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Fandom Be My Mirror, My Sword and Shield (Pokémon)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Pokemon, Romance


Friendly Neighborhood Creature
Hello out there and welcome to this short, little search thread of mine!
For some reason, I've found myself on a bit of a Pokemon kick and really want to do some RPs based around Sword and Shield (and potentially Sun and Moon). Down below is some information about me, partner preferences, and character stuff. I apologize if this introduction isn't great, it's midnight and I'm trying and keep it short and sweet. But anyway, feel free to either post here or send me a PM, I hope to hear from you!

About Me
-I am 20-years-old and will be turning 21 this upcoming February.

- I am attending community college and currently working my way up to a full schedule.
As of now, I have quite a bit of free time so I will be available most of the time. When this
changes though, I will be sure to give you a heads up.

-I consider myself semi-literate to literate and can post anywhere from three-to-six paragraphs.
My style is past tense and third person. Sometimes my post length can vary depending on muse,
but even then I will not do one-liners.

-I have very few triggers, therefore darker/more mature themes will not bother me. However, I draw
the line at non-consensual and underage.

Partner Preferences
-Please be semi-literate or literate and willing to do a paragraph at minimum. I like having something
to work with and equal effort being put in. Do that and I will do the same for you!

-Please be 18+

-Please be able of posting at least one or twice a week.

-If possible, please be open to OOC chat. I love discussing ideas and stuff and will be more comfortable
if you are too!

Who I‘ll be Able to Play-
Hau, Lillie, Leon, Bede, Grunt A and B (Sun/Moon), Guzma, and OCs.

Who I'd Like You to Play-
Hop, Milo, Hau, Red, Blue, and OCs

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