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Fantasy Beginnings of Fatir (lore lol)



its pride but my parents still arent proud
Fatir is an immense realm, so barely touched by any other than the silhouette who had made the first rustborne entities. The carmine hills and plains set a stage for a grand transition, where the architecture could one day find peace.

Fatir is a blank slate, the crater, so magnificent, holds the secret to all living things. Whether Rustborne or minor Peri.

Fatir is speckled by additional races, those considered byproducts of the creation of the rustborne entities. These races, made from the spare limbs and pieces of the silhouette, are much less powerful than those of the rustborne, simply dwelling in the foothills.

The Rustborne, those who are able to manipulate the happenings in the crater by the architecture's consent, are a myriad race, closely related to the silhouette in their ability to create and destroy. They take the shapes they wish and do what they feel is right for themselves, creating personal ethics and ideals. There are those Rustborne however that simply act on a whim, doing whatever they feel in the moment. Rustborne are a confusing and strange race, to be given such responsibility.

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