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Niemand versteht, warum ich traurig bin.
Hello there, If this is still open I'd love to write a story with you, I am interested in the second plo. first, let me say it is truly nice to meet you! I've been a writer since I was about six, so I've been doing it for a while, and have had time to spark my literature and writing flame. I also do not like to call these roleplays, but tend to refer to the basic ones like that. I love to get a small theme or topic and love to create a story and a world with them. A lot of the time my characters often reflect me, or the mood I'm currently in, but I also try and keep it in the frame of the basis I made for them! I tend to use this website or Discord.

I have been writing stories for years, though I tend to keep them Private as I feel as if they are never complete personally, when it comes to making stories with other people, I tend to be known as what people call a mirror writer. Unprompted if I am in love with the story I can get four to six paragraphs easily, and go on further with my passion for the story. Unprompted though If I do not share a lot of the passion for the story that we are currently in, I can get two or more paragraphs easily.

I love having OoC conversations, just because it means you get to know your partner, which can make you more comfortable and possibly become friends with them! I tend to try and be a very positive person and get along with my writing partners as I tend to be shy in real life and having a conversation with someone online is way easier than face to face.

I can play both Male and Female characters in a strong fashion, yet I tend to play males as most of my partners prefer playing Female characters. I love doing slow-burning romances - yet I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to fluff scenes. I tend to also so dark-themed stories, and the only thing that will take a little easing into is any Drug Abuse in stories, if you have a question as to why I will gladly explain in a private message. I also don't tend to do Fandoms or unoriginal characters, as I don't feel like they are my own and therefore I can't write much for them. I also can change my writing tense based on how my partner is writing.

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