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Fantasy Beginning of a New Path

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Dragon Slayer Arcos

Devour the Magic
Shayne opened his eyes as the alarm on his cellphone began to play music from his playlist. Groaning, he kneaded his eyes with the heals of his hands and then stretched out his body. His back cracked in several places and caused him to groan with pleasure. Beside him, the blankets moved as his boyfriend stirred slightly but didn't seem to wake up. Shayne reached over, running his finger along the curve of his spine and ending with running his hand through his partner's hair. With a sigh, Shayne sat up and got out of bed, walking over to the bedroom floor-to-ceiling windows. Nudging the blackout curtains aside a couple inches, Shayne peered out into a dark morning, storm clouds were covering the sky and releasing freezing rain onto the city of Seattle. Looking down, Shayne could already see colorful umbrella's dotting the sidewalks 30 stories down.

Warm arms encircled his chest and squeezed tightly as a body was pressed against his, their bare skin warm against each other. "Looks like another rainy day." Dakota murmured, his lips grazing the back of Shayne's neck. "Maybe you can call out today and we can just stay in bed all day."

Shayne chuckled, wrapping his arms around his chest and pressing Dakota's arms tighter against him. Humming and seriously contemplating the idea. "I have to meet with a couple partners today regarding the launch date." Shayne said, twisting around in Dakota's arms and gazing into his startlingly blue eyes. Shayne kissed Dakota's full lips and then together they moved to the bed for some time before getting ready for the day.

Shayne adjusted his tie before tightening it. His brilliant green eyes almost glowing in his reflection. Dakota came up behind him, holding his suit jacket for him to slip into. His muscular frame filling out the suit, highlighting his 230 pound frame. "I have a feeling the meeting may take most of the day. I will however, be home for you famous chicken and dumplings." Shayne says, moving in to kiss Dakota.

After that, goodbyes were said, Shayne finished getting ready and exited his loft, taking the express elevator to the ground floor. From there, Shayne exited the building, popping open the umbrella in his hand and turned down the sidewalk to his corporate building a few blocks away. The people around him passed by without much notice, his earbuds in his ears, music softly playing. When he was almost to his destination, a chill ran down his spine, setting the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck on end. Shayne looked around, the sense a signal of someone using magic. He hadn't felt that sensation in so long he almost forgot what it felt like to sense it.

An alley way caught his attention and he moved forward to see if that was where he was feeling the power surge.

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Samantha exited the apartment building through the alleyway. Everything was calm and peaceful, she took a minute to enjoy the calmness of it all, she stepped down off the step and started walking through the alleyway. Samantha started thinking about how the day would go. A cat suddenly ran out from behind a trash can, Sam jumped and gave a sigh of relief that it was just a cat.

Samantha heard a few strange noises, she froze and listened intently. All of the sudden a strange creature came out of nowhere. Samantha froze in fear, she had never seen anything like this before, not even in the books she read. She stepped back, "What do you want from me?" The creature kept moving towards her, she kept moving back. What do I do?, she thought, she didn't want to make a scene, so she didn't call for help.

Dragon Slayer Arcos Dragon Slayer Arcos

Dragon Slayer Arcos

Devour the Magic
As Shayne made his way into the alleyway, he heard someone call out "What do you want from me?" and something urged him forward with greater intensity. A few moments later, he saw a young woman recoiling from a dark mass moving towards her. The creature was a vampire, obviously a powerful one to be awake during the day even if the sun was obstructed by the near black clouds. The demon was female and very beautiful, or she probably was when she didn't let her demon out. The skin was transparent, claws of bone extended from her finger tips and her eyes were as black as night. The monster was going in for the kill, and Shayne only had a few moments to react before the woman was toast.

Looking around, Shayne noticed a loose brick on the ground, with lightning quick speed, he bent down and scooped the brick into his hand. Straightening up, Shayne arced his arm back and loosed, chucking the brick with a good amount of force. The brick flew from Shayne at near invisible speeds, but his aim was off and it slammed into the wall just past the vampire. The brick went right through the cinder block wall as if the wall were made of paper.

"Whoops." Shayne said, disgruntled that he had missed. However, the vampire's attention was now directed at him.

The vampire looked Shayne right in the eye, focusing on him with an intensity that would make most people run screaming. An almost physical blow slammed into the barriers around Shayne's mind, trying to find a way into his mind and subjugate his thoughts. Shayne shrugged the attack off like it was nothing, it would take a far greater power to get anywhere with such an attack.

"Get out of here!" Shayne shouted at the woman, which seemed to be completely shocked and unable to move.

The vampire roared, its demonic voice sending shivers down Shayne's spine. Quicky as lightning, the monster raced towards Shayne, fangs bared and claws ready to eviscerate him while black magic began so swirl around the Vampire's claws. Something deep within Shayne seemed to unlock and an explosion of power rushed through his body. As if of its own accord, Shayne's arm rose to meet the vampire and a blinding pulse of light exploded forward. The vampire was blasted backwards by the enormous current of lightning that struck it, slamming into the far wall with enough force to crack the cinder blocks. There was a booming thunder that almost sounded like it came from the storm above. As the light faded, the vampire fell to the ground, a hole, cherry red and sizzling in the rain, had been blasted through its chest. A moment later, the exposed skin of the vampire turned ashen and cracked, orange red embers lighting up as an internal fire reduced the body to ash which was promptly washed away by the rain.

Shayne, his fingers still smoking in the rain, looked at the woman, "Are you okay?" he asked her.


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Samantha saw a man come in, but she couldn't take her eyes of the creature, she had the most scared expression on her face. Then out of know where came a brick, and went straight through the wall. How the heck? She thought to herself, then the creature was looking at the man. She wanted to help him, but was afraid of what might happen to her, so she stayed in place.

She watched until she heard him shout, "Get out of here!" She had no way out, it was an alley, the only exit was on the other side, blocked by the man and the creature. She attempted to scale the wall behind her, she got on a trash can and grabbed the top of the wall, trying to pull herself up. But she slipped and fell.

She heard a crash, she looked over and her mouth dropped open. The creature had a huge hole in his chest, dripping blood. She looked back at the man, totally confused and shocked. "Are you okay?" He said with a kind and gentle voice, it soothed her, and she started calming down. At first she was tempted to say no,"Y-Yeah, w-what was-s-s that t-thing?" She said in a shaky voice. She almost dropped to the ground because of how she shaky she was, but caught herself.

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