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Ugh, how to choose?
Recently I've been immersed in a drama between characters, with A's drug abuse being revealed to her love interest, B. She's now trying to get clean, with varying degrees of success. It's so much drama and I love it.

A couple of characters who hated each other are now bonding in a brotherly fashion. Lately it's seemed like they're the only people who have each other's backs. Fighting side-by-side and rooting for the other's relationship. Love it.

Or maybe we could go into the future. I've been roleplaying this particular RP for a good two years, and the entire time we've been rooting for these two characters to get together.
We are finally, finally approaching the time. I imagine this could very well be my top roleplay moment ever. 2 years of build-up is intense.

All of this cause I have such a wonderful partner. She's understanding, she's flexible, she craves the same drama that I do... When it comes to RP, we're on the same wavelength. It's the only way we've managed to stay with this for 2 years.


I've had two recent roleplays that are probably the best I've ever had.

Both are fandom roleplays with canon characters but both plots are canon divergent.

One is alternative route where we followed the major events from canon but added our own details and focused on specific characters. It was mostly romance and fluff with some angst.

Another one is post-canon, where a character who died in canon survived and the events after that take a very different turn. This one is angst angst and angst. Even fluff has angst aftertaste lol

Very different roleplays but I loved them and the rp partners I have for them are amazing. To the point we read each other's thoughts.


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a while ago i did a roleplay in canon universe (dragon age) but where we largely diverged from the main plots and explored and expanded canon which hadn't been seen in-lore before. that is probably my favourite thing to do so it was extremely fun. my partner also allowed for major consequences on his character followed by the events of the roleplay, which is always exciting. sadly i got ghosted but im not too mad about it; i had fun while it lasted and i get what it's like.


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a while ago i did a roleplay in canon universe (dragon age) but where we largely diverged from the main plots and explored and expanded canon which hadn't been seen in-lore before. that is probably my favourite thing to do so it was extremely fun. my partner also allowed for major consequences on his character followed by the events of the roleplay, which is always exciting. sadly i got ghosted but im not too mad about it; i had fun while it lasted and i get what it's like.
Hiya, fellow DA fan~

I'm doing the same thing right now with someone offsite! Dragon Age is such a cool world to play around in, and there's so much that doesn't get explored in game (or the books and comics.) We also are basically re-writing certain parts of the plot to make them more engaging, and it's a lot of fun. I consider myself really lucky to have found a partner who's willing to do that, as a lot of people seem to want to stick very closely to canon.

I've had some really good experiences roleplaying. One of my best friends in the world is someone I met while roleplaying, and though we don't write together anymore due to irl time constraints, we still talk pretty often and we might write again one day.

I also actually met my irl partner through roleplaying. Not that I'd ever recommend people setting out to do this, lol, I just got extremely lucky in that I found someone I clicked really well with. We became good friends over the course of a couple of years, and I ended up moving closer to him so we started dating and now we live together. He happens to be the person I'm doing that DA roleplay with, and it's really fun to be able to chat about our characters irl (even though we get weird looks when we talk about them in public, haha.)


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Okay I love so so many of them. All of my partners (past and present) are brilliant, evil geniuses.

But there's this one scene from an RP with Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum where her characters face shared horrors of their past while my characters face a shared horror of their present. It was a cool series of fight scenes and also a really epic way to parallel the characters' struggles.

(spoiler: it wasn't my idea, it was all hers)

Idk it was really cool.


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Years ago it was the series of Hunger Games RP's I did on another site. They were all with the same partner and we had developed our own universe and everything. Thanks to those RP's I still have headcanons about the series.

More recently it's a RP I'm in now on this site. It's been going for several months now and we're just about past the climax of the whole thing. Soon the action and conflict will begin winding down, and we fully intend to finish it. We already know exactly how we're going to wrap it up.

d o e.

no thanks, bro >:(
at the beginning of this month i started an rp for a fandom i've been wanting to play in. we're already 125 replies in, with each post averaging about ~1-1.5k words (i just posted one the other day that was 2.1k). the best part is that i don't think either of us have ever struggled to make a post. i look forward to writing every reply, which is something i haven't felt since probably the first few years of my rping days c':

it's honestly been so fun and i genuinely hope it continues for a very long time ; o ; i won't post his name, but if he sees this, you're such a great partner <3


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Actually sobbing because of a response my partner send me that was just. so damn heartfelt


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My best RP experience was also the most painful one of my life for various reasons.

It was an RP I started based off a longstanding story concept I've been working on now for almost 12 years (good lord what's wrong with me?). I had it all figured out. Characters. Antagonists. The worldbuilding. The lore. The landscapes. The weather. The calendar. Everything.

And for a while everything was going according to plan... Until I realized something important.

And what I realized was that every single role-player involved was a far better storyteller than I was. They were more consistent with their characters' behavior patterns, personalities, etc. They didn't try to adjust or change their characters to suit a given situation and instead let them react naturally. They understood numerous storytelling concepts such as "Show, Don't Tell." And I... Well, at the time, I didn't understand much of this stuff. I was already a longtime veteran role-player. Or so I thought.

The longer I continued that role-play, the worse it got for me. My insecurities grew at an accelerated rate. I was feeling anxious around them. Envious. It felt like they had learned everything about my story and taken it to the next level while leaving me, its creator, in the dust. I'd never felt so small, insignificant, or ashamed of how poor my own storytelling skillset was in my entire life. And it was a very toxic place I found myself in mentally. And I was on a downward emotional spiral and ended up needing to stop the RP entirely and seek therapy because of just how far I fell in the shadow of such amazing storytellers and role-players.

It was one of the darkest periods of my life at a personal level, and outside factors were playing in as well. However, despite how dark and hurtful this experience and time was for me it was still, without question, the best RP I'd ever been a part of. I'd never found a group of players with more quality in their writing... Ever. They pushed me so far and I learned so much it wasn't even funny. And my only regret about the entire thing was that I had to shut the RP down which unfortunately resulted in me losing their friendship.

Still, I'd do it all over again for the amazing experience if I could.


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The one roleplay I finished!! This happened a few days ago actually, and we had a really good run with it, it lasted two years! I was really happy because all of my other partners had ditched before hand, which was sad since they were all really good roleplays with cool plots and what not. But I finally finished one, yay!!


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I had this intricate urban fantasy RP I was participating in last year. Was all about the descendants of gods basically fighting for control of heaven and whatnot. Was very surreal and based off of things like Monogatari and the music we were listening to. I had a bunch of characters, but my main was a child of a time god, who represented the year 2003 and could control anything made in that year. I'd be happy to expand on it if anyone else is interested. Unfortunately, last September I had a falling out with the group and was booted from it.


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My favorite one thus far has to be my Fandom rp in the DST Universe.
The style was so intricate and quaint being set in the Victorian Era. I had loads of fun describing every detail of clothing my character had being a genius gentleman.

My favorite off site had to be an amazing vampire one I had in my younger days...got a little-ahem- heated though. <3


The best RP experience I had thus far was really a long-standing RP between my old partner and I.

Our characters were childhood friends getting reconnected and we’ve written a lot into their relationships and growth. We made their family members as our NPCs at first before eventually just fleshing them out too because they were just fun to write for. I love it when the universe/world just expands like that. In between scenes, we would write for our side characters and plot out their individual journeys as well.

It was really geared more platonically too. Neither one of us was attached to romance because we were both taking a break from the genre. But eventually, it happened. It was just more of a surprise than a planned thing. Those were really happy times!


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The last good RP I had been a part of was here on RPN just a little over a year ago. It was a Warhammer 40k group. All the players were enthusiastic and avid about the fandom, and we managed to get a motley assortment of characters in on a starting plot. The IC entries were goddamn stellar! Nice, juicy posts with lots of descriptors and imagery and lore. Sadly, it wasn't long lived, and our GM ghosted us pretty early on. No one was particularly up to try and shoulder GMing duties to attempt to salvage the story, so we left it at that. I still have the link saved to the RP, and I like to look back on it from time to time.

BEFORE that, the next great RP I was in had to of been.... shit, maybe 3 or 4 years ago? It was another group RP on an adult site. We were doing a Conan the Barbarian themed RP, with the various characters all being OCs from differing regions and belonging to a band of raiders that had recently lost their leader. It was as brutal and erotic as a proper Hyborian setting should be. this went on for a short bit until, yes, once again a GM couldn't live up to their promises and disappeared on us. I also have my entries saved from this, though I am no longer part of that RP site.

Edit: Posting this makes me realize that the last great time I had in an RP were in ones that got cut short without ever really getting into the plot or any real character development. ...yeesh
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I thought you related and I liked.
Man I thought "Yay! I'm not alone."
Just gonna take my heart back lol.
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Well, I've had very, very few. As was posted in the comment right before yours.
You gotta enjoy the small things I guess. If I only counted RPs where the story had been long and winding, I'd have nothing to claim


I understand, but I've never had a roleplay that lasted to the good parts.
The Rps always end on the first page where no character development happens and no connections are made.
I wouldn't want a long story either I like when there is an ending.
If it's ongoing, it gets boring; I get that part.


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I think ideas of what is long or short is subjective to the RPer. Kinda like post literacy.
I'm a fan of episodic, or one-shot RPs myself (when concerning 1x1). But I'm mostly a group RPer. In the examples I had showcased in my first post here, neither of those RPs made it very far at all. The Warhammer 40k one didn't get to anyone making a 5th post. The Conan one was a little longer, but not by a lot.
But what I took away from it was not the completion, but the fleeting rare instances of great writing by all those involved, however brief it might have been.

I've spawned off my own ideas and re-worked characters from fallen RPs that never got anywhere. And while I might still be looking for a place for them, the fact of the matter is that those characters were created from the ashes of RPs that were otherwise short and insignificant.

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