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    Searching for 1x1 Partners

    Me like everyone else here loves RPing. I have only recently gotten back into roleplaying after being going doing school stuff and now that I've graduated, I'm getting back into the RP life. And how better to do that than in some 1x1's. Mainly cause every RP I join ends up dying. Literally. It makes me sad. *cries*

    I do prefer threads over PM's, but am happy to do what you prefer. It honestly doesn't bother me. Really. So don't make me decide if you want to do something else instead. I also like to keep the actual RP seperate to the chat we use to discuss things. So be prepared for two chats if you choose PM's.

    Personal Rules - Cause yes they are necessary

    • Please be active. I don't want to have a really cool plot planned out and then you decide to disappear off the face of the earth. I understand you may have personal lives, but let me know if you're gonna be away for a long time. Or if you want to stop. I won't be mad if you do; but I will if you don't let me know. But that also goes the same for me as well. Now I don't have my status as 'The Resident Forgetful Albino' for nothing. So if I don't like reply within a day then don't be scared to scream into my face about replying. Nicely of course. No one likes mean screaming.
    • No one-liners. None. At. All. I hate one-liners with a passion and if I write something cool and you give me one line. It's just frustrating. Tells me you don't really care enough. Unless I do a one liner (such as conversation) then don't.
    • Help me out. Have an idea, go right ahead and tell me about it and we'll squeeze it in if it suits. I have days where I'm not creative at all and rely on my partner to help push the plot forward
    • I will not do romance unless it is specified next to the fandom or plot. Please do listen to this.
    • Finally. Grammar. Please make sure you spell your words correctly and use correct grammar, Mistakes are inevitable, but there's a limit. Proofreading is a thing.

    Plot Ideas
    (This will be edited with new ideas when I think of them so check back regularly :3)

    Fandoms (TV Shows, Anime, Games, etc.)

    • Anime
    1. Black Butler (Willing to try Romance)
    2. Soul Eater
    3. Bleach
    4. Sengoku Basara
    5. Sports Anime (Seriously. This could be done. And almost any sports anime, it's my favorite genre. But ask. Just in case. I haven't seen everything) (Willing to try Romance)
    6. Hetalia (I have a plot in mind)
    7. D.Gray-man (Discuss further)
    8. Attack on Titan
    • Books
    1. Warriors (Discuss further)
    2. Lord of the Rings (This will be during the days where it was just Elladan, Elrohir, Aragorn and Legolas, no OC's)
    3. Guardian's of Ga'Hoole (Discuss further)
    4. Ranger's Apprentice
    • TV Shows
    1. Criminal Minds (I'm always looking. So much can happen!)
    2. Teen Wolf (I have a plot in mind)
    3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars*
    • Games
    1. Samurai Warriors (I have an idea)
    2. Spyro (The New Beginning onwards)
    3. Final Fantasy VII and X (Discuss further)
    4. Drakengard (Yeah. I love this series)
    5. Trauma Center (I ADORE this series)
    6. Resident Evil (I kinda have a plot. OC's and Originals) (Willing to try romance)
    7. Monster Hunter (Yes, yes, yes)
    • Movies
    1. Star Wars*
    2. X-Men (Discuss further. Definite AU)
    3. Harry Potter (Hmm, discuss further)
    *Star Wars can be combined into one giant plot. Or seperate. Whatever floats you boat. (Willing to try romance.)

    Original Ideas

    Plot 1

    • It finally happened, the world fell apart because of humanity. People are starving, revolting and being killed by the Government that came into light not long after the world collapsed. The Government doesn't care about anyone as long as they survive so the citizens that wanted to fight fled underground, building a large flourishing city away from everyones eyes. However, the people in this city got too greedy and tried to overthrow the Government only to fail and be banished to the underground world, with their failing economy. Now three centuries later, the Government as turned the above ground areas into flourishing rich places and the underground remains the slums where the poor struggle to survive. But now there is a small group of teens that want the world to change whether they live in the Above or the Underground. Will they succeed? (Possible romance, open to a small group, if 1x1 multiple characters, apocalyptic)
    Plot 2
    • One day, a whole country was destroyed. Wiped from existance seemingly with no survivors and one person being the person who committed the crime. They insist they had nothing to do with it and were framed, but with so much evidence against them and an angry world against them, they get sent to the highest security prison. Only to disappear from the jail a year later. With the whole world after their head, the criminal must find a way to prove their innocence without being caught. With the aid of the only survivor of the destroyed country. (Possible romance, 1x1 definite, modern, I play the criminal)
    Plot 3
    • Dragons and Humans lived in existence peacefully for years before a group of dragons rebelled, wanting to be superior over the human race, now the world is governed by the Military who only allow people with permits to have dragons and dragons now have heavy restrictions on them. This is when the Rebels come into existence. They want dragons to be free like they used to and want the two races to coexist together again like they used to. But on the night of their attack, their leader is killed and they fail in their mission. Now, only the Military are allowed to have dragons, something that makes many citizens of the world unhappy, but not willing to do anything. Now with the newest Military recruits, a new adventure unfolds as they go from their recruit life into the Military life. (No romance, 1x1 or more, modern/fantasy, based of a book I'm writing)
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  3. Hi, if your still looking I would love anything with criminal minds! The plot 1 and plot 3 looked very interesting as well!
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  4. I would be interested in doing something with Warriors with you if you'd like to.
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  5. Woo, PMed you all and look forward to RPing.

    Still open to more plots :3
  6. I would absolutely love to do a Criminal Minds RP!! I have quite a few Idea's. I am very open to other ideas as well.
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  7. Do you watch Yuri On Ice?
  8. Yes, yes I do :3 I love that series.
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  9. I weep. I would love to do a YOI RP
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  10. Just a little bump to let you all know I'm always looking :3
  11. Hmm I could be into some black butter since it is a favorite fandom of mine, so if you looking for a something in that fandom than hit me up, I always love to rp some new stuff. But know that I am none native to English so I am not totally error free, since I am still learning.
  12. I'd be happy to do a Black Butler one! I'll shoot you a message!
  13. Hi! extra interested in RP something from Hetalia :D
    or Yuri on Ice!
    or Black Butler :)

    PM me please if still interested
  14. Duuuude I'd so be up for a Trauma Center or Criminal Minds RP
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  15. Hi there, I'd be so up for a Criminal Minds RP
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  16. I'd be willing to do something from FF VII, Monster Hunter, or Trauma Center! (I'm surprised I'm not the only one familiar with trauma center, to be honest.)
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  17. I shall PM you all :)
  18. Great!
  19. Are you still available? I see monster hunter. I would totally do drakengard(drag-on dragoon) if not for the fact i only have the 3rd game. Which at least is something since its the prequel before drakengard 1.
  20. Haha, I shall send you a message ^^
  21. I'd love to do either a LotR or Resident Evil rp with you ^^
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  22. I will shoot you a message :3
  23. @Silent Howling

    Have you by any chance watched Haikyuu! ? If so I would love to rp that with you :)
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  24. G'day! A few of your ideas intrigued me, I think we could get along real well. Feel free to PM me unless you'd prefer me to PM you. Completely open.
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  25. I will PM you both.

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