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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TinyWolf, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. TinyWolf

    TinyWolf Sass Master

    I should be studying for finals- so of course I'm online haha. I guess I'm curious what everyone does/likes to do besides obviously role playing? 

    So, besides role playing I:

    1. Am a full time art student!

    2. Work at a nifty little store known as HotTopic and do hair/makeup on the side.

    3. Help to manage a friends band (AKA babysitting drunk musicians.)

    4. Spend more then my fair amount of money and time on video games.

    What can I say? Maybe someone will find a new friend out of this? Eh? I promise I don't bite.
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  2. Windsock

    Windsock Elder Member

    Besides role playing I:

    1. Shitpost in general

    2. Shitpost more

    3. Vidya gaems

    4. Shitpost about anime
  3. ambie

    ambie squirt squirt

    Besides roleplaying, I:

    • make regrettable decisions 
    • contemplate life
    • watch anime and shit
    • fangirl about said shit 
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  4. Laughing Jack/MTMM

    Laughing Jack/MTMM Jack in a Box/Clown Creepypasta

    Besides Roleplaying I:

    • Eat candy
    • Eat more shit.
    • Play games.
    • Watch YouTube.
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  5. The Golden Lion

    The Golden Lion Athena's Gold Saint

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    Besides Roleplaying

    - Working as Logistics Specialist/Store Manager for a game/card shop

    - Plays many TCG's like CFV/YGO/UFS/,etc

    - Always seeks of truth

    - Love building decks for new concepts.



    - Collects Spellgrounds/Custom Playmats
  6. ambie

    ambie squirt squirt

    All joking aside, I: 

    • Do jui Jitsu, MMA, kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai 
    • I collect stuffed animals 
    • I surf 
    • I watch anime and fangirl :l
  7. Lambda-11

    Lambda-11 Fleur's Pervy Neko Bot

    Besides Roleplay, i...

    1. Draw
    2. Play Competitive FPS and Fighting Games
    3. (Plan on) making Video Games
    4. Help Whoever, Whenever (Unless im in a mood of not teaching stuff)
  8. Inner Power

    Inner Power One Thousand Club

    Besides Roleplay I,

    1. Work

    2. Am on a break from roleplaying

    3. Write

    4. Collect and play video games

    5. Walk
  9. volchan

    volchan Dearheart

    Besides roleplaying I:

    1.Draw, sketch, and do other artsy things 

    2. Watch waaay too much Netflix/YouTube videos 

    3. Exercise 

    4. Play the occasional RPG

    5. Job hunt...because jobless 8P
  10. AnimeGenork

    AnimeGenork The Duck Overlord

    Mmm, besides roleplay, I :

    • Spam RPN with my reactions to My Candy Love happenings
    • Play otome games and other dress up games (because my life has meaning when I make people look pretty)
    • listen to obscure bands
    • try not to die of my homework in all Honors and AP Euro classes
    • watch anime and cartoons
    • fangirl almost disturbingly over Fairy Tail
    • eat
    • write ma novels and stories
    • read
    • text ma peeps
    • sing in my church choir/participate in youth group
    • babysit my kid sister
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  11. Fatal Striker

    Fatal Striker Not today.

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    Besides role-playing I...

    • Go to college
    • Work three jobs
    • Watch anime
    • Play video-games
    • Bake a lot (I love baking in general)
    • Spend a lot of the time at the gym
    • Nap
  12. Indifferent

    Indifferent New Member

    • Consider working out.
    • Eat.
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  13. TPBx


    Living the life.
  14. The Golden Lion

    The Golden Lion Athena's Gold Saint

    Yup best life ever
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  15. TPBx


    How do you even.
  16. TPBx


    Besides roleplaying I should be

    • Working a part time job at an amusement park.
    • Working on programming assignments. (Just because the semester is over doesn't mean learning stops)
    • Watching Anime (but kissanime died)
    • Playing video games
    • Buying Christmas gifts for my relatives
    • Hanging out with my friends irl
    • Drawing 
  17. Fatal Striker

    Fatal Striker Not today.

    The three jobs is just during the break. Once the semester starts, I'm dropping one and I'll end up saying good bye to the gym, napping, or anything that means fun/resting. 
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  18. Flooffy

    Flooffy Malzahar's loyal servant

    1. Writing

    2. Painting/drawing/sketching

    3. Sewing

    4. Cosplaying

    5. Making figurines

    6. Playing Video Games.

    7. Cooking

    8. Baking
  19. Handabooo

    Handabooo Ms. Bubbles

    Besides roleplaying I:

    • Roleplay
    • Roleplay
    • Roleplay
    • Roleplay
  20. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy That one guy you pretend isn't there

    Besides Role-playing I

    • Watch other people role play 
    • Become jealous at how much better at writing they are than me
    • Being a music student in an art school 
    • Worry about not being prepared for the next rehearsal 
    • Contemplate doing things I should do including practice, work out, do my homework, give to the world, etc. 
    • Not do those things and eat food and grow fat instead 
    • Play video games
    • Watch movies and TV
    • Watch the occasional anime
  21. Imaginiaria

    Imaginiaria Junior Member

    Besides roleplay I

    • Draw
    • Write
    • Watch Anime and read manga
    • Get frustrated over the fact I can't find anything to read that'll keep my interest long enough 
    • Play video games 
    • Watch and listen to anything Touhou related
  22. jinkx

    jinkx ain't your hollaback boy

    Besides roleplay I:

    • draw/paint
    • watch cartoons
    • learn ukulele 
    • write fanfiction
    • watch youtube
    • eat chicken nuggets
  23. sleepingdaydreamer

    sleepingdaydreamer Catch me in your dreams

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    Besides roleplay, I...

    • Try to get my shit together in college
    • Read YA novels
    • Occasionally watch anime and read manga
    • Watch Youtubers do their thing
    • Daydream about possible scenarios
    • Bond with my friends
    • Go book-hunting and stay in little cafes
    • Read stories on the internet
    • Listen to music
  24. Ammy

    Ammy Martinis & Full House

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    Besides roleplay, I:

    • Work a third shift job. Screw you, sun.
    • Currently attending college for an accounting degree to get in on that juicy white collar crime  better myself.
    • Love singing. Karaoke junkie. Usually have difficulty doing it in front of others because of social anxiety but a drink or two fixes it.
    • Adore my fighting games. I need the blood and salt. Give it.
    • On the last note, fairly competitive Smash player. Really looking forward to that port of SSB4 on Switch.
    • Make dumb JoJo references that people may or may not get because I'm surface a show-off like that.
    • Volunteer at an animal shelter in my spare time. Have always adored cats ever since I was little.
    • Recently taken up boxing at a gym due a bud of mine. Think I do okay. Good way to blow off steam.
    • Fell down into the otome pit. Steam is a dangerous service sometimes.
  25. Eye of Nowhere

    Eye of Nowhere Lost Prophecy

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    • Work a non-nine-to-five job (I handle mergers and acquisitions)
    • Play videogames
    • Spend time with my S.O. 
    • Work more. 
    • Write a novel, which I hope to publish at some point.
    • Listen to music almost 24/7.

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