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That Homestead Lady
She walked along the old path like she had done a million times before. The same trees greeting her with bright colors. The same creek that whispered sweet song in her ears. Her trusty horse snorting softly as he sniffed her back pocket, looking for the carrot she kept hidden there. She suddenly stopped hearing a voice in the distance. "Hello?" She called out as she looked around..... there.... there it was again... It was faint but it was something. She threw herself up on her trusty mare and forced her to a gallop. Was her search finally over? Was this the voice she had been aching to hear? As she got closer to the figure her heart felt like it was about to leap from her chest. A smile formed on her lips as she slowed the mighty mare to a walk. "So... after all this time.... it's you...."

Now that I have your attention, and your interest, I am looking for a 1x1 RP. Any topic, no restrictions, just let me know what you want to do and we can take it from here either here or not. I can do any role, any character, any creature. Just let me know and let's RP! ( I Have some grammar problems, and have a life outside of this sight. You have been warned)

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