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Realistic or Modern Battle of the Bands Interest Check

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persistently inconsistent, probably a cryptid
not a fleshed out search yet, mind you

the general concept is the well-overdone trope of plucky high schoolers starting a band and trying to compete against others around their area. however, these high schoolers actually have some talent and get picked up by a manager and start to get big. the rp would ideally follow them all the way from senior year of high school to being one of the most popular bands of their time.

here's my question, though.

would you all rather this be a small group (3-6 players often doubling as side characters) OR a larger group where an unlimited amount of bands compete and get in lots of drama within their own groups and with other groups? ideally would keep it to 3 or 4 max bands still, but it would allow for a lot more players. both would have opportunities to play people like managers, producers, fans, and other non-band members as well if that's more your speed. i do hesitate to make small groups because one inactive player can kill the whole rp, but i would be open to it if i got enough concrete interest (but not enough for the large group)

so just leave a message here if you have anything to add or a suggestion, or if you would be interested in one or both


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I'm always down for a good band rp! Personally, I'd side with having this be a smaller one with 3-6 people but I'm all for either one!

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