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Realistic or Modern Behind Enemy Lines

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Action, Adventure

Rocket Strike

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Takes place in an alternate Earth

The year is 1962
The Kingdom of Cartheria is at war with the Gemrarian Republic. The war has been going on for 3 and the Cartherians are now on the retreat. And are hoping to make a counterattack at the Port of Dakahn.

This is where you come in. You can be either a Gemrarian soldier, a Mercenary, a partisan, or even a Cartherian soldier defecting to the enemy.

You and your team are tasked with disabling vital Cartherian defenses.

You will he brought to the port via boats with the help of nearby partisans. There are 4 objectives that must be dealt with.

1: disable the AA guns so that Gemrarian bombers will have an easier flight

2: Disable the aerial Spotlights

3. Disable or destroy the 2 enemy tanks

4: destroy the Ammo dump.

You do not have to do these things in this order just so long as they are done.

Detailed posts. At least 1 paragraphs long
Be nice and respectful to other RP’ers
No godmodding or Mary/Gary Sue OC’s
Please post a character Bio here or DM it to me.
Character must be at least 18 years old
No killing other characters without their permission
No controlling other characters

Bio Template

Character name:
Reason for fighting:
Faction (mercenary, partisan, etc.):


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Posting my CS here, lets see how long he lives

Character name: Bert Zimmer
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Reason for fighting: Bert was conscripted into the army once be became 18.
Faction (mercenary, partisan, etc.): Gemrarian
Backstory: Bert is a simple man, his childhood was spent playing with friends without a care in the world. When he started to go school he never really failed or did exceptionally well in his studies as a child and wanted to become a blacksmith, though once the war happened he knew he was going to be conscripted once he turned 18. In the army he became a standard trooper, armed with nothing but a rifle and time to kill as he and his fellow brother-in-arms were sent to the backlines one day, preparing for something. Finally the day is here, and he's not sure what to think.


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Character name: Dimitri Protrovich
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Reason for fighting: In the defense of the Motherland!
Faction (mercenary, partisan, etc.): Partisan
Backstory: The Protrovich family was a family of soldiers, fighting in wars for the region's various rulers for nearly 700 years. This most recent one, one that claims many lives, is only one of many in their family history. Dimitri joined the Gemrarian army at a young age, and gained renown for his brutality, lack of ethics, and talent with the rifle. His future was bright, and it seemed he could rise up the ranks with great haste. Then came the war, and everything went to shit. Dimitri's regiment was overran and scattered in the initial blitz, and in the chaos, was isolated in the wilderness with just his rifle and a few grenades. To many, this would be the moment to desert and head home. But if there was anything in Dimitri's heart, there was loyalty to the Motherland and a hatred for the invaders. He began to wage a guerilla war on his own, picking away at isolated patrols and ambushing camps. He made his way back to friendly years after about 3 months of being stuck behind enemy lines, and prepared to ship out on a quick strike on a port.


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Character: Sasha Piedmont
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Reason for fighting: Abolishing the monarchy
Faction: Partisan
Backstory: Sasha was from a upper middle class family, her father was a legislator and a member of the Liberal Party, a political party in the Cartherian Parliament that was keen on limiting the monarchy of its powers and pushing for a constitutional monarchy. Her mother for the most part was a teacher and a homemaker, so she was tutored at home and found her passion in politics, literature, and the arts. She wanted to be an MP like her father but her dream would me cut short when the monarchy dissolved the parliament and many of their dissenters were executed for conspiring against the monarchy. As Catherian soldiers started to apprehend the families of said dissenters, Sasha and her mother went into hiding and made their way into the countryside where the monarchy had limited control. Eventually, Sasha came across the Catherian Republican Army (CRA) one of the main opponents to the monarchy in-country which consisted of many wealthy and educated civilians as well as ex-military who were dissatisfied with the monarchy. Sasha became a resistance fighter under the CRA and she was quick on learning how to use a rifle. She became part of many sabotage and raiding missions on supply bases and communications posts. She eventually rose in the ranks and had her own platoon at the rank of captain.

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