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Realistic or Modern Ballet dancer looking for romance! (MxM only)



So I have this wonderful character I am craving to write with! He is not your regular guy, so if you are not open-minded or are looking for a hyper-masculine guy, this idea is not for you!

If you are still reading! Great!

So the character I have in mind has done ballet for a long time. He has been taught by a great open-minded teacher that has allowed him to be who he is but now that he is a grown-up, he has slowly realized that maybe the world of ballet isn't for him.
He has loved dresses and things that are considered woman's clothes for as long as he can remember and can be seen rocking a dress or high heels. Yet he does identify as a man. But he does not fit in in the ballet world, where men are considered very masculine.

He also has very bad experiences with dating as his authentic self.

Would your character change that?

Open to all ideas of who your character would be!

I am not too picky with partners. I just hope you are active, write in 3rd person, move the plot along, and are over 18.

Shoot me a pm if you are interested!

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