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Badly Describe a Game Here


Lost Girl
An ugly lizard woman stole my cousins so I have to go save them all with my friend the cat and we pay a bear to unlock stuff.
-Spyro: Year of the Dragon

“Rico! Leave that flag alone! No! Stop liberating the Spanish Italians!”
- Just Cause.... any of them.

The Mad Queen

That's it, I'm gettin' me mallet!
A reporter had a one bad day, made a mess and now it's up to his best friend to clean it up.
-Injustice: Gods Among Us

After the mess was cleared up, some guy showed up and made more. Now the reporter and his friend, who is still annoyed at the previous mess have to clean it up.
-Injustice 2

Doing a job for a crappy boss so you can get time off with your family.
-Red Dead Redemption

Being the President is for sure a hard job, especially when diplomatic relations get a bit hairy.
-Saints Row 4


One Thousand Club
Truckers, taxi drivers, explorers, and miners take time off to murder aliens: Elite Dangerous

Forest fire simulator: Rimworld


You wear a weird glowy thing on your arm that makes people grow old when you shoot them.

- Singularity


A beautifully corroded nightmare
You’re a starving child on a ship of horrors looking for something/anything to eat.
~Little Nightmares

Worst dad ever loses one son in the mall and the other at a park. Yelling their names with no luck of finding them. Then goes through a series of tasks to find his youngest.
~Heavy Rain

A woman sleeps with an octopus and doesn’t even know until after they have kids together.

Your father is Famous and that alone almost always gets you killed. Good thing you keep the corpses of your enemies as weapons.
~Devil May Cry

Theres three main characters; Robo-Mom, Robo-Jesus, so why not call the last one Robo-Cop?

You spend hours of driving and racing, earning money for cars you only wish you could have.

Handsome dictator wants you dead. He has a machine that literally brings you back to life for a small fee.
~Borderlands 2

Foul-mouthed creatures are under the rampage of a king who only wants to drink milk without it spilling.
~Conkers Bad Fur Day

Robot spheres make you feel like an idiot. Good thing theyre adventurous, like space, have their facts together, are kinda dumb themselves and also wish to murder you for science. What’s your motivation? Cake.
~ Portal/Portal 2

Farming animal f**ks stuff up.
~Goat simulator


You’re a girl with anger issues that gets heavily attatched and happens to be murderous.
- Yandere Simulator
You lose your sanity via anime girls.
- Doki Doki Literature Club
It dosen’t matter what you do, you’re going to hell for it.
- Minecraft
Eventually, you will end up killing everyone.
- Sims 4
You fuck with some rich entitled kids life then rage quit shortly after.
- Manual Samuel


michel foucault's moist meme maison
The emperor coincidentally had to escape through your prison cell, and instead of being relocated you simply get to leave. You then have to stop portals to hell from opening up across the country.


Summer Belongs to You
Okay this game looks shitty but just wait and in a decade or so there will be four more games and this will be one of the most popular rpg series ever.


A Lost Undead
Meme simulator.
Ever wanted to play a shitty walking dead ripoff? Now you can.
-Arizona Sunshine
For fuck sake, do a goddam barrel roll!
-Star Fox


A Lost Undead
Admit it, it can't get any worse.
-Surgeon Simulator

Undertale Simulator

It's not a sequel, but it's a sequel.
-Also Deltarune

What is a console even?

Why include chickens? Because fuck you, that's why!


Summer Belongs to You
Okay so you've saved the world 8 times that's fine and I'm hungry wait DON'T KILL THAT CHICKEN!

-Zelda and Skyrim

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