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Realistic or Modern Be my Cheshire Cat? [one on one search - mxf or fxf - romantic pairings etc - open to suggestions]


it's only forever. not long at all.


Goodbye, Dinah.

So, I’m back again~ I don't know what the guidelines are for how often we're allowed to post these, so forgive me if I was meant to revive my inactive thread. I've rewritten most of it but it may seem familiar if you've seen me post before.

I’m not in the most chipper or nostalgic of moods as I usually am when I find myself back on RPN. I'm trying to pull myself out of a rabbit hole of sorts. I’m really pushing myself to try to do something creative with my time. I'm looking for something to focus some of my energy on and maybe even find a new friend or two.

Before I waste too much of your time with these long-winded tabs, here’s the basics: I’m mainly looking for a modern or slice of life, loosely plotted type of thing--probably a pairing--without too much pressure at first. I’d like my partner(s) to be 18+ and fairly available. I’m looking for one-on-ones, via either PM, e-mail or google doc.

  • Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.

    My name is Sarah. My handle is Strive. You can call me by either one, or whatever you'd like to, I suppose. I'm 28 years old and have been roleplaying since I was around 12, perhaps younger. I got my start, like many, on the Neopets forums. I miss it very much--the creativity, the friends. I've never exactly performed well in a forum setting, but I have successfully taken many roleplays off site and had them last for up to eight or so years in the past before losing contact, so that's something to consider. I used to be what was considered advanced-lit, so if that helps you get a frame of reference for my writing... well, there you go.

    The text here may come off as conversational and reflect my spoken cadence rather than how I write. I assure you that I can 'compose as eloquently as the next,' but I'm hoping that by the time we get rolling, I'll have more than just a co-author. It's not a requirement but I'd be super happy to find friendship here as well.

    At this point in my life I don't need to work, so I'm free pretty much all the time. I also have a lot of trouble sleeping so I'm around at odd times of day and night. I'm technically in the PST zone (Washington state) but to be honest I'll probably adjust to when my partners reply and be able to respond inside of a few hours in most cases.

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you're interested in hashing something out or if you have any questions. If you can't PM yet, I believe I am now able, so go ahead and leave a reply here. Thank you for your consideration.


And the mome raths outgrabe...


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it's only forever. not long at all.
Wah! stormingorono stormingorono I apologize for missing your reply. I don't know why I'm not getting notifications from my thread, but feel free to shoot me a PM if you're still looking.

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