotatogod StaidFoal StaidFoal Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Sayaka would be standing a few feet away as she had both hands on the bent Sword of Edrik. This guy certainly can tank some hits. She needed to take this guy out now-

    Unexpectedly, a giant green... (Ogre?) Had shown up from nowhere and began beating Kurse up, and seemed to be doing a good job as she would regroup with her allies before Estelle would run up to Sayaka and punch her in the face.

    Sayaka fell down to her knees before rubbing her injury.
    "Ow! What was that for?!"

    "What do you think?! That was a LEGENDARY weapon and you just ruined it like it was a cheap toy!"

    "it's not my fault. "

    Estelle sighed before putting a hand out for Sayaka to grab.
    "You can pay me later, right now, we need a plan! "

    "Give me a second, I think I can do something. "

    Sayaka got up before turning towards the direction of the fight, before closing her eyes and concentrating.

    "If I focus, I should be able to,"

    The blade would straighten out back to its original shape as Estelle was shocked.

    "How the hell-"

    "Magic. Now then, whats the plan Mask girl?"
    Sayaka asked Gwenpool.


Bruh Moment

  • Jariah Syn
    Location: Suicide Slums

    Jariah watched as the man in a tight suit began to attacked these green-skinned brutes by himself. Although Jariah knew that this man doesn't have the Force or a power, he didn't expect what he was expecting with this man. After that, the green-skinned brutes opened fire which caused Jariah and the young adults to take cover from the bullets and rockets using any objects they can hide from. Jariah peeked over and noticed how these brutes fight. Jariah told the young adults not to open fire yet as the sight of the brutes aren't seen due to the immense amount of smoke filling on the streets. Most of them coughed from the smell including Jariah himself.

    When Jariah and his men heard the war cry, they peeked over and then Jariah saw a grenade-like object tossed into the air, heading towards the Guardian and their position. Jariah stood up as he quickly unholst his blaster, aiming at the object and opened fire. Upon contact, the red blaster bolt hit the bomb which explodes in mid-air which made Jariah and the men turned their heads away before turning their attention back to the Orks. Jariah motioned his men to get up.

    "OPEN FIRE!" Jariah yelled.

    Most of the young adults were fresh from their battle against the Intergang and they already tried out how to use a blaster rifle. They raised their blaster rifles and opened fire. The red lights begin to illuminate in the streets as the red blaster bolts hit the incoming Orks and Mekboys. On the other hand, Jariah tossed his Razor-bug grenade in the air where the razor-bug begin to fly in the air, heading towards Orkumundyl's position. It is only the matter of time before it explodes and spread Vong spores on him or his men if ever they are on the radius of the Razor-bug grenade.

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Yukari is <3

  • "This... is okay, right?"

    Marika Kato found herself rather perplexed with the situation she found herself in. Just a few seconds ago, things was going rather smoothly when suddenly these two robotic beings did what she could only describe as 'holding them hostage'.

    "It doesn't seem like we'll get an easy out from this either," Kane was the first to respond. Though his face seemed rather calm, one could easily notice an excessive amount of sweat rolling down his neck, "hopefully we can get out of this unscathed. Would leave a bad taste in my mouth otherwise."

    "Unfortunately, I don't think I can help that much."


    The aforementioned electronic warfare specialist turned toward Marika. Her expression told everything that the captain need to know: frown with a sense of despair.

    "These robotic beings... they seem to be organic in nature."

    "Mind to elaborate?"

    "Well, I could, but I think it'd be better for your to see this by yourself, Captain."

    An image popped on Marika's desk, showing Coorie's hacking log. She might not be a EWF expert, but even Marika could easily notice somethin was wrong with it.

    "There's... nothing!?"

    "Yes, and that's exactly the problem," Coorie continued, "if it were some sort of unknown language, I'd still be able to crack it however difficult it might be. Math, no matter in what language and what universe, is still math after all..."

    An exasperated sigh escaped the expert hacker's mouth.

    "Alas, all these years of studying programming can't teach you how to hack organic brain," the blonde turned toward her desk and laid her head on it, "Sorry caps, I'll take some nap for now. Hadn't take any break since we got pulled into this god forbid universe."

    "Hm. Thank you, and have some good rest," said Marika as she turned toward her other crew, "Sandaime, how are things on your end?"

    "The engine's been working splendidly since the retrofit-"

    "Wait, retrofit!?"

    "Uh, yeah. I thought we should just get away with repairing and refueling at first, but the tech and spare parts in Knowhere were so advanced and high quality, I thought we should at least get some retrofitting to keep up with this universe's level of technology."

    "Oh, nice thinking!"

    "Well, we're currently still in progress, though. Only some parts were installed, and if you don't mind, I'd like for us to head back to Knowhere after all of this to complete the retrofit."

    "That's fine by me. Thanks anyway."

    "W-well, Hyakume-san and Coorie-san has been a big help for me..."

    Hearing her name being called, Coorie suddenly raised her head.

    "Oy, you still owe me crapload of snacks for busting my ass back there," said the sleepy blonde before she went back to her nap.

    "Okay, okay, watch your language! Geez..."

    "Man, so carefree..." Marika chuckled before turning back to her desk, "does anyone else have something to add?"

    This time, it was Schnitzer who responded.

    "I think we should comply to their demand for now," said the gigantic cyborg, "we have neither the manpower nor the resources to engage in a full fledge combat right now, and who knows what kind of arsenal these robots possess. We were lucky to survive the previous encounter with only minor injuries at worst."

    "Good point. Misa-sensei?"

    "Since we don't use too many things from previous battle, we're still in high stock of meds," answered the medic.

    "Good to know. Hyakume-san?"

    "Radar's a-okay," responded the sensory system expert, "it doesn't look like they're actively jamming on us either, so I could say for sure that they weren't being hostile towards us for now."

    Marika nodded at the response.


    "I can't see. Anything."

    "Umm, okay... Kane?"

    "Steering's been feeling great since the retrofit," responded Kane while giving a thumb up, "that being said, I think we'd still have a hard time keeping up with them. To add things up, it's dangerous to perform FTL jump at an altitude this low, so bailing out is pretty much a no-go."

    "Well, that's a little unfortunate," said Marika before she glanced toward the barely sleeping Coorie.

    "Coorie, can you send this message to Mr. Peter?"

    "Just a message, right? Okay," replied the blonde half-sleeping.

    Soon after, a message would pop on one of the monitor in the Guardian's vessel.

    "Bentenmaru have no firepower to fight back, will obey their demand for now. -Marika"

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  • guardian.pngThe more there are to fight, the more there are that get knocked out. The Guardian was in the process of bashing down a few more boyz with his shield, a silhouette against the smoke in the streets. The unconscious bodies of his fungal foes laid at his feet like ugly shrubs. I ought to be able to take a lot of these invaders, but where's the upper limit?

    Humberto shot into the unseen chaos like the rest of the cartel. As the runt of the gang, the heft and recoil of the blaster pushed him around like a schoolyard bully. Experience hardly came into the picture; the gun belonged in the hands of someone bigger and tougher, like the guys around him. "How many of them do you think there are, boss?"

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  • --Akira Kurusu--
    Interaction: Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts
    "So, regarding the concert by the idol group Afterglow a while back..." Akira began his query, "Where did you get the idea for those costumes?" He asked, recalling the odd similarities to the costumes back then. "They appear to be quite...Unique." He expressed curiousity to the resemblance to the Phantom Thieves of Heart.

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  • Phantom_Thieves_Logo (1).png
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    "First of all they're a girl band for one thing and secondly they designed the costumes themselves," Kingsley explained the mystery behind Afterglow's costumes "Apparently before the whole Battleworld thing there was this huge craze over Phantom Thieves that steal peoples hearts in Japan."

    Makoto shook off her stunned silence to ask, "Wait... Then why were their costumes advertised at your fashion expo?"

    "Those costumes were a work of art, I would be a fool not to have it under my brand! So I offered them a deal..." Kingsley explained before smirking. "Ever heard of signal boosting?"

    "I'm not sure I follow," Haru cupped her chin as she feinted ignorance to keep Kingsley talking.

    "Well, Ms. Okumura... I wanted to help expand my business and help those young musicians by having them perform some of their concerts under the bright lights of Manhattan!" Roderick reclined on his chair as he chuckled. "And of course my company gives out a small percentage of the merchandise we sell of their costumes."

    "So your business makes deals with Pro-Heroes and minor celebrities," Ryuji scratched the back of his head as he tried to wrap his head around Roderick Kingsley's statements. "Why?"

    "Advertisement," Roderick answered nonchalantly.

    "What?" Ryuji blurted out.

    "How's about I simplify it for you, kid... New Tokyo, Manhattan especially, is just swarming with celebrities and super heroes that the public just swoons over, so it's only natural that I would want those people wear my brand," Roderick presented pictures of various heroes and celebrities with Kingsley branded clothes and accessories. "People just can't get enough of being close to their idols no matter how superficial it is. It's simply business."

    "I see..." Haru muttered as she kept possible keywords in her mind.

    "Now that I've probably exposed some my business strategies to you," Roderick chuckled for a moment before pausing when he saw the time. "It's getting late... I think it's best for you and your friends to leave before some media vultures try spinning this into a scandal."

    "I'm sorry, Mr. Kingsley," Haru gave Roderick Kingsley and apologetic bow. "I hope we could scheduled another meeting soon."

    "Yes, I'm free next month, don't worry about that," Kingsley waved the group off as they left his office.

    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    The group arrived that evening in their main hideout in Cafe Leblanc where they began to discuss the results of their investigation of Roderick Kingsley.

    "It appears that our hunch that Kingsley and Kaneshiro share something in common isn't too far off," Mokoto noted.

    "I disagree, I feel that Kingsley shares more in common with Madarame," Yusuke offered his observation.

    While the rest of the Phantom Thieves shared their findings, Haru remained silent.
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--Akira Kurusu--
Interaction: Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

While the interview went on, Akira noticed two words that stood out to him: "Manhattan" and "Brand." Those two words seemed to appear quite fondly within Kingsley's statements. Perhaps those were the codewords they're looking for?

It wasn't long until the interview was swiftly ended due to time. And so, the gang returned back to Cafe LeBlanc, where they regrouped and recollected their thoughts.

"I have to take Yusuke's side here, Kingsley does have a resemblance to Madarame's tactics." Akira would respond to a rather minor feud. "Either way, we know his keywords." He would grin, soon taking a seat near Haru. "What's wrong?" He would ask, noticing how awfully quiet she is.
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  • Phantom_Thieves_Logo (1).png
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod
    "It's nothing, Akira-Kun, it's just that..." Haru took a deep breath before continuing. "Kingsley's mindset reminds me so much of father's shadow."

    "What do you mean?" Morgana turned his head to face Haru.

    "His ambitions seem to reflect that of my father's desires that led to his distortion," Haru closed her eyes as she thought back to when she first truly awakened her persona.

    "That's not just it, is it, Haru?" Morgana's ears twitched as he conversed with the young woman.

    "Right... If you could recall, I was planning on starting up a small cafe for Okumura Foods after my father's passing?" the Fluffy-Haired Phantom Thief explained. "Ever since we ended up on Battleworld, Kingsley LDT. became one of our partners."

    "No doubt to push his brand further," Yusuke noted in disgust.

    "So is he like Kaneshiro, Madarame or Okumura?" Futaba spoke up as she continued to browse the internet on her laptop. "I say all of the above!"

    "So he's a total scumbag?" Ryuji was quick to give his thoughts on the alleged new Kingpin of Crime.

    "Yup-yup," Futaba peaked over her laptop to give Ryuji a bright smile. "And since we're all in agreement that even if he's not the new Kingpin... He prolly has a palace."

    "Right, then let's figure out what location does he envision to be his 'palace'," Makoto steered the focus of her fellow Phantom Thieves back to their target.

    "I'm guessing it's Manhattan, since he can't seem to stop talking about it," Ryuji slouched on his cushioned chair. "Which is the Kaneshiro part of him being a scumbag."

    "Right, and Kingsley does believe in spreading his brand all throughout the world," Haru added.

    "Okay, guys... before we even think of putting those keywords into the nav, can I just remind you that we're in New Tokyo, Manhattan..." Futaba called for everyone's attention. "So just so we don't accidentally end up in his cognitive world, let's save that when we sneak back to Super Evil Fashion Designer HQ."

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  • HNepVll_logo_US-660x325.png
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka

    The hyper-share amplified beam knocked the Destroyer armor against the metal wall much to the shock of the group.

    "I can't believe it!" CPU Black Heart, Noire, muttered in astonishment.

    "We're winning!" CPU Purple Heart exclaimed.

    "Good job, Stella! Come and give your big sister a hug!" CPU Green Heart wrapped her arms around her honorary little sister, Stella.

    "Don't be so sure... The battle's not over yet," C-Sha warned the others as she kept her fighting stance. "He's still standing."

    The Destroyer emerged from the dented wall, battered yet still willing to fight

    "Well, a bit woozy but the General is still up!" Steamax cheered as the Destroyer charged right at the CPUs and their allies.

    "Of course it wouldn't be that easy..." CPU White Heart rolled her eyes as the battle resumed.

    "Why won't the doggie stay down!" CPU Orange Heart whined before aiming her megaphone at the Asgardian Armor.
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  • Gwenpool.png

    Gwen raised her hand at the magical girl as the merc shook her head, "I'm not the one with the plan here." Gwen then gestured over to the Mighty Thor, "That's the guy with the plan."

    "Aye," Thor nodded before he turned his sights to the glimmering golden kingdom of Asgard. "With the vile Kurse dealt with, our objective is to defend Asgard whilst my father, Odin, is--"

    "Odinsleep... Of course," Gwen rolled her eyes at the rather convenient timing of the Dark Elf invasion. "But that does beg the question... How would they know that your dad's sleeping? I got a few guesses but you could tell us."

    "Loki..." Thor's grip around Mjolnir tightened as he uttered the name of his step-brother.

    "Knew it'd be him,"
    Gwen snapped her fingers.


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  • Gwenpool.png

    "Nay, our duty is to protect Asgard from Malekith's forces," Thor answered the Magical Girl before turning his attention back to the shimmering kingdom. "There is no doubt that Loki would be nearby to revel in the chaos."

    "And he's probably got some magic spell to make it harder for us to find him, huh?" Uni asked the Thunderer.

    "Aye, Loki is a trickster, he would not make his presence known to those who may impede his mischief," the Odinson answered the young godling.

    "Figures," Uni pouted.

    "Don't worry you guys, I mean they got an army but we got a Hulk," Gwen snickered as she gestured over to the Green Goliath.

    "Hulk Smash," the Hulk slammed his might fist against his palm causing the group to stumble a bit.

    "I know you would."

    StaidFoal StaidFoal

    In the fields far from Asgard, Kurse lied in a crater and on top of him was the masochistic crusader.

    "Begone from my sight, wench!" Kurse batted the crusader away before emerging from the crater to be greeted by the God of Mischief, Loki.

    "I see you've met the Hulk, Kurse," Loki was amused by Kurse's predicament.

    "Step aside, Loki! While those fools managed to pierce through my armor it does little to snuff out the fires of my fury," Kurse loomed over Loki.

    "I can tell... But I mustn't hamper the Dark Elves' siege on Asgard," Loki stepped aside to allow the enormous Kurse passage to rejoin his fellow Dark Elves in their assault on Asgard. "And soon the throne of Asgard shall be mine at last."

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  • The waitress wryly curled her rosy lips into a smile at Aoi's enthusiasm. It was something she had seen before, particularly in someone so young. It was not so different with her towering companion. She did not seem to take any notes, her hands occupied with the now empty dish plates balanced on her hands.

    "Coming right up~"

    With a wink to Aoi, the waitress spun on a dime, her legs moving in tandem with her spinning motions like she was a dancer. In two motions, she was already halfway to the kitchen. Of all the servers in this room, she was certainly the most acrobatic, never mind the most striking, for several reasons.

    Even more remarkable was how little time seemed to pass between then and her return. Whether Aoi and Sakura were able to talk about much after they had made their orders was blurred upon the arrival of the orders in question. The waitress nearly passed by their table with how quickly and gracefully she moved on those roller skates, though she lowered her center of gravity and pivoted 180 to face the girls again. Her smile spoke volumes about how she felt about this job.

    "Enjoy your meal."

    Lowering the dish plates and plucking each item and placing them onto the girls' table, while certainly brisk, was the slowest this waitress had moved before these girls. She stared at Aoi for a couple seconds longer than seemed normal before she went on her way, to other tables.

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Interactions: Garficcino Garficcino Bixir Bixir Crenando Crenando

Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade

Tsukasa isn't expecting the man to appear before him, that is the two scientists. Their unusual figure is what annoys him the most. However, they are in the midst of robbing a museum and there is no time for him to waste to brag about their appearance. He tries to come up with a strategy to defeat them but he has a feeling that the others might have one in mind. He determines the strength of what he is about to encounter and it is likely that they are stronger than him.

Yet, he is trying to prevent the museum from being taken over by them. They might have a greater advantage against his teammates including himself. As a result, he let others decide for themselves. The wiser, the better. That doesn't stop him from taunting them about their looks.

"You guys are a bunch of wackos. I can't stand looking at you two. And why your head is shaped like a lightbulb? Or is it a dome I am seeing here?" He asked the two scientists snarkily.

Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate

  • City_of_Despair.png


    "Right, I'm sorry for bothering you, Haiji," MJ nodded her head before leaving to return to her table.

    "Oh, and don't trip on the way back."

    In a few moments, Haiji stood to attention. He squinted his eyes.

    Relax, Haiji. It'll be over in a minute.

    Haiji made his way to the end of the room, fiddling with the microphone piece fastened to his ear to make sure it was on. He then made his way up the small steps and onto center-stage.

    With a clear of his throat, the younger Towa was ready to formally begin the proceedings.

    "Alright, alright. How's everyone doing tonight?"

    Haiji's magnified voice cut through everyone's conversations like a knife.

    "Thank you all for being able to make it this year. I know the venue got announced a little later than usual."

    Haiji scanned the room from right to left, making eye contact with various people in the audience.

    "I know the expo wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for people like you willing to invest in the future. I think we're on the cusp of a brighter tomorrow, and it's all thanks to the faith you've been willing to place in Mr. Stark and Towa-san."

    Haiji glanced to his left, then back at his audience.

    "And now, I'd like to hand over the spotlight to one of those men who can see into the future...Tokuichi Towa-san!"

    . . .

    . . .

    The whites of Haiji's eyes seemed to grow with each passing second. The longer the silence went on, the more his confidence from earlier disintegrated.

    Hey, old man. I really need you to show up about now.

    . . .

    . . .

    S H U T

    The sound of the door shutting at the back of the room snapped Haiji out of his nervous trance.

    Members of the audience looked back to find one of the robotic waiters waddling away from the door.

    And then...

    ...Footsteps. Footsteps that Haiji could only hear from a distance.

    Haiji once again turned his attention to stage left, where he could make out small figures approaching from the darkness of the backstage.


    As their shoes stepped into the stage light, Haiji's look of perturbation quickly changed into one of utter confusion.

    One boy and one girl. Both of them looked like they were still in primary school.

    "Step aside, Haiji."

    "Yeah! We have a super important announcement to make!"

    Haiji stepped away from center-stage and turned off his mic, as if half of the room wasn't already able to hear him without it.

    "Hey, who let you brats in?!"

    Haiji was tempted to grab the runts by the collar and punt them outside himself, but...

    The audience...

    He could hear the confused murmurs of the diners as this peculiar scene unfolded before them.

    ...Haiji had to play this one off cooly, unfortunately.

    The blue-haired boy closed his eyes and sighed. "We let ourselves in. How about you hand over that mic before we force you to?"

    "Eeee! That was so cool, Nagisa!"

    Haiji could only exhale through his nose. "'Force?' What's the meaning of all this? If this is just some dumb prank, I'm calling security. Hell, I'm calling up security regardless!"

    The pink-haired girl brought a hand to her face and snorted smugly. "Security? What security? We just walked right in!"

    Haiji's face contorted into disbelief. "That's..."

    Then, suddenly, Haiji noticed it.

    That smell. . .

    Something was off about all of this. His senses were on high alert.


    "We already told you."


    "'We just walked right in,'" the boy said, his eyes narrowing.


    Who was on the other side of the stage this time...?

    There were two more brats coming. They were giggling, and—

    Haiji instinctively pinched his nose. The stench extended its stomach-turning tendrils onto the stage and began to seep into the front tables of the audience.


    Staling alcohol. Rotting meat. Molding milk. Human waste. Magnifying this rancid mixture up by 100 still wasn't enough to describe the sickening sensation.

    Haiji let out a bone-chilling scream.

    There, standing right across from him, was the skewered corpse of his own father.

    Tokuichi's clothes were stained like raw beef, and his body was riddled with unsightly holes and gashes.

    Two new children were holding the limp carcass up by its shoulders, playing with its hands and head to pass the time.

    "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Heh-heh!"

    "Maybe you should make him wipe his butt now. Mm-hu-hu-hu."

    Finally, one last child arrived onstage behind the two boys playing with Tokuichi's dead body.

    The little girl gradually rolled into view on an automatic wheelchair, accompanied by five robotic bears.

    "Monaca is here! Yay~!" the little girl exclaimed, shooting her arms up. "Let's listen to what Nagisa has to say now, everyone."

    "YOU . . ."
    Haiji growled, his voice seething with venom.

    The girl bound to the wheelchair placed a finger on her cheek and tilted her head.

    "Huh~? What's wrong?"

    "YOU BITCH!"

    Haiji lunged for the crippled girl's vulnerable neck, but immediately got cold feet once the robot bears revealed the claws they had butchered his father with. Haiji, breathing heavily, turned around and slammed through the backstage exit, escaping into the hall.

    One of the robotic bears ran after him, while another guarded the backstage exit.

    "Kyaaa~! Now that he's out of the way, the game's getting so close to starting! I'm gonna burst!"

    "Then control yourself just a little longer, Kotoko. The show is just about to begin."

    "What's there even left to do, anyway? Come ooonn, my shoulder's aching!"
    one of the boys supporting Towa-san said. He shrugged his right shoulder up, holding the man up with two arms at this point.

    "Okay, everything is ready. Will you do the honors, Nyagisa~?" the girl in the wheelchair, Monaca, asked.

    Nagisa's eyebrows rose in surprise.

    "Uhm, of course!"

    The boy in blue, Nagisa, stepped up to the edge of the stage with hardly a moment of hesitation. Somehow, his voice was loud enough to carry across the entire dining room.

    "Everyone . . ."

    The boy straightened his bowtie before beginning.

    "Everyone here is guilty. And because of that collective guilt, we, the Warriors of Hope, must mete out justice. All of you will be sentenced to a punishment most excrutiating. There will be no negotiations, no begging, no pleading."

    "I'm with Masaru here...can we hurry this up? My toes feel all weird...like there's used gum stuck between 'em,"
    the other boy holding Towa-san yawned.

    Nagisa sighed audibly, the mood he was attempting to set now ruined.

    "Fine, then just get on with it, Jataro." Nagisa told the boy as the two swapped roles. The boy in brown, Jataro, spoke with just as much volume as Nagisa did, despite having no visible microphone or earpiece.

    "Alright, you stupid, stupid adults. Lights out! Nighty-night! Eh-heh-heh-heh," Jataro chuckled as he began to hunch forward.

    And as if some invisible switch had been pressed, a noxious, repugnant gas began to envelop the entire room.

    The guests screamed out all of the air in their lungs as everyone sitting at the front tables dropped limply to the floor.

    People clawed through and stomped over their fellow man in a mad race for an escape. If the locked doors hadn't been enough, the robotic servants who had just been catering to their every need were blocking each exit with enough strength to stop a charging ape cold in its tracks.

    Everyone in the room, save the five children on stage and their robotic conspirators, had lost consciousness. They all fell like a line of dominoes, THUMP after merciless THUMP.

    "That's all, folks! Meow!"



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    Full Story: Bixir Bixir
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    TableCloth TableCloth
    "Bentenmaru have no firepower to fight back, will obey their demand for now. -Marika"
    "Oh, that's a relief," Mantis clasped her hands together as she sighed.

    "It appears that they are ill-equipped for this mission," Drax scoffed at Marika's message.

    "Who cares, as long as it doesn't get us killed," Rocket retorted much to Drax's annoyance.

    Autobot to Decepticon.gif
    "Welcome, hu--" Starscream froze for a brief moment before letting out a sigh of annoyance. "Oh, the Guardians of the Galaxy... What brings you here?"

    "We were here to show the crew of the Bentenmaru around Battleworld," Star-Lord explained to Club Con's manager.

    "Uh huh..." Starscream simply rolled his optics before ushering in a miniature blue missile truck. "Direct-Hit, Power Punch! Please check them for any weapons, we can't have them scaring our guests."

    The missile truck proved to be more than meets the eye as it splits into two separate robots, the Decepticon Micromaster Battle Squad, Direct-Hit and Power Punch!

    "On it, Starscream!" the Micromaster Battle Squad duo saluted before scanning the group for weapons.

    "The green one's carrying daggers!" Direct-Hit quickly pointed at Drax before running over to take away the biologically enhanced being's weapons.

    Drax could only glare as he wished not to compromise the group.

    "If you have any concealed weapons on you, please drop them in the confiscation box," Power Punch politely informed as he gestured over to a box that depicted a cartoon picture Soundwave's loyal cassette bot, Ravage, tossing a myriad of weapons into a bin.

    "You've got to be kidding me," Rocket shook his head before dumping a handful of unarmed grenades and a pair of pistols into the box.


Yubi Yubi

  • --Akira Kurusu--
    Interactions: Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Akira simply nodded when Haru expressed how much similarity there is between Kingsley and her Father. This much he noticed during the interview himself. Haru's Father wanted to ensure Big Bang Burger would be the largest company in the country no matter the cost, even resorting to using his own daughter to do so. Kingsley seems to be that very same person as well.

    "So, what do you say we go and prepare to explore soon?" Akira suggests, "I say before the holiday break ends."

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    "It's like a war zone," Teresa flew next to Peter as he swung high above the war torn streets of the once bright and bustling city. "Are you sure A.I.M. wasn't behind this?"

    "Teresa, do you remember the tragedy at Brooklyn Visions?" Peter asked before landing on a nearby rooftop that gave the Wallcrawler a good view of the smoldering city.

    Teresa landed next to her brother. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent's mechanical wings furled back into her wing pack. "Yeah, I remembered, the mastermind behind the Killing Game in Hope's Peak Academy was behind that one too but you stopped her, didn't you?"

    "That's what I tell myself," Peter signed as he sat on the ledge. "That was until..."

    "DR-1125," Teresa placed her hand on her brother's shoulder as she sat next to him. "I know but you've stopped her before, you could do it again."

    "Thanks T.," Peter embraced his sister.

    "Any time, Pete," Teresa returned the gesture in kind.

    "Now let's get back to that Team-Up," Spider-Man gave a playful jab to Teresa's shoulder before swinging off into the city.
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    Topless Topless

    As the noxious gas filled the room, each of the guests slowly lost consciousness one after another, much to Jan's horror for even Earth's mightiest heroes fell victim to the Warriors of Hope's nefarious plot.

    "Jan, we've got to get everyone out of he--" was all that Hank Pym could say before he too fell victim to the repugnant gas.

    "Hank!" Wasp cried out as she desperately tried to revive her husband. "Wake up, Hank! We're Avengers! We can't just let--" However in her attempts to revive him, the winsome Avenger soon felt weak and passed out.



    After emerging from the collapsing subway unscathed, Venom now found themselves in the middle of a ruined city. Through the Symbiote's pearlescent 'eyes' Eddie Brock is left to wonder.

    What the hell happened here.


    The Omen of Death The Omen of Death Bixir Bixir

    The Metal Door slowly opened to reveal a hoard of the Towa Group's bear mascot, Monokuma.

    "Please tell me this is a Mysterio thing," Bill, Agent of A.I.M., cowered behind Deadpool.

    The 'Boss' Monokuma rubbed its chin in contemplation. "What's this? You don't have a security pass! And we know what that means!" the Monokuma's siren began to blare out as the others drew out their claws. "It's Punishment Time!"

    "What the hell?!" an A.I.M. trooper exclaimed as he began firing his rifle at the hoard of robotic bears. "I thought Ghost disabled the security system here!"

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.

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    As the day died down Towa City was now unwittingly and precariously thrust, into a situation it was not prepared for. A plague of despair was about to sweep into every pour, nook and cranny of it. Ready to plunge its people into chaos.

    The flames lighting up the city like lightning bugs in the night, were the beacons for this despair.

    There was one however, who knew about the general plan. And after careful reconnaissance, tracking the movements of the robotic bears of despair, Monokuma. A large horde of them were on the move to the Stark-Towa Research Facility.

    This appeared to be the location they intended to strike, where they were after an object that even this individual did not know the contents of. But knew that if they were so desperate to obtain it, it could not fall into their hands.

    Lying in wait preparing an ambush, as gunfire erupted in the area it could only be hoped there was still enough manpower to reorganize on the true enemy that was coming upon them. And once the Monokuma’s arrived...

    The ambush was sprung.



    After all the apprehension, a massive group of Monochrome bears appeared before them. Bill of course being one of the more cowardly members of the group hid behind Deadpool. Much to his displeasure.

    “While this definitely fits the wacky bill that Mr. Theatrical Fishbowl Head follows like it’s a fetish, that does not give you the right to give me this lame duck $&!#. Time to get your priorities straight, write a will if you have to, and make sure that will gives all your assets to me, and let’s hunt these widdle robo bears.” As Deadpool ushered him back in and Deadpool began to open fire as the Monokumas charged them.

    “I’m sure as hell not going to be dying, or will I give you a cent!”

    “That’s the spirit! You’re definitely gonna thank me for that later!”

    Deadpool however, being as reckless as he is allowed himself to be swarmed by the Monokumas, and fell victim to being viciously mauled by them, slicing and hacking apart his midsection, causing a massive mess of blood, intestines, viscera and gore around him.


    Deadpool unsheathed his katanas and then in a quick spinning motion cut all the Monokumas around him in half. He collected what he could of himself, literally, as his midsection began closing up again. And was a bit more careful about watching his six as he gunned more down.

    “Ok, which one of these things wants to become my bullet disposal system?” He quipped as he then noticed something.

    A purple tendril coming from the outside through one of the windows, but before he could mention anything, there was an absolute hell-storm of bullets coming right through the windows on one side.

    Not wanting to risk getting hit, the merc dove back but as he got back up and looked behind him he realized something. The amount of bullets shooting down upon the room would’ve indicated a platoon, not only that, but they were aiming only for the the Monokumas.

    Looking back to where he was, none of those bullets would’ve hit him at all. They also happened to be some of the most precise shots he had ever seen. All hitting the Monokumas straight in they’re heads, instantly wiping out droves of them.

    And when he looked back to the source of the bullets, he saw a purple female figure swinging through the window, with some silver cybernetic things running throughout. With multiple other tendrils carrying assault rifles firing way faster than what should be possible, still opening fire with the same precision all while on the move.

    “Holy $&%#, that’s a textbook definition of the calvary arriving...”

    The figure then landed gracefully, having thinned the wave coming considerably with her tendrils having retreated back into the body . That’s when Deadpool could also see she had a tactical look to her, and he then saw just what this was.

    “Ok I see how it is, she’s a Symbiote. That just made this even more ridiculous.”

    The figure simply nodded in response ignoring the second half. “Yes... I am.”

    After this very simple statement she spoke up again getting straight to the point. “You all need to listen closely right now though. These are not security Monokuma robots, they belong to Ultimate Despair, and they are after something in here. We need to work together to stop them from getting ahold of it, if they do, everyone here will be in danger, including the city.”

    Deadpool simply scratched his head, but he seemed to get the memo.

    “Seemed like we were already doing a bit of that to survive this but alright. Guess we just have to raise some hell, boys! And me and the pretty white haired boy just continue our objective. Alright, let’s get moving forward then! So uh, what’s the name?” As Deadpool began to advance.

    As the female symbiote moved up as well, she then glanced behind her.

    She pauses for a moment.

    “The name is Scorn.”

    Bixir Bixir Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

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  • Raiden had been at this for a while. Working for S.H.I.E.L.D. as the latest in a long line of super-soldiers, yes, but in this complex as well. It felt like he had been here for much longer than just a handful of hours. Was that the stress of the mission, the isolation these kinds of facilities could have on you, or something else? When he at last came to the secret entrance into that room that Ghost had gone into, Raiden steeled himself for whatever was there that would have caused someone like that sinister super-saboteur to scream in such a spectacular fashion.

    Never in a million years would he have expected it to be this. Whatever vocal alarm or panic Raiden had was imprisoned in the back of his throat, his training taking the wheel. He knew that these things were associated with the Towa Group that this facility belonged to alongside Stark Industries, but their reactions weren't exactly how security robots ought to be acting. Raiden kept to the sides and corners of this room, mostly waiting to make killshots (as much as one could perform killshots on robots) while Deadpool and his buddies were the center of attention. When the purple symbiote showed up... well, that changed things.

    He lowered his pistol, stepping out from the cover of shipping crates that he had been using. He sprinted over to them as they moved forward to... God knows where. "Now hold on a minute! You can't just come in here and say things like that! How are we supposed to trust you? Ultimate Despair? Here? That's ridiculous!"

    Raiden's heart told him that he couldn't let this Scorn get away with whatever she was really up to... but his brain told him that he probably couldn't stop her even if he tried. He didn't know that much about symbiotes, but he knew enough that they were above his pay grade. And if symbiotes were involved... what was S.H.I.E.L.D. doing sending him into the middle of all this? Was their intel bad? Raiden only had questions upon questions, and not a single answer.

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