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Phantom Thief of Hearts

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    Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo Topless Topless

    mary-jane-watson-spider-man-2018-22.4.jpgI forgot how smarmy this guy is.

    MJ contained the urge to express her contempt with Haji and pushed forward with her impromptu interview, "Haji Towa, considering the controversies surrounding the actions of the Terrorist Group, Ultimate Despair, I have to ask-- Why is the Towa Group still implementing the use of the Monokuma robots? Considering how the Ultimate Despair group has used the Monokuma robot as their symbol." MJ then casually gestured to the Monokuma waiters at the party. "I'm just saying this is a PR disaster waiting to happen."

    Meanwhile with the Winsome Avenger, Wasp...

    "So what's this about a monster nun? Because I know a monster hunter who might be interested with helping you with that problem," Wasp smirked, knowing that the vulgar yet reliable Elsa Bloodstone would be of aid to the Canopy Royals.

    In the dark halls of Towa City's Underground Market District, walked the disgraced reporter and current host of the Venom Symbiote, Eddie Brock. Once again, on his quest to secure the monochromatic symbiote, DR-1125.

    Eddie Brock.jpg
    Eddie... That truck! I sense something inside...

    Eddie nodded as he went to investigate the truck. Its headlights and engine still operating yet there was no sign of anyone nearby.

    Hmmm. Looks to be abandoned, only recently. I wonder why the rush?

    As Eddie continued to examine the vehicle he came across the logo of the vehicle's owners.

    "Life Foundation..." Eddie sneered at the abandoned truck's label as his symbiote enveloped his body. "Why are we not surprised."

    Venom clawed the Life Foundation's logo off of the truck and peered inside the claw marks to see what sort of cargo was it carrying. Beneath the blank ivory whites of the Venom Symbiote's face, Eddie's eyes widen to discover the body of a life foundation worker whose skull was hollowed out and turned into a twisted lantern accompanied by the ticking of a bomb! Thinking fast, Venom fired a line of webbing away from the truck and zipped away just as the truck exploded.

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He Has The World In His Head

  • A pentagram.... The parasite knew all too well what those meant, same with the girl, from some unfortunate circumstances in the past. In fact, the both of them would fight the urge to look at themselves, since they are both literally the walking dead.... Though, there would be many things that struck their fancy.
    First off, a Medici ship?
    "Evil or not, something had awoken us from our slumber, and we fear that it is NOT the demonic ritual you may have found...." Said the snake.

    "However, you said that this was a Medici ship?" Asked the girl. She would remember all too well the dealings of New Meridian's most infamous crime family. So would Leviathan, though his concern was elsewhere as he suddenly realized something about the both of them that wouldn't make much sense.
    Squigly, not noticing her companion's investigation, would humor the flaming male.
    "If it is, then what evil doings that is going on, we should investigate rather soon!"
    She was never one to indulge in a swear. Neither was Leviathan, so that divide in class would be obvious.

Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts


Yubi Yubi

  • --Akira Kurusu--
    Interaction: Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

    "If that's the case, then maybe Morgana should stay with you when you get near Kingsley, Ann." Akira suggested, hearing the possibility that they may not all be present when they have the chance to find out about the Keywords. "I've got a feeling that you'll need his advice on which questions to ask."

Phantom Thief of Hearts

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    Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    "You don't really think it's going to be that easy, do you?" Steamax chuckled as Stella's blade shattered upon impact with the Destroyer just before the mystic armor swatted Stella away.

    "Stella!" CPU Green Heart, Vert, cried out as she flew over to catch her honorary little sister before she crashed into the ground. Vert glared at the Destoryer and Steamax as she cried, "You're not going to get away with this!"

    "The General's soul is piloting a suit of armor that was created to combat beings that forged the very cosmos! What chance do you have?" Steamax boasted as the Destroyer Armor fired another blast of cosmic energy at our heroes.

    "It's not the first time we've faced insurmountable odds! Come on, Gold Third! Let's show him was we're made of!" C-Sha fired her blasters at the Destroyer as the rest of Gold Third focused their attacks on the Asgardian Armor, hoping to weaken it with a combined assault. However, much to their shock and horror, as the smoke cleared the Destroyer stood unshaken by their onslaught.
    Doctor Doom control room.jpg
    Deep within AffiMax's secret base was Doctor Doom. The Latverian monarch quietly observed the CPUs and their allies' battle with the Destroyer just as an alarm blared out.

    "Master," a lone servo-guard called for its master's attention. "Subject 42815 has escaped the laboratory. Shall I initiate the security protocol?"

    Doom does not turn his gaze away from the feed of the battle as he raised his hand to stop the servo-guard, "Leave her be, Number 5. She has already served her purpose."


The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.

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    Sitting outside of the glitz and glamour of the Stark Expo Party, was the fish out of water that was Jessica Jones. Who'd have stuck out like a sore thumb at the rich boy's circlejerk party, already having seemed to overstep her boundaries slightly by having been smoking a little too close by, leaving off with some very colorful words, and flipping a bird for the poor sap who had to get the private investigator away even though Jessica was sure she was the minimum distance away from the building.

    She was following a trail of despair that tied back to those close to the students who were kidnapped at Hope's Peak Academy and forced into the "killing game" that was orchestrated, in the fall of the once prestigious school; only now leaving behind a legacy of death, and crushed hopes.

    Jessica had been hired to help find the close relatives of these students, and anyone else connected to those students who had also been kidnapped and taken to a separate location. Now, by this point in her long arduous investigation, she'd narrowed down her search to none other than Towa City. As she took a lazy drag of her cigarette, Jessica could only keep her mind fixated on the fact that something was off, and she didn't like this situation one bit. There was a certain tension in the air that was bound to burst, call it a gut feeling... And while she wanted to have absolutely no part of that shit, she could feel she was on the brink of some kind of breakthrough, she just didn't know what exactly.

    In the moment, as she stood by a lamppost, taking the moment to have a small moment of respite as Jessica hadn't really been taking a moment to breathe on this day. She watched as people went in and out, people watching for the time being it seemed. Jessica spotted two teens walking out of the party, seeing they're style of dress and weapons she almost immediately figured they were Huntresses, and considering the kind of defeated looks on they're faces, and the fact they were still carrying they're weapons... Looks like they'd been kicked to the curb too. Jessica wasn't well known for her manners, or even a sense of niceties, but even she knew carrying weapons into that sort is just asking for trouble. So as they walked by, Jessica in the moment felt like striking up something.

    "Guess you two didn't catch the memo...? To be fair, they don't really make it clear to outsiders either way..." As she took another drag of her cigarette.

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    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    Rise continued her tour of her room in the cozy Folkstone inn with all the excitement expected of a superstar idol, like herself. "I'm sorry if I've already said this before, guys, but it's just so exciting! I mean I'm in a brand new country!"

    "I know, right? Wasn't it just added to the map last week?" Yosuke commented over the group call.

    "Actually it was three months back, but who cares? It's going to be great having the Inaba Investigation Team back togethe--" Rise stopped herself mid-sentence upon hearing a knock on the door, the superstar idol placed her phone on her make up table and left to attend to the door but not before waving to her friends, "Be right back, you guys!"

    After a brief moment of silence the group heard Rise scream, which worried them.

    "Rise-chan!" The group cried out their friend's name hoping she'd respond, but her response would shock them.

    Rise dragged into her phone's camera view the famous former Detective Prince herself, Naoto Shirogane!

    "Guys! Naoto-chan's here!" Rise announced to the group joyously.

    "Hmph, told you, Naoto-chan's not going to miss the reunion," Kanji chuckled to himself. "Though I wasn't expecting her to just turn up over there. Guess she's still got a few surprises left in her."

    "Well, Lord Ogre's trail led me to a human trafficking ring run by the Medici Crime Family and it appeared their shipping line goes through the Old Islands... Which is fortunate for me... It's good to see you all again," Naoto explained to the gang.

    "Isn't she the greatest!" Rise pulled Naoto into a vice-like embrace which incited laughter among their friends.


Cape Connoisseur

  • The Doctor's gilded visage masked his reaction to the girl's transformation, but his posture belied not only surprise, but fascination. Nabu had said much of the many means of magic and its manifestations across the multiverse, these "magical girls" among them. It was a power to be respected, and a valuable ally against the enemies here tonight. The wearer of the Helmet had mixed feelings about such livelihoods. Not only because of the contracts that were involved - and their similarity to his own with the Lord of Order - but how it engulfed the lives of little girls who might otherwise have a fate of their own. There was much he knew, and could know, of Illyasviel von Einzbern, but had chosen not to see for himself. These questions, concerns, and other thoughts troubling Kent Nelson's thoughts would have to wait until this night was over.

    He rose, nodding at Artoria's request regarding Illyasviel. "I see... Yes, that would be wise, Artoria. We must not allow ourselves to become distracted. That is the favored tactic of Chaos. We cannot allow ourselves to- !!"

    As if on cosmic cue, the doctor spun about, raising a hand to his helmet in alarm. The optic facade upon the helmet glowed with light, an aura that intensified about his entire form.

    "Klarion is here! Do not follow me, children. Protect the Amulet! Morgan and her progeny will surely arrive at any moment."

    In the same breath, Doctor Fate rose through the air, wrapping himself in his golden cloak before flying away in a blur of speed. Even by the standards of a Heroic Spirit, the Lord of Order was not one to pursue, in speed or power. The power that Doctor Fate was responding to could be felt by the children and Artoria, to varying extents per their threshold for magecraft. It was an oppressive force, like a cloud of dread pressing upon the group, upon the building as a whole. It was only now felt by them, yet inexplicably pervaded this place as if it had always been here. As the Lord of Order left, however, there was a great ripple in this force, and began to fluctuate between this feeling of dread and an air of radiance that defined the sorcerer that they had known for the past few minutes.

    Those still in the artifact chamber would only have time for a small exchange amongst themselves before a different manner of magic altogether began to close in on them. It was similar to if not identical to the presence that Artoria had felt just a second ago. Objects around the room began to tremble. Slowly, at first, like they were being disturbed by an invisible tremor. This shaking only became more violent, intensifying to the point that whatever force was causing this took them over completely. Numerous knives, swords, and other medieval weapons broke out of their displays of their own "will", flying towards everyone in the room with the intent to maim, if not kill.

    Finally, behind Artoria, a suit of fearsome armor stirred to life, punching through its glass and tearing the rest of it apart as it pulled itself out, then came at Artoria with an overhead slash at blinding speed that even an animated suit of armor had no place having. It was a familiar sight to Artoria, an impossible artifact that ought to have no right being here. The sword in its hands was no less unsettling, nor the red light emanating from the helmet's visor. The only relief this thing offered was that its presence was not at all like the Mordred she expected, and that the sword in its hands was nothing more than a replica. It was a striking likeness, and likely made of similar metals, but unlike her former Master, there was only so much power a fake such as this could wield.

    The culprit of these incidents was nowhere in sight, but there was no mystery as to who that was, or whether she was close by.

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Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate

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    "Haji Towa, considering the controversies surrounding the actions of the Terrorist Group, Ultimate Despair, I have to ask-- Why is the Towa Group still implementing the use of the Monokuma robots? Considering how the Ultimate Despair group has used the Monokuma robot as their symbol." MJ then casually gestured to the Monokuma waiters at the party. "I'm just saying this is a PR disaster waiting to happen."

    "Look, lady, you're asking the wrong guy. I'm not in charge of the robotics branch anymore," Haiji said as he took his eyes off the reporter's and picked up one of the king-crab legs on his plate. "It's public knowledge."

    S N A P

    "Look it up."

    The other Towa employees at the table went bug-eyed after Haiji's response. The Towa heir, meanwhile, picked out a chunk of crab meat and sunk his teeth into it.

    "Wh-what he meant to say was, 'We're currently working on a solution for this. We can't share anything at the moment,'" one of the men in suits snappily responded. "Right?"

    Haiji cleared his throat.

    "Right. Sorry about that. I'm just a little on edge today," Haiji told MJ. "Why don't you head back to your table? I'm about to step up for a speech. Maybe you can get some pics then."

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Yubi Yubi

  • --Ryuga Banjo || Emu Hojo--
    Interaction: Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts StaidFoal StaidFoal Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka

    "You're damn right!" Ryuga roared as he continued his assault on the Dark Elf, throwing punches of molten iron all over the dark elf without regard to his defense.Throwing out hooks upon hooks and jabs upon jabs. Meanwhile, the two Ex-Aids attempted to continue slashing onto the dark elf's sides with their own weapons. The cyan one bearing the Iron sword needed to damage him.
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Phantom Thief of Hearts

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    Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo

    "Right, I'm sorry for bothering you, Haiji," MJ nodded her head before leaving to return to her table.

    At her table, MJ continued to keep her eyes on the hotel's mechanized staff.

    Sadly, I don't think I'd be able to keep calm with all these bears running around.

    The Prisoner Transport vehicle came to an abrupt stop which startled the Superior Six™.

    "Wait, are we at Rikers yet?" Speed Demon scratched the back of his head in confusion.

    "Doesn't make any sense, I mean ain't Towa City in the middle of the ☠☠☠ ocean?" Shocker argued with Speed Demon's sense of time.

    "Maybe they got on one of those Cargo planes?" Overdrive proposed his own theory to the gang.

    "No, we'd feel it taking off," Boomerang rolled his eyes as the gang continued to argue about whether or not they made it to Rikers.

    "Who fuckin' cares? All I care about is ditching you virgins!" Miu callously butted in the argument much to the ire of her mentor.

    "Shut up, Tinkerer, you know you couldn't last a day without me," Beetle glared at her teenage apprentice.

    "Oh how about you shut the fuck up, Beet--" Before Miu could finish her sentence the prisoner transport was tipped over causing the gang to fall out of their seats.

    "Uh, if you feel anything wet, that was me," Speed Demon sheepishly confessed to his pants wetting cowardice.

    "Ew, too much information..." Boomerang recoiled with disgust. "How could this get worse?"

    And just as soon as Boomerang said those cursed words from any slasher flick, the prisoner transport's doors were torn open by razor sharp claws.

    Miu froze at the sight of what stood in front of the gang. "You got to be fucking kidding me... Why the fuck does this keep happening!" Miu hyperventilated as the Ultimate Inventor began to lose her composure.

    "Could you stop breathing into my face!" Beetle shoved Miu's face away.

    "Please tell me this is one of those Mysterio schemes, please!" Overdrive muttered to himself with his hands clasped together in prayer.

    "Sorry, I don't think it is..." Shocker burst Overdrive's bubble of hope as the mysterious bear-like figure walked closer to them.

    "Oh, it's just a dumb bear," Speed Demon commented on the odd creature's appearance before it lunged at them with its claws out.

    The gang screamed in bloody terror before Overdrive unconsciously used his nano-bacteria to transform the creature into a harmless plush toy.

    "Huh, I guess that thing was a robot..." Overdrive noted as he inspected the plush toy.

    "You mean to tell me you could have used your powers all this time and you never bothered to use it to help us escape!?" Beetle scolded her fellow super villain.

    "Listen, I was just planning to get out of Rikers on good behavior and transforming a cop van into some fancy getaway car might not look good on my record," Overdrive defended his actions.

    "This gang's the worst..." Beetle grumbled to herself.

    Seriously, if DR-1125 wasn't enough.

    "Hey, Teresa... Sorry for asking but, um, does S.H.I.E.L.D. any leads on who may have taken the symbiote?" Peter asked his sister for intel.

    "Right now, S.H.I.E.L.D. believes that it may have escaped on its own," Teresa replied as she looked through Life Foundation's research on the symbiotes.

    "Well the Venom symbiote did that back in the day so I guess--"

    "But there's another lead..."

    "Of course there is," Peter rolled his eyes knowing full well that things could never be so simple in his life.

    "And you might not like who it is Pete..." Teresa sighed as she ended her search through Life Foundation's documents.

    "Don't tell me, I already know... It's--" before Peter could finish his sentence a loud explosion could be heard from out side the lab. "That doesn't sound good."

    "Yeah, I'll take point," Teresa unfurled her mechanical wings before taking off to investigate the sound.

    "Teresa! Shouldn't I take point? I've been doing this for a lot longer!" Spider-Man called out before zipping off to catch up with his sister.

    On the roof top stood Teresa, mortified by the sight she saw before her. Soon, Peter caught up with her.

    "Teresa, seriously, we need to talk about proper team-up etiquette," Peter scolded his sister only to stand there in shock to see Towa City in flames. "Oh no..."

    "You think it's A.I.M.?"

    "No..." Peter shook his head as he knew who was responsible. "It's worse. Much, much worse."
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  • 1591595026081.pngDarkness landed headfirst into the ground, tumbling away in a manner that would've shattered any regular person's entire skeleton. Even so, she persisted, facing the clash once again. Being swatted away so easily was a shameful display, and she showed it through aroused breathing and red cheeks. This was exactly what she signed up as an adventurer for! She ran towards the battle to fulfill her crusader duties... "You may find satisfaction in smacking me away so easily, but I—" Only to be snatched off the ground by her feet.

    For the second time, she was being used to both receive and dish out blunt force trauma as she collided with the CPU Candidates at high velocity. This is wrong... she realized, having her pleasure poisoned by the thought. My duty is to protect those around me, not to assist with harming them... As she was flung around, a feud between her crusader's beliefs and ulterior motives arose; her face switched between contentment and frustration. She could only see a blur of the batted girls, and the nauseating sense didn't help with the inner conundrum..

    Eventually, Darkness made her choice. She grabbed the fingers that were wrapped around her legs, using every ounce of her strength to pry them off... At least, not until something crashed into Kurse, sending him flying away with her still in his hand. Her sword spun in the air, sticking in the floor where Kurse once stood. The force of the punch knocked the wind out of her, and before she knew it, she was thrown high into the air, falling fast. It took a few seconds for Darkness to shake her head and realize the new predicament she was in, and that her landing pad was none other than Kurse. Cheeks flushed for the umpteenth time, she braced for impact, plummeting directly into Kurse's face like a meteorite.

    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

Phantom Thief of Hearts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame

  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    Tucker contemplated on the detective's question only to notice Jackson in the backseat struggling with his seat belt.

    "Oh goodness' sake, Jackson! You clip that buckle right now or I'll turn this limo right around!" Tucker warned the American.

    "It won't clip in, God Damn it!" Jackson shouted as he continued to struggle with the seat belt.

    Tucker shook his head in disgust at Jackson before turning his attention to the detective girl's question.

    "Now for your question, if I recall correctly, Mengele did fight Hitler over Claire..." Tucker recalled before snickering to himself. "Joke's on them, she's my wife."

    "Kiss me, Tucker!" Holly said as she shoved Claire's head against the Ninja Aussie's cheek and mockingly made kissing sounds.

    Tucker didn't take the gesture well, "STOP PLAYING WITH MY WIFE!" Tucker lets go of the steering wheel and snatched his wife's head from the obnoxious teenager.

    The Limo swerved back and forth and was a dizzying experience for its occupance.

  • When Kanna received the signed autograph, her eyes widen in awe. She got something from her idol. In response, she gives her idol a warm hug.​

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  • "So...what do we need to know about this place?" Cynthia asked her more knowledgeable allies.
    "Nothing... Kasady's long gone..." Ben Reilly answered the young knight.

    "How'd you know?" Marco asked the former Scarlet Spider, worried that the symbiote and its psychopathic host may be nearby.

    "Listen, this isn't the first time I had to deal with Cletus Kasady," Ben fired a web-line at the end of the corridor. "And take my word for it when I say, 'we'd know if he's here if we hear screaming'," Ben finished just before zipping on ahead of the group.

    "Well, you heard the Spider, let's keep moving," Spider-Ham gestured to the group to follow Ben Reilly's lead.

    "Could Carnage do...all of this on his own?"
    "I don't know how to break it to yah, but he can..." Spider-Ham shivered as the cartoon hero walked through the bloodied corridor with the rest of the group.

    "Which is why we have to stop him, no matter what," the enigmatic Ghost-Spider added.

    "Yeah, I got that..." Star muttered to herself as she clutched her wand tightly, her hands shaking in the process.


Pencil Neck Geek

  • "Who dares stand up to Moonglow?" The dome-headed scientist turned his attention to the new arrivals. "Weerd, deal with these fools!"
    "Don't presume you can command me, Moonglow." The monstrous man stepped forward, furrowing his unibrow holding his tiny weapon in his lanky, bony fingers. "Just because you've supplied the weapons doesn't mean you have any real authority over me."

    "I'll slaughter these fools of my own accord." Weerd's career was made up of fighting the duo of the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripsey, so he was no stranger to such a handicap. "I'm no goon. You gentlemen can see that, right? I'm a man of science."


    "There's two Japanese civis here and they're standing up to the dude that looks like an evil elementary school principal!" Jakeem was thrown off-guard by the snazzy fellows. "Wildcat, when do we jump in?"
    "Are these guys TV actors or something?" Stargirl looked down at the kid with the pompadour. "What's with this guy's whole 'Grease' thing?"
    That was the only excuse that Cyclone needed to talk. "I thought it was weird that people dressed like 50's greasers in Japan too at first and I didn't really get it, but then I looked into the different subcultures of Japan and it's really neat how many of them take from American culture like some kind of always-evolving feedback loop that" Her words faded into the background as the others focused on the matter at hand. Cyclone was used to being ignored. She didn't like it, but she was used to it.​

    Garficcino Garficcino Bixir Bixir GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja


Bruh Moment

  • Cade Skywalker
    (feat. Deliah Blues & Jariah Syn)
    Location: Somewhere in space at a random space-bar (Cade & Deliah)
    In a deathsticks' factory somewhere in Suicide Slums (Jariah)

    The Mynock crew: Deliah Blue (left), Cade Skywalker (center), Jariah Syn (right) who are known war veterans of the Second Imperial Civil War.
    It's been a while since the worlds had merged into one. During the first weeks of the merge, the Mynock crew were having a hard time adjusting in this new world. They already assumed that the ones they knew in person, including their targets (since they are bounty hunters/gangsters), Galactic Triumvirate, the Jedi Order and the Imperial Knights of the Fel dynasty are gone because of this phenomenon event. The Mynock crew were lost, like being trapped in a maze and not knowing which way to turn because they don't know what to do, what lies ahead is uncertain until they decided to move on and adapt to this new world they now live in.

    They venture out on space, trying to find a world that'll benefit their future cause. The crew took a break at that time and went to a random space-bar to relax before venturing out again. They ordered alcoholic beverage that exists in their universe which caught them by surprise and took a seat. The crew were having a conversation on 'what to do next'. After that, they venture out again until they discovered a planet that is called 'Mite-World'. The ship stopped for a while to discuss whether this is the one, Deliah who is a mechanic and Jariah who is a pilot of the crew awaits their captain's decision.

    "You know what? Kriff this, let's go." Cade decides that Mite-World is now their new target for their future purpose.

    Jariah quickly charted out the map of Mite-World because of the space communication systems in the planet's orbit. Jariah turned his attention to Cade and asked, "Which one? There's too many."

    Cade and Deliah approached to look at the holo-map of the planet. "That is one big planet huh." Deliah added.

    "Maybe it's because of the phenomenon." Cade began to read the names of the location but what caught him the most is 'Metropolis City' assuming that it is a peaceful and a utopia city without thinking that there would be crime lords that will soon become his rivals in the Metropolis underworld and if ever the war veterans (+ a Jedi gangster) takes over the entire city then they would take the entire planet under the rule of the Mynock crew. Too ambitious, isn't it?

    "Let's go to this.. Metropolis City." Cade pointed the city out on the holo-map.

    "Alright." Jariah nodded out, accelerating the ship towards the Metropolis airspace.

    As they descend to an island (left side near Suicide Slums), Deliah remembered something that is similar on what they're doing right now.

    "Not gonna lie, this reminds me when we were going to rescue you from Krayt in Coruscant." Deliah smiled at Cade.

    "Well, Krayt did taught me few things using the dark side of the Force. I can't believe that was three years ago." Cade replied.

    "Time flies so fast, yeah?" Jariah added.

    "Like old times."

    The crew left the ship and began to venture out. The crew observed their surroundings and they feel odd as their destination is rather a 'backward' society with a 'backward' technology although they knew that technology that matched theirs do exist because of the event based on their understanding. While heading to New Troy which is the heartland of the city, they were in a taxi and the crew were looking at the river since they were on the bridge. The driver keeps looking at Deliah since Zeltrons are almost non-existent in Metropolis or Mite-World rather. Deliah noticed it, she just slicked her hair and winked at the driver. The driver blinked and shift his attention at Cade who is sitting on the shotgun and is staring at the driver. The driver felt intimidated by Cade's presence and asked,

    "Wh..where are we heading, sir?"

    "To a crime-infested place, that kind of place exist in this world, right?" Cade asked him in a stern tone which intimidated the driver further.

    "Ye-yes! You're referring to Suicide Slums, right?"

    "Suicide Slums?" Cade shift his attention towards to his crew who were sitting in the backseat. "The name sounds fun, right?" Cade chuckles and turning his attention back to the driver.

    "Suicide Slums it is."

    The crew arrived in the slums and observed their surroundings. A lot of the folks in the slums were staring including at Deliah since she is a near-Human Zeltron. Deliah rolled her eyes. Suddenly a teenager with a darker-skinned tone approached to Jariah Syn and offered him a deathstick which caught the crew by surprise and they were looking each other for a moment. Cade asked the teenager on where did he get it but the teenager refused to answer his question. As Cade somehow infuriated, he used the common Jedi mindtrick on the guy. The guy answered and the crew head to a factory where deathsticks were manufactured immediately.

    As they arrived in the factory, the crew began to wreak havoc but the men decides to surrender due to Cade's force powers and swear their allegiance to him, making him a new player in town, a crime boss. Cade promised to make the Suicide Slums into a city that will not be looked down upon which convinced the men. One of the men began to advise the crew on who would be their rivals. Intergang and Mad Gear Gang and the men explained that Suicide Slums is an Intergang territory that is under control of Tobias Whale, an Intergang-affiliated which they don't like. The men then explains that with the crew, they can start their own syndicate (specifically a drug cartel) that can rival both gangs especially with Cade Skywalker as their overall leader. The Metropolis Cartel was born led by the Mynock crew and the crew have finally found their new purpose, leading a drug cartel.

    Cade began to use an advanced Force power called doppleganger by copying Deliah's bluebolt blaster & her assault rifle ARC-9965 blaster rifle and Jariah Syn's automatic scoped rifle that can be used from mid-range to long-range called sporting blaster carbine and his biologically-engineered grenade made by the Yuuzhan Vong called razor bug and other equipments that can benefit the Cartel. Hours later, thousands of advanced equipments are at disposal that can equally battle with the Intergang. Cartel forces are also equipped with an armor that can resemble an average Star Wars mercenary. The men thanked them and they began to see the crew as their leader especially Cade Skywalker.

    As a week passed by, the Metropolis Cartel were already distributing deathsticks to the city to the rival marijuana, cocaine, and crack. They were ready to oust Tobias Whale in Suicide Slums and they did, a sudden attack by the Cartel made the Intergang unprepared especially that their opponents were equipped with advanced technologies that they haven't seen before. During this event, Jariah Syn taught the forces on how to use a razor bug. He throw it near the enemy forces and it explode.

    "Watch." Jariah pointed out to the enemies. As Jariah and his men watched, they could see that the enemies who were not hit by the grenade's radius, began to be infected of the Vong spore. Mysterious microorganisms began to pop out in their body and they could hear their agonized scream until they went silent. Jariah's men were left speechless.

    "Use it wisely." Jariah said in a stern tone before heading out to find an Intergang member to kill.

    And their surprise offensive was a success, there were a lot of casualties in the Intergang side but Tobias Whale managed to escape. Suicide Slums became the headquarters of the Metropolis Cartel, distributing their drug products and the crew knew that the Intergang will launch a massive counterattack against them. The forces began to patrol the streets of Suicide Slums to protect their territory in case a Intergang counterattack was launched. (TAKE NOTE: Suicide Slum heroes such as Black Lightning and Gangbuster can notice this.)

    Meanwhile, Cade discussed to the crew that the Cartel need more 'powerful' men like the Mynock crew since Cade realized that they are fighting an enemy that are similar on fighting against Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. A member heard this and recommended 'Terra Man' who introduced deathsticks to them in the first place. Cade asked his whereabouts and the member replied that he's always at a bar in the outer space. Cade knew where it is and orders Jariah Syn to protect the factory and train the men while he ordered Deliah to come with him just in case the ship 'got attacked'. Jariah nodded and the two went back to an island to take off Metropolis.

    [Present Day] Later that day, Cade and Deliah arrived in a random space bar to find Terra Man, both were looking at his picture on Cade's hologram. The man kinda looks like the bounty hunter legend Nico Okarr during the Old Republic era but he's already a forgotten figure. As they entered the bar, it was crowded and the two of them didn't expect it.

    "How can we find him in this crowded place?!" Deliah rolled her eyes as she watched how crowded the bar is. Cade just shake his head, chuckling at Deliah's frustration.

    The two begin to search for Terra Man in a crowded place as Cade holds his hologram, looking at the picture and searching for him in the public at the same time. This'll be a long day for the crew, actually, it's already a long day.

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  • 1592170100780.png After eighty-something years, Jim Harper had returned to the police force.

    Of course, this wasn't the genuine article, but in the Suicide Slum, good cops were hard to come by and the mayor was committed to cleaning up the city. Mayor Travers had encouraged him to patrol the Suicide Slum in his super outfit, complete with gold chrome, blue spandex and big shield.

    This particular day in his beat lead to him finding a gaggle of young adults in what looked like alien armor. It wasn't nearly as high-end as a lot of the technology he'd come across when dealing with his old employer; It looked lived-in and a bit schlubby. Are those real guns or props? In the same city as Toyman, it could go either way.
    The Golden Guardian figured that talking to them was the best way to figure out if they were friendly or not. "What's up? Is the convention in town?"
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Bruh Moment

  • Jariah Syn
    Location: Suicide Slums

    The young adults who are equipped with REAL laser rifles, laser pistols and a mercenary armor were fascinated by the equipment coming from their leaders. The Mynock crew did ordered their forces to defend Suicide Slum from an upcoming Intergang counteroffensive. A specific squad of young adults who are gaggling, chatting and patrolling the streets at the same time were encountered by some man in a weird costume. The young adults didn't raise their guns at him as they were confused, they looked at each other for a moment before facing their attention back to the man. The man asked them however the young adults misunderstood his tone especially by saying 'is the convention in town' which thought the man were mocking their appearance and being a racist white man in a costume. One of them were triggered which prompt them to raised their guns which they did.

    "Are you mocking us, white boy?!" The young adult said in a infuriated tone.

    A whisper is heard beside them which one of the triggered young adults lowered their blaster rifle. It was Jariah Syn.

    "What's happening here?" Jariah asked them in a stern tone.

    "This white man in costume is mocking our appearance, sir!" One of them replied.

    Jariah Syn shift his attention to the man, his green eyes looking at his appearance from head to toe. Jariah Syn approached him and stared at him in the eye for a moment.

    "What's with the costume? Are you an entertainer?" Jariah assumed that the man was a theatre actor especially of his costume. He took a step back which the young adults now stood beside him.

    "What do you want?" Jariah asked the man in a cautious tone.

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  • Phantom_Thieves_Logo (1).png
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod M MrMeekins

    That weekend, the Phantom Thieves initiated their plot to retrieve the keywords that would unlock Roderick Kingsley's Metaverse Palace. But first the Phantom Thieves must get pass Kingsley's security.

    "Excuse me, miss," Haru called for the attention of a young receptionist who was busy looking over notes on her digital scroll.

    "Oh! Ms. Okumura, I see you've brought... friends," the receptionist winced a bit at the end of her sentence.

    "Well, I did inform Mr. Kingsley that my friends expressed interest in modeling some of his latest costumes," Haru gave the receptionist a sweet smile in hopes it would ease the receptionist in letting the group in.

    "I see, but I'm not too sure if it's a good idea for you to--" the receptionist was suddenly cut off by an urgent call from her boss. "Oh dear..." the receptionist answered the call hastily and informed Kingsley that Ms. Okumura was here for a meeting. And as sudden as it began her talk with Kingsley has ended. The Receptionist bowed apologetically to the group, "I'm sorry for holding you up, Mr. Kingsley iswaiting for you in his office."

    "Thank you," Haru curtsied before leading her fellow Phantom Thieves to the Elevator.

    "Wow, that was easy..." Ryuji muttered to himself. "Wished it was this easy back in Fis--" Ryuji felt a sharp pain that struck his ribs. The Track and Field Star turned to see that the culprit was none other than Ann.

    "Ryuji, please shut up..." Ann warned the hair dyed boy through gritted teeth.

    "Okay... Sorry!" Ryuji muttered as he nursed his ribs.

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  • Lots...

    There is a common adage, which goes like this:

    "In the grim dark future, there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods."


    It is set ablaze on one of its sides by the maleficent Eye of Terror and its forces of Chaos, besieged by the esurient Tyranids, cruelly scoured by the Drukhari of Comorragh and stealthily patrolled by their Craftworld cousins. In one of its fringes, the nascent T'au Empire spreads across its reaches with a promise of new, dangerous technology. Elsewhere, on countless worlds, the ancient empire of the Necrons awakens once again to life; tomb-chilled bio-steel and minds computing only cold, life-destroying logic.


    And still, the Imperium of Man continues its pointless, futile struggle against these threats... Each faction is terrible and horrible in its own ways; each one equipped with the equivalent of modern nuclear armaments, and still, each faction was arrogant and blind to its own struggles: believing there was a ray of hope in outmatching its neighbors. Each had its own doctrines, its motivations, and desires, and each wanted to fulfill them at the expense of the others.

    They were wrong, for they had lost so long ago, when this very cosmos came into birth from a soup of radiation and bright, tender matter.


    In this cosmos, in this life... Where everyone was forced to lose, one faction had won already, upon its creation, and it would keep winning.

    Why, you ask?

    Why, because this hopeless, war-torn state of things was by far the jolliest thing to happen to them!

    A massive battleship soared through the cold darkness of space, enveloped by a background of twinkling stars and yellow-orange explosions. Its titanic bulwark ripped through another, stationary spacecraft at rushing speed, causing a heavy explosion that went unheard due to the lack of oxygen to propagate sound in space.

    The battleship looked hodge-podge. It was almost as if someone had taken two, different models of normal spaceship, sawed them in half in the middle, slammed the two halves together, and used a mass of rusted scrap, junky steel, and bolts the size of humans to hold them together. Only to then finish the third-grade art project by adding an asteroid-cutting knife of steel with comical triangular teeth added on the sides, like a carnivorous fish's maw. Its engines were a mass of thrusters and boosters salvaged from different spacecraft, clearly belonging to different alien races, and clearly having no place actually propelling the mass of the ship, or propelling it evenly for that matter.

    Its puny, small, quick-firing turrets - ones that would easily destroy a tank, each - were mostly used for dealing ablative damage to enemy craft, or for shooting down missiles. Its true dakka lied elsewhere, in the massive shell-hurling macrocannons grouped together in batteries. Twin-linked boom guns, enlarged suppa-kannons, heavy guns, zzap kannons, torpedoes, and pulsa torpedoes... the list went on and on.

    They kept firing like there would be no tomorrow; like the crew was doomed to perish if every scrap of ammunition and electricity for the energy guns wasn't expended in the next three minutes.

    As if to exacerbate the issue, it was painted red, with decorative white-black chessboard patterns in various places.

    The Lite Kroosers surrounding it were like child versions of the main, ramming 'daddy ship' which kept crushing enemy vessels in a glorious tide, as if leading the charge towards the boundary of the system.

    In the meantime, a lone Ork, almost three meters in size, sat in his workshop on the main, charging vessel. He was looking at a screen and operating what appeared to be six dozen turrets with a device that appeared to be a joystick with a red button, taken from some human child's gaming console and appropriated for warfare.

    He counted the amount of interceptors, bombers, and other pilot-craft he managed to shoot down in this charge.

    ... Lots.

    Orks didn't count well. It usually went: one, two, three, four, five... lots.

    That is to say, if an Ork runs out of fingers on one hand, he gives up on counting entirely. On the other hand, if you can't produce 'lots' of dakka, you're a complete failure.

    Lots, he counted once again, as six more Imperial Thunderhawks and their pilots were sent to the Warp by a zzap kannon barrage, their vessels becoming black astral dust, and their souls becoming daemon-food in another layer of reality.


    The battle for the system of Anaxus-II finished scarcely an hour ago, the Orkish Waaaagh!! Snubzzap, having crushed the Imperial PDFs and the fleet detachment assigned to the system. In the aftermath, Orkumundyl Kastelkrumpa, the Vetork of the Fird Warr for Nantrezz, was dispatched by the Warboss to collect useful items from the nearby Imperial vessels. Scraps and materials; precious electronics and surviving guidance systems to be utilized for supa-technology!

    For this, Orkumundyl used his private vessel. A modified super-big Landa design, called 'Da Engineer'n Gathera,' with space for storage and a workshop, instead of transportation. Orkumundyl and his group of six Stormboys with mild mechanical gifts, four apprentice Mekboys, and a couple of Gretchin slaves for manual work. For a couple of hours, they gathered useful materials which Orkumundyl repurposed into guns, until the Waaaagh!! left them behind to continue the push towards the next system.

    Once they were done, Orkumundyl pointed their targety-system towards the planet the Waaagh!! had acquired, and he pressed the big, red button to project a Warp rift. Heedless of what'd happen next, Orkumundyl accelerated to the full, their vessel super-fast due to its fresh coating of red paint.

    Da Engineer'n Gathera sped through the Warp rift...


    - Unbeknownst to any creature in the known universe or cosmos, Tzeentch let out a quiet chuckle -


    Metropolis, Mite-World; six orthogonal universes to the left of the starting point
    Two seconds later...

    ... and crashed nose-first into a low residential building, immediately killing a dozen of its denizens and cutting through the top floor like a lawnmower scissoring through a growth of weeds that went too tall. Bricks and cracked glass shards rained down on the city denizens below, while the fine Orky construction of Da Engineer'n Gathera kept it from destruction.

    Their craft's auto-stabilizers - a rare feature on Orkish craft, as one might tell, but Orkumundyl was a ladder-step more open to strange ideas and technologies than his contemporaries - caused it to land in the middle of the destroyed residential construction. The wooden floorboards rippled and crackled under the several metric tonnes of spacecraft that might have been a building itself. The only thing that kept the Orks from going down under and collapsing several more floors was their utter conviction the spacecraft was one of the finest, most stable, and Orkiest in the entirety of the Milky Way.

    "Uhm, boss, we'z not in Anaxuz three!" Gloomstampa, the oldest of the Mekboys - only forty years junior to Orkumundyl himself - exclaimed in suppressed shock.

    "Iz som' 'umiez city," argued Aggork, the second oldest. "Lookat da, da... wazdemcalled... da buil'ns! Not fancy enuff fee dem Eldar grots, not spiky enough for Chaosy boys... Must be humies."

    "I know, ya grot!" Big Mek Orkumundyl shot back at roaring volume, shutting them both up. After gracing them with a nasty, pig-like scowl, he turned back to the steering console and seized the reins of the spacecraft, sending a thudding fear into everyork onboard. "Iz work'n on it, hold onto someth'n or get ready ta be stomped!"

    Everyone, prudently, held onto various latches, floor-welded tables, or other nearby Orks.

    Orkumundyl enabled the plasmatic boosters of the craft, in the belief that, obviously, their Warp rift system undershot the target, and that moving forward at high speeds would somehow solve that. Da Engineer'n Gathera fired from the rooftop like a cannonball from a cannon, sped across the skyline of Metropolis, and unceremoniously clipped the big fuckoff Superman statue in Centennial Park, causing the eagle on Superman's arm to fall off and clatter to the ground.

    This somehow caused the entire spacecraft to spin horizontally like some cruel mockery of a rotorblade, before it lodged itself half-deep into a skyscraper office building, thrusters disabled.

    Orkumundyl huffed. "Hold onz, boyz! I'z got this!"

    Once again flipping a switch, Orkumundyl set the plasmatic boosters on 'double' and turned them on. Sixteen, shocked office workers were turned into dark ash in seconds, before the Orkish craft went upwards at a low parabolic arc, when the hydrogen fuel cells ran dry, having spent their last coughs of chemical reagents, and causing the entire craft to buckle down and reel towards the planet, once again in gravity's grasp.

    The entire mass of junky steel landed in the middle of the Suicide Slums, clapping into a nearby street at high speed and immense force, deafening the nearby people, before sliding almost sixty meters downstreet and stopping only several yards away from the conversation between Guardian, Jariah Syn, and the young adults equipped with REAL laser rifles.

    In the end, the flight of the Orks caused thirty-six fatalities among the citizens of Metropolis, and over twice that amount in glass, brick, plasma, and eagle-related injuries.

    The side hatch of the spacecraft tore open, clattering to the street and releasing a double jet of steam that hissed, before a mass of Orks and gretchins fell out like candies from a pinata, gasping for air and the stability of the earth.

    "Boss, you'z a great mekork, but... but... please, neva pilot again!" one of the Stormboys begged, the rocket-shaped jetpack attached to his back having barely stayed on, most of its latches having snapped off, and his goggles having been tousled so hard that only one of the glass lenses was on his eyes, the other one having went up to his forehead.

    "Shut it, grot! You'z wouldn'a saw a good kaptin-ork if 'e rammed his space kraft into yer big noggin'!" Orkumundyl replied, the mass of his Mega Armour causing the entire spaceship to tilt to the left, as he stepped into the open hatch.

    The Big Mek took a look around, noticing Guardian, Jariah Syn, and the rest of the humies, who were - presumably - shocked by his sudden appearance.

    "Well, well, well," the Ork said with a leer, the goring fangs in his maw pressed against each other to reveal they were stained with motor oil and blood. Clearly, dental hygiene wasn't essential to these fungal warriors. "What'z we got in 'ere? 'Umiez ‘n fancy kostumes, wit' peashoota weapons? Iz 'da konvention ‘n town?"

    Meanwhile, the rest of the Orkish band oriented itself on the fact they weren't alone, and a fight might be about to break out.

    The Stormboys gripped their sluggas and choppas with eagerness, rokkit jetpaks flaring, the Mekboys following in turn as they raised their moderately more exotic equipment: chain-choppas and various configurations of ranged weaponry, ranging from normal shootas, to boomstikks to big shootas or kustom twin-linked shootas for twice the dakka and half the accuracy. The gretchins were clearly too scared to fight, but would likely use those tiny pistols and knives of theirs if forced to.

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  • guardian.png Guardian had no change to explain himself. The fungus men from outer space were higher on his priority than some randoms with laser guns in Intergang territory. At least the latter was expected, if not ideal. The original Guardian gave the Newsboy Legion a second chance because he knew young people in the Slum were just given poor hands in life. That was a moral lesson that carved the very identity of this new Guardian.

    "I protect this town. Right now, I think it's in your best interest to do the same." He told the gangster sternly, but not angrily.

    In the back of the crowd of young men with blasters stood Humberto. He was a lanky guy, who was nineteen years old at the latest. He would've looked out of place in any gang. The fact they were using space armor, which barely fit him, and using technology right out of a movie. "It's The Guardian, man. He's like a local legend, jefe." The lad whispered to Syn, hoping he'd hear it. "He talked at my middle-school when I was a kid."

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Bruh Moment

  • Jariah Syn
    Location: Suicide Slums

    Before the man in costume could utter his words, the sudden arrival of these green-skinned brutes caught Jariah and his men of young adults in attention. As Jariah looked closer upon these brutes, he raised his eyebrows. Why? Because he thinks that these brutes were an interbreed of a Yuuzhan Vong and a Tof. Then the man in costume said that he protects this town and that they do the same. Jariah rolled his eyes, shaking his head for a moment.

    "You're not the only who protects this town, entertainer." Jariah replied sternly as well.

    One of the young men, a Latino background whispered up to him which Jariah did hear, saying that this man in costume is a local legend which Jariah believed. He tilt his head to Humberto, looking at him in the eye.

    "How is this man a local legend? He doesn't look like one." He said in a low tone, waiting for the young adult's response.

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  • guardian.png "He's been around some way or another since like, the 40's, man." Humberto understood Syn's skepticism. After all, if he'd never heard of a man in tights beating up criminals, he might find it a bit silly, too. "Just check him out."

    They have pretty squishy faces. The Guardian jumped into action, taking out a few of his fungal foes with gusto by socking them in the jaw. But I've punched squishier! In the grand scheme of things, Guardian was barely superhuman but he held his own against all comers.

    What Jariah Syn was true, though maybe not in the way he thought it would be. Across the city, other heroes were dealing with small smatterings of the orkish invasion that branched out from the crash. The adolescent clone Superboy had made a small pile of barely-conscious orks in front of the Taco Whiz. The armored hero Steel tried to study the 'trashpunk' ship that just crashed into Centennial Park. Notably, at the edge of the slum, Black Lightning was doing his thing and making quick work of the wave of orks that desperately tried to enter.

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  • Gerome was silent. That wasn't anything new. He kept a stern air about him, keeping Minerva in check as he helped lead the vanguard through this accursed place. And it was accursed. He knew nothing of this part of the world that they had come to, but he needed but a glance to know what kind of place this was. It was worse than any mass grave he had witnessed while fighting the Risen. At least in those places, even if the slain might reawaken as the enemy, it was a simple threat. This place... it reeked of a mental plague that Gerome dared not try to understand, and a kind of mental plague that threatened to return at any passing moment.

    "Spider... Nngh. Ben Reilly is right. Once we are out of this place, Minerva should be able to follow Carnage's scent. But don't let your guard down for a second. We must be ready for anything."
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  • HNepVll_logo_US-660x325.png
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka

    "Let your big sister lend you a hand, Stella," CPU Green Heart gently placed her hand over Stella's and transferred an extra boost of power into Stella's weapon.

    Stella's super-charged weapon fired an even greater volley of bullets at the Destroyer armor.

    "Keep firing! We still got credits left!" B-Sha rallied her fellow Gold Third members as Bandam fired an energy beam at the Destroyer.

    However, no matter how much firepower they shot at the Destroyer, the enchanted armor stood unaffected. The Destroyer swung its mighty arm and knocked backed Gold Third before firing another beam of energy at them.

    "It was nice knowing you, Noire..." K-Sha muttered as she accepted what she believed to be her imminent demise only for the destructive beam to miss her and her team completely. "Oh..."

    Their savoir was CPU White Heart, Blanc, the eldest of the CPUs swung her mallet upwards to knock the Destroyer's head up to divert its onslaught. "That's it, you're starting to piss me off!"

    Just before Blanc could strike another blow, the Destroyer delivered a headbutt to the goddess and knocked her down.

    "Blanny!" C-Sha cried out before she made a mad dash for Blanc and saved the petite goddess from being crushed under the Destroyer's heel.

    "You barely survived a fight with the General in your first encounter with him, remember?" Steamax coyly remarked. "What makes you think you'll win when he's in armor that vastly surpasses his own! Even with your friends!" Steamax chuckled before getting kicked in the face by C-Sha.

    "You don't know when to shut up, do you?" C-Sha glared at the mechanized ninja.

    Steamax nursed his chin as he muttered to himself, "Well, that was uncalled for..."

    "Neptune, what's the plan now?" CPU Black Heart, Noire, asked the goddess of Planeptune as the pair dodged the Destroyer's strike.

    "Honestly, Noire... I'm hoping for a miracle."

    However just when all hope was lost, the ceiling burst open from a power blast of sonic waves, it was then Neptune knew exactly who it was.

    "Have no fear! Uzume is here to keep your dreams alive!" Uzume in her true form of CPU Orange Heart transferred a portion of her energy to heal her fellow CPUs and their allies.

    "Uzume!" Neptune joyously cried out as the CPU they planned to save ended up being their savoir.

    "Thanks for heal..." Blanc rose back to her feet good as new.

    "And Uzume brought a gift so you could take down that mean doggie!" Uzume cheerfully said as she revealed to the group a blue and gold crystal.


    Now rejuvenated, Neptune gave a confident look of determination before turning to the other CPUs. "It appears that our miracle has finally made it..."

    Soon the CPUs transformed into a form far greater than what was previously imagined possible. Now powered by the faith and dreams of all of Gamsgard...

    Deep inside the Destoryer, Affimojas had one thought running through his mind, 'Not again...'

    Meanwhile deep within Secret Organization AffimaX's base the ensuing battle was closely monitored by Doctor Doom!
    Doctor Doom control room.jpg
    "The moment is at hand," Doom rose up from his command console and ventured deeper into his laboratory to initiate the next phase of his nefarious plot.

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