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Multiple Settings ❈Betol's Interest Check❈

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Betol The Vulcan

King of Ironthorn Ridge
❈Betol's Interest Check❈
I’m Betol King of Ironthorn ridge. It's nice to meet you. I'll start by saying that I am unpredictable. So for the most part, expect anything and everything when it comes to RP selection. Anyway please read everything down below before you contact me. PM me if you're interested. Thanks

  • Intro Okay... I'll start this category by saying that I love all of RP. If you have an idea here that isn't here, it would be nice of you to mention it. Length isn't extremely important to me besides what we agree on..... Anywhere from 200 to 2000 words will do as long as we are truly enjoying ourselves. I am fully LGBTQ+ friendly and am accepting of any gender/sexuality pairing for any of my pairings/RP ideas. I really like romance. I like to incorporate it in any roleplay that can handle it. I love platonic or non-romantic relationships, but I lean toward romance so let me know your preferences.

    soldier x soldier

    beast x human

    demon x human or witch or anything really XD

    superhero x human

    super villain x super villain

    superhero x super villain.

    serial killer x object of obsession

    serial killer x serial killer

    Psychic x serial killer

    Captive serial Killer x psychologist

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