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Fantasy AWF Character Sheets


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Blank CS format
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CS rules
  1. Original characters only. No characters from anime, books, or real life religion. You can take some inspiration, but not to the point of plagiarising. Same goes for powers.
  2. Faceclaims should be art and cannot be popular characters. If they are easily recognizable then they cannot be used. If it's some obscure game that most people don't know, it is fine but rule no. 1 still applies.
  3. Banned domains: time, reality, knowledge, and anything that is too all-encompassing. Will add to this list as necessary.
  4. The maximum number of domains is 4, with 1 major domain and up to 3 minor domains. Minor domains are meant to contextualise the major domain and give your character a unique flare. They support the main domain and should be as specific and narrow as possible.
  5. Try not to take several BIG domains at once. This is highly case-by-case basis, but an example would be “God of Life, death, war and peace”.
  6. PLEASE READ TAKEN DOMAINS. Declare yours there and get them accepted before making your CS. It’s a good idea to skim over the CS of other players before making a character.

  • Name:
    Major domain:
    Minor domain(s): (max is 3)
    Mortal alias:
    Mortal appearance:
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Giantson of Ephias
  • TesNenet.jpgName

    Watcher of Dreams, Ageless Widow, Earthen Witch, Rainmaker, Flower Matron, Queen of the Morning Dew

    Major Domain

    Minor Domain(s)
    Love, Healing, Feritility


    Mortal Alias
    Nanna Tes

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Severed Heaven

  • 1679629121396.png
    Name: Severed Heaven
    Titles: The Red God, Pantokrator, The World-Splitting Sword, The Unconquered One, The Enlightened, Wheel-Turning King, The King of Swords
    Major domain: War
    Minor domain(s): Passion, Enlightenment, Ambition
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Mortal alias: Benkei

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  • 1679256449899.pngName
    Guardian, ????????

    Guardian Spirit, Protector of Hope, The Wrathful Warden, The Unyielding Sentinel, Father of Dragons

    Major domain

    Minor domain(s)
    Protection, Hope, Rage


    Mortal alias

    Mortal appearance

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And RNGesus said: "On the Seventh roll, death."
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The Reaper

  • 1679756195461.png
    Name: Grimm
    Titles: Master Grimm, Charon, the Reaper, Death, the Candlemaker, the Carrion Lord, the Lantern Bearer, Lord of the Last House, King of the Dead, the Exiled King, The Undertaker, The Lord Of All That Ends, the Thrice-Crowned King, the Seventh Veil, the Harvest of Bones, the Lady of Light(only by death cults)
    Major domain: Death
    Minor domain(s): Loss, Endings, Peace
    Pronouns: unknown(commonly depicted as male but also sometimes depicted as female in some forms of worship)
    Mortal alias: Grimal Bones, Dr. Mortifer Graves(occasionally)
    Mortal appearance:

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  • Pre-War Divine Appearance


    The Stormlady, Queen of the Merfolk, Thunder's Guide, Queen of the Ocean.

    Major Domain
    Water/The Sea

    Minor Domain(s)
    Sea Storms, Oceanic Travel, Fish


    Mortal Alias
    Quinel Alteal


A Campfire at the End of Time

  • Name: Bari

    Titles: Lord of the Forge, The First Craftsman

    Major domain: The Forge

    Minor domains: Innovation, Metal, Efficiency

    Pronouns: He

    Mortal alias: The Blind Smith


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Three Thousand Club

Name: Belgrin
Titles: The Great Wyrm
Major domain: Dominion
Minor domain(s): Conquest, Prosperity, Wealth
Pronouns: He/Him
Mortal alias: None
Mortal appearance:


Personality: While not pure evil, Belgrin was always one of the darker gods. He did not hate humans and the other mortal races, but he did view them as being tools necessary for maintaining and growing his power. Because of this, he is more than willing to grant his followers blessings if they follow his commands, but also more than willing to punish them if they ever go against his ideal vision of the world.
Personal strengths:
Personal weaknesses:
Likes: Control
Dislikes: Disorder
Fears: Oblivion, the loss of control
Goals: Regaining his former strength
Thoughts on the inquisition and anti-divinity: Utterly despise them. Belgrin always viewed mortals as being little more than tools, so seeing them actively try to eradicate his religion has made him crave their complete and total destruction.

Divine appearance (past and/or present):


Symbols of worship: An image of a snake coiled around the world

Status of worshippers:

The Wyrm Cult: Belgrin lost the vast majority of his followers, yet he managed to retain most of his more fanatical believers. This organization essentially served as the agents of Belgrin, with them being a constant presence in all of the nations that worshiped the snake god. The Cult managed to survive the destruction brought about by the war and eventual purges, and now its members have either gone into hiding or formed secret societies.

Serpent-Men: Originally humans who were transformed into hideous creatures, they have become one of the Belgrin's more abundant followers. Like with the Wyrm Cult, a decent number of them managed to survive the war. The Serpent-Men formed a number of groups scattered around the world, and typically try to avoid human civilization.

General mortal reputation: Formely greatly feared, now more or less forgotten.

Unique withering effects (such as memory loss, etc): The withering has left him greatly reduced. In his prime, Belgrin was a being of great power and destruction, and was even one of the strongest gods. But after the loss of his followers, he has become so weak that he can barely interact with the world. He also requires sacrifices to maintain his current strength.

Current powers: Nowadays, Belgrin is only capable of performing actions like granting his followers minor blessings, and usually only when provided a sacrifice.


Activity in the god war: While information about the war is scarce and confusing, it is certainly known that Belgrin was one of the more aggressive gods during the conflict. When the petty disputes broke out into a full-fledged war, he was one of the gods who actively participated in and even seemed to enjoy the conflict. His followers launched grand invasions, slaughtering and enslaving those they deemed to be heretics and destroying their temples. Belgrin himself personally devoured a number of lesser gods, something that would eventually lead to his downfall.
Major creations: The Tower of Tosk, a great tower that served as both a monument of Belgrin's might and a site of unimaginable cruelty. Countless slaves were sent to this massive structure, and there they would suffer a fate far worse than death. These unfortunate slaves were subjected to rituals that transformed them into the hideous Serpent-Men on a massive scale. This greatly bolstered Belgrin's forces, yet it would also cause more of the gods to oppose him.

The great tower was active for most of the war, but it was destroyed after Belgrin's defeat.

Relations with other gods: Very complicated. Even before the Godswar broke out, Belgrin's relationship with most of the other gods was quite tense. The Wyrm was known for being aggressive when dealing with gods that he considered to be his rivals, and that only got worse as he became more powerful.
Ever since mortals came into existence, there has been a feeling each and every single one of them has felt: Fear. Mortals feared many things. They feared the unknown. The hidden terrors lurking within the endless darkness surrounding their meager campfires. The fear of death. How it could easily claim not only their own lives but also the lives of their loved ones. Fear was the one true constant.

One of the factors that allowed fear to thrive was the disorder their lives were subject to. It was a chaotic time of violence and death, and the humans were left without a true solution to this problem. All they had was a single desire: to be able to live their lives without the overwhelming oppression of chaos.

Eventually, this desire would lead to the creation of their salvation. Their desire for stability brought the Great Wyrm, Belgrin, into existence.

After the Wyrm came into existence, he would go on to become one of the most powerful deities. While oppressive, Belgrin's religion was very enticing because of the stability and wealth it brought, and many nations adopted it as their official faith.

But while Belgrin possessed a great deal of power, he was devastated by the Godswar. So much so that he had to go into hiding to survive.

Home location: A massive subterranean lair.
Additional info:
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  • Name: Pauper
    Titles: The Mendicant
    Major domain: Poverty
    Minor domain(s): Beggars, Orphans, Abstinence
    Pronouns: Pauper, much like a child, tends to refer to herself as Pauper. This is because she no longer understands the concept of "I" or "myself." Otherwise She/Her.
    Mortal alias: "Pauper is Pauper. This has always been the case."
    Mortal appearance: As Pauper's Domain is a uniquely human condition, she has always maintained the same humanoid form.


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  • Name: Aisyr

    Titles: The Wanderer, The Traveler, The Kindler of Hearts, The Unbound

    Major domain: Freedom

    Minor domain(s): Will, Compassion, Adventure

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Mortal alias: Aisling


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Rest, child. Know that any who dare wish harm upon your innocent soul shall die screaming.

  • ZUZ3RjJCVnZNZ2V3MmM2elB2RGNhK0p1aDU3aXV4d1UwZnZUMVdOVU5jbz0.jpg meeting.jpg

    Moonchild, Queen of the Winter Court, Night Thief, The Moon-beast

    Major domain

    Minor domains
    Metamorphosis, mystery, ice


    Mortal alias

    Mortal appearance
    *as seen above*
    when in the 'larvae' stage of her metamorphosis, Jericho's mortal form also appears younger. Normally she could choose any form, but with her limited power she struggles to force the process. She absolutely hates it, especially when older gods compare it to her younger years.

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