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Welcome to Behind the Veil. A vivid fantasy roleplay with tons of possibilities. Please be sure to read all of the content below. It is essential to character creation. If you have a question about character creation or the story please feel free to PM me, I don't bite..hard

Official Roleplay


|The Beginning of Pandia|


Akina Goddess of Creation and Chaos

At the very beginning of the world, it was nothing but endless space and stars. The Goddess of Creation, Akina used her powers to create what we know today as Planet Earth. But, the land was barren just endless Earth, no trees or water. Saddened she called upon her children the Gods.

"Make this land beautiful." she requested. Her children agreed as they were always loyal to their mother. Her daughter Laserie, Goddess of Agriculture made the grounds fertile and trees and lush grass grew across the world, she also made the creatures that roam the land. Her son Sacha filled the gaps and made water flow across the lands and made the oceans along with it's creatures. Her eldest Son Ashtum made the sky and all that soars among them. Bariel, The son of Ashtum gave the land light and his sister, Resa the moon of night.

As a gift to her children and their children she gave them their own domains in which they rule over. Though the Gods noticed something, their world as beautiful as it was, had no one to live on it. So the deities created the first humans from the Earth.

As time went on the creatures rose. Merpeople and Unicorns from Sacha, Kahao and Faeries from Laserie, Dragons from Ashtum, Dwarfs from, Mahtah. Then along came the Elves from the Goddess of Wisdom, Alodel.

The humans and supernatural creatures co-existed. Though they never got along. Always fighting and arguing over land. It seemed like they would never get along. Little did they know war was on the horizon.

|The Creation of the Veil|


Kiana the Great, The Female Warrior

The tension between the humans and creatures where rising. The final straw was during a scuffle between a human and a Desert Elf. Said desert Elf due to the species's hotheaded behavior, pulled out his sword and slayed the human. Little did that elf know that the human was of high rank.

This caused an uproar between parties, the humans threatening war and the creatures denying everything. Soon the first sword was drawn and the war was started. Kiana the Great is what they called her. She led the humans into battle against the creatures. Brunis the Desert Elf, the same one who slayed the human led the creatures into battle.

The battle waged on for years, the once lush world was now a battleground littered with bodies from both sides. One day Akina wept from the heavens her once beautiful land was now a waist. She couldn't believe her children and her great work was being destroyed.

Her tears began to create a magical veil that left the humans daze as their opponents dissipated into nothingness. The creatures where now in their own pocket world, where they could live in peace.

The human's minds were erased of the knowledge of the creatures. Only to be remembered in fairy tales. That is where they stayed. Meanwhile the creatures founded their own kingdoms and tribes. But, something was stirring beneath Pandia's surface.

|The Demon's Uprising|


Lilith, Mother of Demons and Vampires

During the war Nerdalye's daughter Lilith created her own species, the demons. The demons are volatile creatures who are very dark hearted. They care only for destruction, they were first found at the Pit's of Pandia, released by their mother Lilith.

Her orders, "Spread darkness upon this land, my children." she had ordered. The demons, extremely loyal to their mother set off. They were to awaken the sins and darkness upon the creature's hearts.

They were successful in their quest. Darkness is now apart of the hearts of the residents of Pandia. The creatures now had the desire to walk among the humans in disguise.They had noticed that they humans were much more advanced then them. Electric devices and tall buildings made of steel, some of the greed filled creatures, decided to stay among the humans.

Until the day that the Goddess Akina disappeared and the veil along with her.

|The Veil's Downfall|


Ashtum, King of the Gods and the Heavens

With the disappearance of the veil the land of Pandia was destroyed. All the creatures were forced to blend in with the humans. Using the last of the veil's magic, the creatures posed as normal humans.

Soon the veil's magic was gone completely and the humans started to see the creatures for what they were. Your friend might have been an elf or your classmates might have been demons. Creatures the humans once thought were fairy tales where becoming their reality.

The American Government soon caught wind of these creatures and ordered them to be hunted down and captured. They called them a threat to society and needed be locked away. They hired human hunters to capture the creatures and sent them to a facility.

Their plans? To train the creatures to use as their own tools or super soldiers. The Facility is a high security place with guards on duty at all times of day. It's not a dump per say, it has a state of the art, gym, pool, rooms, classrooms and cafe. It even has a library.

Your character is stuck in this facility and they are going to spend their days here. Being trained for the human's own gain. Or are they? Some of the creatures are planing escape some turned to human for thirst of power and can care less about getting out.

What is that they say, history repeats itself?



Nerdalye, King of the Underworld and the Dead

Ashtum- King of the Gods. God of the sky, heaven, weather, thunder, lightning.

Melle- Queen of the Gods. Goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings and empires.

Sacha- God of the Sea, earthquakes and horses.

Nerdalye- God of the Dead, the afterlife and the hidden wealth of the Earth.

Laserie- Goddess of agriculture, horticulture, grain and harvest.

Ariel- Goddess of the hearth, home and cooking.

Dima- God of War, Bloodshed and Conflict.

Alodel- Goddess of Strategy and Wisdom.

Bariel- God of Light and Prophecy.

Resa- Goddess of Chastity and Wellness, Lady of the Hunt and the Wilderness.

Asdel- Goddess of Beauty and Love.

Mahta- God of Fire and the Forge.

Aphus- God of travel, messengers, trade and thievery.

Baele- God of Celebration and Madness, and wine.

Amsiel- God of Magic. Lord and King of Ghosts.

Adran- God of Death.

Yui- Goddess of Rainbows.

Lilith- Mother of Demons and Vampires

Akina- Goddess of Creation and Chaos. Mother of the World



An Elven Child

Humans- Beings that live on the other side of the veil. Want to hunt the creatures from behind the veil. To study and use as tools.

Forest Elves- A peaceful elven race that live in the forests. Mostly among the trees.

Desert Elves- A hot headed elven race that live in the deserts.

Demons- Creatures that are the children of Lilith. They live in the deep darkness of the pits of Pandia.

Kahao- Fully animal or part animal creatures that live in the desert regions among the Desert elves.

Faeries- Unlike the story book faeries. These faeries are human-sized and live in the same forests of the Forest Elves.

Mermaids/men- Half-fish creatures that live in the deep blue oceans. They have the ability to gain legs on land but, grow their fish tails back if their legs get wet.

Dragons- Mythical creatures thought to be hunted to extinction. They can pose as humans if wanted. They live all throughout Pandia.

Unicorns- Equine creatures of lore. They wander the plains of Pandia. They come in any color.

Dwarves- Short creatures that live and work on the mines in the mountains. They are good at creating weapons and armor. Most are fire resistant.

Were-creatures- Seemingly human creatures that can transform into animals. Be it a wolf, panther, tiger etc.

Vampires- Creatures with pale skin and sharp teeth. They are born, not turned. Due to the lack of humans to drink from they drink from the animals around them.

Hybrids- The creatures that come from two different species. Such as a Kahao and a Fairy, they would have light magic in them, also they would have wings of some sort.


The Forests of Hale- A lush forest terrain that is untouched. It is filled with fauna and animals. The Faeries and Forest Elves make their home here. The Faeries live in the west in their true bright forms fluttering among the trees and having parties. To the South of the forest lives the great city of Grandale. This is where the Forest Elves live. Their royals live in the tallest tree.

Sahale Desert- A large terrain of sand and heat. There is constant sandstorms and drought. The only creatures bold enough to live here are the Kahao and Desert Elves. They call this place home. The Southern part of the desert is taken by the Kahao tribe, while the Eastern Part is taken by the Desert Elf tribe.

Blaint Mountains- The rough terrain of these mountains hold home to the Dwarfs. They live deep in the mountain and work all day in the mines. At least the males do, female dwarfs keep house and work sometimes in the marketplace.

Grassy Plains- The Grassy Plains are miles and miles of endless grass. The were-creatures and Unicorns graze here.

Oceanis- A beautiful underwater kingdom that holds home to the Merpeople. Coral and other underwater gems are scattered about. The Merpeople are quite nice to creatures that find their way to their kingdom.

Pits of Pandia- The darkest most dangerous part of Pandia. Fire spews from crevices in the Earth. Demons make their home here. They find it to be home. They are not welcoming to visitors and are quite hostile. The Vampires live on the edge of the pits in old fashioned homes.



Sui, The Goddess of Rainbows

    • Literacy. Please be knowledgeable of being literate and having proper grammar. Being literate does not mean you have to be an extremely high experienced roleplayer. There is no punishment or shame if you forget to put a coma there or how to spell a word. This is an understanding roleplay.

  • No one-liners. Please, please! Don't post a one-liner, I worked hard on this RP I don't need you to come along and post nothing but a sentence. The minimum amount you should post is a good sized paragraph. More would be nice but I can understand.

  • No Mary-Sues. I don't need a bunch of perfect characters running around my thread, thank you. So don't do it, no one is perfect, not even your character.

  • No claiming a character. Please don't go around and say "Hey, do you want my character and your character to be together?" it's unrealistic and stupid. Now, if you want to say "Hey can my character and your character be friends?" that is fine, just give a good explanation on how they met and such.

  • Do not mix character photos. Please don't mix anime characters with realistic photos please.

  • No God Moding. Don't dodge every attack that is thrown at your character, your character not getting hit with any attacks is annoying to the other player.

  • Be polite. Please don't be mean to the other users, it's not nice and I can and will if needed kick your arse out of my roleplay.

  • PG-13. Don't describe characters doing 'stuff'. Anything that goes above, hugging, kissing or cuddling. Please fade to black

  • Be realistic. Be realistic from wounds, to fights, to loves and breakups.

|Character Sheet|

Picture here

Name: (Self explanatory)

Age: (10-300)

Gender: (Are you a boy or a girl? No between)

Species: (Use the species guide for reference)

Deity they worship: (For non-humans only, if a human put none)

World Origin: (If they are non-human tell what part of Pandia they lived in before Pandia fell. For human put none)

History: (Please be detailed with this)

Personality: (Please go into detail and don't just put a bunch of traits)

Other: (What else do you have to say for your character)

|Accepted Characters|

Renshii Akahero - Human (@Kiro Akira)

Gilian Laskley - Dragon (@Flip Jester Boy)

Sri Macabre- Unicorn (@PurpleManiacSquirrel)

Soren Tia / Scott Anderson- Faery (@Sol The Hastag)

Gremory Stern- Human Demon Hybrid (@Coro)

Odilia Vanmoriel- Demon (@Zillah)

Noelani- Mermaid (@UnholyRedemption)

Nevaeh Volentaradi- Forest Elf (@Bella Rose)

Katyusha Yekatrina- Human (@paipai900)

Kiamora Sea- Mermaid (@Karma200)

Aeradom Isilya Draconis- Angel (@Aeradom )

Athalia Crimson- Mermaid (@L u n a)

Nico Costello- Demon (@Nico)

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Kiro Akira

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I got it :3 Thank you. 


Renshii Akahero







Deity they worship:

Nerdalye, King of the Underworld and the Dead

Renshii had learned of the great gods and through books, and would always favor the king of the undead, fascinated by the zombies. The form of hell they went through as souls. After years of studying he had gone to bed one night and through a dream it would seem as if he was brought to the world of the dead. Renshii didn't know if it was his mind playing tricks on him but it would seem as if a single being had been speaking to him. You are nothing but mere human, your eyes only play tricks on you and can not see the world that lies beyond the gates. It is a world of suffering and hatred, you will be needed in the future my little pawn. Renshii had disregarded the thoughts when he awoke what seemed to be moments later after the figure had spoken to him. He had no idea why or what the dream was about but, figured it was just his mind playing tricks on him. So Renshii continued on with life with the memory of that dream returning to haunt him from time to time.

As time would pass and the dreams continued to happen every so often they would pry at his mind again each time saying something similar. He eventually gave in to the dreams and began to read up upon the god and follow his ways. When the world had come into contact with the veil and everything would be revealed and the dreams would stop. This sparked Renshii's mind and he would continue hunting as he did before and search for this god that had haunted his dreams.

World Origin:



(Worst part of the sheet >.<)

When Renshii was young, he was always fascinated with the books speaking of the killing of demons and such. He loved the intense scenes and enjoyed the sight of the fallen creatures in the books. As time passed Renshii began writing his own stories of the demons being slayed. He excelled in the english class and enjoyed the stories he wrote. When he reached High school Renshii began practicing shooting a bow and arrow until he became skilled at the art. To Renshii's knowledge he didn't think he would ever use this skill for anything but hunting purposes but as he reached the age of twenty his father had bought him his own pistol. Renshii would waste his time away after every day at work going to the gun range with a few small friends and spend most of his money shooting off rounds as he would attempt to hone his skills in fire arms as well as he had with the bow.

As years would pass and Renshii would reach the rightful age of owning his own guns in his own name he stayed with his parents only making small payments to assist in living while waisting the rest of his money on a rifle or two as well as a few more handguns,although most were spent on ammo and the shooting range. When Renshii reached the age of twenty four he began to notice the books he had read and the ones in which he wrote were coming alive. The demons were alive and they were raiding the world he called home. From that point Renshii dedicated himself to the life as a hunter in hunting the things he read about and things he had never seen before


Renshii is a quiet and calm person. He loves reading and writing and enjoys being around very few people. When the demons are around him and such Renshii's personality shifts to a more aggressive attitude, he despises them and gets the intent to destroy every single one of them. He's more wild and hasty with his actions.


What Renshii looks like, he carries the dual pistols that are in his hand in the photo.

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Flip Jester Boy

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Name: Gilian Laskley

Age: 15

Gender: Boy

Species: Dragon

Deity they worship: Ashtum

World Origin: Grassy Plains

History: Gilian was born into a family of noble dragons before the collapse of the Pandia. They were a humble family, though. They didn't boast their nobility by being followed around by knights and servants. They lived in a moderate mansion with only a few maids and butlers. They were also loved by everyone in the town. Gilian easily made friends among the other kids his age in the village. He loved his life in Pandia. When Pandia collapsed, his output on life didn't. He liked going to human schools. He knew how to handle himself on campus, making friends just as easily. He didn't live a regal life as he did in Pandia, his parents still were able to support the three of them. They didn't have any servants, but as long as they had each other, they were happy.

Personality: Gilian is a really friendly person. He never holds grudges against anyone and rarely gets angry. He has to stay calm anyway, otherwise his normal eyes become dragon eyes, showing his true colors. He also loves playing music, especially on his flute his parents made for him.

Other: His dragon form is still relatively small. His hair is naturally teal, which some people find strange, but he doesn't care. He's also born as a wind dragon, so when he sneezes, he sometimes blows out a big gust of wind. He also has enhanced senses of sight, scent, and hearing because of his dragon family.

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@Kiro Akira- You can put a Deity if you want, just make sure you explain how they know of the god. Also that is what other is for so go ahead and put weapons. Please add a picture though.

@Flip Jester Boy- Accepted. May Akina the World Mother light your path.

King Of Imagination

Jak, The Third J of the Apocalypse
Horse Form:

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_10/image.jpg.36ceb2d8cef6673f0a5ddfe06996c87b.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="7750" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_10/image.jpg.36ceb2d8cef6673f0a5ddfe06996c87b.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>

Human Form

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_10/image.jpg.fe1b2ef456c7d2de4ad4f29864ab0aa2.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="7751" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_10/image.jpg.fe1b2ef456c7d2de4ad4f29864ab0aa2.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>

Name: Sri Macabre. His nickname is Bre(bray)

Age: 276

Gender: Male

Species: Awesomesauce Unicorn

Deity they worship: Bariel

World Origin: He liked to roam

History: Sri was not born in a conventional sense. He appeared in the village of his birth, a young baby unicorn, in a massive flash of light. He was adopted by a family who stabled him as a horse, before his horn grew in and his wings started to show. They thought he was a little odd because he could talk. They had not idea.

As he grew, his baby horn grew in and his small wings began to show. He quickly got tired of the stable, and flew out on his little wings, wandering the countryside for weeks. He grew quickly, shedding his first horn, which allowed him to shed his equestrian form. He had difficulty maintaining his human form at first, often changing back at the most awkward of times.

As he grew further, he shed his second horn, which became his greatest weapon, a sword of immense pure power. He grew and learned to fight, learned to use different magic, learned how to heal. Finally, in his most recent years, his third and final horn grew in. While in human form, this horn is a sword strapped about his waist. When the veil fell, he became a great advocate of the humans, and defender from the demons.

Personality: He is a kind hearted but no-nonsense soul, having been alive for nearly 300 years now. He is very protective of those close to him, but finds it difficult to let people in, having developed trust issues from a recent betrayal. He love to help others with whatever they need, often even helping people he does not know.

Other: He came to worship Bariel when he realized that his appearance in the village was by the charity of Bariel, God of Light.



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Name: Soren Tia / Scott Anderson

Age: 23

Gender: dood(guy/boy/male/whatever masculine gender name that floats your boat)

Species: Faery

Deity they worship: Alodel, Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy and Wisdom

World Origin: Forest of Hale


Before the veil collapsed, Soren was simply one of the weirder faery children. Weird in the sense that he would dive into any challenge no matter how embarrassing or difficult, which gave him quite the interesting childhood as well several recurring headaches for his parents. He was the second child in the family and his parents usually encouraged him to behave like his sister. To Soren, it felt as though his freedom was constricted and his wings would be forever clipped. At one point he followed what his parents said and did his best to emulate his sister ENTIRELY. Which meant that at one point, his parents had a daughter and a "daughter." It was fairly easy for the young faery boy as he had some feminine features when he grew up not to mention was about as tall as his sister. It was a one of the strangest phases in his life and one that he could never really tell whether it was beneficial or just plain stupid, it got him what he wanted. It made his parents ease the pressure off of him and allowed him to create whatever identity he wished for himself. Of course, when he became old enough to survive on his own, his parents disowned him. It was around that time that the Veil was torn which meant that being disowned was an omen in itself.

After the Veil was torn, he was cast into a world which was new to him, alien to him. He had possessed enough sense to disguise himself as one of the humans, in fact all he needed to do was keep his wings concealed as he wasn't exactly favored among the faeries and neither did he feel welcome within their ranks so he did not glow as much as the others. He did what he could to blend in and learn about the world around him, and even came up with a strange name as an alias in this new world. He had nowhere to go neither did he have what most humans used to sustain themselves, something called money. But he had magic and it was simple enough to cast glamour spell on slips of parchment or leaves to pass off as money. He had found sanctuary among a group of like minded individuals and began learning about the world from there, passing himself off as a foreigner. Apparently, there were honest folk among the humans, a far cry from the stories he had heard back before the veil was torn which portrayed them as violent and greedy, some were even trying their best contain their violence and seek other venues with which to convey their desires. He would later find out that he had found sanctuary within a sect that was called Buddhism, one of the priests had offered him a place to stay as well.

Of course that all went crumbling down, when the "government" was after him for reasons he had no idea about, nor did he have any idea what a "government" was or who this so called "police" were. He tried to reason with them and seek further knowledge into his predicament as was taught to him by his companions in this Buddhism sect, yet the so called government was adamant in accusing him that he was a threat to some possibly far flung nation called the United States. His peers in the sect had also stood beside him and were shown the possible penalty for disobedience in this world, execution. The aggressors had used strange devices(guns) to possibly trap the souls of his comrades. He had once again lost a place where he belonged due to circumstance, first he was disowned by his parents and possibly scorned by his sister, wherever they may be, then his peers in this sect were soul trapped on his account. He kept the faith that he may one day acquire the apparatuses that these policemen, these assassins had used to trap his peers' souls and return the souls to their rightful bodies.


Soren isn't exactly like most of the faeries. In fact, he is one of those who dare to be different. It's not that he has anything against how the faeries were living in Western Hale, but more of being different for the sake of different. He always has a high opinion in his deductive nature and thought that whatever the others could feel, he could emulate just as easily which gave him freedom to experience the other path of life, or so he thinks is possible. The exercise was a strenuous activity and one that made him very odd. The root reason behind anything he ever does is his curiousity. He was ever the inquisitive soul, he was always willing to look at the other side of life and urged his peers to do the same, yielding very negative results. He was never one to shy away from a challenge, though whether or not he overcomes it is entirely up to whichever metaphysical being guided his life. The challenges he fails, he often turns into warped life lessons that may or may not be beneficial for him, not that he could ever tell the difference.

Other: He worshiped Alodel as a suggestion by one his faery friends, he had not exactly been a devout as he was too busy trying to find himself, if not build his identity from the ground up. pleasefeelfreetobemercilessonmycsnicou.

To be absolutely sure you see my character image Nicou

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_10/piccy.jpg.d9a2b462b4dfc0b35b28668edf880c69.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="7755" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2013_10/piccy.jpg.d9a2b462b4dfc0b35b28668edf880c69.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>



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Evil Overlord of the Rebellion


Name: Gremory Stern

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Human-Demon hybrid (Born fully human)

Deity they worship: None, in fact, Gremory does quite the opposite of worshipping the gods.

World Origin: None, as he was born human.

History: Gremory Stern was born to a biologist known as Ivan Stern, and his wife, Wendy. They were a happy family, Ivan a good man, and a loving father, and Wendy a doting and overbearing mother.

Gremory inherited a burning curiosity from his father, one he saw in full force while his father discovered the creatures that had been hiding behind the veil for the first time. An entire world full of mysteries and wonder that he hadn't even dipped his feet into. Ivan soon became obsessed with studying the biology and chemical makeup of these fantastic creatures.

As Gremory went through elementary, middle, and high school, Ivan's sanity buckled under the weight of his discoveries. They only really led to more questions. As he continued to research, he was picked up by the institution known as the Facility, that was very interested in all his research, as it turned out. While working for the Facility, Ivan began delving deeper into the practical applications of his research. Namely, experimentation.

Ivan's sanity finally snapped one day when an experiment went completely awry. He had spent so long calculating it, so long planning it out, and it had all gone to hell. No, he couldn't be this wrong, he had to have some verity in his research. Stealing away from the Facility with the last remaining piece of his final experiment in tow, Ivan came home and presented his son with a demonic arm.

Understandably, Gremory was a little shaken up. He hadn't seen his father for months, their time together since elementary school spaced out and short, and now he shows up at their door, deranged, unkept, with a goddamn demon arm? Gremory said no, he wouldn't become a piece in one of his dad's sadistic experiments. Ivan said otherwise. A scuffle erupted, and woke Wendy up. The deranged and broken Ivan killed her, 'to keep her quiet and stop her from holding him back'. He proceeded to knock his son out, and bring him to the basement of their home, which still had all his old equipment.

In an insane display, Ivan used his equipment to amputate Gremory's right arm, and replace it with the demonic sample he'd brought with him, against Gremory's will. The twisted and tainted heart that now filled Ivan's chest, along with the hatred and fear Gremory felt activated the last bit of magic in the arm, binding it to Gremory during the experiment. His black hair turned a brilliant and pristine white, his deep brown eyes suddenly becoming a piercing blue. He was no longer completely human. With a sudden surge of inhuman strength from his new demonic arm, Gremory ripped free from his constraints, and attacked his father in a rage, slaying him with the very arm he'd attached to his son.

In a daze from the events that transpired, Gremory went upstairs, and came face to face with some black suit. The suited man grinned, asking Gremory if he would like to escape this destroyed life. Gremory nodded, leaving behind the realm of humanity and joining the suited man, becoming another member of the Facility.

Personality: Gremory used to be a rather typical boy, full of life and energy, with an insatiable curiosity he inherited from his father. A kind and caring heart, along with a personality that placed others before himself were trademarks of his character. Now, since the incident, Gremory has changed significantly. He places himself first, not spending time or effort to care about others. His goal is simply to become stronger, and the Facility is simply a means to an end for him. Overall cold and confident in himself, who knows how much of the old Gremory remains?

Other: N/A at the moment.



New Member


Name: Odilia Vanmoriel

Age: 86

Gender: Female

Species: Demon

Deity they worship: Lilith, even though she'd rather live freely

World Origin: The Pits of Pandia

History: Odilia was born in a demon clan that focused itself on black sorcery. Even though she disliked her clan, she enjoyed learning about sorcery and had a natural talent for it, thus earning herself much focus and attention from the demons around her. Eventually, she grew to be one of the strongest black sorcery users amidst the realm of demons, which often lead her to battles with other demons.

Despite being so young, Odilia left her clan, for her hatred for them and their ways had grown too strong. Odilia did not want to be confined to one clan all her life, so she left to roam Pandia and encounter other species, corrupting them just for her own entertainment.

Shortly afterwards, Pandia's collapse came and she was forced to go live with the humans. Odilia was immediately fascinated about them. They were completely free from the fierce grip of Gods, they lived completely on emotion and each one of their hearts were both good and bad.

To learn more about the ways of this world, she started reading countless books on philosophy, art, history, religion, occult, etc., just to satisfy her lust for knowledge of humanity. Odilia also regularly went out to public places to observe and sometimes even talk to them.

Inspired by their rebellious attitudes and their freedom, Odilia started to live independently of the Gods, but it was for naught, since demons were born loyal to their Mother, Lilith.

Eventually she was tracked down by the government and imprisoned. They were all accusing her of being a threat to humanity, but Odilia could say nothing in return, for she knew full well what threat she was. But still, she feels absolutely no remorse for it and is planning on making her escape rather soon..

Personality: Odilia is dark to the very core of her heart. She enjoys her own company, but often goes out to talk with other humans. Odilia is very analytical and looks down upon almost everyone, but she will always respect her enemies.

She is calm most of the time, but isn't afraid to occasionally reveal her dark, insane part when having a conversation or fighting a battle. She will also tend to be extremely malicious towards others who cross who annoy her.

She also likes to do and say unpredictable things in the company of others, just to get a reaction. Everything she does is for the benefit of herself.

Odilia is completely content with the way she lives and doesn't care at all about what others think of her. Whether they hate her or like her holds absolutely no meaning to her. This is what she says, but she will unconsciously make others hate her.

And she enjoys every bit of it.

Other: Like all demons, Odilia has no choice but to stay loyal to her Mother, Lilith, but she doesn't like her.

She dislikes natural light, most of the time she goes out at night.

Odilia likes to take walks in cemeteries.

Her nails are naturally black.

When in public, she conceals her raven wings with black sorcery, but this state takes away some of her power.

The Bible is her favourite book.

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Hey would it be possible to write a pair of half-faerie, half-demon sisters, who take after their respective parents but don't know about each other? You know like one would be more faerie and the other would be more demonic, which would kind of result in them being neutral overall. Would that even work?


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I don't think it would. :/ You could make a pair of half-sisters that are faerie and demon respectively.
So which race would be more likely to do that? I'm thinking that the faerie would have been seduced by the demon. Do you think that the female or the male faerie would be more likely to be seduced?
Would the demon half corrupt the faerie half, or would she just be a morally grey character? Also, I can just mix and match faerie and demon race traits as I choose, right? 
Also, could you explain the characteristics of faeries and demons a little bit more? Thanks!


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The demon half would corrupt the fairy half. Yes you can, under species put Hybrid. (I forgot to add hybrid to the species list)

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