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Fandom Bad Batch Recruitment

Sub Genres
AU, Mystery, Realistic, Star Wars


King of Transformers
Clone Force 99. A genetic mishap in the clone gene that allowed them to have beneficial mutations. Known as the most deadly squad out there, the Bad Batch is a force to be reckoned with.

Recently, they have begun to get a call from deep space. A distress call they only are getting. Where is this mysterious message coming from and what does it want with them?

Hello everybody. With the new release of The Bad Batch, I thought it be time to host a group RP centered around it.

The main rules are be a decent person, decent grammar, and respect all those who join. We will be portraying the Bad Batch, who will be answering a deep space distress signal from the outer rim. The minimum post requirement is one paragraph.

Anyone is welcome to join, but must be one of the five. Auditions will be held, those who can properly play the character will be accepted.

Hunter - Sir Magic
Crosshairs -
Wrecker -
Echo -
Tech -

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