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Pyrrha Nikos Lives On

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anastasia "stas" powell
22, she/her, cisfemale
demisexual panromantic




129 lbs.



hair color





florence pugh












sept. 3rd


reading, cats, the rain

conflict, birds, heat

pet peeves
bigotry. people who put her on the spot for being quiet. traffic. loud sounds.



In a small town in Wales, a young woman of only twenty-five was already married with a child to a man that put his job before his family and often spent too many nights at the office. She remembered when they had been young adults, mere years ago, and had gotten married for love with extravagant plans for the future that only seemed brighter when their first child was born. But now she often went to sleep alone, and longed for the way he used to touch her with so much reverence beneath his fingertips. So she went out one night and left the kid with the nanny, sick and tired of being lonely, and sought out what she had been missing with a stranger at a bar, for one night only. One night, and then she would go back to her mundane life.

And she did. Anastasia Powell was born nine months later, and the woman's husband knew she wasn't his–especially when Stas exhibited her abilities for the first time. It was her fifth birthday party, two years after her little sister was born. She had gone to the bathroom by herself, her mother coming in to check on her after awhile only to find her hanging from the ceiling in front of a house spider that had crawled in somewhere. Things changed after that.



Stas spent a majority of her developmental years locked away in her room, isolated from the rest of the world. Even her siblings would give her dirty looks and refused to play with her. At school she would keep away from the other kids and only spoke when spoken to, terrified that her abilities would make an appearance and that she would be punished for it. She became ashamed and desperately tried to fit in, hiding from the world when she couldn't. Stas knew of superheroes like the Avengers, and others like her, but had never met them. She saw them as a different species entirely due to the way she was raised, and told herself she would never be like them because they weren't real, or so her parents had convinced her. Or at least if they were real, that they were abominations. That she was an abomination.


As soon as Stas turned 18, she moved out and got a job. Sure, it was overwhelming and an extreme culture shock, but it beat spending every waking minute locked away and hating herself. Her relationship with her family had evolved by then into something a little closer to what a "normal" family would look like, but the shame was still there. The looks, the hushed whispers, the isolation. She spoke to them from time to time after moving out, but otherwise didn't look back. Life continued like this for four years, right up until she walked into her flat to find Nick Fury sitting on her couch.


Animal Mimicry; at will, stas has the ability to shift any part of her body to allow her to mimic the traits or abilities of any animal. there's a catch though – the animal she's trying to mimic has to be within her line of sight. less frequently she'll be able to mimic traits of animals she can't see, but only if she's "studied" them extensively, which can take an indeterminate amount of time.

— an example of this would be mimicking a cat for enhanced night vision; her eyes would become catlike in appearance with slitted pupils and reflect light just like a cat's would. it's not known at this time if she's capable of shifting fully into an animal, since she's never tried it. trying to mimic too many animals at once could result in catastrophe, either for herself or for anyone nearby. or both.

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