1. Changed power to fit curse better.
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  2. Now I wish he had
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  3. I described it in the PM for the other rp but I'm currently in 8 1x1's with gomez and as much as I love ring with her I would possibly like a different roommate for this rp XD
  4. Does anyone else want a partner swap?
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    I'd be willing to swap

    Also, @AlmighTy , would it be possible for Alistair to eventually recover emotions or no?
  6. Sadly, he can not curses are permanent so the partners will now be Gris and Gomez and You and Kawaii bean bun
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  7. Can yo list that as characters?
  8. Ashiko Kamatsu - 1900 (Female) 16.5 and Ishika Kumonoti(Male) 16[Still Processing]

    Alistair Deimos - 1919 (Male) 17 and Sibyll Padama - 1981 (Female) 16

    Kanade Kaga - 1956 (Male) 17 and Askungen Lordriel - 1903 (Female) 17

    Fuyuki Amano.- 1986 (Male) 17 and Nova Smith - 1966 (Female) 17

    Haruto Amano.- 1988 (Male) 17 and Nina Vankin - 1999 (Female) 17

    Katherine Modley - 1932 (Female) 17 and Gris Oaks - 1945 (Female) 17

    PM me if you need a roommate change Rp will be posted sometime today!
  9. 1.) Did you sleep well?

    Does I feel like shit answer your question?

    2) Whats your name?

    Clyde Emeraude

    3.) How old are you?


    4.) Whats your power?

    Can control electricity.

    5.) Whats your curse?

    Is deaf, and doesn't know sign language, the only way to communicate with him is by writing or typing to him.

    Please stand here for your photo


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