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Futuristic Being Good Doesn’t Get You Paid (A Villain RP)

Would you like to have more/other roles?

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The next 30 years brought us so many advancements, enhanced laser technology, a break through in nanotechnology brought safer surgeries to the medical field, and communicative technology had more security features. Ethics was still a big subject though even after all these achievements.

But even with all the good technology had brought us, it deeply wounded criminals who now found it almost impossible to go about their daily routine of not so legal activity. Jails were practically filled to the brim with fugitives.

And what were you? Well, you were a criminal. But you weren’t as careless as the others. No, you were a professional. People like you could easily adapt to our ever changing society, whatever new means they used to capture you. You evaded it. Facial recognition? Pathetic. DNA? You could just alter it slightly to keep your identity safe. Finger Prints? Burn them off and assign yourself new ones with a medical 3D printer.

But why did you choose this life, of all other options? Money, of course. No job could ever pay as much as a client who desperately wanted someone gone or needed some heavily guarded files from a cooperation. Requests could range in the millions, and you would be rich within a day. Others like you worked in the same manner, all a part of a underground organization of Criminals and Villains. Known as “VIPER”, though the acronym don’t stand for anything.

At VIPER, criminals would be assigned to ‘Brokers’, who would then give them a client’s request to complete. After completion of a request, payment would automatically be given to said criminal(s). There’s a catch though, there’s no lone wolf criminals in VIPER. Instead, criminals are designated to teams in order to complete requests together. Ensuring each other’s safety and completing missions or requests much faster.

Of course, here at VIPER, we have a code. After all, we are professionals, we can’t just run around like lawless animals and cause destruction wherever we want to!

1. Do not endanger other members of VIPER, this includes going off on your own. If someone finds you, they’ll most likely begin searching for your team as well.

2. Be smart, this should already be expected since you’re here, but it’s good to have reminders.

3. Do not damage any property that belongs to VIPER, this includes housing we provide, rented weapons, hologram tech, nanotechnology, medical equipment, or any employee bots. Please be kind to our android staff, as they do not get paid.

4. DO NOT SET OFF EXPLOSIVES IN COMMON AREAS. (It’s already happened twice this month, we don’t want to hire another repair crew to fix the east halls again.)

About this roleplay, this will be a team-based group roleplay consisting of 5-7 players. Except the catch is that your criminal character is the protagonist, and law enforcement, ‘heroes’, or vigilantes are the antagonists. Think of it as a role reversal. This will be in 3rd person paragraph form, and contain some more darker themes, as well as action, and lots and lots of comedy.

The only rules I have for this roleplay is

1. Be kind and respectful to one another as players, this doesn’t mean that your character has to be respectful though. But preferably don’t have a character that is a lone wolf type in this role play.

2. Nothing sexual, although it will have dark themes and romance.

3. Be kinda realistic, no magic or monsters will be present in this roleplay. Please no godmodding or insta kills.

4. Be able to reply once a week, I know we all get busy sometimes. As I do too. So I will keep it at a minimum of just a reply once a week! This isn’t turn based as well, all I ask is that you wait for two more people to reply after you before replying once again!

5. Have fun! Don’t take this too seriously, as we’re all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves!

Character roles available

Acts as a manager of sorts for criminals, gives them requests and missions. As well as transfers payments from clients. Possibly badasses in disguise.

Extremely experienced with a variety of technology, skilled at hacking, repairing, and reprogramming tech. Useful in file retrieving, dismantling security, and gathering intel.
(Closed, @Seha)

Don’t mistake these healers for being weak, they could easily rob and leave you for dead. Specializes in emergency medical care for on-field accidents. Can be seen lugging around large quantities of medical equipment and blood. May or may not actually have a license.
(Closed, @eggsaladsandwitch )

Works together with Techies to infiltrate buildings or areas with heavy security. Works as a second intelligence to the team. Skilled in hand to hand combat in case of encountering a enemy while infiltrating. Probably once worked for the government.
(Closed, @Gallifrog )

Provide safety to the team, if anyone discovers the team’s location, it’s the scout’s job to eliminate said witness. Often act as a body guard of sorts. Also specializes as a Sniper to take out enemies from a long distance.

Crazed, pyromaniac individuals that will blow anything up as soon as they get the chance. Handy in providing a quick cover for a escape. Everyone is mildly terrified of them.
(Closed, @Loud_and_proud )

Best line of defense, often more stockier or powerful members. In case the team were to get caught in a physical altercation, the Tank would be able to handle it with ease. Carries heavy weaponry at almost all times.
(Closed @Darthjosh999)

Need a specific weapon, piece of tech, or material? They have it. Dealers provide weaponry to VIPER members, as well as intelligence on how to operate and repair weapons. Participate in ‘big’ missions, ones that would need the big guns.
(1 Open)

Specialize in professional theft, has intelligence on evading certain types of security. May need aid from Techies and Spies to get their hands on a specific item. Sells their plunder on the black market or to clients.

Skilled members that lure the enemy away from the team’s location, especially in intense situations. Work together with Scouts as an extra safety measure. Despite their role, they could still break your kneecaps.

Individuals who specialize in offense and assist Scouts and Tanks. Heavily trained and battle hungry, they probably snort literal dust from the bones they crush. May occasionally help Scouts get rid of certain individuals.
(1 Open, 1 Taken @PotatoCakes )

Down below is a character sheet form to fill out at post to the character tab!

(can be a picture of your character or a description.)


Code Name


(Range of 20-40)



Strengths and Weaknesses




(Only if you want!)

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Quick question about the world
Is genetic modifications on humans a thing?
Im nkt planning anything too crazy, just curious

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