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Resource BBCode Center Directory & Information

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BBCode Center Directory & Information

This is an unofficial BBCode Directory & Information thread meant to help guide you through the various resources, shops, and collections shared by other members of RPNation.

Over time, helpful resources can get buried, and a directory can help by properly listing them rather than having users browse through page after page of the BBCode Center.

This directory doesn't have an update schedule, but will always endeavor to include all resources shared. If something you've shared has not been included, you are always free to leave a comment to remind us to take a look. However, there are a few guidelines to be included in this directory:
  • Must be posted sometime after March 2017, as that is when BBCode returned.
  • Must have at least one resource of some kind.
  • Does not violate the site's rules.
On the left side you will see a Navigation menu that you can use to quickly jump to a section you are interested in, though it is encouraged that you at least read the FAQ and Etiquette sections.

How can I help?
You can continue to share awesome resources! You can also help us try and keep this list up to date, such as when a member has changed their username, a link no longer works, or a resource is out of date and no longer valid.

My resource/shop/collection isn't on the list, why?
If you have recently posted a new thread, it will be added the next time the directory is updated.

If it is an older resource from before March 2017, it will not be included.

Your post also simply could have been missed or overlooked, we are human after all. You are free to inform us if we've missed something, or you've found something you think should be included.

Update Log
+ 2 Resources Added
+ 27 Added Shops/Collections
- 19 Removed Shops/Collections
+ 3 Revived Shops/Collections
Names Updated
Fixed Links
Usernames Updated

Created Archives
+ 20 New Shops/Collections
-184 Removed Shops/Collection
Username Updates
Corrected Duplicates
Fixed Links
+ 4 New Shops/Collections
+ 1 Resource Added

+ 4 Resources Added
+ 22 New Shops/Collections
33 Username Updates
3 Corrected Duplicates
2 Fixed Links

+ 9 New Shops/Collections
1 Username Update

+ 10 New Shops/Collections

+ 10 New Shops/Collections
- 2 Shop/Collection due to deletion.
+ 2 BBCode+ Resources/Tutorials Added

+ 15 New Shops/Collections
+ 1 New Tutorial
Added Section for BBCode+
+ 3 BBCode+ Resources Added
5 BBCode Resources moved to Obsolete Resources section

+ 10 New Shops/Collections

+ 17 New Shops/Collections
1 Updated Member Username

+1 New FAQ question
+1 Resource
+4 New Shops/Collections
1 Updated Member Username

+ 1 New FAQ question

+ 3 Resources
1 Updated Member Username
+ 6 New Shops/Collections

+ 1 Resource
1 Updated Member Username
+ 8 New Shops/Collections

+ 1 Resource
+ 12 New Shops/Collections
- 1 Shop/Collection due to deletion.

+ 2 BBCode Resources

+ 7 New Shops/Collections
+ 18 Color Resources
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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Take your fingers away from that keyboard! We know you have questions about BBCode and that question could actually be answered here. If you cannot find your answer here then don't hesitate in inquiring.
What is BBCode?
BBCode stands for Bulletin Board Code and is a type of coding language used to format posts on forums.

What happened to CSS/HTML?
CSS/HTML was an era when the site was using IPS as its forum software. Due to CSS/HTML being able to easily (whether intentionally or not) alter or break the site, it was causing numerous issues. When the site transferred back to xF, it returned to BBCode.

Is there a general BBCode guide I can read?
You can find the basic BBCode here.

How can I learn to code using BBCode?
There is no set standard path one takes when learning a coding language. It takes patience, time, and effort. Unlike other coding languages, basic BBCode isn't overly complex. If you want center something, you simply use the center BBCode tag.

Experiment with some of the basic BBCode and see what tags do what. You can also look at the codes offered by other members as a resource and look at what they've done as well.

You may also want to ask other BBCoders questions by posting a new thread with a "HELP" prefix for things you need assistance with (in the BBCode Center).

How do I do -insert code here-?
Firstly, before asking this question, you should always check to see if the code already exists in the BBCode Guide as well as the listed resources in this directory. Many commonly asked questions are easily answered by these resources.

If you still are unable to locate the answer, understand, or have continued issues with your code, then you should create a thread in the BBCode Center with the "HELP" prefix and patiently wait for a helpful member to respond.

How are they doing -insert advanced coding here-?
In reality, BBCode is a heavily simplified version of HTML/CSS so most of the advanced coding they are doing is incorporating the knowledge of HTML/CSS into their BBCode. Note that it isn't necessary to learn HTML/CSS to use BBCode, but it is helpful for more advanced styles.

How can I get Google Fonts to work?
This is a very common question and the answer can be found here in the BBCode Guide.

My code seems to be duplicating, why?
The default editor for posts is known as RTE. Sometimes when you edit a post with BBCode, the RTE will alter it, usually in a manner than ends up duplicating the code. It is highly suggested to turn off your RTE if you are using BBCode.

What is the RTE?
RTE stands for Rich Text Editor. It is a text editor that allows a person to see a "live" preview in the editor itself (for some things, such as built-in fonts, font color, etc).

How do I turn off the RTE?
You can easily swap back and forth between the RTE and the BBCode Editor; just click on the cog wheel! It will save this setting until you click it and swap it back.

Why do background images have to use HTTPS and not HTTP?
If you look at the URL bar, you should see a small lock symbol there to indicate that the connection is secure. HTTPS basically encrypts your data and HTTP does not. When you use HTTP instead of HTTPS, that security is no longer there, and thus you will not see the lock indicator. So, in order to keep RPNation secure for all members, you must always check if your codes are breaking this security lock. The biggest culprit is when a user uses an HTTP url instead of an HTTPS.
Thanks to the BBCode Lord Lyro Lyro this is no longer an issue!

The HTTPS lock is broken when I edit my post. What is going on?
If you are using an image from - for example placeholder (placehold.it/96x96) - urls that chop out the http/https at the beginning of the URL may break the HTTPS lock. Simply add in the http/https to the url and it should stop this.

What will happen if my code breaks the HTTPS Lock?
If your code is found to be breaking the secure lock of the site, it may be edited by a staff member to resolve the issue (with or without notification).

What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is taking the work (of any medium or media) of someone else and passing them off as your own.

Why can't we clip out sections of the embed player from Youtube?
This is not allowed due to Youtube's ToS.
Youtube's ToS (Terms of Service) clearly states;

"If you use the Embeddable Player on your website, you may not modify, build upon, or block any portion or functionality of the Embeddable Player, including but not limited to links back to the YouTube website."

Why is my complex BBCoding not working in my signature?
The more advanced BBCode tags are not permitted in signatures.
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BBCode Etiquette


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BBCode Etiquette

This section is not to be mistaken as a site policy. This is just to promote common courtesy.
What exactly is etiquette?
Basically, etiquette is something like a social code of polite behavior. The Platinum Rule is a great example of this. Unlike the Golden Rule - which is basically to treat others how you wish to be treated - this rule is to treat others the way they want to be treated.

The purpose of this section is to encourage some etiquette when it comes to BBCodes. You are not being forced to follow these ideals, but you do need to remember to adhere to the site rules. So, before going any further, it is encouraged you take a moment to check out the official site rules.

All BBCode hosted on RpNation falls under Creative Commons; Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Users may use the codes of others as long as any required attribution to the original creator/content is applied. Users should not publicly post any codes they do not want or intend for other users to use.

Etiquette Code
  1. Give credit where credit is due.
    • If you are using codes that have been created by others, crediting the content creator is appropriate.
    • If the code already has credit, do not remove the credit.

  2. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" isn't always true. Being inspired by a design is great, but taking the elements of that design replicating them and then claiming it as your own is still considered a form of plagiarism. If you're inspired by another user's code/design, but sure to mention them.

  3. While BBCodes are under CC, which means you can use the code with attribution to the creator, some creators may be uneasy with others using their codes for various reasons. If a code isn't provided, sometimes it's polite to ask first.

  4. Respect requests from original content creators. If they request to restore/add attribution to their code you are using, you need to comply.
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Awesome Resources and Tutorials


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Awesome Resources and Tutorials

Since the return and some additions to RPNation's BBCode, tons of new BBCode resources have become available thanks to the awesome BBCoder community.
BBCode Recources

Color & Palette Resources

Assistance / Tutorials / Other

Obsolete Resources
With the introduction of the DIV BBCode tag as well as other changes, some previously listed resources have become obsolete.

BBCode+ Recources / Tutorials
With the BBCode+ disabled, some previously listed resources have become obsolete.
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Shops & Collections


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Shops & Collections

There are many awesome BBCoders here on RPNation that design creative and unique designs. Some of these members offer these skills in the form of accepting requests in their BBCode Shops, others display them in their personal collections.

This list is sorted alphabetically by username. Not by date of posts, last post, number of codes, type of post, etc.
How can I tell what is a shop and what is a collection?
There prefixes to look out for on shops for requests would be "ACCEPTING REQUESTS" and "CLOSED."

For collections, they would be "RESOURCE."

Do collections have free-to-use codes?
Some may offer free to use codes, just always be sure to check!

Ahmbrun Ahmbrun
AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
Carroline Carroline
Carnage Carnage
sox sox
deer deer
constellation constellation
fantasy fantasy
Fable Fable
apolla apolla
IdyllicDreamer IdyllicDreamer
invariance invariance
koschei. koschei.
lillies lillies
underuninterested underuninterested
Nano Nano
qwerty; qwerty;
Nymphadora Nymphadora
pasta pasta
leftovers leftovers
playlist playlist
RI.a RI.a
saccharine saccharine
Sana Natsuko Sana Natsuko
ShadyAce ShadyAce
Shmivian Shmivian
@S n o w
SnuggleThisMuggle SnuggleThisMuggle
Stardust Galaxy Stardust Galaxy
tortellini tortellini
ukiiyo ukiiyo
lavendre lavendre
Uxie Uxie
yousmelldead yousmelldead

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The Archive


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The Archive

Older BBCode threads that have not had recent activity can be found here.

acuite acuite
A lecto A lecto
cherub. cherub.
AgWordSmith AgWordSmith
aisosh aisosh
Alexis1 Alexis1
allure allure
alpha 13 alpha 13
Alteras Alteras
Amerikia1126 Amerikia1126
Angelofwishes7 Angelofwishes7
mon dieu. mon dieu.
arctic arctic
adored adored
astraeaaa astraeaaa
ataraxia ataraxia
Aukanai Aukanai
avira avira
Axell Axell
b a r i s t a b a r i s t a
Bang Bang Bang Bang
bixby bixby
byeol byeol
Bvmble Bvmble
Catharsis Catharsis
JayeTheKat JayeTheKat
cellar. cellar.
eclipsa eclipsa
constellation constellation
CrowCall CrowCall
deer deer
CupAndCough CupAndCough
Cychotic Cychotic
dandy dandy
decortico decortico
DeerPrince DeerPrince
D d1uni5ys24si3o
Doubt Doubt
dwale dwale
e c h o e c h o
Emmi Emmi
eunoia eunoia
ewolf20 ewolf20
ForgottenBlood ForgottenBlood
Fable Fable
astralis astralis
apolla apolla
glowworms glowworms
GoldenSlime GoldenSlime
Han JiHyo Han JiHyo
Honeybees Honeybees
hemovore hemovore
idkguk idkguk
logastellus logastellus
Jessii Jessii
jungshook jungshook
junie junie
kalopsia kalopsia
Katakon Katakon
Kazu Kazu
kosette kosette
q r o w q r o w
A Murder Of Corviknight A Murder Of Corviknight
Lexielai Lexielai
Lyro Lyro
l y s s a l y s s a
Mad_Hatter Mad_Hatter
cupidcreep cupidcreep
Maximoff Maximoff
Mike Mike
sodium sodium
mothmeat mothmeat
moiety moiety
Mountain Siren Mountain Siren
myfanwy myfanwy
Nano Nano
Nap Nap
Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun
qwerty; qwerty;
minajesty minajesty
n i h i l i s m n i h i l i s m
Noivian Noivian
nymphadora. nymphadora.
Pandaskel Pandaskel
pasta pasta
P Peaceswore
peachuu peachuu
leftovers leftovers
Pretzel Heart Pretzel Heart
Pyosimros Pyosimros
Quark Quark
QizPizza QizPizza
Rainzen Rainzen
Reinhardt Reinhardt
Ridge Ridge
Risk Risk
Role Model Role Model
Rustic Rustic
@Satanic Nightjar
s e v e n s e v e n
Sign Sign
SnuggleThisMuggle SnuggleThisMuggle
social social
social social
Some1 Some1
sorrow made you sorrow made you
southside. southside.
spookie spookie
stellar.nova stellar.nova
@Stellar Nursery
StoneWolf18 StoneWolf18
HoneyMelon HoneyMelon
taliaangeni taliaangeni
thoughtless thoughtless
Umbra Regalia Umbra Regalia
lavendre lavendre
vcnilla vcnilla
vesania vesania
Vesuvius Vesuvius
ViAdvena ViAdvena
vliamint vliamint
welian welian
Wick Wick
Woebegone Woebegone
wok wok
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
youngkyun youngkyun
Yunn Yunn
zooka zooka
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