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Digital Baltana Arkenelle

Baltana Arkenelle

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This is my first drawing of my OC Baltana. I'm currently working on a second. Here's some basic info about him.

Baltana is a Drow (Dark Elf). In human years he is currently 25. He has long purplish-silver hair and grey eyes. He was born with only one arm and grew up with an affinity for Psionic magic, choosing instead to work with the power of his mind and casting aside any need for either of his arms. Still, even with his quick mastery, he often dreamt of "being like the others". He left home at 17 to attempt to make a deal with the Fae in exchange for his arm. Everything ended up going horribly wrong, however, and he only ended up disfiguring his existing arm. Now unable to return home, Baltana roamed the land honing his Psionic abilities even farther. No one would ever see the mistake he made...


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