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Nation Building Beylik on the Border (CS)



Mystery Man
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(example character sheet, none of this is canon for the game except for mention of the Padishah Emperor who you also serve)


Name: Inana Binay

Title(s): Emira

Age: 19

Sex: Female


Personality: Extremely stubborn, quite tomboyish, somewhat easily provoked, and fiercely independent.

History: Fought hard on both the diplomatic and military battlefield in order to uphold her right to inherit the lands of her father despite being a woman. The loyalty of her retainers was essential to allowing Inana to keep hold of the territory which would normally have gone back into the possession of the Padishah throne.


Name: Binay

Colors / Heraldry:

History: The Binay were some of the first clans to swear fealty to the Padisha Emperors and have been thoroughly rewarded in lands and loot. They are one of the wealthiest clans out there.

Other Characters (NPCs): None, she is the last of her immediate family, only distant relatives remain. ie second and third cousins, cadet branches, etc.
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