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Badly Describe a Game Here


Does Not Know Kung-fu
Watching people become incestuous cannibals who will die to infections from a horde of manhunting rabbits. Great time, 12/10 would become a mother lover again. ~ Rimworld.

Band of losers who always find new ways of dying and disappointing you and their mothers ~ Battle Brothers

This game makes you understand why incognito mode exist ~ Crusader Kings 2

Realize that in all the grand tales of heroes and adventures, there is a desperate ruler trying to corral them like unruly children ~ Majesty

Rusty of Shackleford

Eight Thousand Club
"Do you feel like a hero yet?" -Spec-Ops: The Line

Nice guys, metalheads, weebs, and Chinese bots fight for superiority over the Internet. -For Honor

Rich white guy dresses up as a flying rodent to beat up the lower class and mentally insane. -Batman: Arkham Series

Rusty of Shackleford

Eight Thousand Club
Metro 2033: A young Russian man accidentally genocides a race because someone told him to.

Metro Last Light: Young Russian man fights against Fascists and Communists so he can get laid.

Metro Exodus: Snowpiercer, but Slavic and without snow.


The Flowiest on site
A bunch of Japanese swordman knock each other off a platform to be declared the winner, sometimes Nintendo’s other intellectual properties show up.

Super smash bro’s ultimate.

a recycled game but this time gravity is funny and we can fly/go underwater

Mario kart 8

food products throw boomerangs at each other.
Boomerang fu


rattling bag of bones
11 year old saves lizard. meets multidimensional scalies. becomes scalies. meets scaly dad. becomes different scalie. defeats bad scalie. scalie dad is real dad.
Scaler (god please anyone remember this awful game)


A menhera in pastels
You get dropped out of the sky and are made to fight people for no reason while a bunch of salty 8 year olds scream at you over the mic and then dance on your grave

I think it's pretty obvious what this game is

... Fortnite


In my medical opinion that is a GREAT RESPONSE.
Deliver pizza to some random business man over saving a family from a burning building.

Thanks PS2 Spider-man, you’re a real hero.


Sinnoh Confirmed!
The Joker holds a gun to his head at the end of this one.
-Lego Batman: The Videogame

No joke that's actually something he does.

S n o w

A criminal is put in charge of one of the strongest organizations in the world by the same people who arrested them minutes earlier.
-Dragon Age: Inquisition


Haiku Hitman
Climb and kill giants for your true love, but never get to see her wake up.
- Shadow of the Colossus

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