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"Plagg, claws out!"
Welcome to the sign up page, come join the batfamily of gotham or the criminal underword.....which character will you be?
gm: Miasmith17 Miasmith17 and Shadow101 Shadow101

  • this rp will be in a group thread, the chat for the rp will have a seperate pm. The reason why is because of notification issues with a thread so a pm will be easier to alert others of a reply.
  • Be able to reply: like once or twice a week
  • sentance length: 2 paragraphs or less if able but if inspired to write more then go for it. my writing length is 2 or less
  • you may have a crush if you want but no weird crushs like batman and Barbara.
  • no killing each other character unless you have permission
  • keep up with the group no ghosting
  • this is for canon characters and ocs. if you want to add a oc you may but it would be great if you are a canon and a oc.
  • If you dont respond within the given time frame your character will be put on vacation/out of gotham.

First arch: The City Of Fear

Characters list:
Bruce Wayne/batman: miasmith17 temp role
Barbra gorden/oracle: open
catwoman/selena kyle: open
damian wayne: open
Harley quinn: open
jason todd: Open
Mr freeze: Shadow101 Shadow101
Oliver queen: Open
poison ivy: open
richard d grayson: open unless reclaimed
tim drake: Open unless reclaimed
jonathan crane: open
kate kane: miasmith17
cassandra/spoiler: open unless reclaimed

Criminals/citizens: Open
Edward/riddler: Shadow101 Shadow101
Alfred: Shadow101 Shadow101
Black mask: Leonofthehouse Leonofthehouse
any other characters i havent mentioned

cs page: Fandom - The batfamily page cs: bats, robins and an archer
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