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Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    Within the darken shooting range, the vengeful Captain Brandon continued to fire his beanbag rounds at a bound and gagged Jackson.

    Meanwhile, off to a forgotten corner of the room, the young rookie cop stretched his arms as he let out a loud yawn. Soon his gaze turned to the stamina pills that Agent Mengele gave the department, with a shrug the rookie cop consumed the pills in hopes that it would restore him to a fully rested state.

    After one more beanbag shot to the gut from Captain Brandon, Jackson frantically tried to free himself from the hook that kept him suspended. Captain Brandon shot Jackson once more and that shot shook Jackson off the hook and he soon stumbled on to the floor.

    The young rookie began to vomit out green ooze before collapsing.

    Now on the floor, Jackson used his strength to break his binds and tear the gag off of his mouth. Captain Brandon was unmoved by Jackson's patriotic strength and aimed his beanbag armed shotgun at the former police detective.

    "Captain! The Nazis are back! They set me up!" Jackson desperately tried to vouch for his innocence, "I'm not a Commie!"

    "Shut up, you red piece of shit," Captain Brandon cursed coldly before aiming his shotgun at Jackson.

    "No!" Jackson cried out before getting hit with another beanbag straight to the gut.

    Meanwhile, the rookie cop began to shake violently while foaming at the mouth however the captain was more concerned with Jackson to care.

    Captain Brandon got out of the control room and ran over to Jackson to subdue him before he could get the strength to get up and run away. Soon the captain realized that he alone couldn't stop Jackson and called out, "Damn it, Rookie! Give me a hand with this piece of shit!"

    Soon both Jackson and Captain Brandon ended their struggle upon hearing an inhuman growl from the shooting range's control room. Captain Brandon cautiously approached the control room only to be startled when he saw a creature run across the control room. Thinking quickly, Captain Brandon pulled out his revolver and fired into the darkness and soon a deafening silence fell on to the room. Then a Stegosaurus poked its head out of the control room's divide.

    "Hey, Buddy," Captain Brandon greeted the dinosaur in hopes it was friendly, "What are you doing here?"

    "Hey, buddy..." Jackson too greeted the dinosaur with the same hopes as the captain.

    However much to Jackson and Captain's horror, the dinosaur wasn't interested with exchanging pleasantries and instead the foul beast sprayed acid at Captain Brandon.

    Feeling the acid slowly eating through his flesh, the dying Captain Brandon screamed out with his dying breath, "Piece of shit!" before collapsing in to Jackson's arms.

    "Your face looks like a piece of shit," the American quipped at his dying former captain.

    The Stegosaurus soon climbed over the divide and slowly approached Jackson, who swiftly abandoned his former captain's corpse and ran away from the hellish creature.


Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame

  • Neptune3.png

    Neptune sighed heavily upon hearing the new character's plan, malicious or not, the new character would be too much of a hindrance even for the self-proclaimed Protagonist of Protagonists

    "Don't know how that's gonna help us when I'm pretty sure you don't even know what their goons even look like," Neptune poked a hole in the new character's plan, "Besides... Our party's looking pretty full, right now... Ain't that right, Vert?"

    "Yes," the buxom CPU of Leanbox nodded in agreement, "And her plan would only slow us down."

    "So, since we're gonna go directly to Affimax's base, knowing full well it's probably a trap..." Neptune began her rousing protagonist speech to get her proper party members into the mood, "So let's go and save Uzume! So says the Protagonist!"

    Soon the CPUs and their allies abandoned the new character and made their way towards the last known location of Affimax's base.

  • Add had been keeping to himself after finishing his conversation with the Gundam Pilots. He returned his mind to his primary task, which was to gather resources for going off world. However, now that he had made the promise of helping Marcus to find the group of people he had been seperated from he would need to see to that as well, and so gathering materials would have to happen in his absence. It wasn't his preferred way of doing things, but he always made sure to have drones on hand with the necessary coding and components for working independently of him when it was needed. He reached into his pockets and pulled out the drones needed for the work ahead. He turned them on and let them fly out of his hands. They would find their way according to the readings compiled by the drones he had tasked to scan the area for usable resources, and he was sure that he would return sooner or later to reap what he had sown.

    As Add contemplated his next moves he thought of what he could do in addition to his promise and his primary objective. The ghost of a smile flitted across Add's lips as he recalled how Marcus had cybernetic components. If he could gain Marcus's trust and acceptance, perhaps he could do something there. The ghost of a smile widened into a full smile, his cheeks aching from the effort of his facial muscles being used in ways that they had grown unaccustomed to after years of little or no emoting. It was a good thing he was facing away from Marcus at the time, as the look on his face was sure to be unsettling. However, the expression quickly faded as the momentary burst of genuine emotion was once again consumed by his unwavering emotional apathy. Add turned to face Marcus, his mind now fully settled on his next moves. "It appears that we will be the only ones leaving from here. It would help us to locate your friends if you've any notiong of where they may have gone. Incidentally..." Here Add paused as he considered how to phrase his question in a way that wouldn't cause discomfort or rejection as it often had whenever he had mentioned taking apart Nasods to understand how they worked during his earlier years of traveling with Eve. "Have you considered the possibility of upgrading yourself? You have still have your organic parts, but according to my scans your endoskeletal structure is cybernetic. With correct understanding of its workings I could increase your capabilities. You could be more than you are now, and do more for you friends when you find them again."


Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along

  • @Phantom Thief of Harts @Thepotatogod @Captain Gensokyo

    As the group head out for the mission, Sayaka would think about the challenge ahead.
    I became a magical girl in the first place to save people from the wicked. I had only fought witches, familiars, and other magical girls.... But now, I am about to face something I have never faced before.... Am I really ready for this?

    She stopped for a minute, looking at her hand, which shook uncontrollably. What if I go 'berserk' like I did last time? I don't want to put Nepgear in danger....

    "If you're worrying about the future, you can't proceed from the present." Sayaka looked up and towards Estelle, who had her Sword resting on her back.
    "How did you-"
    "Hey, I'm the main character aren't I? Also, I know a worrying look when I see one. Just live in the here and now, and then I bet nothing horrible will happen to you."
    Sayaka would take a breath, before nodding.
    "I'll do my best."



Marcus Wright
Location: Mars


Marcus was a little more suspicious of Add, and what he could offer a "man" like him. The half terminator grunted

"I do have cybernetic enchantments. But the thing is I don't exactly trust new hands poking and prodding around in my body. I've been through that too much at "home."

I can't promise you know all the parts of my terminator body and where to look and all.

He looked up at add "It's really hard to trust anyone right now, but to be honest Danger 5 is the first humans I met. Not sure if I'd completely consider them full friends."

Marcus was however considering upgrades, slowly.

"Where exactly do you have these, upgrades, Add?

The half terminator had felt weak at times to be honest, but that was all part of being human right?

@Torma Ximnus


Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate

  • "This is Lisa Lavender, here with breaking news!

    The Maggia and League of Villains gang war has reached a new terrifying peak as Valpan's Pro-Heroes arrived to contain a recent skirmish between the two notorious criminal organizations in Midtown, Manhattan...

    Wait, I've just received word that a Sandstorm has broken out."


    A sandstorm in the city? Suspicious and peculiar...

    Tohru's eyes narrowed into little slivers as sand particles began to fall onto her spotless uniform. Even after just a few months of adjusting to life on this new Earth, she knew exactly what she should be searching for.

    I smell....a superhuman.

    Tohru's hyper-keen senses zeroed in on the eye of the storm in fractions of a second. Even with billions more humans wandering the world, it was still just as easy to pick an abnormal entity out of a crowd of ordinary souls. The mana flowing through the very astmosphere itself was far more plentiful than the world she had been in previously, augmenting her magical abilities even further.

    The hot-dog stand right next to her flew off its support and crashed into the sidewalk across the street, much to the despair of its owner. Steel trash cans tipped and spilled their contents onto the asphalt, making the already dirty street even filthier.

    Yet somehow, the winds weren't blowing anyone over in the process. The only real problem, in fact, was the sand irritating everyone's eyes. Tohru's laser-sharp sight was unaffected, but she pitied the humans who could barely see the emergency car lights flashing by the crosswalk. As an honest citizen, wasn't it her duty to make sure people could get to their day-jobs?

    Behold! One of my 48 maid skills: perception blocking!

    The draconic girl draped herself in a green aura, causing her to disappear from every spectrum of sight, sound, and smell all at once.

    A little detour should be fine, right?


    Tohru's wings sprouted into place, and she shot through the sky at the speed of thought!


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  • The_Simpsons_Logo.png

    "So, Yang," Marge gave the huntress a warm and comforting smile, "How's about we go and forget about our problems and just live life."

    "Oddly specific wording but I'm up for it," Yang chuckled before shaking hands with the Matriarch of the Simpsons Family, "So, where are we heading first?"

    "I heard that there's a place where they sell affordable Blurays," Marge said while her handshake with Yang took an uncomfortably long about of time.

    Lisa approached the young fanus girl and waved at her, "Konichi wa, Watashi wa Lisa Simpson, desu."

    Bart groaned at Lisa for speaking Japanese, "Oh come on, Lis'... I'm pretty sure she understands English just like everyone else here!"

    "You wouldn't know that, Bart!" Lisa snapped at her brother before pausing to think about how he was indeed right about how the many diverse cultures and people seem to understand each other in spite of the language barrier.
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Kanna Kamui

-For Love nor Money-

"Its fine." Kanna says in response to Bart's blunt statement. She then reaches her hand, offering a handshake to the siblings. "Its nice to meet both of you. I hope we can be great friends." She says.

@Phantom Thief of Harts


Endearing Misanthrope
  • Rin Tohsaka and Saber - New Gotham


    Instinctively, as though accustomed enough to unexpected appearances from unknown figures at this point, Rin's knees bucked, ready to make a leap to the side as if to evade a coming attack, and yet even as the ankh appeared before them, in turn a man (or something shaped as one at least) materializing from it, the young mage didn't feel any killer intent as she'd expected, but remained wary all the same, even as the figure spoke to her of Constantine, the name that had only lingered in her thoughts.

    From there, Rin's brow twitched slightly as she was referred to as a "child," but it was his wording of "warriors of order against the coming chaos" that caught her attention sooner.

    Allies of justice... Aagh, Emiya-kun's gonna have a field day with that, but... If this guy knows Constantine, maybe I can trust him. Or maybe, actually, knowing Constantine is what precisely makes him untrustworthy, Rin thought to herself, musing on how this figure seemed the other side on the same coin of Constantine; seeming similarly well versed in the mystic arts -- or what passed as magecraft in this world at least -- but much more well-spoken and at least able to exude an air of benevolence, all things implied. Still, as painfully self-aware as she was about it, for better or for worse, Rin was one who had a tendency to look a gift horse in the mouth, keeping her guard up in the face of someone claiming to be an ally, or at least hoping to make allies out of them, considering such an event rarely happened, even if it was under the premise of embarking on another mission.

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire, perhaps.

    "Purpose... You make it sound like we were meant to be here, whoever you are. Did that guy put you up to this?" Rin managed to utter, realizing that this figure who claimed to know of them hadn't even had the common decency to introduce himself, "And how can we even know we can trust you, mister...?"

    "I have no son," Saber piped up pointedly, like a knife stabbing through the air, spoken with such contempt that Shirou and Rin had never even heard before, prompting a surprised blink from Rin. Still, to that end, it was plain to see that Saber knew exactly who he was talking about with just the man's final sentence. "But just as Rin inquires, who are you, sorcerer? How and what do you know of the Knight of Treachery and mine sister?"

    Artoria considered herself a decently tempered person, a sentiment that Rin would agree with as well (most of the time), but indeed, at the mere mention of her "son" and sister, a searing scowl was clearly visible upon her otherwise mild and soft features. "This had best not be a ruse. I do not take the mere mention of them lightly," the Servant went on, resisting the urge to summon her Invisible Air right then and there.

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The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Shirou stopped at the sudden voice, turning to look.

    Each time he traced a weapon and called upon the skills of its user, he lost that skill when he dismissed the weapon. However, much like throwing a cube of sugar into a glass of water, a small fragment of that experience stayed with him, bolstered by his close connection to it. Between that, and his regular trainings with Saber, his natural reaction was to crouch down, poise himself as to make himself less of a target while simultaneously being ready to dodge or bolt in any direction.

    The golden ankh hung in the sky, and from it emerged a man. Blue clothing, with golden vestments and a flowing cape. A helmet covered his face, golden and reflective, the slits glowing menacingly. His arms were spread to the sides, palms splayed as if to welcome them, while simultaneously asking them to sing him praises.

    For all his similarities to Caster that urged Shirou to prepare for combat, the man's body language was surprisingly open, welcoming. A little ostentatious, but it didn't give off killing intent. He found himself easing up, just a little.

    By the time he was done speaking, Shirou felt more than a little confused but was also surprisingly at peace with what he said, already resolving to help out. He felt this must have been one of the heroes.

    Rin was being her skeptical self, questioning the circumstances and veracity of what the golden man said. But then Saber went through the conversation like a spear, troubled by his words. She went on to say some more worrying things.

    "--Saber. Calm down, I think this is one of the good guys," Shirou said, a little off-put by her searing demeanor. The young magus turned to look at the grandiose man, radiating his splendor. His appearance, behavior, his way of being, reminded Shirou of the King of Heroes, but in a less aggressive manner. The arrogance was there, he thought, but not as profound as it was with Archer. Gilgamesh likely would've called them mongrels by now, and started raining down skewers and blades from above.

    Shirou looked down for a moment, to consider more deeply. Something in his chest told him to follow the man and help him. Perhaps it was the way he spoke, or how he acted, or that he chose to approach them with an issue he needed help with. But Shirou didn't want to disappoint Tohsaka, either.

    Shirou decided to play it safe, looking up and frowning. "But... Tohsaka is right. Who are you, and how do you know us? And how do we know we can trust you?"

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  • Gwenpool smile.png
    Nepgear_V2 (2).png

    Nepgear tapped her chin as she tried to wrap her head around what role would the Ultimate Gamer play for their party. Thankfully for Nepgear, Gwen swooped in to save the CPU candidate of the burden.

    Gwenpool slung her arm around Chiaki and with a pat to the Gamer's head Gwen proudly stated, "She's going to be support! She is my apprentice, after all!"

    Nepgear let out a small chuckle and sigh of relief, "Well just take care of yourselves, you two..."

    Gwen saluted Nepgear, "Yes, CPU Candidate Nepgear! Ma'am!"

    Gwen's gaze wandered over to Chiaki, "As my apprentice I shall offer you with this!" Gwen gave the Ultimate a wooden sword, "Now you're just about as ready for this quest!"

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along

  • @Captain Gensokyo @Thepotatogod @Phantom Thief of Harts

    Estelle would look at Gwen as if she was serious. Just who in the world would fight with a wooden sword to begin with? They're like, easy to break, and not really sharp at all.

    "Are you seriously thinking she can handle a fight with just a wooden Sword? I mean, that's a level 1 noob Weapon if anything! No one wishes to get stuck with that kind of weapon!"

    Sayaka would Summon her soul gem before looking at Nepgear. "Are we ready to depart?"


We're all friends here, right?

  • --Joker--
    @Phantom Thief of Harts

    Sitting beside Jackpot, Joker prepared himself to play the game. There was already quite the number of players already, though Jackpot seemed to have asked for Iruma's presence. Much to Beetle's distaste. After some convincing to the helmeted villain known as Overdrive, Miu was called over by Beetle, who was still a bit shaken for reasons that seems obvious at first, but at the same time, rather bizarre. She sat nervously beside Beetle, which was unfortunately the last seat available. The atmosphere was already tense between the two of them, considering their last argument. We're not exactly sure if this would affect anyone being on their toes about the game proper or gaining info regarding Kingsley, but...It won't hurt to cheer her up before the game begins, right?

    "Nervous, are we?" Joker asked, letting out a smile as Jackpot began to deal with the cards. "Don't worry about her and focus on the game. Trust me, it'll be fun." He gave a piece of advice to Iruma as his cards were now dealt, prompting him to pick up his cards. He raised a brow as he saw his hand, a mixture of surprise and confusion can be seen. A rookie move to the eyes of other players, but I call this an epic gamer bluff.

    Someone's bound to flip. Now what should be his course of action? Better yet, Call or Fold? Though it's best not be too hasty. The game just started, after all.


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  • Spider_Man_PS4_logo.png

    With V.I.L.E.'s and the Thieves Guild's Stashes already raided and the stolen items already being returned to their rightful owners, New Tokyo City's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man swung through the city, after a long night's work.

    As the Web-Slinger swung high above the streets his mind was being bombarded by the lingering dread of what had happened to DR-1125. The Symbiote that was once bonded to the notorious mastermind behind the two Hope's Peak tragedies, Junko Enoshima... The Ultimate Despair.

    While he had won the day, Spider-Man felt that he had lost a battle...

    Despair forever lingering within his mind like a spider waiting for the fly to be entangled by its web.

Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • The_Simpsons_Logo.png
    @Topless @Captain Gensokyo


    Yang chuckled at the sight of Kanna having fun with the two Simpson kids before turning her attention towards Marge, "So where to now, Chief?"

    "Well, we were going to a Science Fiction convention to meet some of those Pro-Heroes," Marge answered.

    "And with all those heroes around, the Mafia goons would be nuts to try and kill you guys there," Yang laughed at how easy her job is going to be.

    "Wait... Science Fiction convention?" chimed in Grandpa Simpson, "I thought we were going to the Hellfish reunion today..."

    "Grandpa that's tomorrow," Marge corrected the elderly veteran.

    Soon after a bus ride over to the location of the Convention where a large TV Monitor played an ad to hype up the convention even more.
    "Welcome to the site of the most astrotastic event in the whole multiverse!" the Alien in the advertisement spoke with an exaggerated alien voice.

    "You said it, Phil," the Alien chuckled before continuing the advertisement to hype up the convention, "Welcome to the Bimonthly New Tokyo Sci-Fi Convention!"

    The Ad then presented the star-filled void of space as the high-pitch alien announced, "Come meet your favorite stars!"

    The moment the alien said "Many More!" a graphic appeared featuring a whole host of famous celebrities ranging from Penn and Teller, Kevin Smith, Bret Hart and a muscular man with a bright grin garbed in America Spandex.

    Lisa squinted her eyes at the video advertisement, "Why would they downplay one of Valpan's biggest Pro-Hero by lumping him in as 'Many More'?"

    Suddenly a familiar face to the Simpsons appeared in the form of a very sarcastic fat man with a large Squishee cup, "That is because in spite of how popular he may be... He is not Mark Hamill."

    "Yeah, but... Alf?" Lisa shrugged rationalize wonder why would Alf would be a bigger draw than All-Might.

    "Well..." before Comic Book Guy could even explain the bizarre situation that led to Alf's sudden burst in popularity Marge inserted herself into the conversation.

    "Oh, Comic Book Guy, of course you'd be here with all those Superheroes running around," Marge greeted the overweight recluse with a smile and a chat.

    "You would think that but no," the Comic Book Guy paused to take a big sip out of his Squishee before continuing, "Ever since we ended up on another rehash of Secret Wars everyone stopped buying Marvel Comics... Why would they when they could just look outside of their window?"

    "Oh dear, have you tried selling DC Comics?" Marge brought her hand to her mouth as she felt almost sorry for the fat man.

    "Well it worked for a little while," Comic Book Guy admitted much to Marge's relief only for the obese shop owner deflate her instantly, "Then 'Heroes in Crisis' happened and sales just went through the floor..."

    "Oh dear..." Marge was taken aback by the rather grim state of the comic book industry, "What about non-Superhero comics?"

    "Well... I am here just for that... It would make sense for a comic book universe to have a comic that would appeal to those who live in said universe... In fact," Comic Book Guy then retrieved a comic book from his backpack and presented to the group, "May I interest you with a copy of 'Tales of the Black Freighter' Issue Number One."

Kanna Kamui

-For Love nor Money-

Kanna turned to watch the ad play on the monitor of the bus, hyping up the said sci-fi convention. For some reason, All Might is being treated lowly. Everyone knows who he is, even in her school where her classmates looked at him as an idol, even Saikawa. Kanna would raise a brow, wondering who in the world is Mark Hamil and Alf. What do they do to contribute today's society? Not that it would matter to her.

But then came the fat middle-aged nerd Comic Book Guy who explained to them how All Might got into this treatment. Kanna would understand. Comic Book Guy then offers the first issue of 'Black Freighter'. Curiously, Kanna takes the comic book, read about a few pages and was amazed.
"Wow...that's wicked." She says.

@Phantom Thief of Harts

Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame

  • Phantom_Thieves_Logo (1).png
    Beetle (Janice Lincoln).png

    Celestia felt a light breeze brush past her side, and as if by magic, what ordinarily might have been a simple flush was now a royal flush. The Ultimate Gambler turned her gaze to Speed Demon, who was whistling a tune to himself. Confident that she had the round won, Celestia pushed her whole stack of chips to the betting pool.

    "She's going all in?!" Speed Demon laughed aloud at Celestia's rather daring move. "Looks like ol' Jackpot's going to be losing this game!"

    "Are you sure about that, Speed Demon?" Celestia smirked at the Villainous Speedster.

    "Read 'em and weep, kid!" Speed Demon confidently presented his hand to the table only to be met with laughter from the Ultimate Gambler.

    "One Pair?" Celestia giggled at the villain making a fool of himself.

    "What..." Speed Demon took a look at his hand and was in disbelief as Celestia was indeed right.

    Soon Joker revealed his hand to be a Flush.

    "It appears my luck may have brushed onto you, Joker." Celestia giggled before turning her attention to the others and asking, "Are you confident enough to show your hand?"

    "Fold," Overdrive placed his cards on the table and hung his head in shame.

    "Uh..." Miu muttered, her hands trembling as she set her cards down. "Fold! I-I can't handle the pressure!"

    "Of course you couldn't..." Beetle glared at the terrified inventor before sighing out of frustration.

    "A-Are you mad at me?" Miu meekly asked Beetle.

    "No...it's not you. It's..." Beetle stammered as she tried to collect her thoughts.

    Miu's lips curled into a mischievous smile before blurting out "PMS?"

    Beetle grabbed the inventor once more by the collar and shouted, "Do you really want me to be mad at you?!"

    Miu broke down and was on the verge of tears as she pleaded, "No! Please! I'm sorry! Please don't be mad at me!"

    Thankfully, Miu's pathetic display caused Beetle to release her hold of her, much to Celestia's amusement.

    "Beetle, do you fold or call?" Celestia asked the easily perturbed villain.

    "I'm going all in too," Beetle confidently declared as she pushed her whole stack of chips to the betting pool.

    Celestia only smiled in response to the Beetle's daring move.

    "Let's see you smile at this," Beetle confidently presented a Straight Flush, "I win!"

    Celestia calmly presented her hand, "Royal Flush."

    Beetle slammed her fist on the table and shouted, "Seriously!"

    "You seem oddly on edge, Beetle..." Celestia taunted the winged villain. "I assumed you would be so used to me winning that you would be mentally prepared for yet another crushing defeat."

    Overdrive placed his hand on Beetle's shoulder to help calm her down.

    "Look, it's just that ever since those Phantom Thieves went after Fisk..." Beetle paused to take deep breaths to calm herself down, "Being a super criminal is a lot harder now."

    "Yes, I am aware," Celestia gave Beetle a sympathetic nod. "But Joker did tell me there is a new Kingpin of Crime in New Tokyo. Is that correct?"

    "Yeah. Here's the thing about that new Kingpin..." Speed Demon answered for his fellow Super Criminal, Beetle, "With Fisk, he'd just put out an open hit on Daredevil, but with the new guy? Can't pull off a heist without him asking for a cut of our hard work!"

    "Oh my, that does sound difficult," Celestia muttered as she kept her act up.

    "And if we don't give him a cut," Speed Demon joined the conversation with his own terrifying account of the new Kingpin's tyrannical reign, "The freakin' Hobgoblin shows up. I thought he died years ago!"

    "At least Fisk actually cared about Manhattan..." Beetle almost exposed her hand in her rant but quickly caught it before anyone could see it, "Whoever this new Kingpin is...he just sees this place as his own personal Swiss Bank Account."

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The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Red Wizard reached out to accept the vial of holy water, then hesitated. For five seconds, his hand seemed to push against an invisible wall until he finally clutched the vial and held it in his shaking hand, looking at it with furrowed eyebrows.

    It felt... wrong. Not the holiness of the object itself, but rather It felt wrong to hold items other than his sword and staff: like his original quintessence waveform structure didn't contain the necessary instructions for a complex inventory system. Was the metastreum of this universe fucked, or did he just have problems getting in character? Or was it more intrinsic, a part of the programming into his essence core? Also, those were cool words he just made up to name the phenomena that he just encountered.

    Red Wizard looked deep into his soul's construction, observed the strands of magic weaving around into, well, less of a loom and more of a garbled knot of chaos magic, destruction, and magical energy. He reached for the strands, pulling them aside and trying to find the capacity to hold objects.

    Red Wizard frowned at the sight. His inventory was limited to staves, off-hand weapons like swords or crossbows, and wizard robes. Nothing about trinkets, gadgets, or potions, like holy water, but... hmm.

    Could he cheat the system?

    Back in the real world, Red Wizard sheathed his sword in its scabbard. It promptly blinked out of existence, and then he held the vial of holy water in hand. "Aha! It worked." As a bonus, the way projectile weapons worked in his reality, it meant he had infinite flasks of holy water. They'd just keep reappearing the moment he threw one, so that was neat.

    He turned to the rest of the team. "Also, wow, did you guys feel that? It felt like the Higher Powers forgot about our existence for a moment, then blinked back in. What were we doing again? Hunting a vampire, right?"

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Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate
  • CynthiaCheveuxAvatar1.png
    Star nudged Marco and ordered him, "Hey, Marco could you get Cynthia's Armor and stuff so we could go back and get ready to save the day?"

    So, Marco really was her squire! Odd of a princess to have one, but...

    ...Wait, Cynthia was one too! But had Star gone through any knight training? She could suit up with a wave of her wand, but still...

    "Uh, Star... We're going after a guy named Carnage... I'm pretty sure we're gonna need a bigger team," Marco regretfully informed Star while doing the task she set out him to do.

    "Well yeah, but... We got Spider-People on our side and Hekapoo," Star countered Marco's worries, "Pretty sure we got this covered..."

    With a wave of her wand, Star magically suited Cynthia up for combat.

    "So get on your pegasus and we'll meet you at the courtyard," Star informed her fellow princess before grabbing Marco's arm and jumping into the dimensional portal back to the rest of the group.

    "Got it!" Cynthia saluted Star as she and her squire hopped out of the room.

    Cynthia's lips pursed, but a high-pitched noise erupted from her throat nonetheless.

    "Eeehehehehe! So cool...!" she giggled as she held her gauntlet up to her face. I thought magic was for all the bookworms, but she made it look so easy! she thought.

    "We'll have to cut this short, Cynthia. I have a feeling things are going to take a turn for the worse..." Robin brooded.

    Maribelle stood and eyed Cynthia. "It sounds like the princess requires your assistance. Do show them the pride and power of Ylisse's pegasus knights, dear," she said with a wink.

    Even if Maribelle was still horridly skeptical about Cynthia's background, she knew in her bones that they shared the same Ylissean culture. Confident in Cynthia as an ally, Maribelle sent Cynthia off with her best regards.

    Half an hour later...

    "Don't let these red dastards gain another inch of ground!" an Ylissean officer barked from behind the wall of soldiers barricading the top of the castle walls with enormous iron pikes and shields. Archer divisions remained stationed farther behind at another layer of the castle walls, ready to pick off whatever would try getting through the first few layers with poison-laced arrows. In a rather uncommon sight, both Mewnian and Ylissean forces were working side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder. Even from up here, Cynthia could hear the guards' heavy, uneasy breaths.

    Cynthia's steed flapped overhead, its rider surveying the destruction dealt to the castle town. Her mind couldn't fathom the sheer speed of the devils who had done this.

    "H-how...how could everything go so wrong...?" she asked the officer.

    "They came from...from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Our forces in the town were caught off guard, but the enemy has yet to attempt infiltrating the castle keep. Anyone left standing has either evacuated or gone into hiding," the officer explained. "You're needed out there, girl! Where is the rest of your patrol?"

    Sweat spread across Cynthia's forehead. "I...wasn't assigned one, sir."


    "The nerve of sky-heads like you! While you were busy counting rose petals, people were being slaughtered out there!" the officer shouted.

    Some of his men momentarily glanced at each other with raised eyebrows, while others remained focused on the flaming ruins beneath their feet.

    "I'm sorry! I just--"

    "Go! NOW!"

    Cynthia's gaze fell as she bolted from the castle grounds, leaving a gust of wind in her wake.

    Skies Above the Castle Town
    If I'd just left...I still could have done something...!

    Cynthia circled around another caved-in home for signs of life, but all she could see beyond the rising smoke were its scorched walls and shattered antiques.

    The girl relaxed her facial muscles. Empty again. Maybe more people managed to escape the fighting than I realised!

    Cynthia continued down the barren street in search of Star and co., but it was taking longer to rendezvous than she had ever wanted it to. They had to have left the courtyard earlier than scheduled because of the sudden attack, right?

    She just hoped she would find them all in one piece—

    "Help! Gods, please help!" a merchant clothed in red cried out from beneath a crushed market stall.

    Cynthia descended to his position on the double. She had to make up for all the things she said she'd do...meeting up with the others had to wait!

    "Hold on! I'm almost there!"

    The victim only responded with open weeping, his face unable to rise from the dirt it was stuck to.

    Cynthia ran to the rubble and began lifting off heavy wooden boards one after the other.

    "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you..." the man quivered repeatedly. "Hurry!"

    "You have to stop squirming! Something else could fall, and—"


    The man's neck snapped around fast enough to shatter his spine, revealing his true face to her.


    "They're already here."

    A flash of red had drained her of all colour.

    It punched through her armour.
    It carved through her leg.
    It robbed the breath from her lungs.

    Her weapon dropped like a boulder, cleaving the foreign object before it could loop through again.

    "Come, stay a while. Your blood shall be put to good use!"

    She leapt through the air, catching her only means of escape by the hind legs as it launched from the ground.

    More figures emerged from the alleys, the doorways, the rooftops.

    She would have been shredded.

    Cynthia hoisted herself back onto her mount's back, desperately heaving for air. She barely held onto her lance and leaned her left leg away from the ground.

    At that moment, there was an earsplitting cry from a nearby set of buildings.

    The girl's pupils dilated. Hope sprung to life within her.


    It has to be!
    she thought as she began to clear the highest rooftop in the area.

    Another red mass leapt from the edge.

    The pegasus emitted a shrill cry and bucked in midair.

    It took mere instants for Cynthia to process the situation. With a howling battle cry, she drove the edge of her weapon through the red mass' torso in a single fluid motion.

    Blood spattered the noble creature's innocent white fur.

    The red mass laughed loudly, continuing to reach for the rider with his unholy hand as he regained stability.

    Cynthia tried to remove her lance from the red mass, but his fluid flesh began to slowly envelop her weapon from the inside. Retrieving the lance was useless.

    Cynthia kicked at the weapon's shaft in an attempt to shove the red mass off her pegasus, but his iron grip held.

    Cynthia grasped the jaw of her pegaus and pulled up, signalling the creature to climb as high as its toned wings could take it. Luck never seemed to be on the young knight's side, but she sent a silent plea to Naga that it would come to her favour in her moment of need.

    Cynthia held onto her horse's chest and waited.

    The pegasus ascended steeply, twisting and turning against the flow of the wind to send a whirlpool of turbulence down to the red mass clinging onto its back.

    "Down! Down!" Cynthia yelled, and on command, her pegasus took a nose-dive. In seven seconds, the knight and monster had rocketed towards the streets below.

    Cynthia tapped the left side of her pegasus' head as they began to run parallel to the ground again.

    The winged beast careened into the side of the nearest house, tipping the red mass into a layer of solid stone where he skidded across the floorboards within.

    With her second assailant now shaken off, Cynthia slowed her pegasus down and rounded the next corner. Having learned enough from that last dance with death, Cynthia lead her pegasus just out of jumping distance immediately after retrieving her lance. She wasn't able to see just how far that hellspawn had leapt earlier, but she was high enough to keep away from the bloodthirsty scavengers below.

    Her pegasus was struggling to return to a normal breathing rate, but Cynthia immediately began to realise she was worse for wear.

    Heat swept through her body like an arid desert wind.

    Something pulsed below her knee, and Cynthia was far too curious for her own good.

    At that moment, Cynthia did the one thing she shouldn't have done in that situation...

    ...She looked down.

    The wound boiled like magma.

    She screamed, but the sound didn't escape her lips. She wanted to lash out...badly.

    Cynthia had been wounded several times in battle, but nothing was as terrifying as the pain left by a stab wound. How could she have been so careless...?

    Despite all her pent-up pain being released, Cynthia found it difficult to refocus on the task at hand.

    Then, it all came back to her.

    Minerva was calling...

    Gerome has to be here, too, right?

    That fact was enough to keep her going.

    Cynthia straightened up again. The more she began to calm down, the more it felt like her soul itself was leaking out of the wound.

    But she couldn't yell again—not unless she wanted the full attention of those man-demon hybrids. She had to regroup, or she'd be the newest casualty.

    Plopped from one ruined world into another, right? It was just like old times.

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"[Spirit] Bang."
  • The good doctor posed opaque to his guests and their questions and concerns. Though only one of them was particularly adept at reading people, even the King of Knights would find nothing betrayed by the sorcerer's helmet, nor by the rest of his statuesque posture. Fate was a force as unreadable as time itself, more like Chaos than one may prefer to admit. That line had become blurrier with each passing year, to the point that the bearer of the helmet wondered himself what little would need to be done for even one as noble as he to cross that line.

    "There is no ruse. John Constantine has nothing to do with it; his crude persona has more pressing matters, far from our pressing concerns. You were indeed meant to be here, each of you standing before me at the behest of powers beyond even my reckoning. I am DOCTOR FATE, sorcerer supreme of Order and champion of Lord Nabu. As Doctor Fate, I know a great many things, and just so: a great many threats concern this realm, mystic and otherwise. Your estranged family is chief among them, Artoria. I do not make this request lightly. Morgan Le Fey has been quietly scheming from the shadows, waiting to strike when I am at my most vulnerable. There is precious little time left, and you three may be this world's only hope against the tides of tumult. I must make what preparations I can for their inevitable schemes, but that alone will not be enough. I fear that they have joined forces with one of my most elusive adversaries.

    "As for whether you should believe me to be the genuine article..."

    Doctor Fate remained hovering above them as he continued to speak. If it weren't for the fact that he was subtly - though noticeably - moving as he levitated in place, he may have truly appeared a menacing, gilded statue before the trio. He began to make precise motions with his hands, each of them generating streaks of concentrated radiant energy as they channeled strange power for some kind of spell. Already the environment around them began to change. The towering library shelves contorted like they were elastic, giving way to winding staircases, many of which were comprised of the pages from the books that had been there mere moments before. The dimensions of the library ballooned, expanding and twisting to make way for a far more elaborate interior, all of which resembled that selfsame mystique that the sorcerer before them exhibited. The floor itself rose as well, prompting Rin, Shirou, and Artoria with it as they all moved towards a new destination in this place that was very clearly not the New Gotham Public Library. Doctor Fate moved with them at the speed at which the environment was changing, remaining above them, a noble sorcerer weaving this world within a world.

    When the process was complete, and the raised platform (which was not so much raised in volume as it was a flat, golden marble platform that had reached untold heights) ceased to move, the scene was like something one might have seen out of a bygone fantasy epic. The walls were lined with scores of derelict tomes, all of which posed far more ominous and powerful than anything one might have spied in the shelves of the Public Library before this new dimension had taken hold. A massive window, illuminated by the pale light of the looming moon outside, rested at the far end of the chamber, which nearly reached to the ceiling still far above them. At the center of this expansive space was an elaborate pedestal, swathed in silver light and brilliant sandstone, upon which rested a comically stereotypical crystal ball. But for anyone capable of sensing the presence of magecraft, it was easy to tell that this was no parlor trick. More still: it exhibited Magic itself, beyond the scope of most mages save for the likes of Casters and other fantastical beings.

    From outside, the New Gotham Public Library would continue to appear as it always had, a plain - if antiquated - structure that was no different now as it had been five or five thousand minutes ago. Only those truly touched with mystic acuity could pierce the illusion, and see what had now taken hold in the city. Its mere presence was a grim omen of what necessitated its appearance.

    The aurous host at last allowed his body to make contact with the ground, striding over to the crystal ball in question. He stopped short of it, turning to face his guests once more, with that same urgent, commanding gaze. "I believe that that should suffice. I understand your concerns, but we cannot tarry. If my clairvoyance rings true, Morgan and Mordred shall appear in New Gotham City before the night is through."

    He glanced towards the crystal ball, its overwhelming power casting dizzying displays off of the surface of his helmet. "Or worse, it will be Him. The Lord of Chaos.


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    Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man.jpg
    A Squad of SWAT vehicles arrived on the scene. As the SWAT officers were in the process of leaving the van a plum of sand erupted from below and shot the vehicle towards the sky. The Armored SWAT vehicle descended from the heavens and was mere moments away from landing right on top of the SWAT officers but was suddenly stopped by a web.

    The SWAT officers looked up to the sky in awe as the young Spider-Man swung high above them.

    "Take him out, Spider-Kid!" cheered the SWAT officer.

    "It's Spider-Man now!" Miles, as he dove into the maelstrom, corrected the SWAT officer, "I'm Brooklyn's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!"

    Seriously, it's not that confusing...

    "Sandman!" cried out Miles as he swung through the storm and dodged the debris, "I thought you were better than this!"

    The sand particles swirled around to form a gigantic hand that snatched the young hero from the air. Soon the mass of sand formed the Sandman.
    "Don't make me hurt you, kid!" Sandman roared at Miles as the sandstorm raged on.

    Miles struggled to free himself from Sandman's grasp before he glared at Sandman, "Then just give up already!"

    "That's not an option for me!" Sandman tossed Miles out of the storm.

    Miles shot a web line back into the storm and zipped towards Sandman, "You know that's not true!"

    Miles landed a swift kick through Sandman's face before landing behind the elemental villain.

    "This needs to stop! What would your daughter think if she sees you doing this!" Miles tried to appeal to Sandman's good nature only to be blasted by a stream of sand.

    "Why do you think I'm doing this!?" Sandman, consumed by rage, roared at Miles as he shifted the sand stream into an arm to pick Miles up and slam him against the side of a building.

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    "They could be Demons too." Sky replied, before drawing the Legendary sword of Edrik, it's luminous blade reflecting the rays of the sun into the cave. "You guys want me to advance first? I can handle a blindside attack if there's an ambush."


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  • Rose left the place she lived as she did everyday and went for a short walk around. As she did everyday since she had arrived. Rose was slowly getting used to the new place but she couldn't stop missing Lissa, Dimitri, and even Christian, Eddie or surprisingly enough, Adrian, whether she wanted to or not. They were her friends and family. Dimitri more than most as he was the love of her life, no matter what. Of course she also missed her mom, who was a guardian like her, among some others. However, she tried not to think of that or them, as it hurt Rose too much to do that. Even if it was rather hard for her to do and it was hard for her to do every day.

    It wasn't like forgetting to turn on the light or turn it off. It was people in her life. They were in Rose's life, until she arrived to the world and place she currently lived at. Which Rose still had trouble getting used to but she tried just the same. She took a day at a time no matter how hard it was. Though, the fact that Rose was only a a half vampire and half human, things were a bit easier for her, which made it easier to adjust. If not the fact that those she cares for weren't there, she could make it. Not that she was on her own the issue but only the fact that the others weren't there. However, Rose tried to focus on other things which helped temporary but not by much. She still did so just the same. This moment especially as Rose walked around on her own.
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    The Butterfly Castle halls were littered with bodies of knights that all fell to a gruesome fate. Their carcasses cocooned in barbed webbing. But all was not lost within these halls as Hekapoo of the Magical High Commission stood alone against Spider-Carnage. Hekapoo made use of her duplication magic to gain an advantage over the vile monstrosity.

    "Robin told me everything about your kind," Hekapoo dodged Spider-Carnage's wild slashes at her before reaching a nearby gong. "She told me how you guys hate loud noises," Hekapoo leaped out of the way as Spider-Carnage lunged at her. The Symbiotic terror slammed against the gong, causing it to ring loudly. However much to Hekapoo's shock the sonic vibrations had no effect on the creature.

    "It used to before I got that book," Spider-Carnage slowly rose to its feet before grabbing Hekapoo by her neck. "Also you're lucky that I need you to get what I really want!"

    Hekapoo sneered at the creature only for her anger to be consumed by fear as the symbiote abandoned Ben Reilly's body for her.

    Hekapoo squirmed as she fruitlessly fought the symbiote as it cloaked her in red.

    The Symbiote took full control of the magical being before cackling, "And Carnage wins again!"

    Soon the Carnage symbiote was alerted by the pained groans of its former host, Ben Reilly, as he slowly regained consciousness.

    "Don't think I've forgotten about you, Spider-Clone... I've poked in your brain and I know how you get lonely but don't you worry... You're gonna have tons of friends here," Heka-Carnage grinned at the dazed clone before splitting apart into multiple versions of itself. "You won't be the only clone at the party."

    Heka-Carnage's hand morphed into a gigantic pair of scissors before tearing open a red and black portal that spiraled wildly. The creature turned to its clones and mockingly said, "Have fun, kiddies... Papa's going home!"

    The Carnage possessed Hekapoo jumped into its portal which left Ben Reilly alone against the Carnage clones.

    Ben stood back on his feet as the Heka-Carnage clones swarmed around him. With a heavy sigh, the Spider-Totem muttered to himself, "Where's Peter when you need him?"

    In the darken halls of the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane, a spiraling red vortex appeared as Heka-Carnage stepped through it.

    The hellish creature observed its surroundings before cackling, "Is that my blood coming back home?"

    "Honey... I'm home!" the claws of Carnage-Hekapoo tore open the steel door that kept it away from its true goal... Cletus Kasady.

    "Welcome back," Kasady extended his hand as the symbiote oozed out towards the madman. "We're going to have so much fun, together..."

    "Just like old times!" Kasady's manic grin grew as the crimson mass consumed him. Cletus Kasady's true self emerged from the red mass.

    Hekapoo shook her head as she recovered from the shock of the symbiote abandoning her for its original host. Hekapoo looked up in horror as what stood before her was the very thing she sought to prevent.

    "The Red Slayer..." Hekapoo gasped as the crimson creature loomed over her.
    "It feels good to have my blood back!" the vile creature roared as his tendrils crept towards Hekapoo. "Now how's about I kill you to celebrate?"

    "Not interested," Hekapoo quickly used her dimensional scissors to tear open a portal just as Carnage's tendrils lunged towards her. The Scissors Enforcer dodged Carnage's tendrils only to have one cut her across the cheek before escaping through the portal.

    "Go ahead, run!" Carnage screamed as the Darkhold emerged from his chest, "I still got my book..."

    @Thepotatogod @Captain Gensokyo @Verite @Bixir

    Just as Star and Marco ran to check up on Cynthia, Hekapoo's portal appeared and out came the Magical High Commission member, bruised and shaken from her harrowing experience.

    "Hekapoo!" Star and Marco exclaimed before rushing to Hekapoo's aid.

    "What happened," Star asked as she and Marco helped the Forger back on her feet.

    "Yeah, I haven't seen you so scared before," Marco gazed upon the look of terror in Hekapoo's eyes.

    "Star, Muscles..." Hekapoo panted heavily, still shaken from her brief experience when bonded with the symbiote, "You don't know how bad things just got..."

    "Uh, like Toffee bad or..." Star guessed the severity of their current situation the best she can.

    "Worse..." Hekapoo said through a gasp for air.

    Suddenly another Spider-Themed Hero swung towards them while being pursued by the Heka-Carnage clones.

    "Is that another Spider-Guy and a bunch of..." Marco froze in sheer terror of the mass of Carnage clones that came into view before frantically pointing at Hekapoo, "You with that Carnage goop?"

    "Okay, it's much much worse than I thought, all right?" a frustrated Hekapoo cursed as she shoved Marco and Star away from her before turning to face the Carnage clones that symbiote created through her.

    "Yeah, this is bad..." was all Star could say as the Carnage clones roared at her and her allies.

    Hekapoo kept her eyes on the oncoming threat as she addressed the Spider-Totems, "You guys think you could handle them?" Hekapoo extended her arms as magical flames erupted from her hands and once the flame died down appeared a pair of Dimensional Scissors, "You're going to need these... Also, aim for the flames."

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