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Oakheart. A sleepy village nestled in the southern Deep Wood. Four days ago, Old Symas missed his shipment. It’s something he’s never done in twenty years of driving caravans back and forth from Glewick City.

Rumors began to fly. Some said he was deep in his cups and got his throat slit. Others spoke of the Old Ones’ return and their wake of destruction. None knew for sure. Whatever it is, the chill wind at midday and the murder of crows that seem everywhere and nowhere speak of danger.

Something is wrong. And everyone can feel it.

You stand in the common room of Hook’s rundown tavern. The old barkeep ignores the commotion from the town meeting and wipes glasses with a dirty dishrag. Mayor Brander lifts his bulk from his seat and raises a hand to quiet the crowd.

“Quiet,” the Mayor says. The crowd complies. He gestures to you all as he speaks. “So, then we are agreed? The people you see before you will be sent to investigate why we haven’t had our supply shipment in nearly a week? All in favor, say ‘aye!’”

The crowd murmurs a majority, “Aye.”

You’ve been chosen.


Banners & Blood is a fantasy role-play with me as the GM. It's main features are:
  • Traditional fantasy adventure. Play knights in gleaming armor, wizards with ancient magic, or anything in between.
  • Emergent play. The story is not pre-determined in direction or content. Let's play to find out!
  • Varied scope. Fight from adventure to adventure or build a nation and go to war.
  • The story focuses on you and your companions.
Anyone up for playing? I'm hoping @Teh Frixz might join.


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Excellent. Three is enough to play. I’ll leave the post up for the day to see if we get more interest. Then I’ll make the threads.

I’m excited.