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Yo, your resident nerd here on the hunt for some roleplays. Onwards!

Das Rules (must read):
-Standard basic roleplaying rules apply.
-I pretty much only double with very few exceptions, such as if we're doing a f// pairing. If we mesh really well, I'm down for adding more characters or more stories.
-For fandoms, I prefer canon x oc. I am trash that way. But, if you're willing to do canon x oc for me, I will do any pairing for you. I'm a 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' kinda person.
-I normally do m/f or f//, but, like in my previous point, if you do one of those for me and you want m//, I'll be willing to try it.
-Post lengths. I can typically write between 2-5 paragraphs per character. Sometimes more, rarely less. Things happen. I would love my partner to be about the same, but in most cases I will mirror. I will not do one-liners or rapid fire, and I will do anything ranging from a few paragraphs to novella style. Just let me know what you normally write.
-I pretty much only roleplay characters that are over 21. I don't feel comfortable roleplaying anyone younger, unless they act as a minor/side character.
-I try and post a few times a week. But sometimes life gets in the way. I do try and keep in contact via ooc every day. I will at least get one post out a week and will tell you if I can't do that at least.
-I do have discord for plotting/ooc chatter, but I don't normally like using it for roleplaying. May be convinced though. Will not roleplay over DMs. No exceptions.
-Regarding originals, if you have a specific fc you would like me to use for your love interest, feel free to tell me about it. I'm trash like that. I live for that shit (just be willing to reciprocate).
-Please contribute to plotting. If you only agree to everything I say and contribute nothing, I will probably stop messaging you. Sorry not sorry.
-DM me only. Don't post here unless your account is new.
-When you message me, please tell me more than just 'Are you interested/still looking?' Give me a little of what you're looking for, interested in, etc.
-I hope I don't seem too harsh or anything here. I swear I'm nothing but a trash meme lord. Seriously.
-So I know you've read this, tell me the most recent movie you've watched.

The characters listed in the brackets are ones I'm looking for, but not limited to. I'm willing to try my hand at (almost) anyone for you.

Star Wars: (familiar with every era and spin-off movies) (biggest craving at the moment; characters not listed in any particular order)
[General Hux, Poe Dameron, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Orson Krennic, Luke Skywalker, Finn, Rey, Leia Organa, Thrawn, Rey, Ahsoka Tano (older), Dinn Djarin, Cassian Andor]

Marvel Cinematic Universe: (Have seen all movies, except Shang-Chi, plus all the Disney+ shows)
[Steve Rogers, Carol Danvers, Nebula, Scott Lang, Loki, Ronan the Accuser, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson]

*note: as I mentioned, I only play characters 21 and older, so if you want me to play Peter Parker, some aging of characters will need to happen, though I may be willing to have his age as young as 18 if I like you, or as young as his canonical age if you just want a platonic pairing with him

Pirates of the Caribbean: (only care about the original trilogy, haven't seen the other movies)
[James Norrington, Cutler Beckett]

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit:
[Thorin, Thranduil, Fili, Bard, Eomer, Aragorn, Haldir]

The Mummy: (1999 movie and subsequent sequels, not the reboot)
[Ardeth Bay]

DCEU: (please note, the movies only; not well versed in the comics)
[Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn]

Avatar The Last Airbender: (If we mix in canon characters, I require we age them up for aforementioned reasons)

Stardew Valley: (just started the game not that long ago, obsessed with it now)

Here are some key words to get ideas flowing, and just a general idea of what I like. Please feel free to mix and match as desired, as well as suggest your own! Please note, I will not do a simple slice of life. It has to have something interesting in it, such as urban fantasy or action. Also, I am always down to make anything hella gay with f//.

steampunk;; cyberpunk;; post-apocalypse
airships | sky pirates | resistance, rebellion | economic inequality | social class inequality | age gap | multi-leveled cities | desert cities | assassins | masked balls | bonnie and clyde esque | power struggle | power difference | Renaissance Italy | megacities

Medieval/Middle Eastern-inspired Fantasy
adventuring | pirates | seafaring | monster hunters | crusaders | inquisitors | thieves | women knights | lady warriors

modern;; modern fantasy
crime syndicate | crime ring | superheroes | supervillains | spies | assassins | supernatural | treasure hunters | rivals | urban fantasy

science fiction
space opera | space pirates | galactic empires | urban dystopia | metropolis | underground cities

inspired by
Road to El Dorado | The Mummy | Anastasia | Treasure Planet | Aladdin | your favorite?

victorian gothic;; southern gothic
derelict mansions | monster hunters | witches | prejudice | demons | vampires | werewolves | supernatural | haunted towns | hidden romance

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