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Fandom back from vacation - need partners!!

Sub Genres
Anime, Naruto Universe, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life

Willow Tree

Gotta kill this love, before it kills you too!
((lower case aesthetic for this thread))

name willow
time-zone est
occupation semi-advanced
pronouns she, her
plotting for original + fandom
preferred post length Paragraph (about 3 lines, at least) or more
preferred contact method pms
looking for fxm, platonic relationships, oc x oc, oc x canon
activity level 5/10
not looking for fxf, mxm, canon x canon

bold = craving
  • romance

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I will transcend Super Saiyan 4!
Hey, I am RedTheRoyalGuard and I would be willing to do an Inheritance Cycle RP with you. I normally do MxF and OC x Canon. If it's possible, could we double?

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