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Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate
  • CynthiaCheveuxAvatar1.png
    Gerome said:
    "Is there anything else? We should get a move on. This monster could be getting up to who knows what!"
    Hekapoo used her dimensional scissors to open a portal to the infamous asylum and walked out of the way for the rest of the group, "Spiders first."
    2099 gazed toward the portal for a moment, and upon collecting himself, glanced at Hekapoo briefly. "See you on the other side then," he only said, giving a two-fingered wave before hopping right into the portal.

    Cynthia rested a hand on her hip as she watched the gang of spider-people hop through the tear in space, one-by-one.

    On the other side lay a kind of place she'd never seen before...

    ...Someplace where she was bound to be a fish out of water.

    But wherever evil existed, the soon-to-be-legendary hero, Cynthia, would follow!

    Think of something cool to shout before the action...come on, Cynthia!

    The knight straddled her pegasus, taking the opportunity to use the dagger at her hip to sharpen the edge of her battle-worn lance before it was her turn to enter.

    "For those who shed innocent blood here today..."

    As "Spider-Ham" hobbled through the portal with those stubby little legs of his, Cynthia quickly blurted something out and kicked her horse into action.

    "I'll show no mercy! Here I come! HIYAAH!"

    Cynthia shot her head in Gerome's direction, giving him an encouraging smile and a nod of her head before teleporting from one side of the planet to the other.

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  • 1585612467354.pngIn only a few seconds, Darkness went from Kurse's hands to the scathing ground and into one of his attackers. Laying face-down on Gwen, she'd slowly push herself up with a "pained" moan and flushed cheeks. "Where could such a brute have hailed from?" she muttered, glancing around for her sword... which was nowhere to be found, launched somewhere during the time Kurse weaponized her. Darkness yanked Gwen onto her toes, meaning to say something before Kurse raised a sword over the battered Thor. A valiant look bore her face, and Darkness broke into a sprint, and hopefully, she would block Kurse's swing with her body.

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  • Yuri Watanabe.png

    As Ruby and Penny conversed with each other, Yuri walked up to the pair to inform them of a violation that the two were ignorant to.

    "I'm sorry, but the Towa Group explicitly said that this party has a 'No Weapons' policy for the guests and I have you two to please leave the premises," Yuri explained the two huntresses before eyeing Penny. "That also means the android has to go. I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

    Meanwhile, Hank Pym pondered on what the Beacon Professor discovered in the android's files before responding, "Perhaps I could take a look on the files myself... But considering that A.I.M. and the Frightful Four attacked the expo not too long ago... I may have a hunch on what those files might be."

    And across the hall, Janet van Dyne recounted the time the Avengers fought in the Kree-Skrull War alongside the noble Kree Soldier Captain Mar-Vell much to the delight of the young princess that she had befriended.

    While the guests enjoyed the festivities, Mary Jane Watson, puts her investigative journalist skills and her acting to the test.

    "Excuse me, Mister Haiji Towa," MJ casually walked up to the Towa Group's table. "I'm Mary Jane Watson with the Daily Bugle; I'm writing a piece on the Towa Group's advance robotics technology." MJ motioned over to the seat opposite the Towa Group's heir and asked, "Is it okay if I take this seat? The interview would only take just a moment of your time."
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  • Raiden continued moving through the ventilation shaft. What more was there for him to do? He still couldn't raise Commander Hill on the codec. To make matters worse, the soliton radar was proving all but useless. The mission had gone from bad, to worse, to something even more unsettling. All of this was topped off by the bloodcurdling scream. Raiden almost couldn't tell who it might have come from at first... but he knew that it was Ghost.

    "This place is going to the dogs! Hill!... damnit!"

    He cursed under his breath, thankful that, in a sense, he was out of danger for now. He didn't exactly have to worry about Ghost for now, and no one else (that Raiden knew of) was going to pop up in this cramped space. But, if Raiden recalled the floor plans of the facility, where Ghost had gone... was where he needed to go. More conveniently (and worringly) still, these vents led right into that room. He'd be going in blind...

    What else was new? He got a move on, pushing the new stress to the back of his mind where the rest of it was... again, what else was new?

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  • He was briefly stunned by the dazzling brightness of the portal.

    Coming out, Shirou stood in a relaxed position. Even if he didn't have to preserve his stamina, it would be pointless to waste it for now by standing with his swords raised up.

    Using a bow, his eyesight and reaction speed would both sharpen and deepen. Using a sword, his ability to swing would allow him to cut a streetlamp in half with one stroke. But that did not mean he could jump to the roof of a building, or lift a car. He didn't become a superhuman.

    This wasn't entirely true for Archer's twin blades. They bore a fragment of Archer, and Archer was Shirou Emiya. In other words, Archer who was a superhuman, was Shirou Emiya, who inherited Archer's abilities. It was a confusing mess, but what it meant was that he could inherit some measure of Archer's condition as a Heroic Spirit. He couldn't borrow Archer's full might, or at least not safely. If he pushed himself far enough, Shirou imagined he could maybe even offer Saber a good challenge, but that kind of push was indubitably fatal. His body wasn't meant to cope with such power.

    At first, it would be straining, like his body was a sponge suddenly being squeezed in a vice-like grip, and every drop of water flowing out was his stamina draining in a few seconds. After that, it would quickly become deadly - in a matter of minutes, either his body, mind, or both would degenerate, depending on what his circuits chose to devour first.

    He... knew it was true, for some reason. It was as certain as sunrise arriving in the morning to his mind, but why? He couldn't remember experiencing it before, at least not vividly. Only wisps of something related to the activity. Something black and red, that moved quickly, and his body moving in response. A rhythmic beating of steel. There was no beauty to it, only conviction.

    A small headache accompanied the thoughts. It pulsed with pain in his skull, like the dull ringing of a hammer onto a gong. As if reacting to his resistance, it hit him one last time at five times the force, and left, taking his vague memories with it. Shaking off the sensation, Shirou looked at Doctor Fate with a small frown.

    The magus... well, it was hard to think of him as a magus. He seemed to be closer to a Caster Servant, manifested into the world, in terms of raw power. Shirou hadn't seen him fight, but the man radiated power and glory, and his tower was a jumbled mess to Shirou's senses, so he had to be on a similar tier to a Heroic Spirit. Maybe if he existed in their universe, he would have received such a prestigious status, but here, the rules that Shirou was used to didn't apply.

    Even so, he was underestimating Illya if he was getting down on one knee to ask her about her power. But...

    He glanced at the girl. She wasn't the same Illyasviel he knew. The one from Shirou's world tended to switch between two modes. She was either cruel, ruthless, and cold like winter, or oddly wistful, cheerful and bright like a sun. He had yet to see this Illya adopt a scary look or threaten someone with death or order a Berserker to remove someone's organs, which meant she wasn't the same hardened little sister he used to know. He would still protect her, but Doctor Fate wasn't wrong - her abilities were just as much mystery to Shirou as they were to everyone else in the room, and if she had anything that could contribute to the battle, it would be good to know.

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"I may look like I'm unable to hold my own-"

"But Illya here defeated Saber Alter with the use of my powers!"

Illya had sweat drop.
"That... Wasn't how it happened. I defeated her when Rin borrowed you."

Illya then looked at Doctor Fate, before nodding to herself.
"I am capable of holding my own in a fight, so you don't need to worry about me. Besides, "

She took a class card out of her deck case before holding it up. The image of a Knight was on the front, wielding a sword.

"I have this for a secret weapon."

"Illya, can you please transform? "
"Oh right, sorry!"


  • "That sounds cool. You know, my sister also went to adventures similar to yours. Too bad she won't tell me about them."

    "It's all confidential, and only those involved have the right to know. Well, except that one mission where you've went missing while I was pursuing the Skullgirl."

    "It wasn't my fault that I went missing. I just...well...got baited, that's all."

    "By that monster nun? Umbrella, you should already know that our mother is-"

    "Yeah, I know. You don't need to remind me of that."

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  • In the hallowed halls of the 'Midway Zawame Museum of Science' stood two dire figures, pointing their fantastical guns at the underpaid employees. One's head glowed an evil glow in a sphere around his head, while the other was a large, crude ape of a man, wielding his undersized gun in his massive hands.

    "We've discovered the secret you swore to protect for the sake of the city!" shouted the glowing one. "Bring us the Absorbascon! We know that Hawkman has trusted you to protect it with your life! I'm sure you aren't prepared to come to pass at the hands of...Moonglow!"

    His partner, Dr. Weerd, stayed quiet. He figured a lack of talking would prove more intimidating for the curators than explaining what he might do to them if they stepped out of line.

    A room over, the younger side of the JSA waited for instructions from their chaperone.
    "When are we actually going to do something about this?" Jakeem Thunder, the guy with a genie, asked. They'd been there for about half an hour, waiting for the right time to strike. His teammates seemed to share his mixture of boredom and anxiousness, though to different degrees.
    Stargirl had taken to reading the text on the exhibit explaining how Matter Master's wand worked to break up the tedium, while Cyclone stood by and listened to the man with the dome on his head threaten the guests, waiting to strike.

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Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade

Upon his arrival via motorcycle, Tsukasa enters the scene before anyone else only finds out that two villains have entered the museum but he hasn't come up with a plan, to begin with. This is his first time in Midway Zawame and he wasn't too familiar with encountering new villains that he hasn't seen before.

Of course, he has the ability to change the course of reality such as dressing up based on their occupations and changing the weather such as rain and snow but it all depends on how it could be used for something important.

However, he is not much of a god but a person who can access nine other Riders like himself. Back to the mission, he waited for the others of their first move before him.


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  • --Ex-Aid Lv. XX || Cross-Z Magma--
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    "Mind if I go for a DPS play, then?" Emu smiled, taking out one chunky looking cartridge that's both orange and blue. "Cause I can work with that!" he said, pressing onto it's button, a holographic screen apearing behind Emu's head, showing it's title screen


    Emu then flipped the cartridge on his hands, whirling it until its aligned with the cartridge slots on his belt. "Dai Henshin!" He proclaimed, slamming the thick cartridge onto the slots, soon opening it, unveiling a screen which contains a silhouette that appears similar to the one that Emu transforms into when putting on the cartridge without opening the door. As it wrapped around Emu, he soon turns into a large, fat looking suit with orange and blue hair split in the middle.


    "DAAAAAAAAAI~!" Emu closed the door once more andspun both his arms around until he finished saying the word, soon opening the door shortly afterwards. "HENSHIN!"


    Another holographic screen emerged from the ohle, this time, showing the singular chubby silhouette flashing into two seperate entities, and it wrapped around Emu, the white body parts popped off except for the face plate, causing two humanoid figures to materialized with its face place on their shoulders, halved. The figures appear to be symettrical in every way. Where as the left one has cyan, spiky hair with orange slick back right side of the hair and is mostly cyan, the right is the exact opposite, bearing orange spiky hair with cyan slick back left side of his hair and his body's mostly orange.

    "Let's clear this..." The orange Ex-Aid spoke, picking up the Iron Sword he has.

    View attachment 705054

    "...With our super Co-Op Play!" The cyan Ex-Aid finished, drawing out what appears to be a sword with a cyan crystalized blade and a shotgun barrel along its blade. It also has a crystalized orange ax-blade on its guard, as well as a keypad grid composed of three colors. Orange, blue, and yellow.

    With a smirk inside both Ex-Aids' helmets, they began to rush towards Kurse, with the Orange Ex-Aid swinging his Iron sword at him followed by the Cyan Ex-Aid slashing at him with the Gamer Rider's weapon followed by Cross-Z throwing a punch at Kurse with his heated Iron Knuckle at him.


He Has The World In His Head

  • It replayed in her mind like that of a movie. A recurring dream.
    All of it would play, the betrayals, the wishes.... Even the very first time he would join to her....
    The memories were vivid, like life itself was going around her....

    That was partly true. She was dead, yes, but her mere existance would rest eternally until a horrific being, a harbinger of destruction, the Skullgirl would bring her back.
    Until then, she was resting.... With the subtle notes of rocking and the occasional noise of sea from out of her coffin....
    Wait. Rocking? Noises of sea?

    "....Squigly!" Whispered a voice out of her slumber.
    The voice would fade and echo in her dreamscaping state, her vivid dream distorting and disrupting causing her to succumb to a void.

    "Squigly!" Whispered that voice, but a bit louder, snapping the girl awake from her slumber.

    "Huh?" She said, causing the snake like creature wrapped around her to look around.

    "L-Lev?" She asked.

    "Thank goodness, Milady. You've awoken...." Said the creature, "However, we are not in the most beneficial of circumstances."

    The zombie girl, Squigly, would slowly move a hand to a wall of the coffin, wondering what her parasite had meant.

    "We seem to be on a ship.... Do you notice the rocking? The noises?" Whispered Leviathan.

    Squigly would only focus for a moment to notice each. After all, it's what brought her back to consciousness.

    "Yes, though I wonder who it's being led by." She said.

    "To my sorrow, I do not know whose it is."

    Lowering her hand, the zombified girl move it to her companion, comforting him with a small rub under his chin.

    "There's no need to feel bad, Leviathan. You have done wonderfully for the both of us."

    With a sudden rock, the coffin would shift a bit, causing both Squigly and Leviathan to quiet down, as well as he coiling around her. After a moment, the coffin would have some light slightly peer through from some cracks, showing that it could be opened up.

    Slowly pushing it open, Leviathan would look around, allowing Squigly to feel it was safe to walk out, causing the duo to exit to a rather empty area of the ship. Now with some extra room, and some fresh air, Squigly would take a moment to take in the atmosphere, while Leviathan uncoiled from her, allowing extra movement and more space on her end.

    "It's.... Empty here...." Said she.

    "Let us hope that it stays this way for long." Finished Leviathan.

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  • Yuri Watanabe.png

    Yuri turned her attentions to Ren and explained, "I understand your concerns but those are the rules and even the Avengers aren't exempt from them." After explaining the situation, Yuri returned to her post and left the huntsmen be.

    As Yuri made her way back to her post, she caught a glimpse of the ursine servers and shuddered at the memories that their visage brought back to her.

    I know they were stolen from the Towa Group by a terrorist group but... they should at least change their faces after those incidents.

    Meanwhile with Doctor Henry Pym, where he and the armored rider began to theorize what A.I.M. was after...

    "While I don't condone their actions, the term villain is a bit of a loaded term," Hank explained his opinion on the use of the term. "I've worked to rehabilitate those criminals for most of my career even before becoming an Avenger... but that's besides the point. I feel that A.I.M. was after those Isotopes that S.H.I.E.L.D. sent to the joint Stark-Towa Research group for study... At least that's what I've heard from the ants."


    The Superior Six™ sat on the Paddy Wagon's benches, bored out of their minds... Miu, the annoying intern that Beetle insists is a member of the gang, fell asleep. Her head resting on her very volatile mentor's shoulder.

    "If she starts drooling... I'm going to kick the ever-loving ☠☠☠☠ out of her..." Beetle grumbled to herself as her hands clenched as Miu snored.

    "That's why I stuck with five, Beetle..." Boomerang took the opportunity to rub it in Beetle's face but the daughter of infamous drug lord, Tombstone, isn't having it.

    "Just shut up, Fred... at least I had the decency to find someone who might be actually useful and not some useless robot just because you don't want to split the cash six ways!" Beetle defended her move to bring in the Ultimate Inventor in their gang.

    "I liked the Living Brain better... he was nicer to me..." Overdrive mumbled to himself as he reminisced fond memories of the actual sixth member of the gang during their time as the 'New and Improved Sinister Six' but he was the only one who seemed to care.

    "He was a robot, Overdrive... We could get a better one off of Amazon..." Speed Demon tried to cheer up the Technomancer but only succeeded in bringing his mood down even further. "Maybe one of those fancy Japanese Robot Wives."
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  • This is the tale of the unluckiest street racer in the whole of Battleworld... This is the tale of Robbie Reyes. Before the Convergence that created the strange planet, Robbie was possessed by the soul of his uncle Eli Morrow, a notorious serial killer and satanist, and cursed by the deal that took his uncle's life... turning Robbie into--
    With the aid of Doctor Strange and the Defenders, Robbie found himself free of Eli's influence but... he was not free of the Ghost Rider's curse.

    There was only one vehicle on a forgotten highway by the shores of the continent of Mewnisse... The Ghost Rider's Hellcharger! The Vehicle burned with brimstone as it sped across the highway with purpose.

    The Medici...

    Robbie Reyes thought back to what led him to pursuing the infamous Canopian crime family... He thought back to the moment when the Medici sought to extend their power and influence to Animerica starting with the Calisota city of Los Angeles. It was then that the Medici kidnapped Robbie's little brother, Gabriel, for their human trafficking ring... It was also then they felt the fury of the Spirit of Vengeance!

    Those sons of bitches shouldn't have messed with Gabe! No one messes with my family and gets away with it!

    The fires of vengeance were stoked that day. While Robbie was able to rescue is brother, the sight of children dressed in rags and being used as cheap labor only fueled the Ghost Rider's flames. Robbie then made it his mission to see the Medici feel the flames of hell.

    When I get my hands on them... they're gonna wish the Punisher got to them first!

    Upon the distance, the Ghost Rider spotted a Cargo Ship... And soon the Hellcharger sped off of the highway and on to the sea. The hellish vehicle left a trail of fire on the sea's surface. Soon, the damned chains of the Ghost Rider's Hellcharger sprung out and wrapped themselves around the ship, causing it to rock towards the Hellcharger and giving the Ghost Rider the chance to land his car on the deck of the Medici ship.

    No one on the deck... But I'm sensing a lot of evil on this ship.

    Ghost Rider got out of his Hellcharger and was quickly greeted by the sight of a bloody pentagram painted on the deck and surrounded by candles.
    All-New Ghost Rider.jpg
    Yeah... That's a lot of evil.

    Ghost Rider surveyed his surroundings to find that he was indeed alone.

    Need to head down to the Cargo... I got to see what those bastards are hiding!

    And So the Ghost Rider's chains tore the deck apart and gave him access to the cargo bay... Where he saw the living corpse of a young girl and a skeletal serpent.

    "What the hell are you?" Ghost Rider stared at the living corpse, unsure what to make of it.
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  • The duo would turn around to who would make that voice right behind them, and the owner was quite the.... Figure of someone. His height would be a bit above the undead girl, causing her one eye to have to look up at his flaming skull....
    A flaming skull? That would usually make a regular person wonder just how such a thing was possible. And honestly, she felt as if she probably did not wish to know.
    Then again, being a dead girl with a missing eye, skeletal hand, pieces of skin being gone, a bony dragon snake coiling from one's ear and whatever else wasn't exactly the most COMMON thing....

    Despite the intimidating presence the man had, Leviathan would have his own profile, commenting on the strange ethereal aura this chain-slinging male would exude.

    "I see.... Perhaps you are another who walks the line of life and death...."

    Save for the slight hesitation the girl had, she would speak up, somehow.... Since her mouth would lay bare with stitches.

    "If I may interject, are you in charge of this ship, by any chance?" Asked she.

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  • All-New_Ghost_Rider_(2014)_Logo2.png
    MrSaturnUL MrSaturnUL

    The Ghost Rider eyed the undead girl and the skeletal serpent that made a residence of the poor girl's head as the pair asked the young rider questions. Robbie eyed the undead girl and sensed her as an innocent life that was tragically taken far too soon. He sensed that the pair were victims and felt obligated to answer their questions.

    "First off, my situation is a bit more complicated than yours..." Robbie explained to the serpent and the undead girl. "I'm just unlucky kid that's bonded to the Spirit of Vengeance which makes answering the girl's question a bit easier."

    "This isn't my ship... This ship belongs to the Medici," the Ghost Rider answered the last question. "Now that I've answered your questions... It's my turn. What the hell happened here? There's a bloody pentagram on the deck which probably means there was some evil $#@% going on on this ship."


Yubi Yubi

  • --Sento Kiryu--
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    "Sorry, kinda got used to the term during my time with UA." Sento aplogized before Pym went on and speculated that A.I.M is after some Isotopes that S.H.I.E.L.D gave to Stark-Towa Research center for study. This got Sento thinking. "What were those Isotopes, anyway?" He asked, "I'm guessing since S.H.I.E.L.D kept them, they must be working on some kind chemical-based experiment-- or god forbid, something of alien origin." He winced at the thought that it may be the latter, knowing the dangers of such an Isotope.
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Sayaka Miki & Estelle:
The Sisters War
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Sayaka would bring a hand up and stop Red from trying to hug her.

"Now isn't the time!"
She would then look towards Estelle.

"That killing technique or whatever, you think you can use it at the moment? "

Estelle shook her head.
"I don't have enough MP to do so! All I can manage is blocking and counter attack abilities right now!"

Sayaka bit back a curse before looking towards the giant in armor, currently in combat with both Tokusetsu guys.

I hate to admit it... But I don't have the power to do much else... Am I really unable to do anything?!

Estelle held out her sword to Sayaka.

"Take it."
"I can't fight for too much longer! I'm exhausted and I may get overwhelmed before too long! I trust you won't end up breaking it, but please be careful with it when fighting okay?"

Sayaka would be silent for a moment, before grabbing the sword.

"I won't let you down! Kid,"
She said to Red.
"Watch over Warrior lady over here!"

Sayaka then ran off towards Kurse, the sword of Edrik glowed with power as she got behind him as he was distracted.

She would then thrust the blade towards his back, right where the heart would be.

Venom by night

Magic Eight Ball

In a dingy tavern in mewnisse Jack Russel is sitting in front of the strange bar tender in his wolf form thinking about what to do next....

"Hmmmmm I got to be honest with you, things have not been goin well for me."

"Oh ? do tell."

Jack Russel takes a few big gulps of his mug and gets ready to speak.

"Alright here's what's been going on..."


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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind

    As the ragtag group of freedom-loving crusaders ready to give chase... The city cried out for a hero.
    Danger 5 Dinosaurs.gif
    The Nazi Dinosaurs wrecked havoc across the streets! But that was obviously gonna happen... Meanwhile our heroes' limo sped through the highway.

    On the wheel was not McKenzie but the crazed Aussie Ninja, Tucker!

    In the back of the limo, Famous Pierre was livid over what the Aussie might do to the limo. "McKenzie! why did you let Tucker drive my birthday present!?" Pierre shouted at his friend/butler, hoping to find what sort of madness possessed the skilled Ninja/Jedi into letting Tucker take the wheel.

    <"Master Pierre, I had no choice!"> McKenzie screamed at before sobbing in Famous Pierre's equally famous arms.

    "Tucker must be very convincing..." Pierre muttered to himself in horror as his mind raced with the question of what did Tucker do to McKenzie to make him give up the limo?

    At the front of the limo, the rest of the group watched cautiously, hoping that Tucker doesn't run over any innocent bystanders.

    "Now that we had that matter settled with... Let's actually get to business!" Tucker said with a toothy and dismissive grin. Tucker glanced at the rear-view mirror to make eye contact with the teen detective Layton, "You, detective girl! You're smart! Tell me, what would those dinosaurs want with Hitler?"


Endearing Misanthrope
  • Miguel O'Hara - Ravencroft

    "Jammit... What a mess," Miguel said with a scrunched gaze underneath his mask. He had done all he could to prepare himself for what he expected to see while on the trail of Carnage, but even so, he still couldn't fully stomach the mere sight of this massacre. In a way, maybe it was a good thing. If he ever got used to this level of violence, then he'd be truly lost at this point. The same could be said for any costume, at least.

    Still, Miguel stood in front of Marco and Star almost like a protective parent, clenching his fist tightly. It wasn't like standing in front of them would erase the horrid images from their mind, but it was enough, like a verbal way of saying that this wasn't what they needed to be seeing. He was already starting to regret letting the kids come along. This wasn't some mook like a Hobgoblin, an Electro here, or a Vulture there. Hell, not even Venom -- be it Tyler or Brock from the Golden Age -- could pull something like this. But he already made his decision, as did the children. He couldn't go back on his word, but he would sooner die before letting any harm come to the kids.

    And he meant it.

    "Yeah... You're right. There's no need to stick around here," Miguel concurred with Gerome, briskly taking a step forward and ushering the others to follow suit, almost fancying himself the makeshift leader of this party, not that he had much experience leading anyone. Not yet, anyway. Call it arrogance if one would.

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  • 500px-TransformersMarvelUK100sLogo.png
    TableCloth TableCloth

    The Guardians of the Galaxy guided the Bentenmaru crew through the odd and alien landscape of Battleworld. Onboard the Guardians' ship, the Co-Pilots, Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord discussed an odd detail about their mission.

    "Shouldn't the Autobots be already on top of this one?" Rocket asked Star-Lord.

    "Of course they would be if it wasn't for the whole resort thing..." Star-Lord shrugged while keeping his hands firmly around the ship's controls. "That sort of thing kinda complicates things for giant robots."


    Two Days Ago... In the residential sector of Portland, Oregon...

    Spike Witwicky, the Autobots' closest Human ally, stood next a young blonde girl as Spike's father, Sparkplug Witwicky, was under the hood of a Japanese Sports Car to repair a minor issue.

    "See, Minerva? I told you, Dad could fix up your car," Spike crossed his arms confident of his father's skills as a mechanic.

    "I still can't believe someone would let their kid drive a car like this," Sparkplug interjected, bewildered by the idea of a young girl owning a car.

    "I am eighteen, Sir, and I earned my licence just last week," Minerva with a smile on her face quickly informed Sparkplug.

    "Yeah, she's just a bit short, Dad," Spike defended his friend's honor. "Doesn't make her a kid."

    "What did she use a booster seat to pass Driver's Ed?" Sparkplug sarcastically asked while keeping his focus on the repair work.

    "That'll be enough, Dad... Just tell us what's the problem."

    "It's just a worn transmission, Spike... I could fix it right back up in a bit."

    "Your father really is quite the mechanic, Mr. Witwicky," Minerva expressed her astonishment of Sparkplug's skills with Spike. "It seems that he enjoys simply repairing my car."

    "Mr. Witwicky is my dad, please just call me Spike, okay?" Spike chuckled as he corrected Minvera.

    "I'm sorry, Spike," Minerva giggled at her own mistake.

    "And yeah, Dad's been itching to get the chance to repair something ever since the Decepticons destroyed his car repair shop before this whole Battleworld stuff happened," Spike reflected upon the

    "You got that right, son... A lot of things has changed since then," Sparkplug added somberly as he continued with the repairs.

    Minerva held her head down before speaking up, "You mean Buster?"

    "H-How did you know?" Sparkplug paused the repair work to meet the young woman's eyes.

    "I told her about him, dad..." Spike admitted to informing Minerva of Buster.

    "Of course you did, Spike..." Sparkplug sighed and left his repair job unfinished to speak with the two. "Buster... He disappeared around the same time the Decepticons destroyed my repair shop... Spike's seen him. Buster's still a prisoner of the Decepticons."

    "And the Decepticons are using Buster as their little mascot for their Club Con scam!"

    "If he was on those ads, then why couldn't you try contacting him by the ad's phone number?" Minerva asked the father and son duo.

    "You think I never thought of doing that!?" Sparkplug shouted before calming down. "Sorry... I did but... I never heard a peep from him."

    "I'm sorry, Mr. Witwicky. If only there's something I could do to help you," Minerva placed her hand on Sparkplug's shoulder in hopes to comfort the distraught father.

    "Kid, I know you mean well and all but--" Sparkplug was unable to finish his sentence as a small metal capsule came crashing down in front of them!

    The Metal capsule broke open to reveal a red boom box that was more than meets the eye! The boom box transformed to reveal its true form as the Heroic Autobot Blaster!

    "Sparkplug Witwicky, I'm guessing Spike didn't get the chance to introduce me... I am Blaster. My Commander, Optimus Prime, suggested I drop in on you two," Blaster introduced himself. "He thought we might be able to help each other out-- You two sneak me on to the Decepticon's Island and put a stop to their little game of deception and rescue Buster to boot!"

    "You Autobots have been nothing but trouble for my family and me ever since I first rolled one of you into my garage!" Sparkplug lashed out at the Autobot, only to be held back by his own son, Spike. "I swore I'd never have anything to do with you guys again!"

    "Dad! Calm down! This is our best shot to save Buster!" Spike turned his father around to meet him eye to eye.

    It was then that Sparkplug yielded, "You're right, son... I'd shake hands with the devil if it means we'll get Buster back." Sparkplug turned to face Blaster and said, "Fine... I'll take you to that island."

    "Spike, Mr. Witwicky, that resort is full of Decepticons, and if they still have Buster captive there... wouldn't your arrival raise suspicion?" Minvera poked a hole in the group's plan to save Buster and stop the Decepticons.

    Sparkplug let out a deep sigh before turning to face his son, "She's got a point, Spike."

    "Then how's Blaster suppose to get on the Decepticons' Island?" Spike was beside himself as it felt that their hopes of saving Buster was slowly fading away.

    "My father is planning on taking me to a resort for the holidays," Minerva spoke up. "Perhaps I could suggest Club Con as our destination."

    "Looks like we got ourselves a volunteer!" Blaster chuckled at how quickly their dilemma was solved.

    "Blaster, Minerva is the daughter of a Japanese Ambassador for Mont Porte and if anything ever happens to her on this mission, that could mean war!" Spike raised his concerns for not only Minerva's well being but the consequences of her possible demise. "I don't want that sitting on my conscience."

    "Don't worry, Spike. This mission is gonna be low profile. We go in and out. Trust me, it's not my first infiltration mission," Blaster told Spike to put his worries to rest.

    "I hope you're right, Blaster..."
    Autobot to Decepticon.gif
    In the Present at Club Con, renowned vacation getaway for humans...
    And the secret base for the Decepticons!

    As with most tourist destinations on Battleworld, Club Con was more than meets the eye. Deep below the scenic sapphire blue seas was the true form of the island resort, a massive Decepticon warship! It is here, where the seemingly reformed Decepticons' true colors are shown.

    "This operation must succeed!" bellowed the commanding voice of the Decepticon's fearsome leader, Megatron! "Failure is not an option!"

    "You worry too much, Lord Megatron," spoke the voice of the Decepticon Second-in-Command and Air Commander, Starscream.

    "With you heading operations, Starscream... I have every right to!" Megatron sneered as he sat upon his throne.

    "Don't worry, your little watchdog, Soundwave, will make sure I don't take the Time Gem for myself," Starscream bowed before his superior to hide a devious smirk on the Seeker's face. "Now if you'll excuse me, my liege... I must, in my capacity as the manager of Club Con, welcome the latest jet-load of visitors."

    "Enough of your prattling, Starscream! Just go!" an irritated Megatron ordered Starscream, and on command, Starscream did just that.

    High above the luxury resort flew the Decepticon Combaticon Space Warrior, Blast-Off!

    "We're nearing our destination, humans! I hope you enjoy paradise!" Blast-Off spoke to his occupants.

    In the Jungles of the tropical island getaway, lurked Starscream as he watched the Combaticon Space Shuttle flying to the island.

    "Ah-- I see Blast-Off has arrived with the latest litter of loathsome fleshlings for me to greet," Starscream thought aloud as Blast-Off, in his brown space shuttle mode, made his way to the island's landing strip. "Sometimes my job could be so distasteful."

    At the landing strip, Blast-Off opened his shuttle doors to let the guests out to be welcomed by Club Con's own, Starscream. Accompanying the Air Commander were two smaller Decepticons, Visper and Storm Cloud of the Micromaster Air Strike Patrol.

    "Welcome, humans-- Welcome to Paradise on Earth!" Starscream begrudgingly welcomed the human guests. "Please, allow our lovely staff of micromasters, Visper and Storm Cloud, carry your luggage and escort you all to your rooms."

    "This place is wonderful!" Minerva was at awe of the sights of the Decepticon's resort island. In the young woman's hand was none other than the Noble Autobot, Blaster, in his boom box mode.

    "Don't let appearances fool you, Minerva. Deception is a 'con's MO!" Blaster whispered to the young Mont Porte woman.

    "But our host seems nice, Blaster," Minerva whispered back to her Autobot ally.

    "Minerva, I know that Mont Porte only has had a few brushes with the 'Cons but for your information... that's Starscream! The guy's so much of a backstabber, it's a wonder why Megatron ever keeps him around!" Blaster warned his young companion of the dangers that Starscream posed. "But don't let a minor detail like that get in the way of your vacation, soft-skin..."

    Minerva was taken aback by Blaster's warnings but quietly responded with, "I'll try not to..."

    Bixir Bixir Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo

    While the human visitors of the island frolic with blissful ignorance to the Decepticon plot, Minerva sat on a beach towel branded with the Decepticon insignia and beside her was Blaster.

    "Is this a nice spot for you, Blaster, or do prefer that I take you somewhere else?" Minerva worriedly asked the heroic Autobot Communications Officer, if their location was to his liking.

    "Listen, you're just here to enjoy a holiday vacation with your folks, leave the surveillance to me," Blaster told the young woman to not worry about such things. "Your job is done-- you snuck me onto this island. You've already taken all the risks you're going to take."

    "Right, my family vacation," Minerva reluctantly agreed to Blaster's terms. However the young woman couldn't help but notice something about the Club Con staff. "Blaster, I'm surprised that the Decepticons would even let humans in their staff."

    "It's to keep up appearances, kid," Blaster readily gave Minerva an explanation for the Decepticon's ploy. "Now just pretend I'm just an ordinary boom box and keep a low profile, this beach is just swarming with 'Cons."

    "Right..." and with just one word, Minerva resumed the charade of blissful ignorance.

    By the beach shore, humans enjoyed the sapphire blue waters of the resort... With the Decepticon-brand of supervision. By the buoys stood the Combaticon Interrogator, Vortex!

    "Listen up, bathers! For your own safety don't swim pass the buoys!" Vortex ordered the swimmers. "I don't want to warn any one of you a second time!"

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  • Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_Logo.png

    High above the sapphire seas of Club Con were two fighter jets, one black and the other blue, but these were no mere fighter jets... These jets are more than meets the eye!

    "Thundercracker! I'm picking up a couple of ships filled to the brim with uninvited guests!" the black jet spoke in the voice of the Decepticon prankster, Skywarp!

    "You're right, Skywarp! Maybe you're not stupid after all!" the blue jet, Thundercracker, spoke who was impressed by his fellow Seeker's work.

    "I'd take that as a compliment, old friend!" Skywarp brimmed with pride. "So how's about we give those fleshlings a good ol' Decepticon welcome!"

    "Sure! But no weapons, Skywarp! We've got to maintain Club Con's reputation!" Thundercracker warned his trigger-happy friend what was at stake.

    "Aw! You're no fun!" Skywarp expressed his disappointment as his null-rays powered down. "But let's see who gets to them first, Thundercracker!" Skywarp then used his ability to teleport to get a head start of his sudden racing challenge.

    "I don't know why I'm friends with that idiot..." Thundercracker shook his head before flying to catch up with Skywarp. The Decepticon's thrusters emitted a sound similar to the mighty crash of thunder, befitting of the Decepticon's name, as he flew to catch up with Skywarp.
    Decepticon to Autobot.gif
    TableCloth TableCloth

    "Did anyone hear that?" a concerned Mantis asked her fellow Guardians.

    "The thunder? Pretty sure we all heard it," Rocket casually answered Mantis.

    "Don't you think it's strange?" Mantis continued her line of questioning.

    "Yeah, it's nothing but blue skies..." Star-Lord made note of the vacation friendly weather.

    "I am Groot," Groot presented a walkman to Star-Lord, hoping to play the song.

    "Not now, Groot. We're suppose to be low profile here," Star-Lord eased Groot's hand down and denied the Planet X native the chance to play 'Mister Blue Skies.'

    "Must be that Asgardian who's responsible for this," Drax pitched in with his own little theory.

    "Pretty sure, Thor's busy with something else, Drax," Star-Lord quickly informed Drax why it couldn't be Thor.

    Suddenly a black jet materialized before the Milano and Bentenmaru, "Guardians! I see you have a little air convoy! Isn't that cute?" The black jet then transformed to reveal itself as the notorious Decepticon Warrior, Skywarp!

    "You got to be kidding me!" Rocket cursed upon seeing the Seeker.

    Suddenly a blue jet appeared accompanied by the sound of mighty thunder.

    "So that's what was responsible for the thunder," Mantis smiled, content with finding out the source of the mysterious thunder.

    "Thundercracker, looks like I won our little race!" Skywarp chuckled to himself as the Blue Jet transformed into the Decepticon Rebel Warrior, Thundercracker!

    "Enough of your games, Skywarp! We're here for business!" Thundercracker scolded Skywarp's childish antics.

    "Whatever! I still won!" Skywarp crossed his arms and snubbed his more serious friend.

    "Great, it's these two..." Rocket sighed as he released his grip of the Milano's controls and rested his chin on his paw.

    Skywarp snickered to himself, willing to claim victory over his farce of a race.

    Thundercracker simply shook his head at his fellow seeker before turning his attentions to the Milano and Bentenmaru, "What are you doing here?"

    Crap! Think of a good lie, Pete...

    "Uh, we're just giving our friends in the other ship a tour around Battleworld, you know?" Star-Lord lied, hoping that it would get the two Decepticons to leave them alone. "They're new here, you see."

    "Sorry, but sky tours in this air space is reserved for Club Con Guests and can only be conducted by Club Con Staff!" Thundercracker informed the Guardians. "I'm afraid we would have to request you to turn back now."

    "Or we'll be forced to make you!" Skywarp smirked, itching to shoot down the two ships.

    Star-Lord acted fast and offered up a deal to the two Decepticons, "There's no need for that! We could just buy some tickets!"

    "In that case... We'll offer you the special family package," Thundercracker opened his wrist mounted communicator and sent the digital tickets to the two ships. "But it's going to cost you two 60,000 Shanix."

    "Sixty Thou-- Are you serious!?" Star-Lord was beside himself at the cost of the tickets.

    "We've scanned how many lifeforms are on that ship you're escorting... and considering that they're dimensionally displaced, it's safe to assume that you're covering for it," Thundercracker defended the astronomical price for the tickets.

    "Fine, we'll pay..." Star-Lord accepted defeat and offered to pay for the tickets.

    "Well, there goes my life savings..." Rocket threw up his paws as Star-Lord made the transaction.

    "Good! Now, we'll be escorting your ships to Club Con's docking bay!" Thundercracker soon transformed back to his jet mode as did his partner in crime, Skywarp. "Do keep in mind that we have eyes in the air, so don't try breaking away from the convoy!"

    "Yeah, yeah... We get it." Star-Lord mumbled to himself as he and Rocket maneuvered the Milano to follow the Blue Seeker.

    As for the Bentenmaru crew, Skywarp was their guide.

    "Now then, fleshlings! I need you to stick close to me and for your amusement, please enjoy Club Con's little promo video!" Skywarp pulled up the same advertising video for Club Con that featured Starscream and Buster Witwicky before flying off to guide the crew to the Docking Bay.
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  • 1589066507531.pngAs soon as the order was given, Darkness appeared between the massive Dark Elf and Uni. This time, she held her sword high and mighty, having found it by chance. "To think you'd want me to take a blow from one of the most powerful beings I've seen!" she said, as if accusing Uni of her current predicament. But not after I strike, first! Darkness sent an unafraid gaze up at Kurse, nervously gripping the handle. She yelled, swinging with all her might at the large Dark Elf...


    Darkness looked up at Kurse, a half-mortified, half-flourished look in her eyes. Her sword remained etched in the ground, not even close to Kurse. "Do with my body what you like, but the defenseless maidens shall remain untouched by your vile hands!"

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  • City of Despair.png


    While the guests enjoyed the festivities, Mary Jane Watson put her investigative-journalist skills and her acting to the test.

    "Excuse me, Mister Haiji Towa," MJ casually walked up to the Towa Group's table. "I'm Mary Jane Watson with the Daily Bugle; I'm writing a piece on the Towa Group's advanced robotics technology." MJ motioned over to the seat opposite the Towa Group's heir and asked, "Is it okay if I take this seat? The interview would only take just a moment of your time."

    Haiji took a look up from his appetizer to find some lady getting up in his face.

    Great. The media...

    For a moment, Haiji closed his eyes. He reopened them just in time to break out a "fake-it-until-you-make-it" smile.

    "Sure. I'll answer them as best as I can..."

    He took a glance back down at his plate, then let out a chuckle.

    "Er...could you make it quick, though? My food's gonna get cold otherwise."

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