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The Begining

The councilwoman stands in front of the group she has long white hair and slim figure "Hello the second generation, I know you have a million questions however I don't have time to answer every individual question."

She starts up a power point

Why are we called the second generation?

Answer: The first generation died in a tragic accident.

How did we get here?

Answer: Your parents sold you about 1,000 years ago you have been frozen since.However, at some point scientist did unthaw you to perform some mutations which resulted in your powers.

Why am I here?

To start a new generation to live in the new world we will arrive in one year and six months that's enough time to get to know your partner and start making babies.

The councilwoman stopped the slides "For the next three hours you will be locked in this room. A lunch is in each bag just pour water on the pill and dinner appear. This is something like forced icebreaker we also have 5,769 cameras on this ship so no funny business." She smiled and slammed the door on her way out.

Kanade Kaga stood at the front of the table he had now white hair... even his facial hair was white he opened his eyes and they were white. "Hi, everyone I'm Kanade or number 1956 and it's nice to meet you." He was facing the wall Kanade was completely blind. "I'm blind so I'm not sure if I'm facing you... My ears are ringing really bad but it should stop in an hour or so." Then Kanade paused and looked at the doo "Shut up you're a freak!" he shouted extremely loud "Sorry the guy on the 6th floor called us freaks." He started handing out papers this sheet has your roommate and room number also the two girl roommates your partners died and the next thawing period is in two weeks. Were supposed to go around the table and introduce ourselves, whoever wants to go first can start."

What the sheet looks like.

The first number equals floor second equals room
3-45 3rd floor 45th room

Gris Oaks - 1945 (Female) 17 and Ishika Kumonoti(Male) 16 Room 2-10

Alistair Deimos - 1919 (Male) 17 and Sibyll Padama - 1981 (Female) 16 Room 2-07

Kanade Kaga - 1956 (Male) 17 and Askungen Lordriel - 1903 (Female) 17 Room 2-15

Fuyuki Amano.- 1986 (Male) 17 and Nova Smith - 1966 (Female) 17 Room 2- 06

Haruto Amano.- 1988 (Male) 17 and Nina Vankin - 1999 (Female) 17 Room 2 -13

Katherine Modley - 1932 (Female) 17 and Ashiko Kamatsu - 1900 (Female) 16.5 Room 2-01
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Askungen felt like a fool that couldn't do anything. When she woke up she was screaming out of confusion and pure fear. Every breath was spent yelling "Where are my arms!?" Until her lips split from being so chapped and her voice became too sore to even mumble.

she eventually became somewhat calm and went into the crowed room stuffed with other confused and afraid teenagers begging for an explanation. As they watched the woman give the incredibly short presentation all Askungen wanted to do was kick the hag in the shin, the presentation barely explained anything! Askungen leaned on a corner and sighed out of frustration.

Out of nowhere she heard a meek voice through the crowd. A boy around her age was facing the wall trying to introduce himself. This made her mood a bit better as she tried to stifle a laugh that was bubbling from her dry throat.

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Katherine sighs and fidgets in her wheelchair a little as the woman explains. "Sold?" She mumbles to herself. It wasn't like anyone could hear her anyways. Katherine, or kat for short, was super strong and could probably kill someone if she wanted to, but she was paralyzed so punching someone may send her flying back anyways. It wasn't like she intended to hurt anyone anyways. It just wasn't in her nature. Well it wasn't really in her nature since they had been frozen like 1,000 year old steaks for well...a thousand years. She felt it within her though that she didn't want to hurt people.
Anyways! She looks down at the paper that was handed to her. "Ashiko another girl?" She whispers. Kat looks up at the blind guy and says loudly. "So like we are supposed to make babies right....why? And how are we supposed to have babies if we are paired with girls?"
Nina had stared at the lady while she spoke and frowned when the boy revealed he was blind. It would be hard to communicate with him and after looking at her sheet was relieved to see she wasn't paired up with him. She flipped the sheet over and wrote out, Hello everyone. My name is Nina. She showed whover would look over at her the paper and included a small wave.
Ishika found it a tad strange this whole time he could see people's mouths moving yet nothing came out. He figured it was just a temporary thing and he'd be fine in a couple of minutes. When those minutes passed and he was now sitting in a room full of other people he began to understand this wasn't a temporary deal. Watching their mouths move Ishika began to put together what they were saying he was glad to see that well he could see what they were saying. When the woman explained everything Ishika looked down at his hands just sorta fiddling with them. Until he saw a paper be placed in front of him picking it up it had his name on it along with another name and some numbers. From what the woman said this was the woman he was expected to well make a child with. He looked around the room wondering which of these girls was Gris Oaks so he decided to ask. "Gwis Aks?" Not even hearing that he butchered the name.
Eventually Askungen was handed her paper and she looked down. Apparently the lucky partner who gets to have sex with a crippled teen was the blind kid. Askungen wanted to crumple up the paper and stomp on it. He looked like an okay person but they expected her to bond with such a weakling!? Nevertheless she waltz over about to try and shake but realized people need hands for that. After a big sigh, she gave a light head butt before announcing "Hey kid, you're Kanade right? I'm your partner Askungen, My name's a tounge twister so you can just call me Ku ok?"
Gris looked around awkwardly holing her paper with a name she did not recognise. She wasn't prepared for so many people to be in one room at once, she looked at the people around her talking amongst herself as she thought of the words the lady spoke, she wished she wasn't female at times but this was the one time she fully ment it. She stood around until she heard someone call out what seemed to be her name name, she stood a little straighter than before and looked for whoever half called her out and walked towards the guy in confusion.
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Ishika saw one of the girl stand a approach him he smiled trying to be polite. He opened his mouth to speak but realized that since he was deaf he had no clue if he was pronouncing thins correctly or not. So instead he decided to point to his ears and then shake his head as a way of trying to show he can't hear anything. Then opens and closes his hand like a person was talking nodding his head trying to show he'd still be able to understand her when she speaks. With that he tilts his head to her waiting for her to speak.
Gris looked in front of her where Ishika stood, confused at first but eventually understood what he was trying to say. "O-oh... You d-deaf? "she said as she tried to hold back her stutter failing of course. "U-u-um... a-are you... I-Ishika?" she asked as politely as she could, hoping he would understand her with the stutter as not many people understand her with it,she see's it as her curse or bad luck. She stood awkwardly, holding her arm and sometimes fiddling with her hair hoping for a positive responce"
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A number was all she was really given when she woke up, locked in a dark cell room with chains on her feet, mind blurred of anything that may have occurred before she woke up- well, woke up before now. Locked to the wall her juxtaposing fire orange and ocean blue eyes stared menacingly at the shape of the woman like figure in her doorway, "W-Who?…." The words stuttered in confusion out of her mouth before a volt of electricity shot and burned through her body causing her to collapse to the ground, out cold.

The next time she was up she was instructed to go towards an area of the ship, led by a guard as though some rabid dog being taken out for exercise, hands and feet still shackled and body having a few light marking and burns covering it, a smirk on her face as she stretched a little, small sigh coming form her as the guard shoved her into the room of people, she barely managed to catch the explanatory words of the lady on the stage though was at least relived of the guard having moved away with a glare that said, 'I'm watching' a little too menacingly for her liking, she had to stay strong.

Walking around as the small piece of paper was handed out she raised on eyebrow curiously, or more so to the fact that she hadn't received one yet which most likely alluded to either her not having one, which made no sense, being one of the females or that dang lady just stuffing around with her again.

She looked around curiously and her eyes caught sight of a guy in the corner rather amusingly speaking to a wall, a chuckle escaping her mouth as she took a few steps out of everyones way as they met with one another.

Fuyuki Amano:

After the lady walked out the room, everyone was practically looking for their partner. Their expressions were all confused, relief, shocked, surprised. People were looking at the sheets that they were given and he read it "So... we get partnered up..." he said and sighed. "After waking up like this, I'm not the least surprised that we ended up being sold by those low lives...." he said quietly to his brother. "I mean look at this, even our arms are different now..." he said, looking at the new artificial left arm. "You've got to be kidding me... even that girl has no arms..." he said, referring to the girl with pinkish hair. But suddenly, he sees someone writing down on a paper "What the..." he looks around to see the girl not saying anything to anyone. He wondered why she wasn't speaking.

Haruto Amano:

Chuckling after what his brother just told him he said "Hmmm... well nothing we can do about it, frozen for a 1000 years and we wake up with these, hahaha." he laughed and looks at his right arm and it worked naturally. He didn't felt anything but he was able to move it naturally like it was his real arm. "Well, we never really considered them as our real parents from the start... we were like animals to them, hahaha at least we won't get to see them ever again, am I right?" he leaned back on the wall and reads the paper sheet. "So my partner is... Nina Vankin #1999 while yours is Nova Smith #1966.... looks like your number is #1986 while mine is 1988..." he stopped when he sees the girl with a sign and he turned to look and noticed his brother looking for it as well. "Hmm..." he follows his brothers vision and sees a girl alone, her mouth not moving but she was just standing still.

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Ishika watched the girls mouth move again no sound but he was already getting used to that fact. He noticed sometimes her mouth would repeat a previous movement as if she repeated the sound again but it didn't matter with his eyes. So he nodded his head showing he could perfectly understand the girl. Pointing to himself he then decided to try and introduce himself. "Ishiga." He said once again showing he was terrible when it came to speaking yet he thought he had flawlessly introduced himself. He didn't know much about this Gris Oaks well he didn't know anything about her but she seemed like a nice girl.
Gris smiled a little when he responded, for once it seemed someone could understand her. She smiled a little more and built the confidence to talk a little more. "U-um, hello Ishi-Ishika...I'm G-gris... B-but you already k-know that heh" she said, trying once again to stop her stutter and once again failing. She held out her hand but quickly put in back "I-I'm s-sorry...I'm n-not good at g-greetings" She thought for a moment, "C-can you... und-understand what I'm s-saying to you? J-just as a question...".
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Nina looked around but no one seemed to be interested in conversing with her, she read over the paper again and frowned at the name. When she felt eyes looking at she looked up at the pair of what she assumed were brothers and slowly walked over to them. She waved slowly before writing down, How are you? It was a weak question she knew but she was getting desperate.


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Katherine looks around the room as everyone was going to talk with people or their paired mates and sighs loudly. She didn't want to disturb anyone but she hated not being part of the group. She turns around and wheels herself over to the crazy looking girl. "Hey. I'm katherine," she offers her hand to the girl.

The two brothers were both surprised to hear a voice and they're suspicious were right. It was coming from this girl.

Fuyuki Amano #1986

"So it was coming from you, huh.." he looked at the girl and looks at the paper again. "Oh yeah, my name is Fuyuki Amano #1986 and this guy over here is my brother, Haruto Amano #1988, are you perhaps maybe his partner?" he asked as of right now, he is starting to study this girl's actions. He always had a habit of doing that and he leans on the wall behind him. 'Usually when people wanna meet chat with someone, we use our mouths but this girl here seems to be write down everything she has to say... interesting..' he thought.

Haruto Amano #1988

"Yeah, as my brother said, I'm Haruto Amano #1988." he smiles at the girl in front of them. He had this laid-back and friendly aura going around him and shakes his hand with the girl's then lets go. "So we all were frozen huh, 1000 yrs, that sucks but if you think about it, it's kinda awesome as well." he said and notices her brother observing other people again. And right now he was doing it to this lady in front of them, which made him chuckle a bit.
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Kanade crossed his arms "As I mentioned before the two females have to share a room until the final two males are finished thawing." Kanade walked over to where he heard a young lady talking "Ku?, a pleasure to meet you." Kanade held his arm out when he didn't feel a handshake it back he put his hand to his side "I guess were partner... or spouses.." Kanade's face turned red he covered it with embarrassment.
Ku jokingly pretended to gag before she replied with "Gross..... First they basically kidnap us and now they want a bunch of now crippled teens to f@&k each other" Ku said with an incredibly relaxed tone. It was the only thing she could do that wouldn't end with her screaming out of frustration. "Hey, maybe I'll get a cute wedding dress out it, my mom always did say I had the beauty for it." Ku then remembered it would benfit her to tell Kanade her number. "Oh also my number is #1903 just so you know."

Ku suddenly had a realization. The boy was as blind as a bat, meaning her would have no idea that she doesn't have any arms. A grin slipped onto her face as she thought up a game. Ku decided to see how long it would take him to realize that she didn't have two of her limbs.


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Ashiko raised an eyebrow curiously as someone moved toward her in the room, hands down in front of her locked closely together and long, crazy white hair rolling down past her shoulders and down past her waist, "Kath? Well, I'd shake ya' hand but if ya' can't tell I'm kinda- 'restricted'~" She teased, smirking more and her comment and coming up and off her leaning on the wall. Stretching her neck to both sides and taking a few steps forward, "Though then again at least I can still move~" She continued in a smug tone, glancing around once again, there was certainly an interesting collection of people in the room, she couldn't help but chuckle a little at the awkward interaction.

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Katherine chuckles and looks at the girl's chains. "So why are you chained up? Did you hit someone when they woke you up? I thought I always woke up in a bad mood, but you must have woken up terribly angry!" She laughs. "Oh! I completely forgot! I told you my name but forgot to ask for yours! So who are you stuck here with hmmm? Everyone seems to have their partners but they said two of us, me being one of them, has to be paired up with a girl. Spicy!" She clenches her fists and closes her eyes.


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"You sound like you would make a beautiful bride," Kanade said smiling. "I'm number 1956." Kanade wondered what was her curse but didn't want to ask. "I don't consider us crippled I think our mutations are a gift. Kanade rubbed his eyes "I would give up my life for the new world." Then he thought of something "Can I touch your face?" he wanted to feel if she was physically attractive.

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Ku was incredibly surprised by his response. She ment it as a joke! Heck, her mom never even said that! Ku's ears became a bright pink "I..uh...shit, uh sure" She quickly stumbled out. She wasn't sure if him being blind was the curse or him being a complete fool was it. Slowly she walked a bit closer to the boy, with each step turning her to a brighter pink. "H-here, I think if you reach out you can touch my face."


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Ashiko let out a more annoyed expression at the comment on her chains, "Y-Yeah, something like that….. I guess." She replied in a slightly sour tone before the next question came up, "Better if ya' don't know, haven't even got me' paper yet cus of that dang woman~" She hissed out in a continued manner, watching the flirting beginning to happen and rolling her eyes, how did they all just accept it so easily like this? She looked over at the girl once again, she was pretty tall by normal standards but looking down at the female in the wheelchair only emphasised it even more.

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Katherine smirks at the girl and hold up her copy of the paper. "Well I would tell you who you were paired with but you refuse to tell me your name so take a look and tell me yourself. I am apparently paired with someone named ash, but I haven't seen anyone here. Maybe she is running late or something?" She shrugs and adjusts in her chair a little. "Sorry that you have to look down at power is super strength but apparently my curse is being paralyzed from the waist down. Luckily my strength helps me be somewhat mobile."


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Ashiko let out a soft chuckle at the paper, "Nah, never heard of a girl named that~" She replied, still smirking a little, she didn't wanna get this girl mixed up in her business, it may have seen mean but really it was her own unusual way of expressing the fact she cared, "Yeah, nah I totally though it was that you were part dolphin?" She continued, this is the most she'd enjoyed herself from when she'd-…. woken up. "Well, ya' got a pretty good power in that case." She spoke with a slight nod, taking a few steps forward and towards her, "Doesn't beat mine though~" her eyes almost seemed to look menacingly around the room in a predatorily manner, the black collar around her neck being revealed.

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