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Fantasy Be My Monster? Supernatural/Fantasy 1x1 search

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Supreme ruler of all things (that I wrote)
I’m laughing so hard because I already have the perfect OC for this.
Aha found it.

Name: Tornado
Nick name: Torna (Torn-ah)
Gender: Female
Rank: Alpha
Age: Adult 5-10 physical years / late twenties human

Smart, manipulative, dangerous, and at times deceitful

Marital status: Single (for a reason)
Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters
(Thunderwave [male], Stormrain [female], rest unknown)

Of course, she was inspired by the song.
"Torna, this is your 8th suitor this year!" her sister came to her with a low demeanor.
"So what?" Tornado asked bluntly.
Stormrain's face twitched with disappointment and concern, "What do you really want in a mate Torna?"
Tornado laughed, but then became serious, "I want him to be good enough for me, I want to be good enough for somebody." The snarl on her face warned him to back off.
"As you wish my Queen," her sister added to defuse the tension.

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