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    Sayaka would be unable to go provide support as she felt her cape get yanked and she fell face first to the ground. Gwenpool would try talking her out of going to fight, but in Sayaka's mind, she couldn't sit by and watch. She became a Magical Girl to save people, didn't she?

    Sayaka would get a poke to the head as Gwenpool would suggest she helped the others get to safety so they can form a plan. While that happened, Gwenpool realized Chiaki was missing until Red showed up with her in her arms like a superhero.

    Red, Sayaka just recalled what she tried to do earlier, and shuddered.
    Gwenpool would help Sayaka back up and tell her to go help the others, but then be told in a whisper to stop flirting in the battle or else.

    "Right...." Sayaka replied, before looking towards Red and then would fly off to support the others, while thinking.

    Red... It's odd, but she kind of reminds me of Kyoko back home... I wish she was here. I hate to admit it, but she's better in combat than I am, and I could really use her help-
    "Are you doing a inner monologue or something?" Estelle asked, running at a fast speed next to her, Sayaka jumping from her unexpected interruption.
    "Estelle?! What are you doing?! Aren't you supposed to be-"
    "Considering there's a whole lot of bad guys here right now, not even a protagonist like myself can take them on alone! I almost used up all my MP too!"
    Sayaka would have sweat drop.

    "I thought magic was unlimited-"
    "Dimensional and otherworldly rules! You may have unlimited magic, but I don't! Actually, can you carry me please? My legs are getting tired."
    Sayaka would squint at Estelle in a 'You've gotta be kidding' stare, but notice Estelle was covered in cuts and dirt and bruises.

    "You... Just how many did you fight?!"
    "I'd prefer not to say- waah!"
    Estelle would trip and fall, but Sayaka flew down and caught her.

    "Maybe Gwenpool was right, I should focus on regrouping with the others.. and get your wounds treated."
    "No seriously, I just needed a rest- owowowie!"

    Sayaka made her mind up and carried Estelle in the same way Red did for Chiaki, as Sayaka would go regroup with the others.


Shamrock Shake

  • Marie ~ limousine

    The inkling had her arms crossed as Pierre suggested more drinks. Slowly, she let her arms drop. What's the harm? She had already spent much of the day too drunk to remember what was even really going on.

    McKenzie pulled a sharp turn to dodge some geese, and Marie had made up her mind. She graciously accepted the drink Pierre offered, sipping eagerly, "Let's kick some Nazi ass!"

    Then, suddenly, the limousine crashed into the side of a building, clearing the wall and coming to a stop inside.

    Pierre took the liberty of poking his head out first, promising to save the friends he had found.

    Wait, friends?

    She looked outside and- indeed- Ilsa and Tucker were there, among a dozen or so Nazi dinosaurs, waiting to be saved.

    The squid girl jumped out of the limousine, swinging a submachine gun around wildly, "It's time to save the day from the Nazi regime!"
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  • 1582339254326.pngDarkness was batted away in mere seconds, like a fly and a swatter. It's been too long since she's experienced this dreadful feeling of helplessness (the last being minutes ago), and she squirmed every inch of her body at realizing it. Unfortunately, Kurse chose to stomp on the girl she'd been swatted alongside with. "Get off of her!" she yelled. "If it's anyone you should step on it must be me!" Regathering her strength, Darkness rose from the snow, raising the sword in front of her. She started a run, when suddenly...


    No way... The god of lightning descended to combat this villain himself? If it took a god to fight him, then any further engagement would surely wound her! With that thought in mind, Darkness' face flushed and she raced towards the clash. If she was caught in crossfire between Thor and Kurse, all the better! In her path towards the battle was Gwen and the others. She'd never seen them before, but their attacks appeared very powerful, just not enough to scratch the beast. She'd have run straight past them if she didn't hear berate someone about actually forming a plan. Darkness stopped in her tracks and abrupty shouted, "If your plan needs someone to lure it, then I volunteer!"

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  • "The mighty dinosaur's eternal foe!" Mr. Pedro glared at Marie with intense fury. "The Squid!"

    With a snap of his fingers, the terrible theropod summons a squad of nazi-lizard soldiers armed with uzis!

    "Deal with these Mammals and their cephalopods!" Mr. Pedro commanded his lizard soldiers. "I must meet with the others for the next stage of our plan!" And with the order given, Mr. Pedro left the scene and soon the lizard soldiers opened fired at our heroes!

    Ninja Tucker, Ilsa and Holly scurried pass the hailstorm of bullets to reach the safety of Famous Pierre's luxury limo.

    <"Where did you get this limo?"> Ilsa asked her super famous ally, Famous Pierre.

    "McKenzie!" Famous Pierre famously pointed at his faithful butler who was busy deflecting bullets with his katana.

    Meanwhile with the crazed and psychotic Tucker turned his sights at the sober Squid Girl.

    "Squid Girl!" Tucker gleefully exclaimed before presenting the decapitated head of his wife! "Claire wanted to say, 'hi'!"

    Holly, however, went to reconnect with the teenagers.

    "So, are you, guys, gonna do something about those bozos?" Holly asked the detective and the persona user with a slight scoff.

  • 1582944685386.pngOne hit against the God of lightning, and Darkness' breastplate flew off in the distance, leaving only her black jumpsuit. The beast's grip made her legs completely unable to move, blood rushing from them to her head due to the sheer velocity Kurse was swinging her. Her hands flew uselessly around, and all she could see was the blurred scenery of the wastes around them.

    When the swinging and bludgeoning stopped, Kurse might've heard her moans. Not so much as pained, moreso erotic. Eris must've sent her blessings; how else would Darkness have gotten this lucky? But no matter how enjoyable this was, it was still wrong. As a crusader, she was meant to protect others from harm, not incite it. But seeing as how Kurse's grip wasn't letting up any time soon... maybe she'd stay a little longer.

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Yukari is <3

  • Marika Kato 04.png
    Marika was, safe to say, utterly confused. One second she was enjoying the sight of what seemed to be Starlord's pet dog that can talk, and the next thing she knew, she was watching a weird commercial made by some gigantic robot about a holiday resort.

    "Uhh, what?" Hyakume was the first to comment as he scratched his head.

    "Ah, remind me of that time I was taking a holiday and you all went onboard with a fake me," Luca immediately followed, "although I don't think there was giant robots back there."

    "Yeah, this is... whack," Misa tilted her head in confusion unlike her usual slightly seductive stature.

    And then, before Marika even manage to make sense of what had just happened, the talking dog mentioned something about Infinity Gem, and Peter added something about it being a big deal.

    "Umm, okay, the thing is that I'm not that concerned about this being a life or death situation, been in one or two myself before," said Marika, her tone clearly shown her ignorance to the subject Peter was talking about, "But can you at least tell me about this Infinity Gem? I'm at lost here, and I don't think I'd be of any help if I don't even know what am I going to face out there."

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  • Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_Logo.png

    TableCloth TableCloth
    "Okay listen, kid... this is way more dangerous than anythi--" But before Star-Lord could elaborate what exactly were the dangers...

    "нет! Cosmo not pet!" Cosmo growled at Marika after reading her thoughts. "Cosmo is head of security."

    "Yeah, but you're still a mangy mutt!" Rocket snappily taunted the space dog.

    Cosmo didn't take too kindly to Rocket's insult and growled at his fellow Guardian. In response, Rocket gave Cosmo a cocky smirk and an obscene hand gesture.

    Before things could get worse Mantis quickly pulled Cosmo into a soothing embrace and petted him gently to sleep, "You need rest, Cosmo."

    Star-Lord gave Mantis a thumbs up before turning his attentions back to Marika, "Okay... So the Time Gem..."

    Star-Lord paused as he thought to himself how he could properly explain the powers of the Time Gem to the Space Pirate, "It lets you manipulate time in every single way you can think of... and more... It's one of the six Infinity Gems and we need to make sure that none of them gets into the wrong hands much less gather all of them..." Star-Lord froze as his mind flashes back to a time that the Mad Titan used the Gems and the moment that a Guardian fell.

    "What the human is trying to say is that this could potentially universe ending levels of bad," Rocket stated casually before letting out a heavy sigh. "We lost someone the last time the Gems were gathered..."

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    "You know, I hate to admit this, but Kyoko, Mami, or Homura being here right now would definitely be something I wouldn't mind!
    Estelle looked at Sayaka confused.

    "By wouldn't mind, you do mean that in a "I can really use their help right now" and not "I want a larger harem" sort of way, right?"

    Sayaka dropped Estelle before turning away from her. "Look, can we just focus on the fact that I stand little chance considering that guy has rediculous strength?! And considering no one else has managed to get a decent hit in, this feels like a fight we can't win unless we do some sort of Deus Ex Machina!"
    Sayaka replied, not realizing that she nearly broke the 4th wall.

    "Like, we do some anime level BS and either fuse into one being, somehow create a weapon that can kill him in one hit, or we use a spell that takes away his strength-"
    Estelle then realized a mistake she made.

    "Oh shit! I just realized I have one of those things!"

The Omen of Death

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  • 1583472254495.png



    Even staring down what would probably be his death, should Deadpool continue his path of irritating the AIM troopers, Deadpool with his devil may cry attitude, decided to push more of they're metaphorical buttons before he bit the dust mostly by throwing out bee puns.

    "Ah, looks like you won't beelieve I'll continue making fun of you beekeepers. I'll just drone on about how your fashion sense is terrible. Do you think I'll buzz off? This is just me giving my swarm wishes to you guys. Man all these puns must really sting. You're all just acting snobee. I will never stop pollen your legs, to bee or not to bee, that is the question. God I'm really winging it at this point with the bee puns. I definitely have a reputation for blab-bee. I'm seriously waxing poetic right now. Are you going to kill me with a buzz-ooka, or do I need to bee-hive myself? You're all nothing but wanna-bees and cry bay-bees. I've gotta have bee-witched you all by now."

    He finally stopped standing tall, basically challenging the AIM Commander. "So what're you gonna do bee keeper? Call Winnie the Poo?"

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  • Miguel O'Hara - Mewnisse


    Miguel only sheepishly rubbed the back of the head as Gerome audibly began to lose his patience. The man was right; they had a job to get to after all, and the longer they stuck around, the more damage Carnage was likely going to wreak.

    When Hekapoo mentioned some place called Ravencroft, Miguel furrowed a brow underneath his mask. It seemed vaguely familiar to him, like a thought lost in the wind, but it wasn't long until Reilly answered the inquiry for him, explaining what it was. The mood turned grim once again, perhaps appropriately so all things considered, as Miguel thought to the implications of being led there. He didn't have as much of an encyclopedic knowledge on Carnage as he would have liked -- the history books tended to be a bit sparse on details concerning Kassidy and the grisly nature of his very existence -- but he knew remembered enough that in its heyday, it was practically the monster's oasis. And here they were, about to dive right into the belly of the beast.

    But it was far too late to back out now, even if he wanted to. It was just as well, however. Miguel was, in turn, far beyond having any second thoughts.

    He gazed toward the portal for a moment, and upon collecting himself, glanced at Hekapoo briefly. "See you on the other side then," he only said, giving a two-fingered wave before hopping right into the portal.

    God help them all, if there was one. Not that the Cult of Thor could probably do anything to help, he imagined.

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    Illya would nod at Rin, before looking at Ruby.
    "Should I transform now or later? "
    Ruby would wiggle her wings in uncertainty.
    "I mean, we don't exactly have much to go on besides what we will be fighting. I think it would be best if we-"

    "If you don't want to help, I'll just use my class cards instead."
    Illya would say, starting towards the exit as Ruby was trying to figure out how to explain that Illya isn't old enough to get into a serious conflict such as this.

    If only she knew of Illya when she was in the Grail War....


The God-Emperor of Mankind

  • Shirou looked down at the floor. He focused on its stringent patterns, on the detailed and orderly shape of the subtle creases, vacillations, and imperfections in the structure. The reflections of light on the wood from the number of artificial, magical lights in the room. There was a sort of peace to be found in looking down upon it all, instead of the encompassing world above - where Saber, Rin, and Doctor Fate were discussing the battle ahead.

    The boy looked up, but only when Rin called his name.

    Assessing readiness? Shirou's considerations lasted for scarce a second, before he shared a meaningful look with Tohsaka and gave her a determined nod.

    A manifold of thoughts crossed the boy's mind. Morgan, Mordred, and Klarion - skilled sorcerers, and Doctor Fate's apparent enemies. But what would they actually be in combat? Monsters? Skilled combatants, taking microseconds to deliberate on their next movement, and reading five moves in advance as he could usually do in combat with an opponent on his level?

    Shirou's mind delved into the depths of Unlimited Blade Works. A million blades expanded on a hill in front of him, each one a vague form within his mind, yet ready to become as ingrained in his soul as the color of his eyes was ingrained in them. Out of the million, a hundred was the closest to his heart, and out of those hundred... maybe a dozen closer still; so deep and familiar that he could simulate twenty combat scenarios with them in a single breath's span. An advantage to be had; and yet, an advantage relied upon could be folly if applied incorrectly, or the wrong advantage was chosen.

    Fate... He seemed to be experienced in his work, Shirou believed. A man in a golden mask, with a tunic of striking blue; the suit was more comparable to an enigmatic Heroic Spirit than a high-level magus, who'd usually attempt to at least fit in with human society, if minimally so. Shirou's time at the Clock Tower wasn't...

    A headache interrupted his musings. The same feeling he'd had, whenever he thought of his past...

    The image of fighting a golden king. The picture of taking down a raging beast. The ephemeral image of a distant promise.

    Three, but they conflicted each other. The migraine passed as soon as it came, and Shriou found himself going back to the idea of fighting Klarion, Morgan, and Mordred.

    An anti-witch weapon would be suited the best against them. There weren't many specialized weapons that Shirou could use against magi. Rule Breaker could whisk away complex bindings, contracts, and spells with a single swipe; but it was a ritual dagger, not a weapon meant for combat. For the purposes of stabbing or slicing, it was useless...

    Spears, swords, daggers. Legendary, fictional, or in between. They all crossed the boy's mind, as his endless armory attempted to find something that could be useful...

    If not an anti-magus weapon, then something to yield an advantage. Curses were something likely to be found when battling a truly evil opponent. Shirou wasn't unfamiliar to the depredations of All Of The World's Evil, but... its only true counter was wielded by the girl next to him, and himself, he stood no real chance in conjuring its blessed might without breaking into pieces.

    Nonetheless, in his quest to save all, it was something to consider. A plan to follow, if all else failed.

    For now, he'd satisfy himself with one of his favorites. The twin blades; the swords without meaning, upon which Archer had endeavored to inscribe a legacy that he knew wouldn't last even a whisper.

    "Trace. On."

    Shirou focused. Magic circuits thrummed postiively within him, spitting out lightning from his hands; forming into a thick, cloying mist, which gained rapt attention as the boy's soul focused them into a pair of shortswords, black and white, representing the juxtaposition between Yin and Yang.

    "I'm ready to go."

Author's Note: wrote while drunk, might not be as good/normal/up-to-par/whatever.
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Yubi Yubi

  • --Build--
    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Topless Topless

    As Build boosted towards Chemistro, Captain America took over and took care of the problem himself. Iron Man then told him to take care of the Dread Knight.

    "Gotcha." Build nodded as he took out the Ninja Fullbottle and replaced it with a white bottle.


    Build then turned the crank on the Build Driver once, letting it ring once as he called out to it. "Build Up!" He began to approach the Dread Knight as a pipe emerged from the disc of the driver, creating a snow white half sporting a large white claw colliding with Build's right side, replacing it in its combination.


    The Driver announced as Build raised his large claw, soon using it to turn the crank a few times as he lowered his stance, pulling his left arm back.

    READY?! GO!!

    Build's left shoulder, one that appeared to be that of a rocket thruster, blared to life-- prompting Build to lunge forward, propelling him towards Dread Knight at great speeds. He veered to his left, letting the claw on his right arm strike the Dread Knight as he flew past the Knight. he begins to circle around to get another hit..

    --Nuts and Dolts--
    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts
    Ruby assisted in the fight the best she could, however, despite her speed, she couldn't keep up with the two webslingers' duel. In the end, the Prowler disappeared, leaving the black clad webslinger on the floor, slumped down in a fetal position.

    Ruby...Heard everything. Prowler's Identity as well as the Black Spider's. The two were related, Uncle and Nephew, clashing against one another as hero and villain. It's tragic. Ruby had contemplated the thought once, but she at least knows her Uncle could be trusted...Poor guy.

    Ruby approached the Black Spider, croushing in front of him.

    "Are you okay?" She asked, worried for the safety of the hero in black.

Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate

  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [div=position:relative;height:400px;overflow:hidden;width:100%;][div class=leaf style="animation-delay:0s,0s;text-align:center;margin-top:450px;padding-bottom:450px;"]


    That was the name given to the absolute power that only Fae could use.

    For a long time, this allowed them to rule the world unopposed.

    ...Until one day, something appeared and caused the world's balance of power to crumble.



    Miraculous crystals that finally gave humans the ability to harness magic.

    Now on equal footing with the fae, the humans planned a resurgence and emerged victorious over their oppressors.

    And thus, time carried on...

    Humans and fae learned to live in harmony, and peace arrived to the world.

    Some even chose to have offspring among each other, which came to be called Beastmen.

    Yet still, the history between the two races led to deep-rooted prejudice. Strife still broke out on occasion.


    The archipelago to the north, the Old Islands.

    Here is a nation where but one of those disputes between man and fae emerged.

    In response to this threat, the Old Islands' greatest magic users banded together to form the Magic Lion Corps.

    Countless fae and beastmen fell under their overwhelming magical might.

    Reveling in their superiority, the humans executed a plan to wipe out the fae, once and for all.

    However, that plan was ground to a halt.


    A single traitor was all it took to bring the Magic Lion Corps to ruin.

    The nation's fury came down upon this girl, Day, and drove her out of the country.

    And thus time moved on yet again until Day had her sights set on the Old Islands once more.

    The flames of revenge burn in her eyes...


    But at the same time, another girl has set her eyes on the Old Islands. She is intent on stopping Day.

    Her name is Zizou.

    Some call her a witch.

    Others, a god among men.

    The fates of these two girls will soon become intertwined at the sleepy harbor town of Folkstone.

    This is their story.


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    [keyframe=100] transform: translateY(-100%);[/keyframe]

    "I'm going down to Earth. Need anything?"

    "You're going down to punish that human? Grab me some melons from the market, sis〜"


    A lot of foreigners travel the seas to get to this port situated along the large Facialis Channel. Day is going to come ashore here to get her revenge on the Old Islands, but just as expected...

    A lone figure streaked across the great blue sea with only her feet to guide her.

    She slid across the sands of the coming shore and broke into a mighty sprint towards the nearby pier.

    "Heh. I'll catch her before she even reaches town."

    There were a few monsters quabbling amongst each other that were in her way, but they were nothing Zizou couldn't take care of.

    Three mushroom monsters were hopping just out of the reach of a big red oni's sword. Maybe if these mushrooms had eyebrows, they'd have been scowling at their aggressor.

    Zizou shot forth three arrow-shaped bursts of energy from her palm as she sped towards the group. Two magic bullets struck true, and the two mushroom monsters, a.k.a. Haniwa, exploded into magic particles.

    A cone formed in front of Zizou as she sped straight through the last Haniwa. This was the "Lord Attack"—a technique she had learned from a former enemy.

    Zizou barely missed being slashed by the angry oni's sword in the process. She pivoted in the direction of the oni and the destination lying just behind him. She didn't have any time left to waste on these small fry.

    Just as the oni went for a horizontal slash, Zizou leapt over his blade and stopped her momentum once she was above his head. She began to hover past the oni and towards her destination, but not before turning around and shooting him with enough magic to put him out of commission.

    When she could float no longer, Zizou fell to the sand again and took off towards the pier, where a one-person boat was now docked.

    "Right on time."

    . . . . .


    Day stepped off from her ship and onto the deserted pier. Her tattered cloak fluttered lightly against the early-morning sea breeze.

    She was grateful to her benefactor for providing her with everything she needed to make this operation a success, but...

    "I hate the ocean," the girl growled in a raspy voice.

    She stuck her right hand in a pocket she had carved into her cloak and tossed a Syega crystal up and down with her left as she leaned against one of the nearby scaffolds.

    "You're in a hurry. Don't like the smell of the sea?"

    "Who's there?!"

    Day pivoted on one foot to find a girl in purple clothes waiting for her on top of one of the wooden posts.

    "Someone who wants to talk you out of this stupid idea."

    "I don't remember asking for a therapist. Stay out of my way."

    Zizou sighed and scratched her head, pitying the sad little woman below. "Fine. I guess I'll just have to force you out, then."

    Day's face sharpened into a scowl. "I don't know who you are, but you know too much already. Time to die."

    The Syega crystal hummed and gleamed a brilliant blue as Day's eyes narrowed into menacing slivers.


    Twin shots of magic passed each other on the way to their targets. Zizou hopped over Day's star-shaped projectile, while Day rolled out of the way of Zizou's attack.

    Day was sizing up her opponent. Who the hell was this stranger?

    Zizou immediately pressed the offensive. One flick of her wrist sent a series of star-shaped bullets flicking in a wave-like pattern towards Day's position.

    Day's subconscious decision process was immediately cut short as she found herself faced with her own magic. It seemed this girl knew a lot more than just a single spell...this was going to be a tough fight.

    Day hopped backwards off the pier, catching the edge with her hand before she could fall into the water below. The comet shots whizzed by overhead, but she could hear Zizou's footsteps closing the distance between them.

    Zizou wasn't against wanton destruction. She shot around the spot Day was hanging from, sending large chunks of wood flying in all directions.

    Day returned fire. With a heave of her back muscles, Day sprang high up from her hanging place just before a section of the pier crumbled beneath her.

    Zizou hopped forward to dodge the barrage from beneath. What she wasn't expecting right after was...

    ...An aggressive approach.

    Day dashed forward in midair. She used a Lord Attack also?!

    Day slammed into Zizou's body, causing the dark witch to careen backwards to the other side of the pier.


    Zizou immediately regained her footing and swiveled her body to the side just in time to graze the edge of a ball of fire that Day had cast from her hands. It burst upon contact with the wood behind Zizou, erupting into a trail of fiery columns that spread from the initial landing site and set the vulnerable wood ablaze. With nothing else to put the concentrated fire out, the flames slowly began to lick other parts of the pier as well.


    Time to rethink my strategy. She's clearly not letting up.

    Zizou leapt from her disadvantageous spot and onto a nearby scaffold.

    "Playing hard to get, eh?"

    A sphere of blue energy spread out from the center of Day's palm.

    "Don't mind if I tear it down, then," Day said with a devious smirk.

    Day shot four balls of energy in succession. As Zizou watched them travel slowly through the air, they spread out in different directions and began to hone in on her.

    A homing attack?

    Zizou wouldn't be caught off guard again. She was expecting the energy spheres to pick up speed at the cost of Day's magic reserves, but they maintained their pace. Zizou knew how to respond in kind.

    Just like Day had before, Zizou dropped off the edge, causing three of the energy spheres to collide into the scaffold's support beams. Zizou dashed right past the last straggler, allowing it to harmlessly sail past and sluggishly attempt to correct its course.

    Day braced herself for Zizou's physical attack with a sidestep, but instead of speeding past Day, Zizou turned sideways after a premature landing and shot Day several times in the chest before she could react.


    Damn...I was careless!

    Day's body may have been harmed, but not nearly as much as her pride. She had all the stamina in the world left to continue the fight, but this girl was putting up too much resistance to make defeating her worthwhile. She'd have to make due with someone being aware of her plans...


    She still had another option that would allow her to destroy this nuisance and get on with her day. But should she use it this early...?

    Zizou noticed her adversary's sudden lack of initiative, but tensed for a surprise shift in tactics. "You finally realised we're just going in circles, huh?"

    Day let out a deep chuckle. "I've had enough of this. You're getting on my nerves."

    Zizou caught Day's hand fidgeting in her pocket and shot at Day immediately. However, Zizou's bullets bounced harmlessly off Day as a blue aura began to manifest around her.


    Day tossed a grey crystal out from her pocket that began to levitate in midair. As the crystal left her possession, Day's defensive aura dropped. With this Magic Item active, though, it wouldn't matter if Zizou had an opening to attack.

    A black aura emanated from the crystal. The peculiar object began to suck at the air itself, and with every passing second, Zizou felt as if her strength itself was leaking away...

    Zizou fired more shots at Day. This time, Day nimbly evaded the blast.

    But the next time Zizou tried to attack, nothing happened.

    Zizou's eyes began to widen in shock.

    Day cackled. She knew she'd already won.

    With the tide now shifted, Day went on an all-out offensive against the dark witch. With no way left to counterattack now, Zizou could only dodge so many barrages before she was struck by energy bursts and fire—again and again, until her knees buckled out from under her.


    "My magic...!"

    "With your magic sealed away, you're powerless."


    "This is a Magic Item that renders all magic other than the user's obsolete. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to summon anything! You're no match for me now!"

    Day shot Zizou again just to get the gloating out of her system.


    "I never imagined how handy this thing could be until now. Sure is something to be proud of."

    Day ground her boot into the floor. Her hand glowed with a magical light so bright that it caused Zizou to shield her eyes from it.

    "Now, let's finish this."

    And without warning, Zizou's vision went dark.

    ...She still felt like she was here, though...

    The light in Day's hands sputtered out. Day stared at her own hand, flabbergasted, but then turned her sight to a figure that was manifesting before her very eyes.

    "Who's there?!"

    Zizou turned her head.

    It was Mati, her sister.


    "Tch. What's going on here?"

    "What?! How did you cancel―"


    Mati stared daggers at Day as she drew a long red sword and became enveloped in a warm aura.


    "Sorry, but hurting my little sister is a grave crime."

    "That light...it can't be...an Imperative?!"

    "Correct. Essentially, your Magic Item is now meaningless."

    The aura surrounding Mati intensified into a bright gold. Zizou could only laugh halfheartedly upon realising just how hard Day was shaking right now.

    "Will you still fight? It's no sweat off my back."


    Day retrieved her crystal and took off on a sprint to Folkstone.


    Zizou breathed a sigh of relief.

    "So? How does it feel to finally taste defeat?"

    "You can hardly say I was defeated. She cheated."

    "Hmm...well, what'll you do now?"

    "We have to stop her before she hurts people, right? You should get going if you want to stop her."

    "I don't really mind going, but don't you think you're better suited to chasing Day, Zizou?"

    "How am I going to put up a fight in this state? That idiot stole almost all my power."

    Mati smiled. "Knowing you, Zizou, I think you'll manage."

    Zizou rolled her eyes. "Here we go again...another quest."

    "Zizou, what do you make of Day?"

    "...She's unpleasant, to say the least."

    "Would you say she's evil?"

    "She's evil, so I'm stopping her revenge plan. Right?"

    "Hmm...I think you might be a little off there."

    Mati turned her head and looked to the sky above.

    "In any case, your order still stands. Chase after her!"

    "I suppose I can't refuse?"

    Mati chuckled. "Of course not."

    "Well then, guess I'm off."

    "I'd expect no less of you, little sister."


    Aftermath ― Zizou

    I mean, what's my sister doing down on Earth?

    What happened to everything she said about how she couldn't come here cuz she was "protecting her domain"?

    I guess things woulda gotten pretty bad if she hadn't showed up, though...

    But if I go home, she'll just start going on and on about how "I can't do anything without her".

    ...But what's so wrong about that?!

    That's it. I'm having her spoil me rotten after this is all said and done!


    Aftermath ― Day

    Just what kind of person was that...?

    Maybe someone from the Magic Lion Corps?

    If so, they might know exactly what I'm up to.

    I better start by taking out the strongest members first before that person has a chance to warn them.

    Time to annihilate the Magic Lion Corps, just like I've planned.


    The Legend of Dark Witch
    Golden Vengeance

    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Thepotatogod Thepotatogod MrSaturnUL MrSaturnUL

Phantom Thief of Hearts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame

  • City of Despair.png


    In the back of the Paddy Wagon were all Six Five of the Superior Six and the annoying intern that no one asked for.

    "Welp... That was a bust..." Beetle sighed as she thought back on the gang's unsuccessful attempt to steal some of Stark's tech. "Nice going, guys..."

    "What do expect? Spider-Man always does this!" Overdrive slumped on his bench as his mind flashed back to his humiliating defeat.

    "Well... I could have taken him! If Beet-off here didn't fly right into me!" Miu spat at Beetle.

    "Excuse me!?" Beetle was appalled at Miu's retelling of events. "Spider-Man was kicking your ☠☠☠☠ and your stupid arms crashed into me!"

    "Their n-n-not stupid!" Miu's bravado quickly eroded away.

    "Yes, they are stupid... and they're about as big as a disappointment as you!" Beetle spat venom at her apprentice without care.

    Boomerang rolled his eyes at the scene before exclaiming, "This is exactly what I was trying to avoid!"

    "Not sure you could avoid, Beet-Off's PMS episo--" Miu spoke only abruptly cut off by Boomerang.

    "Oh, shut up!" Boomerang scolded Miu for speaking up. "You were never a part of the gang!"

    Miu recoiled out of fear and mumbled out, "Please don't be mad at me..."

    "I just wanted to actually make our team name make some sort of sense for once, Fred and you know that!" Beetle spitefully shouted at the gang's so-called leader.

    "Air of mystery!" Boomerang defended his point. "It gives a strategic advantage!"

    Speed Demon nudged a sleeping Shocker to wake him. "So Herman... You made a deal with the Maggia, right?"

    Beneath his mask, Shocker's eyes widen, "Silvermane's gonna kill me when word gets out..."

    "So, gang... Let's recap! We're all going to Jail... Silvermane's probably gonna send someone to whack Herman... And worse of all!" Boomerang ranted as he reached his boiling point. "I'm gonna miss out on getting Risette's Christmas Album for its Midnight release!"

    "Seriously, Fred?" Beetle glared daggers at Boomerang. "That's what's important for you? Your creepy Teen Idol obsession?"

    "What? She's in her twenties!" Boomerang quickly informed Beetle of the Idol's age.

    "Of course he'd be into that shit! I mean if he's not drooling over my boobs he's probably into boobs of a much younger and flatter verity!" Miu interjected much to Beetle's disgust.

    "There's a big difference between a seventeen year old pervert and a girl with the looks and voice of an angel in her twenties!" Boomerang defended the honor of his J-Pop Idol hobby in front of the gang much to their collective embarrassment, "Also I may be a criminal scumbag... BUT I'M NOT THAT KIND OF SCUMBAG!"

    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    Miles sat on the edge of the rooftop as the hooded Huntress walked up to him and sat by his side and asked...

    "Are you okay?" She asked, worried for the safety of the hero in black.
    Miles quickly put his mask back on and faced the Huntress and muttered, "I'll be fine... I just need to be alone..." before firing a web-line and swung away to leave the Huntress alone on the rooftop.

    Tony Stark, now dressed in a suit and tie, walked on stage with a welcoming smile on his face, "Thank you, Towa-San but the Avengers aren't the only ones here who deserves the credit."

    The Monitor then displayed the act of courage displayed by those who aided the Avengers in their battle with the Frightful Four as Tony Stark continued his speech.

    "Everyone got to show off their inner Avenger this day... and we're all thankful for that," Tony smiled at the brave few who were at attendance before turning his sight on the police force. "And thanks to Captain Watanabe for keeping the civilians calm during the whole ordeal... If it wasn't for her, things would have been uglier."

    Tony clapped as he said, "How's about we all give a round of applause to everybody here and enjoy the rest of the expo... I mean we got two or three days left of this thing."

    In the crowd, Wasp walked up to the young Canopy Princess and offered her a badge that bore the Avengers' symbol.

    "You've earned it, Kid," Wasp said as she embraced Umbrella.

    Meanwhile on the Expo's main stage... A crowd of reporters wandered the stage in search of the next hot story for their outlets.

    Mary Jane Watson was one of those reporters as she wandered the Expo's impressive displays that showcased upcoming tech by both Star Industries and the Towa Group. However she was less than impressed with the host's handling of the event.

    I liked it better when the Kirijo Group hosted last year's Expo... but hey, Robbie wants someone to cover the expo and I'm always up for this stuff.

    As MJ took pictures of the Expo's public displays for the Bugle, the young woman froze when she spotted a new hi-tech VR Helmet that was only recently unveiled today. The helmet bore a striking resemblance to a teddy bear's head.

    "You've got to be kidding me..." MJ muttered to herself as she took a photo of the device. "Well... Looks like I get to use my investigative journalist skills to the test this time around..."

    Okay, so... I learned a trick or two from a friend from Delaware.

    (Do Not Reply to this post)

    The Stark Expo at Towa Hills had gone on for three hours and was nearing the end of its first day. Alone in his luxurious private room in Towa Hills was Tony Stark, who was preparing for the night's upcoming banquet. The Iron Avenger sat on his bed ready to take a break from the tiring day with a well-deserved nap, only for it to be interrupted by a knock on the door...

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  • --Ryuga Banjou || Emu Hojo--
    Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka

    "...Hey, she's waking up!" Ryuga was the first to take not of Chiaki's awakening, followed by her voice slowly coming to be. Ryuga was sitting on the bar seat in front of their own, facing the gang's table as the pink spandex merc glomped onto Chiaki and hugged her tight.

    "Thank goodness..." Emu sighed, "I almost thought we lost you there." The Gamer Doctor expressed his relief on Chiaki's survival. He was drinking one of the Wolf Colas the Tavern offered. "I'm sorry to inform you like this, but we couldn't even make a dent on that guy's health." He sighs, "Right now, Thor's doing a better job than us, but even I don't know what to do without multiple lives."

    "Wasn't your catchphrase about doing things without retrying?"

    "It's just a catchphrase, nothing more."

    It was then that the pink clad mercenary had a EUREKA moment, and blurted out what seems to be Kurse's weakness; Iron Weapons.

    "You've gotta be kidding me." Ryuga sighed, "That son of a bitch's weakness is a basic metal?"

    "I've never read western comics before, but that seems right." Emu said, crossing his arms. It was then that he noticed something incredibly odd. "Wait...Is it me, or is someone else missing?" He asked, just then, Rom and Ram brought the question to the mercenary. It looks like realization struck the entire party.

    "Dammit, that brat..." Ryuga clicked his tongue, getting up from his seat. "No question, we gotta find her!"

    "Hold on, what about Kurse and the Dark Elves?"

    "Yeah, but..." Ryuga glanced at Emu, struggling to pick an option, "She might get herself killed if we don't do something!"

Shooting Star Asuka

Drunk Gaming Demon
Sayaka Miki & Estelle
The Sisters War
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo

Estelle would feel ignored. "No one wanted to hear my idea?"
She spoke in a quiet squeek.
Sayaka on the other hand, was all for the Use Iron to kill Kurse plan. "If you want an Iron weapon, look no further! I happen to make swords made of Iron-"
As soon as Rom would point out the issue that Nepgear is missing, Sayaka was wide eyed.

"I'm going!"
She yelled before flying off to fight Kurse, assuming she went on her lonesome to fight him.

Seeing the enemy, still engaged in combat with Thor, she created two swords before throwing them at Kurse while his back was turned.

Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate

  • City of Despair.png


    The Iron Avenger sat on his bed ready to take a break from the tiring day with a well-deserved nap, only for it to be interrupted by a knock on the door...

    "Mister Stark?" came the voice of Haiji Towa, the reserved young man on the other side of the door.

    "My old man's wondering if you'll still be able to ham it up for the dinner speech tonight. Seems like he's still pretty worried about that beating you took earlier."

    A pause, and then speech.

    Oh, and...he'd like to see you for some business talk before dinner. That's all."

    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Bixir Bixir Topless Topless Thepotatogod Thepotatogod The Omen of Death The Omen of Death
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  • City of Despair.png


    Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo
    Tony weakly turned his head to meet his guest.

    "Mister Stark?" came the voice of Haiji Towa, the reserved young man on the other side of the door.

    "My old man's wondering if you'll still be able to ham it up for the dinner speech tonight. Seems like he's still pretty worried about that beating you took earlier."
    "Well, I was about to get some sleep, but..." Tony yawned before curling his lips into a sly smirk. "I never miss out on the chance to mingle."

    Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Topless Topless

    The party went underway as guests enjoyed various dishes from across the planet. The guests took this as a moment of calm after the Expo's tumultuous start.

    "So, kid..." Janet smiled as she spoke to the young princess, Umbrella. "How does it feel being an Avenger?"

    "Sento!" Dr. Hank Pym called the armored hero's attention as the Avenger approached him. "I was informed that you wished to speak with me in regards of the android you found."

    mary-jane-watson-spider-man-2018-22.4.jpgHowever the party goers weren't all Avengers, royalty and huntsmen... as some members of the press were invited along like the reporters sent by the Daily Bugle.

    Mary Jane sat by the table reserved for members of the press. While initial dangers of A.I.M. and the Frightful Four had long since passed, the young woman felt uneasy at the sight of the servers. Mechanical Bears with a charming grin, they were kind and polite to those at attendance, yet MJ couldn't help but feel that there was something incredibly wrong.

    What is with the Towa Group and those bears, anyways?

    MJ shivered as one of the bears walked passed her table. The investigative reporter took a quick sip from her glass of water to calm her nerves.

    Get a grip, MJ... They're just robot waiters... You've been on Battleworld long enough for this to feel moderately normal.

    Bixir Bixir The Omen of Death The Omen of Death

    A loud explosion echoed out of the sealed door much to everyone's surprise.

    "What that ours?" on A.I.M. Trooper asked the Scientist.

    "No... The Scientist Supreme explicitly ordered not to use any explosives around the isotopes!" the A.I.M. Scientist answered before ordering, "Ghost, go in and see what made that noise!"

    "Now, that's going to cost you extra..." Ghost joke before the ghoulish corporate spy phased through the door to investigate.

    After an agonizingly long moment of silence... Ghost's bloodcurdling scream could be heard from behind the sealed door before everything went silent once more.

    "I didn't sign up for this..." an A.I.M. trooper muttered to himself as he backed away slowly from steel gate that separated them from what was lurking in the laboratory.
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Sayaka Miki & Estelle: The Sisters War
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"Damn it Sayaka! You just caused more problems!"
Estelle screeched at Sayaka, as she was on standby with the rest of the party.

Sayaka didn't hear her. She saw what happened, and she wasn't going to be responsible for someone's death like before.

Sayaka would fly as fast as she could, before she landed between Thor and Kurse, her own Sword held up to connect with the sword Kurse was now in possession of.

Her mind was racing as her sword struggled to keep the enemy back.

How do I beat this guy- What?!
Her sword broke as she bow had a nasty gash across her face. She quickly jumped back before summoning two more swords.

This guy is ridiculously strong, I need to hold out until-
Her thought stopped when Estelle would run out between them, Sword up as she looked towards Sayaka.

"Do me a favor and not hold the others back due to your stupidity?"

"Stupidity?! I'm trying to-"

"All you did was cause problems! Please don't do anything else except stay there and protect Thor, understood?!"

Sayaka was at a loss for words.​
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  • 1585080869115.png



    Staring down what would've been the jaws of death, Deadpool anticipated, waited, maybe even seemed to embrace the idea of dying right then and there. In those tense moments, a loud bang rang out. And based on the fact that Deadpool could still hear and even see. He knew he was still alive. His gaze shot for the source of the noise, recognizing it as an explosion.

    "Well, sounds like someone is overly excited to blow they're load. People don't seem to get that you gotta take it nice, smooth and slow. Take it all in." The merc quipped, not even seeming to care that he had been (and still was) surrounded by A.I.M goons who we're ready to blast his brains out just a moment ago.

    However, the news that it wasn't one of the A.I.M men, ratcheted up the tension in the room again. Considering there was now an unknown element involved in all of this. The response being, sending in Ghost investigate it. Following this... Deafening silence... Waiting... No sounds. Waiting. Agonizing seconds that felt like hours. Waiting. Nothing but the silence and the tension. Waiting.

    And then the atmosphere was cut through like a katana through flesh, with a horrible scream of terror.

    "NOOOOOOOOO! GHOSTIE! HE WAS JUST ABOUT TO GET THAT RAISE TOO! HOW COULD THEY! YOU #@$&@*^$!" Deadpool shrieked, in mock horror grabbing the top of his head with his arms... Leaving silence again. Before something piped up.

    "Wait, have the Ghostbusters, gone all Frank Castle on ghosts now? Either way, we still need to understand what the absolute christ on a bike is going on. And so!" Dramatically raising a finger.

    "Some unlucky folks are gonna have to get in there and give them a piece of our minds! Including I."

    With everyone's attention focused on the door, mostly in shock of what was transpiring, Deadpool grabbed two goons, and brought them close to him, by the shoulders like they were buddies. Much to their dismay.

    "Oh come on! Why did it have to be me!" "Well... I somehow expected this again." The two protested. However, one of them in particular was ringing alarm bells in the regeneratin' degenerate's head.

    "Wait a damn minute! I spy with my little ears, a familiar voice."

    Deadpool, glance fell on the familiar one, and lifted the helmet to reveal a recurring buddy of Deadpool's.

    "HYDRA Bob?!? What the hell are you doing here? Especially, when you're not so HYDRA at the moment."

    "Good to see you too... And well, you know given the wife?"


    "Yeah, so since we landed on Battleworld. A.I.M started offering a slightly better dental plan than HYDRA. So she made me join them..."

    "Get a back-bone man. Drink some milk. Or y'know what! The stars have aligned and you are definitely coming with me. Also hold up, the other seems familiar too." Wade lifted up the helmet on the other guy, revealing a man who looked like Bob.

    "Jiminy christmas! Bob you have a clone of yourself now!?! Or is this some weird @$% multiverse $#*&?"

    "You did this same thing the first time you met me. And no I'm not Bob. I'm Bill, Agent of A.I.M." The agent said with slight irritation in his voice.

    "Wow, that's a blast from the past. Who would've thought. But seriously, figure out how to look different, this is gonna get confusing. Alright the Agents of Tomfoolery are assembled! Let us go to possible certain doom!"

    "Could I maybe, possibly, get a raincheck on this please...? This is definitely something I need to sit out, it's bad for my heart."

    "No chance in hell, bucko. Saddle up, I need something more than some unnamed jobbers going in with me. We need to milk the emotion in this if anything happens to you two, and named characters like you are marginally better for that."

    With Bob and Bill in tow by his side, both apprehensive and prepared to bolt, if it weren't for Deadpool prepared to drag them back in like a parent dealing with the world's most antsy children. With guns in hand, Deadpool prepared to cross the precipice into uncharted waters that possibly had some unimaginable horror dwelling within. He then gave a boot to the door. The three moved in quickly. What laid before them, was quite the surprising scene.

    There was quite literally pretty much nothing in sight, a big hole where the explosion was, but nothing else that pointed to anything in particular.

    "Ok, this is actually kind of unsettling in its own right. What is this a damn horror movie now? Do I need to rip someone's heart out? Potentially get cannibalized? Get chainsaw massacred?"

    "Ummm... Those last two happen in the same movie..."

    "Who cares, if we don't figure out what the hell is going on any of the above could happen to us! And I'd rather not be a test dummy for some wannabe serial killer. Yoo-hoo? Anybody home, if its Frank, could you like not shoot me in the face? I'm not like a ghost and am gonna scare you or anything, I've been a nice little boy lately. Santa actually gave me that collectible 'I love DP, if you know what I mean.' Button. I could give it to you. If you're the ghostbusters, I could do that too, and give tips on how to fix your franchise. Or Mr. Serial Killer or bad guy, ummm #%^& off maybe?"

    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Bixir Bixir


  • "It feels great! I cannot wait to get into some more action with you guys." Umbrella is as happy as ever since she got the badge. Likewise the same for Parasoul, though she still has her doubts about her sister's well-being.​

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  • --Ryuga Banjou--
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    "Goddammit!" Ryuga could muster upon seeing the blue lesbian fly out the doors, presumably to chase after the magical girl to try and stop her, however, he was stopped by Emu right as a random red haired Merchant suddenly appeared from out of nowhere. In a fit of desperation, she purchased all of them.

    "A...Are you out of your mind?!" Ryuga gulped, "Where are we even going to get that much money?!'

    "Don't worry, I'm sure that can be arranged." Emu calmed the Dragonic Rider down, grabbing a hold on an iron sword. "Besides, we can pay them after we finish this little quest of ours."

    "But wouldn't that mean we won't earn anything...?' Ryuga sighs before nodding. "Fine, it's for the good of everyone after all!" Ryuga said, grabbing one of the axes and, conveniently, iron knuckles. Shortly enough, they deployed, and in the battlefield, they were greeted with the god of thunder on the brink of death. In response, Ryuga had to do something. Fast. With the Drivers still equipped, Ryuga dropped one of the knuckles and exchanged them with a larger, blockier looking knuckle, slamming a bottle onto its hole.


    He then flipped the handle, resembling that of a bucket as he then slammed it onto the driver, the disc glowing as if accepting the device


    Immediately, Ryuga cranked the betlt, clutching his wrist as he quickly yelled as the giant lava bucket formed in a rush. "Henshin!" He cried out, as lava then poured out of the bucket, completing the transformation in mere seconds. The lava poured on him also poured on the iron weapons he had on him, causing the iron to glow bright orange in the heat of the moment. In a desperate distraction, Ryuga flung his hot glowing iron knuckle towards Kurse, hoping for the heat to hit his neck and distract him.
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