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Fandom Avengers: New Beginnings (Plot/OOC Chat - Advanced RP)



Maybe one day I'll stop traumatizing my characters
Seeing as it's been a few days since you said you'd get your post up, I'm afraid we have to remove you from the thread. It's nothing personal, we just want to ensure this thread stays alive. I wish you the best of luck in your other RP ventures, though! PlusUltra PlusUltra


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
Yeah busy IRL mixed with drawing a blank at what to post while I waited for the meeting/fury.
We always understand IRL things but this is the first time you have mentioned it, you have had time for other threads, and it has been a month since you first posted. We have a two week post policy that you agreed to when you signed up for the thread. We gave you extra days and you never posted. We wish you the best but we no longer feel you are a good fit for this rp. If you wish to continue this please move it to PM because, respectfully, we don’t want to flood this thread with continued discussion of this.


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
Unfortunately after repeated attempts of trying to get in contact with Top11 Top11 and not getting a reply it looks as though we will be forced to remove him as well. He will be welcome back if time becomes less of a problem for him but it looks as though we still have a strong team which is very exciting!!!

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