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Fantasy Between Dragonfire and Steel - Interest Check

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I just wanted to make sure people were interested before I wasted a whole day to finish typing everything out lol.

Lemme know if you'd be interested in rping this world with me when its finished and I'll get it finished ASAP





The dragons live here, it is a floating country off the coast of Nerinon

(insert text here)



The humans live here, it is the largest country out of all three

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All manner of creatures live here, some feral, some not. It isnt hospitable to humans, being quite cold and having low visibility. More dangerous guild missions will usually involve the Outer Reaches.

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The most populous creature in all three realms. What they lack in magical power and beast-like strength, they make up for in sheer numbers and fierce determination. Humans mostly live in Nerinon, but they are surrounded by powerful other races on both borders. This results in no shortage of border disputes, and as a result they created guilds.

Most humans are fearful of non-humans on an individual level, resulting in unfortunate xenophobia towards other races in many human cities. This fear goes double for dragons.

(insert more later)

Human-adjacent. Able to channel magic via a celestial patron (sun for men, moon for women, and stars for NB folk). Witches are often marginalized, but are not persecuted with the same hatred that humanity holds for magical creatures.

Being a witch isn't hereditary. The entity itself chooses who becomes a witch and when. Some people are witches from birth, other people become witches after a significant life event. The more a witch masters their magic, they will begin to exhibit non-human features that vary depending on which patron they serve.

(insert more later)

Arguably the most powerful creatures around in terms of raw strength, though their population is quite small. Highborn dragons are the most dangerous, with their hide being so thick that they can only be harmed by specially crafted weapons. In addition, the blood of highborn dragons is highly acidic.

Lowborn dragons cannot breathe fire and can be harmed by any kind of weapon. However, they make up for this setback by being masters of changing their shape.

Although any dragon can disguise themselves in human form, highborns have several characteristics than can distinguish them from real humans. Lowborns do not have these traits, and so they blend in flawlessly.

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Traditional selkies and other creatures that use a pelt to transform, such as swan maidens. Can blend in decently well to human society, but they must remain protective of their pelt at all times. If anyone - human or not - got ahold of their pelt, their freedom would be taken away.

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Add later

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Humans created guilds to stave off territorial disputes from any potential outside threats, and they have since become a cultural centerpiece of mankind. People will journey miles for the chance to join a guild and seek their fortune. Non-humans aren't technically allowed to join guilds, but some magical beings have been known to enroll secretly.


Goldenleaf Guild - The primary guild where the half of the RP takes place. Goldenleaf is the most tolerant of magical activity, and is the only guild that trains witches. Located in West Nerinon, the closest to the Wyrmwilds.

Winterisle Guild - a small guild of hardy warriors. The only guild located outside of Nerinon, choosing instead to remain in The Outer Reaches.

Hoffheim Guild - a private guild closed to all but the upper class. Populated with later born noble children who choose adventure as a means to cope with their lack of birthright. Located in the capital, just east of Goldenleaf.

Killiwood Guild - the guild from a large river town to the east. They have a reputation for training their students in less than legal combat tactics.
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