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Apologies for the sheer and distinct lack of aesthetic; I have no clue how to construct one, and even if I did, I have no idea what I would use. This is also very, very long, you've been warned.

A bit about me:
Anyways, hullo! I'm Joye, she/her, awful at titles and even worse at avoiding lengthy roundabout ways of saying I'm bored. It has been a bit since I've roleplayed on RPN, or done anything formally labeled as roleplaying, so if that's not your cup of tea, I wish you luck and a good day/night.
Another thing; I am seventeen (17) years old, and I understand that's awkward for a lot of people.
Now that that's out of the way, I was hit with a sudden urge to write literally anything, and I'd managed to narrow it down enough I found myself clicking through threads then clicking off when I realised it wouldn't be quite right. The obvious solution was to put up my own post, so here we are.

Post length and style:
I will match whatever I'm given. I hate one-liners with a passion, unless it's absolutely necessary for the plot (I get it, it happens), so if you like to exchange one-liners and do it fairly often, I wish you luck. If you like writing novella-length things, I never have done a roleplay with that type of length and while I'm open to it I can't guarantee I'll be any good at it. I can write several paragraphs worth of content, however.
As far as stylistic, my writing in roleplays is a lot like my writing in general; the style this is in is how I write most of my characters, with a couple variations depending on the type of character I'm playing and what the situation is.
I typically write in third person, past tense, but I can shift that depending on what other people are comfortable with.
My characters do swear, but they don't have to. If swearing is something you're uncomfortable with, let me know, and I'm happy to have a clean conversation and roleplay. If it isn't, I won't have expletives in every other sentence, but if the situation calls for it (especially in a roleplay), I'd say it's fair to expect one.

Absolutely! I love getting to know the folks behind the characters, and often talking through plotpoints has gotten me a lot farther in a story or plot than floundering and wondering where to go next, and whether that's something my partner would be up for. It's so much easier to sit down and discuss rather than hope that I didn't screw up too badly.

Where I write:
Roleplays I keep to RPN. It makes more sense for me and I'm better at keeping track of things when they're sent here, as opposed to something like discord.

What I play and write:
I typically play female characters, but I'm open to playing male if that's what the roleplay calls for. I'm also open to any pairings with females; it's just what I'm better at and in my comfort zone. If you're looking for MxM, I hope you find what you're interested in!
I'm also not super into fandoms, though there are a few I'm more than familiar with and wouldn't mind jumping into:
*Harry Potter (JK Rowling sucks and I disagree with so much of her BS but I have to grudgingly give her props on this one)
*The Selection series
*Divergent (the books hurt me and I've never seen the movies)
*Twilight (I read "Midnight Sun" and it's so funny to me, I'm not sorry. Mostly the lore behind this interests me, because the books are just pure comedy from my perspective. If I've offended you, I apologise, these are just my own views)
*The Throne of Glass series
*Star Wars

That being said, I usually like to do original plots, set in the current world with an element of fantasy, but if you've got something in mind I have no problem exploring it.
Some things I've found I like to write:
*Very, very dark characters with many personal issues finding solace in each others' company, whether that be platonically or otherwise.
*Constantly being hunted down (usually I do fantasy for this but it can be people who screwed up)
*Soulmates! I love this trope so much, but I'm aware it's a slight bit too common for some (as in, it's overused a lot and I hate it too sometimes)
*If it's romance, slow burns are so fun to write.
*Realms existing alongside each other and some conflict that most in one realm are unaware of that sometimes spills into it.
*I really enjoy the True Crime genre, and while I'm not sure where that comes from I can go on for ages about terrible crimes- and that applies in my writing as well. I can definitely avoid anything too graphic if that's not something you're into (I get it, blood and death isn't everyone's favourite thing), though!

One more thing: I absolutely will not write smut. I'm really bad at it, and also, writing it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Fade-to-black is my kind of jam, and while I'm fine with alluding to it, again, details eek me out.

That's really all I have. If you've endured the lack of aesthetic and the incredibly basic formatting, and find your interest piqued, what's your favourite fruit (and why, if you're so inclined to share)? You can comment or PM, but it's likely I'll get to PM faster.

Please, help yourself to a fantastic day and if you have some, dessert.

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