BETA: HTML Is here! (Big Code Update) Part 1

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by The Dark Wizard, Sep 5, 2016.

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  1. The Dark Wizard


    Hey All,

    So this is a highly anticipated announcement and is most likely not what while you expect. While are planning a ton of buttons for the editor and enhancements to be able to easily do stuff, we are going to make that part 2. Today for part 1, we are enabling the ability to use HTML in a Beta/Limited format while we see how it is used and any modifications we need to make. 

    To use HTML:

    • You'll need to have 500+ posts here on RpNation (we don't think this is a terrible way to slowly release to the site as some users can get that in a few days)

    HTML is the underlying language that powers the web and it can do amazing stuff, but it can also do some bad stuff. If you abuse it by creating forced and timed redirects or other nasty stuff, your account and all alts will be instantly terminated from the site with zero appeal. Also this goes with out saying any HTML or CSS that targets site elements to alter the way the site looks is not allowed, this is not myspace or neopets, we expect users to contain their coding to their posts. Over time we will have safe guards and other things put in place. Assuming everything goes great this should be the new standard for RpNation, a language that will never go away like BBCodes, that always gets updated by the internet. Once the automated system recognizes you have 500+ posts (you'll have to create a new post somewhere for it to check your account) you should be able to see a source button.


    Click on it and put your coding in it and then switch out of it for the coding to take effect.

    If you have any questions/feedback/concerns please post below.

    View full announcement
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  2. welian

    welian Grim Mistress

    My web design certificate is screaming for joy, you big beautiful dark wizard!!!
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  3. yoongi

    yoongi ‹–♡–«

  4. DaughterofAthena

    DaughterofAthena Font Addict

    Is there a tutorial on how to use HTML? I know that it's complex and I thought the code update was supposed to make things easier than bbcode... not harder. 
  5. The Dark Wizard


    Part 2 will include all the easy stuff in the form of buttons.

    Have access to the actual coding for now :)!
  6. DaughterofAthena

    DaughterofAthena Font Addict

    What good does that do anyone who doesn't know how to use it. It seems like we went from one form of elitist coders to another. 
  7. welian

    welian Grim Mistress

    Yes, all over the internet! Hypertext markup language is what builds websites. I suggest W3Schools.
  8. Meredith

    Meredith Resident Logophile

    Buttons will make coding easier than bbcode.

    HTML is all but the same thing as BBCode! Just slightly altered tags to have the same effect. I'd recommend 's stuff for learning it~
  9. The Dark Wizard


    I don't understand why you are complaining.
  10. DaughterofAthena

    DaughterofAthena Font Addict

    Because this is completely useless to anyone who wants to fix their posts or make things pretty unless they know HTML... which to my knowledge is even harder than bbcode. 

    Additionally, we were told before the update that we would NOT be able to use HTML code. So it seems funny we're getting something we were told we couldn't get before we get the buttons which we were told we would get. Had I known HTML would be a thing, I would've put a ton of effort into learning it sooner. 
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  11. yoongi

    yoongi ‹–♡–«

    that's what i thought at first, and i understand where you are coming from. but no matter what we do, we will always have elitist coders. if we use html we can have many great things on the site that make our posts a lot more lively. you don't have to use the html, and there will be another part of the update that involves buttons so you can use those instead when they come out if you like.

    here is what i'm using to learn html:
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  12. Atmo

    Atmo Knight of Tentacles

    Now I'll need to post 500 whatevers to use html? :o
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  13. Musician

    Musician Wizard's Foxy Pear
    Moderator Supporter

    HTML is incredibly easy to pick up.  A lot of HTML is pretty similar to the BBCoding that was used on XenForo.  If you were good with BBCode, you'll be great with HTML.
  14. Wintermute

    Wintermute Cyber-cowboy

    Thanks, Weli. There's no use in complaining so I might as well learn the thing. Not like I used BBCode much anyway, fresh start with HTML may do me good.

    Also, congratulations @The Dark Wizard and all the mods for having accomplished so much with the site so far! I know there's a lot of people complaining, but I'm really enjoying myself. Thanks for all your hard work. 
  15. welian

    welian Grim Mistress

    @Darkangel666 Once you learn HTML, you will have a legitimate web development skills under your belt.
  16. Musician

    Musician Wizard's Foxy Pear
    Moderator Supporter

    This is just a preliminary restriction.  It's a BETA test of the HTML.  The staff decided to release these permissions gradually so they can see how the waters are during the test.
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  17. The Dark Wizard


    I say a lot of things. Need to keep you on your toes!

    My release cycle is not subservient to you or any other user here on the site, up until recently we couldn't use HTML and it was recently determined that we could. You'll never know what I'm going to release next because in the grand scheme of things of running such an extremely large site, things like that change all the time. You aren't forced to learn/use it, you can wait for the buttons in part 2.

    During the Beta stage.

  18. DaughterofAthena

    DaughterofAthena Font Addict

    Can you help me make sense of this page you linked? I just want to be able to access all the colors I used to use, and when I click on colors, there is no code or example. I know hex codes and rbg values but it doesn't say how I'm supposed to input it. 
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  19. DemonKitten

    DemonKitten Collector of Adorable Things

    Nothing is stopping you from learning. It isn't like this site is the only site that uses html. I knew html and Css before coming here. I doubt you would of bothered to go researching it since it would be easier to practice when it is around.

    I feel like you are playing devils advocate which is not needed and causing stress on people and more stress on yourself. You do not have to use it. If you wish to learn then start. There is no use complaining about the past. it is counterproductive to complain about not having cake and then complain cause they gave you cake when they said you weren't getting any
  20. Silvertongued

    Silvertongued Yes, this is dog

    I have to admit, getting to use HTML is pretty cool. You also mentioned CSS. Do we get to use that as well? What about javascript?

    Also, to what extent can we do stuff?
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  21. Meredith

    Meredith Resident Logophile

    Click the "Learn HTML" button below the large header that says HTML. It'll bring you to another, more useful page.
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  22. welian

    welian Grim Mistress

    @The Dark Wizard Would you happen to know at this time if it would be possible to recreate the practicality of post macros by linking to external CSS files? I have a feeling it's not, but I figured I'd ask.
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  23. Wintermute

    Wintermute Cyber-cowboy

    Exactly my thought!
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  24. avifors

    avifors acatalepsy.

    looks like i have to learn some html then
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  25. DaughterofAthena

    DaughterofAthena Font Addict

    I am not seeing that anywhere. 
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