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  • Parasoul

    Umbrella immediately stops dead on her tracks when Whirlwind got knocked out. There goes her chance to get into the action. She was dumbfounded at first until The Wasp approached her, which made her all giddy.

    "Oh gosh! Janet Van Dyne, also known as The Wasp!" She yelled "I-I'm fine, thank you." But then...

    "UMBRELLA!!!" An angry Parasoul walks over, making Umbrella afraid. "What were you thinking?! Do you not know where were you heading into?! You could have been killed!" She says, anger born of worry in her tone.

    "But...I just want to show you that I'm-"

    "You're what? Capable of fighting? You are way too young and under trained to take on such brutes. We will have to continue this discussion at another time." Parasoul then turns to Janet.

    "I apologize for my sister's carelessness, but I would like to thank you from saving her, Ms. Van Dyne."

    @Phantom Thief of Harts @Count Gensokyo @Thepotatogod

Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    @Ferociousfeind @Thepotatogod

    "Yes, my friend! We have to find where the others are before Hitler gets to Holly!" Pierre nodded at the squids before pondering where they may be able to reunite with their team. "Knowing Jackson and Ilsa, they might have gotten drunk enough to land themselves in Jail but Holly would be more focused on shopping..."

    <"The Ginger Man is very weak-willed! Holly must have used that fact to get him to take her to the mall!"> McKenzie placed his hand around his chin as he stated his Theory.

    "They must be there!" Famous Pierre jumped up and down excitedly. "We got to get to them before it is too late, my friends!"

    Soon the group drove off to the nearest mall... Stacey's Department Store, where they hope to encounter Insane Aussie, Tucker, and the Vapid Teenager, Holly. However upon arriving at the site of the mall, the group discovered it to be in total ruin.

    Famous Pierre got out of the limo, his mouth agape as he stood there dumbfounded at the sight, "What the Fish just happened?!"


    Mengele laid against a bookshelf as he bleed out from Ilsa shooting him in the neck moments before. As the Mad Scientist

    "I am sorry, old friend!" spoke the reptilian creature, Mister Pedro. "But I cannot carry you any further."

    "Good bye..." Mengele struggled to speak his parting words before he bellowed out, "My friend!"

    Mr. Pedro began to spasm as the link between him and his host body severed. Smoke emitted around the pair during the whole affair.

    Danger 5 Mr Pedro goes Solo.gif
    "Now... For Hitler..." Mr. Pedro declared as he slithered away into the night.


Venom by night

One Time Luck

  • Werewolf_by_Night_logo.jpg

    Every night I've been waking up from the same nightmare. I'm running in a forest but I don't feel free I-I'm terrified the forest is flooding everything is drowning I'm drowning in somthing ... raw and evil. All i see are dead things and a goat ? A talking goat and it all it ever tells me is this.

    "The Red Slayer has been awakened by the dark hold to choke the life out if everything that breaths!"

    And after that I wake up in some field. Dammit the Darkhold that #%&*[email protected]# book! The one that cursed my family with lycanthrapy! At least it wont be a problem for me now thanks to the three who were all...Wait! THAT GOAT HE WAS ONE OF THEM AAAAH NO TIME FOR THAT! Right now i need to figure out where I even am i've been drawn to the book but i should've at least had taken a map. Hmmm it looks like the moon is rising, good its not a full one, I better get changed and get moving I need to look for any signs of civilization out there. I dont want to be out here very late things tend to get pretty GRIMM!


    @Phantom Thief of Harts @Count Gensokyo

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  • --Emu Hojo || Ryuga Banjou--
    @Phantom Thief of Harts @Count Gensokyo @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

    As Emu and Ryuga were following the party, the group spotted what appears to be a young lady distributing pamphlets. There's nothing suspiscious about that, really, but the contents however, are what causes the people to turn away in disgust; life may be better without CPUs or Gods. The two Riders raised a brow on this topic. They didn't really get the topic at hand, considering that the world they came from didn't exactly have Gods and other similar Deities.

    Did she really need to make that argument? Ryuga thought, considering that he and Emu were from worlds that doesn't have Gods, and even then, there wasn't even much of a change. Politicians were still shit. Science is still ruling the world. I mean, damn. If Gods really exists, then other religions would probably be null and void. Regardless, it's still an interesting topic. As the other pamphlets were scattered about, one of them landed at Emu's foot, prompting him to pick it up and read it. He glossed over the pamphlet from front to back before putting the pamphlet inside his labcoat, following the others. However, he did stay behind as Nepgear urged them to do so, only walking a few feet away from her before looking back to make sure she's going to be alright. It seems as if the woman had said something about CPUs that made Nepgear sorry...If he could, Emu would like to look into the issue after taking care of the situation with the Dark Elves...
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    Sayaka would struggle to reply, but was unable to finish her sentences or start them as she was dragged off. Estelle was walking behind Gwenpool and Sayaka listening to Sayaka's complaints. She would then walk up next to Sayaka.
    "Don't worry about it right now. We have more important things to do."

    Sayaka would sigh, understanding that they were right, and she really couldn't ignore her 'Hero of Justice' instincts, but still, the glasses wearing girl...

    Sayaka would look back and see Nepgear hand the papers to the girl, before apologizing, then catch up to them.

    She likes to help people as well... We something in common now.

Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • Wasp giggled as she received complements for besting Whirlwind. "It's nothing, Dave's just a bit of a softy."

    Wasp then turned her sights on Princess Parasoul, "Your sister wasn't too much trouble... But let me talk to her, your highness."

    Wasp walked over to Umbrella and knelt down to meet the young canopy princess' eyes, "Look, kid... If you stay out of trouble until this whole mess blows over..." Wasp then pulled out a badge that bore the Avenger's emblem on it and presented it to Umbrella, "I'll give you this Junior Avengers Badge! Is that a deal?"

    Before Umbrella could give her answer, Wasp's attention turned to her fellow Avenger, Captain America, calling for her.

    "Wasp!" the Star-spangled Man, Captain America, called for his fellow Avenger's assistance. "Yellowjacket and Hawkeye need back-up!"

    Wasp looked over her shoulder at Captain American then back at Umbrella. Wasp gave the young princess a pat on the head, "Just sit back and enjoy the show."

    Hawkeye, Yellowjacket and now the winsome Wasp battled the A.I.M. troopers in a fierce battle while Captain America shielded civilians from the crossfire.

    "Attention, all A.I.M. Troopers... This is the Scientist Supreme! I order you to fallback... One of our Operatives has located the isotopes," spoke the voice of the Scientist Supreme to her subordinates through their communicators.

    Upon hearing their new orders, the remaining A.I.M. troopers laid down their arms and retreated.

    "Yeah, go ahead and run!" Wasp hurled insults at the retreating A.I.M. troopers.

    Suddenly the group was startled by a loud crash from right behind them.

    "Iron Man!" Hawkeye and Yellowjacket exclaimed as they stood over the crater were the Armored Avenger now finds himself in. The two Avengers slung Tony's arms on each of their shoulders before helping him back on to his feet.

    "Suit's heavily damaged..." Iron Man used all the strength he had to inform the others of his condition. "Weapon-Systems offline..."

    "Tony, who did this?" Captain America asked Iron Man.

    "Uh, Guys," Wasp altered the rest of the Avengers to a masked knight that rode a hellish flying horse. "I think he did it."

    "Your beloved Iron Man has fallen before the might of my lance! Now, surrender or die!" the masked knight aimed his lance at the remaining Avengers, and the two princesses.

    Princess Parasoul's ever-loyal Black Egrets, however, dared to defy the Techno-Warrior, Dreadknight, and aimed their guns at the villain. Just as they were about to fire their guns at Dreadknight a beam of energy struck their firearms and turned it to glass that quickly shattered upon use.

    "How amusing it is to see the mighty arms of the Black Egrets shatter like glass--"
    "--courtesy of my alchemy gun!" the armored alchemist boasted as the Dreadknight flanked his side.

    "Chemistro!?" Captain America exclaimed as he and Hawkeye readied themselves for battle.

    "What is there a super villain convention at the next block over or something?" Wasp joked as she readied her stingers.

    "It appears that the Mighty Avengers are now at the mercy of the world's smartest man!" declared armored man that floated right behind Dreadknight and Chemistro.
    "But you Neanderthals may refer to me as the Wizard!" the man introduced himself.

    "Oh great, not him..." Iron Man rolled his eyes upon seeing the wicked Wizard.

    "You know, Tony... For New Tokyo's Number One Hero, a lot of people seem to hate you," Hawkeye patted Iron Man's chest gently in an almost mocking manner.

    Iron Man glared at Hawkeye for the unsubtle insult, "Clint... Shut up."

    The Superior Six™ simply observed as the A.I.M. Troopers retreated from the Expo. Boomerang, on the other hand took this as an opportunity to loot the armor displays. The Australian-Born Super Criminal pulled the gauntlets from Iron Man's Silver Centurion Armor and quickly donned it. The Leader of the Superior Six™ quickly aimed the gauntlet's repulsors at one of the retreating A.I.M. Troopers for fun only to discover that the armor was indeed fake. Out of anger and frustration Boomerang pulled off the gauntlet and threw it on to the concrete pavement before spitting on it.

    "Hey, look over there," Overdrive noticed the two huntsmen approaching the gang.

    Beetle, Speed Demon and Shocker all turned their heads at a young man dressed in green and a young blonde man in light armor.

    "Should we do something about them?" Overdrive asked the rest of the Superior Six™.

    "Why should we bother?" Beetle squinted her eyes beneath her mask's lenses. "They look like a couple of dorks to me."

    "I-Is that one kid wearing stretchy jeans?" Speed Demon was puzzled by the blonde's choice of gear.

    "Shut up all of you... I'll deal with these punks, myself," Shocker said as he emerged from the gang's hiding spot and in front of the two huntsmen. "You kids don't know who you're messing with." And with that Shocker activated his vibro-shock gauntlets and was more than ready to send the pair flying across the city block.
    But before Shocker could even fire his gauntlets, he was alerted by a very familiar voice.

    "Hey, Herman!" called out an ever-familiar voice to the costumed criminals.

    "Aw, crap..." Shocker's intimidating aura deflated upon hearing his most hated foe call his name. "It's him..."

    "Sorry, I'm late for the party, fellas!" joked New Tokyo's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as he wrapped Shocker's vibro-shock gauntlets in web. The agile vigilante crossed Shocker's arms together before kicking him down to the Floor.

    "Spider-Man!" the remaining Superior Six™ members were stunned at the sudden arrival of the wall-crawler.

    "Yup! It's me!" Spider-Man chuckled before landing between the two young huntsmen. The Webslinger shifted his gaze between the two and asked the pair, "So you guys, up for a team-up? Don't worry about Herman, he's a bit tied up."

    Shocker, in spite of the humiliating defeat, squirmed towards the rest of the Superior Six™ and used his vibro-shock gauntlets to weaken the structural integrity of Spider-Man's webbing and free himself of its bonds.

    "Of course he could do that..." Spider-Man muttered to himself.
    "That's it!" Shocker roared at Spider-Man. "I'll show you what happens when you mock the Shocker!"

    "Sure you will, Herman..."
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"[Spirit] Bang."
  • "Huh? Well, okay, Commander Hill."

    Raiden was familiar with the kingdom, if only vaguely. It was far from Valpan, and few (if any) of his simulations - and none of his missions - had left him unfamiliar with that place. It was too weird and fantastical for his tastes. Magic? It was all a little far-fetched. He preferred his world making sense, like beekeeper supervillains and animal-themed terrorists.

    Annoyance of Fury's business (whatever that involved) aside, Raiden was ready for Towa City. He hadn't been there himself, but he had been reading plenty about what the city was going to be offering to Battleworld in the times to come. Raiden wasn't an egghead, but he didn't have to be to understand the importance of tech expos like this. It was no mystery why agents like him were being deployed here.

    With that said, even he wasn't expecting

    "Bram Velsing? That's the Dreadknight. He has that crazy flying horse, and a high-tech lance to boot. Isn't he still one of Doom's cronies?"

    Raiden reviewed the Soliton Radar coverage of the expo below. Already there was an all-out fight between A.I.M. and the Avengers. That was definitely plenty of action to jump into... but Raiden had always been deployed on sneaking missions. More importantly, Raiden had a sinking feeling that this was only the tip of the iceberg. A.I.M. couldn't be the only people interested in what Tony Stark and others were showcasing here. People like Bram Velsing... but who else?

    @Phantom Thief of Harts

Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    @Thepotatogod @Ferociousfeind

    "Who would destroy a perfectly good mall?" Pierre screamed in outrage of the vile act of destroying the famed Department Store.

    <"It was probably, Tucker,"> McKenzie answered Pierre's question with a heavy sigh of disappointment.

    "Oh no, the desire for revenge must be getting to his head!" Famous Pierre's eye widen from the shocking revelation.

    Elsewhere, Tucker and Holly were in a sedan that the crazed Aussie stole before the Mall's collapse.

    "Well that sure an experience, right Holly?" a battle-worn Tucker cheerfully asked his 'hostage' as he drove the stolen sedan through the streets of Metropolis.

    "I'm not talking to you!" Holly pouted as she avoided eye contact with Tucker. "You blew up the mall..."

    "I did what I did to stop those Dinosaurs from taking you!" Tucker slammed his hand against the dashboard of the stolen sedan.

    "Yeah, so why are we chasing after them, bozo?" Holly rolled her eyes before turning her head to stare out of the window.

    "Because they took Hitler! And if I am ever going to undo the curse Hitler put on Claire and bring her back to life..." Tucker maintained his sights firmly on the road before firmly stomping on the pedal to accelerate the sedan. "I've got to kill Hitler before they eat him!"

    Back with Famous Pierre and his Friends...

    Pierre ran up to the young detective and her team and in a panic cried out, "We need to find Tucker before he does something worse!"

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  • Parasoul

    "Oooooooh, okay!" Umbrella understood Janet's request when she got excited about the badge.

    "Well, that went well as I thought. Come on, Umbrella."
    Parasoul says, but before she could take her away from the battlefield, more villains popped up and the Egret's weapons are dismantled by Chemistro. This is not looking too good.

    "Egrets, retreat!" Parasoul commanded "Take Umbrella and move out!" The Egrets got concerned. "But sir! What about you?! Are you going to assist the Avengers all by yourself?!" One of them asks. "Don't mind me! Just take Umbrella and get out of here! I'll be fine." Parasoul answered, giving the Egrets assurance of her safety. "Sir, yes, sir!" They all yell before moving out of the area, taking Umbrella along with them.

    "Well now, what do you think we should do, Stark?" Parasoul asks, her Krieg and her Luger both in her hands, ready to assist the heroes.

    @Phantom Thief of Harts @Thepotatogod @Bixir @Count Gensokyo


  • As Add entered the cab he noted that the other two occupants had been talking about something, although they seemed to stop as soon as they noticed him. One of them, the one with the purple...headpiece? It looked like short tentacles but it was style like it was hair. How very strange indeed. At any rate, the girl with the brightly colored tentacle-hair and billboard forehead was asking if Add had heard anything. His only response was to quietly stare at her before looking at the person she was talking to. Her tentacle-hair was significantly longer and had visible suction cups on it. His gaze switched back and forth between them for several long moments before asking, "Exactly what are the two of you?" Add completely ignored the question he had been asked as his mind was fixated on the fascinating new creatures in front of him. If Add had to guess it was almost as though they were some kind of crossbreed between some type of sea creature and a humanoid creature. Or were they some kind of evolution instead? Whatever they were they were small, about the same size as him in the child form he was trapped in, amd completely new to him.

    @darkred @Ferociousfeind


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  • --Kamen Rider Build--
    @Phantom Thief of Harts @Topless

    "Penny, come in." Sento tapped the side of his head, alerting his apprentice of the escaping AIM Soldiers. "Are the bad guys running away or is it just these guys?" He asked, but before he could even get an answer from her, a loud crash interrupted his comm; it was Iron Man with his weapons system offline. Wounded, it seems. As everyone present asked if he was alright, down came the perpetrators.

    The first came an armored knight in a genetically modified horse wielding a lance. Then came several beams of golden light which were specifically aimed at the Egrets' weapons, which, for some reason, turned to glass and then shattered. That beam belonged to an alchemy gun from one 'Chemistro'. Then came a cocky guy in a purple suit, whose name was The Wizard, claiming to be the smartest of them all. Both villains piqued Sento's interest, especially the one named Chemistro and his Alchemy Gun. He'd like to take a look at it soon. Just then, the comms came back with Penny reporting yes, the enemies are retreating and if she and Ruby should pursue them.

    "Well, isn't this interesting?" Sento steps forth, "A self-proclaimed 'genius', a genius weapons technology innovator, and a genuine theoretical physicist in a face off? That's one hell of a Best Match, if you ask me." He chuckled to himself, a clear pipe emerging from the belt, materializing a drill from it onto his hand. Sento began approaching Chemistro, wanting to see how does the Alchemy Work first hand. His bait? The Drill Crusher, his weapon. Unlike most weapons, it can be remade rather quickly, considering it's made from hardened Nebula Gas through the Build Driver...

    --Ruby Rose || Penny Polendina--
    @Phantom Thief of Harts

    Meanwhile, Penny and Ruby were up on the rooftops, taking care of some of the AIM soldiers, pushing them back a long way as Nora and the rest of RNJR handles the crowd control down at the fair grounds. As Ruby pinned down one of them, they hear an order from what they can assume to be the head.

    It's a retreat. They got what they came for.

    Penny overhears that it's for an isotrope, and somebody had found it.

    "What's going on?" Ruby asked, seeing as the other AIM soldiers are retreating.

    "It appears that AIM had what they're looking for." Penny reported, "That's one of the logical explainations I can think of."

    "Should we go after them?"

    "I'm not sure...I'll go confirm this with the Professor. Please, keep the one pinned." Penny says, soon tapping her ear module to contact Sento. It connects, and just in time, as he asks if the bad guys are actually running. "Yes sir. Do we pursue them?" She asks, wanting to know if going after the other AIM soldiers was going to be the right move...

    --Jaune Arc || Lie Ren--
    @Phantom Thief of Harts

    "Oh boy, I know we shouldn't, but we'll probably need to...You know." Jaune turned to Ren. "Shoot him?"

    "Having superpowers is similar to having a Semblance, so we should be authorized to use our full capacity against Shocker and his cronies." Ren sighed, taking out his green pistols with knives attached to the barrel pointing downwards. "Brace yourself!" Ren prepared himself for battle, the two Huntsmen taking a stance as Shocker began to advance towards them when all of a sudden, a certain blue and red hero appeared, slinging webs at Shocker!

    "Oh shoot, it's Spider-Man!" Jaune chuckled in excitement at the same time the Superior Six cried out his name in fear as the web slinging hero entered the fray, landing in between the two Huntsmen. The webslinger himself asked if they're up for a team up. "Oh, totally!" He accepted without hesitation, shivering in excitement. "I can't believe this is actually happening...!" He softly squealed, hyped for his cooperation with a genuine superhero.

    "Get a hold of yourself, Jaune."

    "R-right, right!" Jaune coughed, yanking his head out of cloud nine just as Shocker got free of his sticky web bondage. He observed Shocker having vibrational powers, specifically around the gauntlets he's wearing...Perhaps it's not much of a power, but more of a weapon? Damn it, if only they let Nora tag along..."Spidey, think you can try and get the hostage out of the situation?" He asked, pertaining to the blonde member of the six who was not in costume. "I don't think we'll be able to stop them with their life in danger." He said, slowly advancing with his shield, Ren preparing to engage right behind him.
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  • City of Despair.png


    "Wait, you guys got a hostage!?" Spider-Man's eyes widen from the shock. "Seriously, that's a new low!"

    "What Hostage?" Shocker lowered his guard to ponder on Spider-Man's acquisitions before being knocked down by a stiff dropkick from the masked vigilante.

    "I mean, I expect this sort of stuff from the Crime-Master but not you guys!" Spider-Man explained his outrage to the rest of the Superior Six™.

    "What's that suppose to mean!" Beetle was appalled by the implications of Spider-Man's words before flying straight at the wall-crawler.

    Spidey dodged the Beetle's repulsor blasts with ease, "I mean you guys aren't exactly the hostage taking types!"

    "Well, what if we are!?" Beetle flew up to get a better vantage point on Spider-Man. Beetle fired her repulsors at the webslinger only to miss every shot.

    "Then, I'd be saving the hostage!" Spider-Man fired his impact webbing at Beetle's wings causing her to plummet into an open dumpster. Spider-Man quickly made his way over to the side of the dumpster where the allege hostage was hiding.

    Spider-Man offered his hand to the teenage girl, who was trembling in a fetal position. "Take my hand, everything's going to be--"

    Suddenly, Spider-Man's Spider-Senses warned him of impending danger. For the girl wasn't a hostage but was the Superior Six™'s unofficial sixth member! A mechanical arm stretched out and gave the webhead a straight punch to his face.

    Spider-Man landed between the two huntsmen before quickly springing back up on to his feet, "Okay, maybe they don't have a hostage..."
    "Of course, a gimp-mask wearing virgin like you would think a gorgeous girl genius with an amazing rack would be a poor little damsel in distress!" Miu mocked Spider-Man as the teenage inventor's mechanical arm lifted her up on to her feet.

    Spider-Man briefly turned his head to the two huntsmen, "You guys deal with Speed Demon and Overdrive; I'll deal with Discount Octopus and Beetle." Spider-Man and swung ahead to subdue the duo.

    "Let me guess, you're the new Doc Ock, right?" Spider-Man swing around Miu to dodge her arms' attacks.

    "Yeah right... As if I'd even take that fatso's dumb ass nickname!" Miu glared at the wall-crawler before using her mechanical arms to toss a pair of trash cans that Spider-Man gracefully avoided.

    Beetle, with a half-empty ramen cup on her head, emerged from the dumpster and shouted at Spider-Man, "She's the Tinkerer!"

    Miu left her mechanical arms deal with Spider-Man to the young inventor time to scream at Beetle, "No! I'm fuckin' not, Beet-Off!"

    The insult earned Miu an intense glare from the super criminal.

    "The Terrible Tinkerer it is then..." Spidey joked as he leaped between the walls of the alleyway to dodge Miu and Beetle's attacks.

    "See!" Miu's mechanical arms grabbed Spider-Man's arm and slammed him against the side of a building before turning her attention to Beetle. "Even he knows it's a shitty name!"

    "It's a legacy!" Beetle defended the codename she personally picked for the Ultimate Inventor.

    "Who fuckin' cares! The only legacy I care about is the legacy of the Gorgeous Girl Genius whose good looks and Golden Brain will go down in history!" Miu shouted at her so-called mentor, the Beetle before taking a deep breath to scream out, "Miu fuckin' Iruma!"

    With the Ultimate Inventor distracted and her back turned, Spider-Man quickly fired his electrical webbing at Miu's backpack which quickly caused her mechanical arms to short circuit. The arms flayed around wildly before wrapping themselves around both Miu and the Beetle.

    "Okay, it looks like you two need some group therapy to work out your issues," Spidey quipped as he strengthened the bonds of Miu's mechanical arms with his webbing.

    "This wouldn't happen if you weren't such a fuckin' dumbass..." Miu cried and shook her legs furiously like a child in mid tantrum.

    "Shut... up..." Beetle squirmed around in an attempt to free herself from their bonds.

    Meanwhile, the young huntsmen faced with the sinister Speed Demon and Overdrive.

    Speed Demon tilted his head at Overdrive and muttered out, "This is gonna be easy." Soon Speed Demon ran on ahead and quickly landed a Punch on the Huntsman in green before stopping to taunt him, "Welcome to the big time, boys!"

    Overdrive looked around and spotted a child's tricycle and used his reality warping nano-bacteria to alter the vehicle into a three-wheeled scooter. The Technomancer hopped on board the vehicle and charged at the Huntsman in the 'stretchy jeans'.

    @Thepotatogod @Topless

    "Nice belt you got there... Let's see what happens when I turn it into wood!" Chemistro aimed his alchemy gun at the armored hero but before he could pull the trigger, Wizard walked up next to him.

    The Wizard raised his hand to silently order Chemistro to not engage the armored hero before tossing what appeared to be a hi-tech landmine right at the armored hero's feet. Soon the hero was sent flying upwards thanks to Wizard's anti-gravity disc.

    "Princess, I need you to--" Iron Man was unable to finish his sentence before screaming out in agony. The Armored Avenger clutched his arc reactor as both Hawkeye and Yellowjacket helped him back up once more.

    "Ma'am, I don't think Tony's in any condition to give out orders," Captain America informed the Canopy princess while he shielded them from a energy blast from Dreadknight's lance.

    "Cap, you and Hank get Tony out of here," Hawkeye shifted Iron Man's arm around Captain America's shoulders before charging at Dreadknight. "I'll handle the renaissance fair reject, myself!"

    Hawkeye fired an explosive arrow at Dreadknight only for a massive flying object to swoop down and shield the techno warrior from the blast. The moment the mighty archer saw what had happened, he gasped from the shock.

    "You got to be kidding me," a shrunken Wasp flew right beside Hawkeye as the two Avengers were stunned by what had just arrived.

    "Avengers, allow me to introduce you to my rather frightful friend, the Living Automaton--" Wizard laughed as a massive beastly creature emerged from the flames.
    Dragon Man.jpg

    "Now, Earth's Mightiest Heroes will face the full might of the Frightful Four!"​

    "Not the first time we have to beat up a super villain club," Wasp muttered to herself as she readied herself for combat.

    As Ruby and Penny pursued the A.I.M. troopers from the rooftops but suddenly Penny was struck by an unmanned Motorcycle and Ruby was left face to face with...
    Prowler strikes.jpg
    The Prowler!​

    "Didn't expect to you again, kid..." the Prowler said as he popped out his claws and glared at Ruby before pouncing at the young Huntress.



    "Velsing hasn't step foot in Latveria since he became Dreadknight," Maria Hill corrected Raiden. "From what we could gather, he was a scientist working under Doom's Technology department until he thought rebellion... So Doom fused that iron mask on to Velsing's face." Maria paused as one of her subordinates informed her of a recent development.

    "Raiden, there's a change of plans... We need you at a Towa Corporation's Research Station... It seems that A.I.M. had someone there to look for the isotopes... Expect heavy resistance when you get there."

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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    @Thepotatogod @Ferociousfeind

    "Fish! Why did I not think of that in the first place!" Famous Pierre cursed when he realized that the crazed Aussie's whereabouts would be obvious to solve. "Yes, that makes sense... Tucker would be going after the police..."

    Famous Pierre quickly ran to his luxury limo and urged the others to join him, "Come quickly, my friends! We have to find Tucker and kill Hitler!"


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  • HNepVll_logo_US-660x325.png
    @Thepotatogod @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern @Tamotsu


    "Oh my... I am very flattered but I am not leading our party," Vert chuckled at the young woman's assumption.

    "I'm actually the one leading the party!" Neptune proudly declared to the whole party and their new additions. "I am the protagonist after all!"

    "Say, K-Sha..." Big Nep leaned in on the stealth expert of Gold Third. "You mentioned something about intell... So you know where we could find Uzume?"

    "Yes..." K-Sha gave the alternative Neptune a single nod. "Uzume is held captive in AffimaX's laboratory located at the north end of the base. It is guarded by their new employer's legion of robots."

    "How would we know if we're going the right way?" Big Nep asked K-Sha.

    "Trust me, you'll know," K-Sha cryptically answered.

    "Figured that much..." Big Nep chuckled as she rubbed the back of her head.

    "Now, Neptune a rousing motivational speech is in order," Vert encouraged her fellow CPU to truly play her role of Protagonist.

    "Oh, Vert! You're too kind!" Neptune walked ahead of the rest of the part and began her speech. "Right! Everyone, we're nearing the end game and trust me when I say it's not going to be a pudding walk! But we've faced worst before! We've faced badder! We banished fiery foes back into the Dark Dimension and We still had time for a round of Victory pudding!"

    "Get to the point already, Neptune!" Noire complained.

    "Well, my favorite Tsundere... I'm saying we're going to win!" Neptune laughed before point at herself with her thumb dramatically. "Because I'm the protagonist! Now let's go!"

    Neptune led the charge to north of the room and into the next room over where they ran into the robotic guards that K-Sha warned them of.
    "Intruders detected!" The robots cried out as they charged at Neptune's Party.

    "Wait a sec... Aren't those robots from Latlas?" Neptune tough aloud as she fought the automated foot soldiers. "What are they doing here?"

    "I mean it's kinda obvious why they're here, Tiny me... Don't you think?" Big Nep fired her gun at the robots before slicing one, that managed to avoid her hailstorm of bullets, in half.

    "Oh, it's the Doomster, isn't it? I was wondering when he'd show his metal mug after Thor told me about him!" Neptune replied while dodging the robots' gun fire.

  • Parasoul

    Looks like the team is in for a fight as they face the full might of the Frightful Four. With Tony out of commission and Steve and Hank taking him away, Parasoul, Clint, Janet, and Sento are the only ones left to get rid of these menaces. Parasoul steps up, deciding to take Tony's position as leader.

    "Hawkeye, as you've said, you take care of Dreadknight. Sento might as well be dealing with Chemistro. Wasp, deal with Dragon Man. As for me, I'll take care of the Wizard." She shifts her attention to her target before she charges. "WIZARD!" She yelled to get his attention so that she could smack her Krieg unto him.

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  • ayame__gundam_build_divers__by_ori_hiro_dd64eor-fullview.jpg Sighing,the purple haired kunoichi simply eyed both the yellow twin-tailed girl and the katana-wielding girl with her arms folded.

    “Forget it. Getting Zeromaru rebuilt back to its original state is more than enough as an apology. That said,” Ayame spoke, “Tell us more about this AffimaX you all spoke of.”

    A few while later
    "We're going to win because I'm the protagonist" she says....next thing I know one or several of us either wind up dead or is made to turn against us.

    Ayame thought cynically as she,armed with a pair of kunai-s,evaded several incoming shots before trying to take down several automatons with her choice of weapon. Needless to say,it wouldn't be enough to put a dent in their numbers however.

    Decreasing their numbers would've been a lot more easier if Zeromaru wasn't being rebuilt at the moment.....the Hattori would really be useful to knock hem out of the way right now.

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  • @Phantom Thief of Harts @Tamotsu

    Wow, she's cute. Wait, what am I thinking? I already have a boyfriend!
    Meiya thought after Neptune explained she was the leader, and not the woman who looked elegant.

    Minutes later, after Neptune led the charge, they were set upon by multiple enemies that were Apperantly robots.
    A group would surround her, but Meiya was calm as she would draw her sword as several of the robot henchmen that had surrounded her dropped in an instant, sparks crackling from the gash marks inflicted upon them.

    She had her sword up in defense, ready to take on the next few robots who wanted a piece of her.


Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • Phantom_Thieves_Logo (1).png
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    P5_portrait_of_Makoto_Nijima (2).png

    The Phantom Thieves gathered in the attic of the small cafe to plot out their next course of action against the new Kingpin of Crime, Roderick Kingsley.

    Makoto sat on her seat with her arms crossed. Makoto broke the silence in the room with a heavy sigh, "So it appears that the rumors were true." Makoto shot Akira with an intense glare, "And you didn't report her to the authorities? I have no doubt in mind that she wasn't even suppose to outside that late at night."

    "Mako-Chan... While I do agree that Celestia should receive proper punishment for her actions, we have more pressing issues to attend to," Haru reasoned with her fellow Third Year.

    "You're right, Haru-chan..." Makoto held her head down before turning her head towards Akira's direction once more. "Akira those keywords..." Makoto turned her attention away from her burning hatred for the Ultimate Gambler to get back to business. "I doubt the location would be Manhattan itself. From how those Super Villains described him as, it appears that he crime as more of a business."

    "Then perhaps the location would be Kingsley Ltd. HQ?" Haru theorized. "It wouldn't be a stretch. All things considered."

    "And with that whole Maggia/League of Villains thing going on... I expect some Pro-Hero Security will be there too," Futaba added to the discussion. "Which means we better have a good reason to be there."

    Ann soon felt the eyes of her fellow Phantom Thieves on her and bolted up, "Why's everyone looking at me!?"
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  • Marie followed the awe-struck Pierre around quietly, looking from shelf to shelf in awe herself, "So many things destroyed... things I could've bought..." She traced her finger along the wall, before coming onto gunshots in the wall, "Hey, Danger 5! I think there was a gunfight here! Evidently Tucker had to escape the firefight by..." she focused on the gunshot intently, as if it held unspeakable secrets, "dressing up as a Mall Santa and fleeing. I think. That might be someone else, though. No, no, definitely Tucker."

    "Wait, no! Why would Tucker be a Mall Santa!?"

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"[Spirit] Bang."

  • "His face, huh? Doctor Doom sure has a thing for iron masks..."

    It made Raiden what a guy like Doctor Doom was up to. This sort of thing felt like it should have his metal fingerprints all over it, and yet Commander Hill's correction ruled that out... probably. There was still a lot they didn't know about what was going on. If there was one thing those simulations had taught him, it was that you couldn't take everything at face value, especially when it came to supervillains. Whoever it was that was at the Research Station would certainly that bill. Whoever they were, he was going to need to be careful. After all, he was a stealth soldier. Combat was (generally) the last resort, let alone against people with superpowers or tech that made them just as dangerous. Either way, it didn't matter. He still had to complete the mission... and he wasn't about to let Commander Hill down!

    A quick read of the Soliton radar was enough for Raiden to decide his insertion... phrasing. "Okay... I'll go for a naval entry point. My stealth suit is already designed for aquatic environments. I just need to use my frog helmet to breathe underwater. Hopefully they haven't taken over the Research Station already. But, even if they have, I can get past whatever security they have. Wish me luck, Commander! I'll be in touch."

    Unless Commander Hill had anything more to say to Raiden, he would disengage the airlock. Over the course of their conversation, their carrier had relocated to the dropoff point for the Research Station in question. Without missing a beat, Raiden leaped headfirst into the cold water below. He didn't feel most of it, on account of his stealth suit, but the sensation still hit him like a ton of freezing bricks. He had swum in the bay before, for live exercises as well as for a couple other deployments. He dived deeper upon impact, minimizing his presence, if anyone would have even noticed it amid the chaos happening on the shore and beyond. Moving swiftly and carefully, Raiden made his way to the underwater hatch outlined in the blueprints of the building from the mission files. Thankfully, this side of the station had minimal security, so it wouldn't be much trouble getting in... or at least that was the idea. They didn't have time to assess the full details of what was going on here. That's what he was here for, after all.

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I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret

  • goblin3.jpg “Hmm?”

    Goblin Slayer peered deep into the cave they were about to set foot into. Before anyone have the short chance of asking him,the boy raised his hand,as if impeding his current part from trying to enter their destination.

    “Quiet. Listen.”

    *screaming from the distance*

    “.....Keep your eyes peeled and do not shatter the vial we're having. Whatever it is we're facing.....we may not come back out in one piece if we aren't careful.”

    He said,but could they really all make it out of this alive? those shriek did not sound like it belonged to that of an enraged dragon. It was too high pitched...at least in comparison according to what he heard from the rest of the adventurers in the tavern who had first-hand experience with dealing with such creature. He would've waved it off as a goblin shrieking in agony and only enter just to double check for any survivors,but the scream was not out of fear or pain. It was monstrous. The roar sounded as if it was waiting to terrorise whatever poor soul that still pressed on regardless of the possible danger that awaits.

    That blood-curdling screech made even the grungy warrior pause for a few moments to assess their next moves. Whatever it was that stood by the depths of the cave might have very likely killed all the goblins that stood on its path. If that was the case,there was no need to waltz in and get their lives taken so foolishly when it could be easily avoided,and he could simply return to the Adventurer's Guild to make the report on the possible new threat from afar. However,this would mean that the unlikely survivor who managed to survive the encounter against all odds using its brethren as makeshift decoys could escape and learn from the experience. An experience that,regardless of whether or not it was from a close shave encounter with the adventurers,or something else,would make the survivor learn and grow even stronger. Stronger enough to be a potential danger,much like the Goblin Lord that ordered a raid on "her" farm. After all,goblins are stupid,but they are not fools.

    Having made up his mind,the boy sighed and lowered his unarmed hand from blocking his party members,nodding at them before entering the cave.

    “Let's go”
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Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate

  • Minerva landed directly in Cynthia's path, spinning her body in a near 180 spin. Her tail lashed out, catching several of the fiends, either sending them flying backward or outright turning their form into lifeless red paste.

    There was still one left. While Minerva stared down the remaining monsters advancing on their position, Gerome leaped from the saddle, pulling out his axe in a two-handed, overhead strike, aimed straight for what remained of the thing's tainted skull. "NOT TODAY!!"

    There was hardly any time for a reprieve, but Gerome didn't care. He needed this. He rushed to Cynthia's side, propping an arm to help her keep her balance, as well as to hand her a Vulnerary. He hadn't actually run out... but he had a feeling that someone else was going to need it more than he did. He just didn't think that it would be her.

    "Cynthia..." Gerome huffed between breaths, practically winded from how hard he had flown into this new encounter. He took a moment to catch himself, all too aware that it wouldn't be long before the monsters were upon them again, and in greater numbers than either of them could oppose.

    "Gerome..." Cynthia echoed.

    This moment would be enough to keep her going, even if she didn't have any medicine.

    Tears gathered at the corners of her eyes.

    He tried to hide his concern, his relief... but there was no use hiding anything from her.
    She tried to find the right words...but words alone couldn't get her meaning across.

    "I'm... glad you are alright."
    "I'm...so glad it was you."

    She wouldn't be left on her own in this world...not anymore.

    "Can your pegasus still fly?"
    "She's better off than me...tougher, too!" Cynthia said, smiling all the while as she applied her medicine. It wasn't pleasant, but she had to be as strong as he was.

    This wasn't just a feeling. It was her duty.

    "Can we...catch up after all this?" the knight on the white horse asked her draconian friend. Cynthia continued to wince as she spurred her steed to action with her wounded leg. The Vulnerary's healing effects would kick in soon, but they were both running out of time.

    . . . . .

    With the help of the Princess of Mewni and the Spider-Fighters, the red devils were driven back. The day had been won, but...

    Cynthia wasn't given the opportunity to think about the battle's aftermath before a distressed Hekapoo entered the ruined town through a tear in space.

    "Okay, it's much much worse than I thought, all right?" a frustrated Hekapoo cursed as she shoved Marco and Star away from her before turning to face the Carnage clones that symbiote created through her.

    "Yeah, this is bad..." was all Star could say as the Carnage clones roared at her and her allies.

    Hekapoo kept her eyes on the Carnage-Hekapoos as she addressed the Spider-Totems, "You guys think you could handle them?" Hekapoo extended her arms as magical flames erupted from her hands and once the flame died down appeared a pair of Dimensional Scissors, "You're going to need these... Also, aim for the flames."

    Cynthia might have questioned how effective the scissors' tiny edges would be against the enemy, but considering how they were revealed in the first place...she wasn't going to be the one to question how effective a mage could be at crowd control.

    "Push them into the flames? Understood!" Cynthia said as she brandished her Carnage-stained lance.

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  • The moment the loading screen ended and the group was about to enter the beast's lair - whether literal or just another dungeon location - a cutscene activated, where Goblin Slayer kept the team from walking in to listen to some monstrous clicking-screeching sounds.

    The armor goblin-hunting boy began to consider the merits and demerits of entering a place that served as the epicenter of such vile-sounding acoustic vibrations, while Red Wizard felt a rising sense of anticipation and delight. Build-up like this happened only in one place:

    Before a boss fight.

    For those unaware, wizards unlocked new spells and equipment by killing bosses and creatures of legend. It's where the saying, 'As a magician, one must solo a giant dragon,' saying comes from.

    ...Or was that about knights?


    Who cares? Let's go!

    Faster than mortal eyes could track, Red Wizard raised his staff, conjured a lightning element, an arcane element, and a fire element, and applied them to himself, casting 'Haste' on himself to move at twice the speed.

    Red Wizard moved into the cave, and blurred, the spell leaving behind a shadowy light blue outline of his previous location due to the STD. Not to be confused with a Sexually-Transmitted Disease, the Shadowy Temporal Distortion effect asserted that all objects that are being dilated in time will leave behind a trail or shade that makes it easier to track their movement.

    "I'mgoingtoscoutandseewhatkindofnastiesdwellhereandclearapathoutforyouallwhileimatitseeyouattheexitlosers," he rapidly shrieked at the team in the voice of a chipmunk, the lines where words ended and started nonexistent due to the velocity of his vocal cords. Before the Haste effect wore off, Red Wizard cast another one then sped off and threw a fireball at the first thing he observed in his line of sight that moved.

    ...Well, at least he forgot about his fear of vampires, right?

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